We all act a little different when we’re single compared to our behaviors when we’re in a relationship. It makes total sense—when you’re single, you’re generally either focusing on having a good time and your own personal development, or you’re flirting with new guys and trying to meet someone who might make a good boyfriend. But when you’re in a relationship, you’re only thinking about one person (or at least, you should be!), and you’re trying to be the best girlfriend that you can be for him. Therefore, some people around you may notice that you’re acting differently. It doesn’t mean you’re being fake, it just means you’re settling down—it’s only natural!

Getting into a relationship can affect your behavior and actions in many different ways. After all, no two people are exactly alike! We are all unique, and therefore, we all act differently in relationships. But what influences us to act the way that we do? Well, if you ask an astrologer, they’ll tell you that it’s your zodiac sign, and this idea just might have some truth to it! Here is how each sign acts when they’re single compared to when they get into a relationship.

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16Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Many people seem to relax a bit once they get into a happy relationship, and this makes sense—when you finally meet someone who you can just be yourself around and you’re not worried about impressing other guys, you can let your hair down and just chill out. Fire signs are the perfect examples of this rule. They have very strong personalities—after all, they ARE fire signs, so what else would you expect—but when they are dating someone they really care about, they seem to calm down and care less about money, status, and what other people think. Honestly, when a fire sign changes in this way after meeting a guy, it’s a major sign that the guy they’ve connected with is a good fit.

15Aries: You May Be Willing To Settle Down

Now, when we say “settle down,” we don’t mean settle down with one guy forever and get married, although if it’s a great relationship, this could end up being the case. For Aries, settling down a bit means sticking with a stable job, staying in one city for a longer period of time rather than moving around a lot, and hanging around with the same people on a consistent basis rather than bopping around to different social circles all the time. When an Aries girl gets into a happy relationship, she will find that she no longer feels like she has to constantly “chase” happiness by seeking out the next flashy thing. Instead, she can simply let herself be and enjoy her life as it is in the present moment.

14Leo: You Don’t Feel The Need To Be A Social Butterfly All The Time

Leo, you know that you are one of the most outgoing and extroverted signs in the entire zodiac—you just can’t help yourself! It’s in your nature to be a social butterfly, and you simply love being the center of attention, so your calendar is always packed and your phone is always buzzing.

But when you get into the right relationship, you might be surprised to find that you no longer feel the need to go out every weekend or meet new people all of the time.

Instead, you will feel much more content with staying in, snuggling up to your new guy with your favorite show on Netflix, and ordering a pizza with all of your fave toppings. You’ll embrace your homebody side for once!

13Sagittarius: You Spend More Time Actually Planning Your Future

It’s hard to imagine a Sagittarius sitting down and making a five-year plan…or even a one year plan…honestly, most Sags don’t ever bother making one-month plans. This sign lives in the moment, and they do not like to waste time “worrying” about the future. This often lands them in hot water, which is why settling down into a stable relationship can be a very positive change for Sagittarius. When they do decide to stick with someone they like, they will be happy to plan for the future because they want to make sure that person has a place in it! They will still cherish their spontaneous side, but they will also begin to recognize the need for planning if they want the relationship to work long-term.

12Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):

To people who do not know any earth signs very well, it can seem like these signs never really change. They are so grounded, stable, and rational compared to the other signs that it might seem like they already have their lives together in every way. Why would they want to change? What could they possibly want to improve on? Well, this may come as a surprise, but there are actually plenty of positive changes that earth signs can make, especially when they start dating the right person. Nobody is perfect, and earth signs are certainly no exception to this rule! Read on to see how earth signs actually do act differently in relationships—what you find out might seem strange, but the stars simply don’t lie!

11Taurus: You Are More Willing To Compromise

Taurus, you are set in your ways—or so it might seem. Really, there is one thing that could change you, and that’s a truly happy and healthy relationship. To people who do not know you well, it may seem that you are not interested in compromising with anyone. They’re partially right—most of the time, you’re not, because people often expect you give up your boundaries for them or go back on your values. And you’re not willing to do that, ever. But when you get into a good relationship, you will be more open to hearing other points of view, and you will come to understand why the best relationships do leave room for a healthy amount of compromise. This doesn’t mean changing who you are—it just means being open to different perspectives.

10Virgo: You Have More Patience With Everyone

Virgo, you are a highly critical sign. You see this as a good thing. You hold yourself and everyone else around you to a high standard, and come on, what could be wrong with that? But what you see as constructive criticism, others might see as unnecessary nastiness. This is why you keep a small circle of friends who know how to handle your brutal honesty! But when you start dating the right guy, you will find that your rough edges soften, and you become a little more forgiving. You begin to see that what you see as gentle criticism can feel like serious negativity to other people. Your partner will help you understand how you can hold those high standards without hurting other peoples’ feelings.

9Capricorn: You Spend Less Time Worrying About Work And Money

Capricorn, you can get worried easily, and we don’t mean this in a bad way—knowing when to avoid unnecessary risks is always a good thing. Since you were a little kid, you have always been a bit of a perfectionist. You have always pushed yourself to achieve great things, and you don’t see yourself changing in that respect any time soon. But when you get into the right relationship, you will find yourself changing in one major way—you will notice that you worry less and less about your career and your finances. This doesn’t mean that you stop caring—imagine a Capricorn not caring about their career?—but you will learn to let go of things that you cannot control and be happy with what you have instead.

8Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):

Air signs are unpredictable outside of relationships—so how would we know how they act when they’re IN relationships? Well, if you know what patterns to look for, you’ll see a few clues that will indicate exactly how they will behave once they’ve actually connected with someone. Air signs may like to think that they are not influenced by the behaviors of other people, but the truth is that they are affected by relationships too, just like the rest of us. So, how do air signs change once they start dating someone? Well, the changes can actually be much more dramatic than they would like to admit! Let’s just dig into it so you know exactly what to expect if you want to date an air sign.

7Gemini: You Cut Back On Going Out

Gemini, when it comes to your social life, you are very similar to Leo. You are both very social signs, and you often feel the need to be surrounded by other outgoing people at all times. But when you get into a happy relationship, you will no longer feel anxious about spending time alone, in small groups, or just with your significant other. The need to be always be “on,” to be super outgoing at all times, and to be entertaining others can be super exhausting for Gemini! No one can be that active and social every single day, but Gemini often feels like they have to. Getting into the right relationship will help you see that it is okay to simply sit back and relax sometimes.

6Libra: You Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Libra, you often feel very concerned about your appearance. This is a very prominent trait of your sign—you love all things related to beauty, but it can quickly turn from a fun hobby into a major source of insecurity. You may find yourself looking in the mirror without makeup and worrying that guys would not like your natural face. First of all, this is totally false—Libra is a naturally attractive sign, so you girls have nothing to worry about. When you find the right guy, he will make you feel beautiful when you roll out of bed with your pajamas and messy bun. This will make you feel more confident about leaving the house without makeup or stylish outfits, and you’ll feel better about being natural.

5Aquarius: You Allow Yourself To Be More Vulnerable

Let’s face it, Aquarius—you’re the type of sign that likes to keep their guard up. You definitely would not trust just anyone, and you do not let people into your life until you feel sure that you can trust them with anything first. This is why you have such a small circle of close friends—and you are perfectly fine with that. You don’t feel like anyone and everyone deserves your attention! You have a strong sense of self-worth, so you don’t want to spend time with people who do not have your best interests in mind. But when you meet the right man, you’ll finally be able to allow yourself to be vulnerable. You’ll trust him in a way that you have not trusted anyone else.

4Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):

Water signs go through some obvious changes when they get into relationships! This is clear to everyone around them, so as you read on, you probably won’t be surprised at what you find out about water signs. Why do they change so drastically? Well, water signs are just the most romantic signs in the zodiac, no contest. Cancer can’t wait to get married one day, Pisces dreams of running away with her perfect Prince Charming, and Scorpio needs someone who they can connect with emotionally on the deepest level. For a water sign, finding the right person is no easy task because they have such high expectations, but because they are hopeless romantics by nature, they will not give up until they do find that perfect person.

3Cancer: You No Longer Try To Please Everyone

Cancer, you are a total people pleaser, and you just can’t help it. Even when you’re bending over backward to please people that you don’t really like, you find it very difficult to snap out of this habit. Plus, you don’t WANT to really change this aspect of yourself too much. You like being known as a sweetheart, so why would you want to be different? But when you get into a relationship with the perfect person, you will stop worrying about pleasing EVERYONE. You will still care about being kind to people, but you don’t feel like you need to impress anyone—because the only person you need to “impress” is already by your side, and they’re not going anywhere. It’s a great feeling.

2Scorpio: You Are Even MORE Emotional

Okay, Scorpio, if you have not been in a relationship yet, you might be sitting here shaking your head and thinking, “Um, no way is that possible.” But we’re here to tell you that it is. When you get into a relationship, it can feel like your emotions are going absolutely haywire, but never fear—it’s a good thing. That’s what it feels like to fall in love for the first time, and it’s not something to be scared of—it’s a beautiful thing, and you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace it. Yes, falling in love can be very scary, especially for a very emotional sign like Scorpio, but if you have really found a good guy, you will find only happiness and not heartbreak.

1Pisces: You Learn To Keep Your Expectations In Check

Pisces, all you want is for your fairytale romance to come true, but the funny thing is that getting into a serious relationship can turn your expectations upside down. And don’t get disappointed—this is a good thing because if you live in fantasy land, you’re going to need a reality check eventually! You will probably go into a relationship assuming that things will be all sunshine and roses, and at first, you will be upset that it’s not all panning out exactly how you thought it would. But over time, you will mellow out and figure out more realistic expectations for yourself. You’ll chill out, you’ll feel more comfortable, and you’ll stop expecting a guy to deliver the world to you—you’ll actually feel more self-sufficient.