The Best Time To Have A Baby Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The Best Time To Have A Baby Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When you reflect back on the timeline of your life, there are certain milestones that just make sense. They seem to fit into your story and were meant to happen when they did. Things, like graduating high school and/or college, getting your first car, and meeting your soulmate all, seem to have fit like a puzzle into the master plan that is your life, right? Well, there is one thing that some people have a difficult time deciding when to take a risk for. And that thing is…

Babies! They can be fun and rewarding, yet sometimes difficult and a ton of work. Some people want to have them right after they tie the knot. Other people want to wait until they have a house. Some people don’t have control and are given a precious gift unexpectedly. Either way, knowing when to have a baby is impossible to decide. People will tell you that you’re never ready, but to do it when you feel that you are. People will tell you to wait until you have a house and feel financially stable, but who really feels that way either?!

Below, we outline the best time in your life to have a baby according to your zodiac signs. That’s right, we’re going to listen to the stars for this one!

16Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Difficult To Say

This one is a tough one. Why, you may ask? Well, all of the air signs– Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius– love to have a problem to solve or a hardship to overcome. This is not to say they enjoy living a difficult life, however, they very much enjoy analyzing every side of a situation and coming to the most logical and rational conclusion. They do this by trying to leave emotion out of it, by trying to be fair and non-judgmental (as all of our air signs are diplomatic and peaceful, to an extent). So, how does this connect to having babies? Well, the air signs will try their hardest to only have babies when they are ready, but how do you know when that is?!

15Gemini: Age 32, Once Your Career Is Established

Geminis are very intelligent, charismatic, and curious, always looking to learn something from someone (anyone…) and grow to be bigger and better than they were before. They look to constantly improve; they are only in competition with themselves. What does this mean? Well, in baby terms, this means a Gemini woman will want to grow their career to a certain point where they feel comfortable and successful enough to focus their intellectual energy somewhere else. Further, because driven Gemini women can be heavily career-focused once they go into the workforce, settling down will be something they do more so in their late 20s, maybe even early 30s. So, a baby shouldn’t come until at least age thirty-two, giving plenty of time to establish career and marriage goals.

14Libra: Age 30, Or When The Time Is Right Financially

Libra women are very friendly and peaceful in their natural demeanor. They love to have great conversation with others, analyze issues and problems for their loved ones, and help them reach a conclusion in order to move forward. When it comes to their own problems and dilemmas, a Libra woman will turn to few people for answers (maybe a parent or a significant other) because she will often look inside herself for the only answers she needs. In their late 20s, they will be focusing on their connection with the world: traveling, working hard to establish professional relationships and a clear career path, and spending time with those that matter most. They will wait until they are absolutely financially ready for a baby because they don’t see a point in doing something irrational just for the heck of it.

13Aquarius: Age 34, When You Feel It In Your Heart

Aquarius women are loyal friends, passionate lovers, and social friends. However, there are times an Aquarius woman will grow reserved due to emotion, whether that means she is angry, self-reflecting, or sad about something personal. You may never know, as Aquarius people in general can be unpredictable and, at times, even unreliable. This is one big reason an Aquarius women should wait to have a baby until she feels that, emotionally, she is capable and ready. Once she decides this she will be determined to do anything she can to make it happen, no matter how long it took her to decide that she wanted it. That loyalty she has toward others will turn her into a great mother that is devoted and passionate, but it must be when she is ready.

12Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): Self-Reflection Can Prolong Your Baby Making

Water signs– the sensitive Pisces, emotional Cancer, and passionate Scorpio– are just that: incredibly emotional, sensitive, and self-reflective. For each sign, self-reflective means something different, however. For a Pisces, self-reflective means that they always question themselves in every situation, so they do not have the highest confidence. Cancers, on the other hand, tend to self-reflect and question themselves because they are significantly insecure. Lastly, Scorpios are self-reflective because they are so compassionate (albeit also possessive and jealous, too). For water signs, the best time to have a baby is when they think they can separate themselves from their selfish reflections and emotions. Can they separate their happiness from their child’s happiness? Can they let go of that constant second-guessing in the back of their heads?

11Pisces: Age 25, Once You’re Settled In

Even though Pisces women are so emotional, the positive side of this is that they can give their entire heart and soul to their baby. Even though it may not be the best financially, a Pisces woman is so strong in her emotions and actions that she can have a baby with or without a man in her life. A baby makes her stronger, braver, and better. With that being said, because she questions her decisions so often, it is best for her to wait until she is at least twenty-five and settled into her life, whatever that may be and whoever that may be with. The good thing is a Pisces is also very compassionate, loyal, and creative, so she won’t hit a wall that she can’t break down or climb over. She will figure it out no matter what.

10Cancer: Age 31, Sow Your Wild Oats First

A Cancer woman will grow to be an incredible mom that is brave, grounded in her choices (when it comes to her children, at least), and deeply connected with them on an almost spiritual level. The problem with a Cancer having a baby is that they are too selfish and wrapped up in their own emotions to do it when they are young. They have to sow their wild oats, get all of their young energy out, and learn many lessons from their mistakes before they can truly be the best mom that they can be. A Cancer woman needs to trust in themselves and the decisions they make before they can commit their life to raising another human being. That will be the best possible thing for everyone involved.

9Scorpio: Age 24, Ready Or Not

A Scorpio is so very compassionate that having a baby will be one of the best things they do in their lives. Scorpios feel everything so deeply that they will feel it all the moment they see their baby for the first time– and the rest, as they say, will be history. That is why the best time for a Scorpio woman to have a baby can be at a young age. No matter where their life is in regards to a relationship, a Scorpio woman will mature and mold her life to fit that baby and that baby only, no matter what. Regardless of the fact that they will be prepared, a Scorpio woman should still wait until she is confident in her relationship, if she is in one.

8Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo): Does Not Like Anything To Upset Their Routine

The Earth signs are incredibly grounded, not only in a down-to-earth sense, but in a strong and independent sense, too. They are sure and ready with the decisions they make and they won’t make them unless they know it is the rational and correct decision. These signs rarely make a decision with their emotions– and it can be a problem with those that they are closest to (looking at you, water signs). When it comes to having a baby, a Capricorn, a Taurus, and a Virgo will not take this decision too lightly. The other problem, if you will, is that any Earth sign is very much in tune with their routine and does not like anything to interrupt it (and we’d say a baby is a pretty big interruption into your basic routine!). Read below to find out more!

7Capricorn: Age 26, Well-Rounded Stability

Capricorn women are sensible and practical, not making any rash or last-minute decisions, especially when it comes to bringing another life into the world. Personality wise, a Capricorn woman is responsible, down-to-earth, and pretty introverted. She won’t openly walk into a social setting and be the center of attention, but she will also command the floor when it is given to her. (Think Lauren B. from the Bachelor!) When it comes to having a baby, a Capricorn woman will be smart and responsible, just as you would expect. It is best for a Capricorn lady to have a baby when she feels professionally, financially, and emotionally ready with her partner. It is best for her to completely try and plan and prepare for the baby, as she doesn’t like unpredictability.

6Taurus: Age 30, Married And Stable

A Taurus woman is similar to that of a Capricorn in the sense that she is grounded and will not make a decision to have a baby before she feels she is ready in every aspect of her life. She is responsible, social yet not overly outgoing, and likes her routine. Taurus women are also very persistent, so when they decide on something, it is hard for anyone in their inner circle to convince them otherwise. That’s why this stubborn trait can affect their timing to have a baby because there is a chance this, combined with their temper, can make them have a one-track mind and not see clearly and rationally. The best time for a Taurus woman to have a baby is once she is financially stable and married, with someone to help balance out her tendency to think with her stubborn instead of rational way.

5Virgo: Age 27, Surprise Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

A Virgo woman is so rational and sensible with her decisions, it can often be (yeah, I will say it) boring! That’s right, a Virgo woman is so used to listening to her head, she really can’t listen to her heart when it matters most. So, when it comes to having a baby, this down-to-earth, cautious, and patient woman will not even think of it until her head says that she can. What does this mean? This means the best time for a Virgo to have a baby is her mid-20s, because maybe a baby that is unexpected isn’t always a bad thing. However, even if she isn’t ready emotionally, she will make everyone around her believe that she is– and she will grow and work incredibly hard to be ready by the time that baby is welcomed into the world.

4Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius): Adventures Abound

Fire signs are just what it sounds like– they are fierce, bold, outgoing, and powerful. They know how to take the lead, control a room, and get what they want, usually no matter what it takes. When it comes to having a baby, the fire signs will have a hard time settling down to do so, so they will usually be older when they finally do so. This isn’t to say they are selfish, as our water signs can be, but they do have a selfish side in which they enjoy their adventures and their control over life. They are also smart enough to know a baby usually is the center of their world once it  comes, so they have to be really prepared to make that change.

3Leo: Age 33, When Excitement Is Winding Down

When you picture a Leo woman, picture a C.E.O. of a company, a principal of a high school, or an entrepreneur that owns a company that they created and started from the ground up. They are bold, they know exactly what they want, and they make incredibly strong moves to get themselves in a place where they feel proud and comfortable. So, when it comes to having a baby, the best time for a Leo woman to have one is in her early to mid 30s, after her adventures have wound down and her life is stable. A Leo will work hard in her 20s to establish her career and travel the world, so her 30s are the perfect time to welcome that bundle of joy.

2Aries: Age 35, Independence And Impulsivity

An Aries girl is very independent, fiery with her convictions, and direct with her words. She is blunt when it comes to her honesty and impulsive in her decisions. Interestingly enough, when she makes some decisions, she makes them out of comfort. Then, randomly, there are some decisions that are made by the seat of her pants, as the saying goes. When it comes to having a baby, an Aries woman will go either way, to the impulsiveness or the comfort zone. Babies scare her, too, because she is so hell-bent on being self-sufficient and independent and knows that will change the way she looks to those around her. The best time for an Aries woman to have a baby is in her early to mid 30s, when she feels comfortable enough to make that choice– and choose to be less independent (in a good way).

1Sagittarius: Age 28, With Gracefulness And Bravery

Our Sagittarius woman is so many things… adventurous, bold, caring, and a great friend who is incredibly brave. She is confident in her professional world, working hard to make ends’ meet (whether that means barely paying the bills or making enough money to go on extravagant vacations with her gal pals). In her personal life, she is just as adventurous and bold. But, because of this adventure, a Sag woman tends to be careless and reckless, so a baby can come unexpectedly. The best time for a Sagittarius woman to have a baby will surprise you: because for her, it’s any time! A Sag woman is incredibly strong and can handle anything thrown her way with grace and passion– and having a baby is no different.

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