The Art of S*xual Communication: How to Strike the Best First Impression

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The Art of S*xual Communication: How to Strike the Best First Impression

You are deeply attracted to a man but the tragedy of your life is that he doesn’t see you as a s*xual being. Though you want to show him what a s*xy minx you are, you don’t know how and where to start.

The universal truth is that physical attraction plays a great role in the initial stages of a relationship. If you want to attract a man and create the best first impression, you must first attract him physically.

Though there is no definitive formula or generalized explanation for why men feel more attracted to certain women, the following tips can definitely help you if you want him to see you as a s*xual being:

1) Communicate with Your Eyes

Start with making eye contact with him. Look him in the eyes and smile warmly. When gazing at him and smiling simultaneously, stay confident and steer clear of signs of tension or nervousness. Men find confident women s*xy.

Maintaining eye contact doesn’t mean constantly staring at him. Learn the art of doing it right. Make it last for short periods and every once in a while looking away from him.

2) Be Mindful of Your Body Language

Once you have made eye contact with your crush, the first thing he will notice about you is your body language. Make sure you appear relaxed and confident. You must give subtle flirty body language signs to your crush to attract his attention. For example, touch your collarbone, touch your lips with your fingers, play with your hair, or simply smile naughtily.

Research shows that positive body language is important for romance. Also, touch him gently on the shoulder or arms when talking to him to indicate that you are genuinely interested in him.

3) Speak in a Seductive Tone

With proper eye contact and the right body language, you are almost there. The next step is to heighten the attraction with your voice. Slowly whisper in his ears in a s*xy silken voice like you have a secret to share with him. When doing so, make your lips accidentally touch his ears. It will make him go crazy!

4) Talk S*xy

Think of topics that will interest him. If you talk about work and family on regular days, try to pick topics that are a little more flirty or s*xy. If you are talking to him for the first time, start an enticing and personal conversation after 15 – 20 minutes into the chat. Don’t jump to intimate discussions right away. Start with lighter questions like “What do you find most attractive in a woman?”

Try complimenting him for his looks. Everyone likes compliments. Don’t go overboard with the compliments though. You don’t want to scare him away.

5) Dress to Impress

Remember, your clothes play an important role in creating the first impression of you. Nobody will be attracted to a sloppily-dressed woman. Dress stylishly, but for comfort. S*xing up your outfit doesn’t mean wearing fishnets and garter belts. It means wearing what makes you feel confident and s*xy. This can include plunging necklines, bare shoulders, or a bright lipstick.

After all the flirting, when he finally asks you out, make sure you are prepared for D-Day. Dressing s*xy can be challenging. Choose something that makes you look stylish and sultry, and not over-the-top. A sleek lace dress, an off-shoulder top, or your favorite little black dress can be perfect options.

6) Catch Him Alone

Try to find one-on-one time with him. If you work in the same office or share the same group of friends, there will always be people around both of you and you may not get personal time to catch up with each other. Keep looking for opportunities to get him alone so that he can actually notice and know you.

7) Make Him Notice You

If you keep waiting for him to notice you without putting efforts, chances are you will never get an opportunity. Take charge of the situation if you really want to attract him. Research shows that men like women who make the first move. This means you may attract him simply by showing you are interested in him.

If showing interest doesn’t work, try to get him a little jealous. Run into him when you’re hanging out with another guy. However, be careful who you are getting flirty with. Don’t hook up with his friends. He will perhaps never consider you if you have been with one of his friends in the past (even for a short spell).

8) Take It Slow

You definitely don’t want to create the impression that you are overly s*xual or that you want to sleep with him right away. Rushing things can create the wrong impression of you in his mind and you may miss a chance to establish a real connection with him.


Hopefully, the above tips will help you get your dream man hooked to you. Don’t become conscious when following these tips and also don’t go overboard with them either if you don’t want to appear desperate. Stay natural and follow the above-mentioned guidelines, and in no time you will find him hitting on you. Good luck!

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