The 3 Words To Say To Him To Own His Heart, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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April 2, 2019
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April 2, 2019
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The 3 Words To Say To Him To Own His Heart, Based On His Zodiac Sign

When you’re in a relationship, any edge that you can find to further cement the bond is welcome. Sometimes those advantages are needed—in which case you might want to reevaluate the relationship. Other times they’re the icing on the cake and serve as one of the many little ways you both strive to show each other that you love one another and want to get to know your special someone on a deeper level. It’s like when you pick up their favorite candy bar at the store but several advanced levels above that.

So when the zodiac signs promise to help you win over your man with a few simple words and some key insights into his complicated masculine personality, you are all over that. Even if he doesn’t fit his sign perfectly, you’ll probably find a couple new tidbits of information that help explain him a bit better.

Understanding the unique personality and character of your man is one of the many stepping stones which pave the way to better communication. Better communication is the foundation of a successful relationship. Any communication advantage goes a long way in understanding how someone works and thinks, which helps defuse misunderstandings and arguments before they get so blown out of proportion that they’re bigger problems than the original cause for the disagreement in the first place. So, here are some tidbits of information on your man and his zodiac sign.

16Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): They Are Nurturing, Caring And Emotional

Water signs in the Zodiac constellation are interesting characters. They consist of Cancer which is Cardinal, Scorpio which is Fixed and Pisces which is Mutable. They are the more emotional and often almost psychic of the twelve signs. They analyze their emotional ground when making new relationships and make sure that they are sure of themselves before diving in completely.

According to Thought Co, they are a naturally shapeless element which makes them susceptible to being shaped by the other signs through relationships. Hence why it’s very important for these signs to have some alone time to reconnect with themselves occasionally. Because they are emotional, they are very caring and nurturing, pouring themselves into the relationship and placing our needs above their own without a second thought. They are shy too and self-protective.

15Wholeheartedly Yours—Cancer: I Need You

Cancer is a Cardinal sign which is a grouping of the signs including one from each element. Aries, Libra, Pisces: these are the other Cardinal signs. They are the first and often are the instigators and leaders. According to Thought Co, they are the beginners of the seasons and Cancer starts summer off with a bang.

Cancer signs are usually highly emotional and sensitive, wanting to protect you—their other half—and needing to feel needed by you. Your Cancer man is often conservative and needs a little help in the initial phase of a romantic relationship but only enough to let him know he is safe. Cancers are famous for their mood swings which can be balanced out with plenty of love and patience. What your Cancer man wants to hear is, “I need you.”

14Passionately Intense—Scorpio: I’ll Back You

Scorpio is a Fixed sign which follows after the beginning Cardinals. Scorpios stabilize and set things, rooting in and staying for awhile. They are very passionate and intense, often fixating on something and running it into the ground. They are also quite emotional but express their emotions differently than other signs and Scorpio, in particular, is a very sensual sign.

In his search for a loved one, the Scorpio man wants someone attractive who will connect with him physically and emotionally while being able to keep up with his love of games and provide a challenge for him. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, he loves to be in control at all times and doesn’t know when to let go. Scorpio men make great leaders and lovers. They all want to hear, “I’ll back you.”

13Romantically Inclined—Pisces: I Love You

Pisces is a Mutable sign which means changeable or mutation. Other multiples: Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini. They are easily adaptable, forming friendships with lots of different kinds of people. They arrive at the end of a cycle before a new season begins. Pisces men are highly emotional and very, very romantic. Simply baring your soul to him will win him over. He’s a passionate, generous and gentle lover who will stick with you loyally to the end and make sure all your dates are wonderful.

According to Thought Co, Pisces can get a bit lost in himself and have raging emotional battles deep inside while still remaining outwardly calm. And he loves to laugh. He’s looking for someone who’ll love him as unconditionally and he definitely wants to hear, “I love you.”

12Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): They Are Burning With Desire

Fire signs are powerful and include Aries which is Cardinal, Leo which is Fixed and Sagittarius which is Mutable. They are passionate, intense and very impulsive with high energy and enthusiasm levels which can leave other signs exhausted long before they exhaust themselves.

According to Ivy Roses Holistic, they are often described as dramatic and can come across as egotistical and prone to running with things when others would rather they just dropped it already.

They can also react very strongly to situations and comments—the force and abruptness of which take others by surprise. They are often very masculine energies and the force of their enthusiasm can sometimes burn through interests very quickly, resulting in them always hunting for new pursuits. They respect boundaries put up by others and are passionate lovers.

11They’ll Be Your Leader — Aries: You Decide Dear

Aries is a Cardinal sign and launches spring with a bit of fire. Aries is a passionate and determined sign, going after what he wants and chasing it down till it’s his. This can often give him a single-minded focus and burn him out. On his bad days, Aries can be impatient, moody, short-tempered, and aggressive.

In a relationship, an Aries man will want to make all the decisions and lead the way. Some of us are okay with that but others will have to yell to get our point across and fight for our way of doing things. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, the Aries man will jump into a relationship and shower you with attention and affection, along with gifts to the point of excess. What he wants to hear is, “You decide dear.”

10King Of The Heart—Leo: You’re The Best

Leo is a Fixed sign which includes Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus. His fiery passionate nature belies the fact that the rules over the middle of spring when life is being reborn and all appearances are perceived as gentle and innocent. According to The Astrologer, every Leo man wants a woman who can match his passion for passion while still cutting through to his soft, surprisingly insecure core to find the real man underneath it all.

The Leo man longs to be treated like a king and often spends a large amount of time searching for the perfect mate, resulting in many of them ending up as confirmed bachelors. When he does find the one, he showers her with love and extravagant gifts. He runs the danger of overshadowing his partner with his powerful personality. He wants to hear, “You’re the best.”

9Curiously Yours—Sagittarius: Let’s Travel Together

Sagittarius is the last of the Fire signs and a Mutable sign, reveling in change and always looking for something new and exciting. He is a born traveler and loves to try and experience new things. This can often make him a serial dater who rarely settle downs for long—but once caught and deeply in love with someone who can match their need for excitement, Sagittarius can be a loyal lover.

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, a Sagittarius man loves freedom and doesn’t like clingy women, so knowing when to hold on and when to let him go will be a balancing act. Sharing his enthusiasm for travel and adventure will help to win him over. He’s a good listener and will process what you tell him carefully before coming to his own conclusions. What he wants to hear is, “Let’s travel together.”

8Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo): Need Balance To Bring Out Their Best Qualities

Earth signs are the bedrock of the zodiac calendar and include Capricorn which is Cardinal, Taurus which is Fixed and Virgo which is Mutable. Earth signs are usually centered, focused on material things, practical and good at making a plan and sticking with it.

When unbalanced, according to Thought Co, Earth signs can become workaholics, petty, hoarders and very stubborn. They can easily get stuck in the mundane routines of life and need another sign or element to balance them out and bring out their better qualities.

Earth signs are very focused and able to get things done with minimum distractions—and they make very sensual lovers who take the time to enjoy everything with their five senses. They’re often calm and quiet compared to other elements and tend toward the safer, slower routes of life to get where they’re going.

7Climbing The Social Ladder—Capricorn: Go For It

Capricorn is a Cardinal sign and set at the start of winter which is a cold, steady season where storms rage but rarely break the bare earth beneath. The Capricorn man is a hard worker who values quality over quantity and reality over unrealistic dreams. He sets goals and works hard to achieve them, often coming out on top and barely pausing before moving onto the net mountain to conquer.

According to The Astrologer, the Capricorn man wants someone who shares similar values and can respect his need to put his career first, while still getting him to take a break and relax occasionally. Capricorn men want a grounded practical partner and aren’t good at setting time aside for their lovers or having reality and expectation mesh successfully. They do love long and loyally though, and want to hear you say, “Go for it.”

6Stubbornly Committed—Taurus: I Need You

Taurus is a very special sign and a complicated one to successfully pair up with other signs. He is a Fixed sign and therefore is the most rooted, practical and earthy of the signs. A Taurus man values tradition, family, simple living, and quality over quantity. He can be very stubborn, uncompromising and possessive but is an excellent choice for a long-term relationship once he finds the one partner that balances him out and meets his needs.

According to The Astrologer, the key to winning a Taurus man’s heart is through home-cooked meals and sensual cuddles—while not forgetting true devotion. Often the Taurus man will be completely oblivious to flirtatious come-ons and subtle suggestions, requiring a little nudge here and there to get his attention but once you have it, he’ll focus completely on you. Taurus wants to hear, “I need you.”

5Forever Yours—Virgo: I’m Yours Forever

Virgo is the final Earth sign and is Mutable which gives them a blend of being practical, down to earth and needing periods of change to keep them completely happy. He is a very organized sign with his goals strictly outlined (whether on paper or in his mind). He’s very focused, kind and hardworking but can also be shy, very critical and prone to worrying.

According to The Astrologer, the Virgo man is slow to love but once committed, he’s in for the long haul. Virgo men have lots of friends but don’t have a lot of casual lovers. Instead, the Virgo man waits patiently for the one woman he can fully commit to. He’s skilled at spotting insincerity and needs to feel needed by you in order to commit. What they want to hear is, “I’m yours forever.”

4Air Signs (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra): Love Conversation And Are Excellent Communicators

Air signs are the glue that connects all the other signs and blends them together. They include Libra which is Cardinal, Aquarius which is Fixed and Gemini which is Mutable.

They’re the idea people and the observers who swoop in with new observations, ideas or perspectives on a situation or conversation that the other signs didn’t notice before. They’re excellent communicators and balance many of the other signs out perfectly, though the Fire signs can often burn them out.

The Air signs are often described as having their heads in the clouds, according to Ivy Roses Holistic. They strive for perfection and can appear to have very unrealistic and abstract ideas. They’re very detail oriented and have their own set of priorities which can either meld or clash with well with others’ priorities.

3Ideally Yours Forever—Libra: You Complete Me

Libra is the Cardinal sign of Air and greets Autumn with a burst of love and enthusiasm. Libras are undaunted, deeply in love with love and always striving for balance. The Libra man tries to avoid conflict which can hamper his relationships, but once he is aroused and angry, everyone is advised to run for shelter. His anger is quick to burn out but he does hold grudges. Libras are very organized and easy to please.

According to Astrostylea Libra man is the perfect balance of equilibrium and will compromise to make you happy or to avoid conflict. He wants you to avoid being completely dependent on him. He likes to see you striving to be fairly independent on your own. A Libra man is an excellent communicator and will do everything he can to make you happy. He wants to hear, “You complete me.”

2A Friend For Life—Aquarius: I’ve Got You

Aquarius is a fixed sign and balances out many of the other signs while still standing solidly on their own. The Aquarius man values independence along with intelligent friends. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, one of the best ways to get an Aquarius man to fall for you is to start out by being friends first and really getting to know him.

He never starts romantic relationships with people who aren’t friends first. He’s an exciting lover who is always up to try to new things and values honesty. He might not be the best at communicating but he can easily resolve that with the right partner and some practice. On his bad days, he can be indecisive, stubborn, unpredictable, and uncompromising—which can lead to some stalemates and fights with other signs. He wants to hear, “I’ve got you.”

1Energetically Yours—Gemini: Let’s Try This

Gemini is a Mutable sign and always ready to try something new and shake things up a bit. They don’t like routines or the mundane—even though they know this is the end result of life.

According to Smuggbugg, he’ll be the one doing most of the talking (especially if he’s an extrovert). Gemini men are always looking for someone to chat with, have fun and go on adventures with so it’s important to him that you are energetic and able to keep with the pace and flow of his life.

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