The 2 Early 2000s Fad We Have To Bring Back, Based On Our Zodiac Sign

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The 2 Early 2000s Fad We Have To Bring Back, Based On Our Zodiac Sign

Oh, yes, yes, yes, it’s already that time of the year when we start to bring back the early 2000 fads who deserve the stage all over again. No one is claiming to have moved on from the 80’s or the 90’s, both perfectly acceptable decades for trending styles and awesome looks, but now we’re finally ready to look at the early 2000’s and see what gems we can extract from the good ol’ days. Many of these fantastic styles may have been pinned to the 90’s but we’re here to tell you otherwise.

Not to mention, if you’re loving your sign as much as you should, then here are some perfectly suited styles from the early 2000’s to match your charming astrological sign. No one is stopping you from adopting styles recommended for other signs, just make sure it’s a sign you love before you snatch their early 2000s style, because they might catch you in their favorite look.

24Gemini Woman: Butterfly Clips

Besides for being an air sign, the butterfly clips transcend true taste and style for the Gemini gal.

Butterfly clips add a little bit of chaos to the Gemini’s buzzing brain and truly reveal how eclectic, artistic and fluttery she feels on the inside.

This look was made for her and was never meant to go out of style. We know the Gemini woman has the unique confidence to bring it back full force without hesitation or self-doubt. Go for the style you love, and don’t be afraid to recycle the ones from our favorite past.

23Gemini Woman: Trucker Hat

The Gemini woman loves to move through the crowd incognito. The trucker hat gives her a flash of style while tucking away her curious gaze. The Gemini woman can truly pull off this look, better than most, while she doesn’t spend much time dwelling on insecurities. She has a very specific style and taste that she stays true to, at least for a year or two, and knows what works for her and what doesn’t. Again, she won’t spend too much time on what she wears, but when she wears it, she wears it really well.

22Pisces Woman: Popcorn Shirt

The Pisces woman wants to be left to her dream world and doesn’t want to spend too much time explaining herself to others. The popcorn shirt is perfect for her, she can sit in class and quietly drift away to the fun texture of her shirt.

The texture can easily offer her a quick escape from her studies and into the world of fantasy and love.

This bubbly shirt will surely bring her up to the clouds and may take some effort to bring her back down, but many people will try, as they are attracted to her easy energy.

21Pisces Woman: Popped Collars

The Pisces woman secretly wants to sit in the room like a wallflower. She likes to be around people but doesn’t necessarily like the spotlight. The popped collar is a perfect look for the Pisces woman to hide behind and observe the others. This look can also give her a confidence boost and encourage her to play it cool under rocky circumstances. She may even go for the double collar look, but then she must be the outgoing type and handle her style with a self-assured pose. Either way, this look will work for her.

20Capricorn Woman: Frosted Lip Gloss

The Capricorn woman can lure in her crowd by her simple sweet smile. With or without lip gloss she can attract a partner easily. With that being said, it doesn’t mean she shouldn’t add a little more appeal to her already attractive allure and bedazzle her crowd with frosted lip gloss.

If there is anyone who can pull off this look with charm it is the Capricorn woman, and she knows it.

She may even spark up some confidence and add some of that early 2000’s gloss to her eyelids and make the look all the more modern.

19Capricorn Woman: Bow Ties

The Capricorn woman has her own particular, sometimes peculiar style. She has an attraction to objects, styles, and hobbies which she cannot be talked out of. The bow tie is an obvious love affair for the Capricorn woman. We hope she knows what she is doing if she chooses a bold color like pink, but hey, if you go for the bow tie look you may as well go all the way, right? Either way, the Capricorn will strut her earthy style with a grounded confidence special to the Capricorn woman.

18Libra Woman: Avril Lavigne Style

The unforgettable Avril Lavigne look was made for the Libra woman, could it be because Avril Lavigne is a Libra herself that they are able to pull off this look? Could be, could be. Either way, the Libra woman has a soft innocence to her which she sometimes needs to shake off.

The early 2000’s Avril Lavigne look is the perfect way for her to balance her innocence with a little edge.

Fishnet stockings, plaid skirts are all welcome. And of course, the tie over the heavy metal rock tee will never be forgotten.Featured Today

17Libra Woman: Chained Wallet

Did we choose the chained wallet for the Libra woman because she more than often sticks to a black and white attire? The Libra woman can get dark too, but we love her when she is sweet and considerate. She has a childish smile, which is exactly where the chain wallet comes in. No matter how sweetly she can charm you, she still wants you to know she has a rough side too. Let’s let her have the look if it makes her feel edgy, it certainly won’t scare off any of her friends or potential prospects.

16Virgo Woman: Shrugs

The holy, holy shrug. Did you forget about that lucky number? The shrug is the perfect look for the Virgo woman, as it keeps her looking orderly and fit.

The shrug is both practical and a perfect match for the Virgo woman to bring back and pull off this time around.

She can easily slip the shrug off and find a place for it in her bag, it shows off her fit body and keeps her warm for the Autumn breeze all in one little article, how practical! We know she will love it.

15Virgo Woman: Skinny Tie

There is no better man to pull off the skinny tie than the Virgo woman. Besides for perfectly fitting her body, it is a look that offers her the respect and order she craves. However, the Virgo woman is not all business all the time, she likes a laugh, maybe even a little more than the rest of them. This style offers her a serious tone without overdoing it and pinning her into that generic corporate look. She is capable of pulling off this look even during her after hours, which is just one of her many skills.

14Leo Woman: All Denim All The Way

The Leo woman rules the all denim look. She can wear the top and bottom all tight, all the way, with a splash of pink or bright blue somewhere, or she can take it beyond your wildest imagination.

This look ranges from an all jean dress, a jean vest with jean shorts, to a jean jacket with high waisted jeans.

Any which way, the Leo woman will find a way to make the street her stage and pull it off with high brow confidence. Wearing striking heels won’t hurt anyone in this case.

13Leo Woman: American Apparel

The Leo woman can and should bring back the American Apparel style, or did it never really go out of style just out of business? Either way, the Leo woman keeps herself fit and looking appropriately put together. American Apparel is a great early 2000 look for the Leo woman to bring back, whether she chooses a violently bright colored shirt to their basic tees and jeans. She will manage to draw the attention with her confidence and ease around the crowd. If her partner dresses along with her in the basics, all the more fun, and attraction.

12Taurus Woman: Low Rise Jeans

The Taurus woman is already very grounded as a fixed Earth sign. This gives her the perfect pass to wear low rise jeans and make it work.

Low rise jeans with a cropped top are a daring match we know the Taurus woman will wear with pride.

She is very aware of what looks good on her body and works with what she has. Floral low rise only adds to her earthy charm, but of course, she can strut any style of low rise pants without risking her pride. The low rise jeans offers her a free feeling to move within her own body, which she knows oh so well.

11Taurus Woman: Turtleneck Sweater

Okay, we know the Taurus woman isn’t going to go for the fuzz, but it would be so dreamy if she would. The Taurus woman is very connected to her feminity, her hands, and the Earth. She has extreme body language and looks amazing in a turtleneck sweater under a leather jacket, could you get more early 2000 than that? Probably not. She’ll love the fuzzy softness of the sweater under her hands, and may just prefer it all year round. We give her full permission to continue her rugged look all year around.

10Cancer Woman: Gaucho Pants

The Cancer woman has an intuitive natural style, as she is ultra-connected to the moon, her ruling planet. Gaucho pants were a thing of the early 2000s, but actually, they haven’t really gone out of style, or at least now they are coming back with a boom.

The Cancer woman knows how to pull off the look and she loves it because it’s not only trending but comfortable, a dream team for any girl really.

This look can stretch from Summer to Autumn, and even Winter depending where you live.

9Cancer Woman: Shell Necklace

The Cancer woman, the crab on the shoreline, who is better suited for the shell necklace than her? This water sign can always retain her connection to the deep rolling seas as long as she has her shell necklace safely fastened to her neck. If she wants to add some edge to this calming cool look, a shark tooth as a charm can work wonders. If she has a cool surf story to go with her necklace all ears will perk to her storytelling charm. She can also try pulling off the early 2000s bleach hair look, then we’ll be sure to find traces of sand in her hair and in her car.

8Aries Woman: Halter Top

Aries women have a fiery confident style that attracts both men and women’s attention. They know what works for them and whats trending all the time. The halter top is a look that will always work for her.

Even in winter, she will find a way to slip this look in under an awesome sweater.

She is an independent leader who will decide on her own what styles and when without anyone showing her the way. Her independence is one of her finest charms that holds everyone’s attention, the halter top will just be an added bonus to her look.

7Aries Woman: Boat Shoes

Aries women like to keep it casual but cool. They have a very subtle taste that is both practical and lightly trending. The boat shoes early 2000 look is just right for her, especially if she’s not feeling all that athletic all the time. On the courts, she can wear her Nike sneakers and lead the team, but off courts, she can chill and relax. These shoes work for many occasions and give her time to think about other goals and objectives that may be on her mind for the week.

6Scorpio Woman: Choker

The Scorpio woman wants to keep it real and wants to keep it electrically attractive. She is probably already strutting the tattoo choker, if not she’ll find some other string to lace around her neck, when in fact, she doesn’t even need these subtle details to grant her head turning attention.

Either way, the Scorpio woman likes her things, and a choker is certainly something that would make it onto her list of adorable adornment.

Though we know adorable is not the look she is going for and not the credit she will receive.

5Scorpio Woman: Ornate Back Pockets

The Scorpio woman loves a little flash to her style. She is nothing like the Leo who wants all eyes on her, all the time, but she does have her little tricks up her sleeve to capture her guy’s attention. She is also a woman of the pack and will easily fit into her crew with these stylized early 2000 trendy pants. They’ve got style without overdoing it to an overwhelming degree. The Scorpio woman is intuitive and knows what styles she can and cannot pull off. And this style, we believe she can.

4Aquarius Woman: Lace-Up Jeans

Aquarius women have such an unpredictable style, that it’s hard to make any sense of, yet they always, always manage to pull it off. They are a unique sign said to march to their own beat, and when it comes to the way they dress they certainly do.

The lace-up jeans that went out in the early 2000s may have never gone out of style for the Aquarius woman.

If they have, it’s just about time for her to pull them out from her closet and bring them back with easy pride. They definitely aren’t looking for anyone’s approval.

3Aquarius Woman: Nautical Style

Aquarius is often confused as a water sign because they are a water carrier, but in fact, they are actually an air sign. We’ll give you a minute to gather your breath, we know we may have just dropped the knowledge mic. Regardless of her element, she is absolutely connected to the water, no matter how much she tends to disconnect herself and float away to her own private space. The Nautical style is a perfect match for the Aquarius woman, who usually likes to play her look down, rather than up.

2Sagittarius Woman: Tracksuit

The Sagittarius woman knows how to have her fun, all the time. No matter how easy it is for her to dress up and head out from one party to the next, we think she is the woman to bring back the Juicy style sweatpants.

There was a time when Juicy and all of their followers were slapping slogans on the back of the pants, even more of an appeal for the Sagittarius woman.

She isn’t afraid of provoking a little attention. Even if it’s negative attention, she won’t notice or care.

1Sagittarius Woman: Sweatband

Everyone knows the Sagittarius woman is always on the move. Whether she’s running around from country to country, or from one friend’s place to the next, she is one sign who knows how to work up a sweat. Remember in early 2000 when everyone was rocking the Nike sweatband over their hair, arms, and legs? We know the Sagittarius woman is ready to bring back this style in full force. She won’t even care if you’re into the look or not, she’s too busy having a good time with the crowd.

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