Thank U, Next: 20 Celebs Who Can’t Stop Talking About Their Ex

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January 23, 2019
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Thank U, Next: 20 Celebs Who Can’t Stop Talking About Their Ex



The new Ariana Grande video has been online for a short amount of time, but it’s already plenty of ladies’ personal anthems. Never before has a video more accurately expressed everything that’s gone into growing up so far. Kris Jenner, Mean Girls references, and even Ariana Grande gifting herself a mixtape.

The overall theme of the song is incredibly positive too, which is a refreshing change from a lot of singers who write music about their exes. Ariana Grande has proved time and time again that she’s not only intelligent, but she’s also an amazing role model.

For some celebs it’s the same story: they support their exes, say some nice things, and promise that the divorce/break up is amicable. For others, it’s a whole mess that fans would be surprised ever gets sorted out.

Isn’t it the same in the non-famous world, though? Sometimes people have exes that turn into amazing friends, and other times they can’t help but get into social media arguments throughout the course of the breakup.

Then again, celebrities are under a microscope when it comes to making up and breaking up. Here are the celebs that, for better or for worse, can’t seem to say “thank u, next” to their exes.

20-Justin Bieber Definitely Still Cares About Selena

Justin Bieber, as we all know by now, is married to Hailey Baldwin. However, that doesn’t distract from the fact that he and Selena Gomez spend years in an on-and-off relationship.

According to Elle, Bieber still cares a whole lot about Selena too.

Elle writes, “Justin Bieber has been truly, genuinely upset following the news of his ex Selena Gomez’s hospitalization and decision to seek treatment.” He might not be saying much, but in this case actions definitely speak louder than words. Justin Bieber still cares about Selena Gomez. Maybe not romantically, but definitely in that first-love-is-forever kind of way.

19-Shawn Mendes Has Recently Been Speaking Out

Relationships are messy, okay? Sometimes we can’t help but feel a little confused by them. No matter how much we might want to share with the world that we’re with someone we love, other pressures can keep us quiet and denying that we’re dating anyone. That was the case with Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin, the are-they-or-aren’t-they couple that had us all guessing over the course of this last year. While he might have kept quiet during the actual events, Mendes is now spilling the beans about him and Baldwin. Cosmopolitan says, “Shawn is done trying to bury their relationship and told Rolling Stone it was a bit of a messy and confusing experience.”Honestly, fair. We’re happy that they’re on better ground now!

18-Kourtney Kardashian Has A Curious Relationship With Hers

Kourtney Kardashian is just as much in the spotlight as the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner crew. Not only is she seen on Keeping Up With the Kardashians as much as her sisters, but she’s also been making headlines with her co-parent and once-upon-a-time partner Scott Disick. While Narcitygoes into details on the end of her relationship with Younes Bendjima, Kourtney has been keeping a surprisingly low profile on her true feelings about it all. Hollywood Life revealed Kourtney is a little hurt by the connection Sofia and Scott have. Hey, we would be too.

17-Sam Smith: But It’s Not A Bad Thing

Sam Smith and his partner were a literal dream, but we just have to come to terms with the fact that it’s time to wake up now.

Not only does Sam Smith have his job to focus on, but he’s also taking a really positive approach when discussing his ex.

Smith was dating Brandon Flynn for about nine months, having semi-recently cut things off. Refinery29 quotes him as saying, “All my relationships have ended in a nice way.” Refinery29 goes on to say that he “[called] Flynn a wonderful person,” proving that this is likely another nice and neat end to a loving relationship that just didn’t work out.

16-Angelina Jolie…

Where to begin with this messy deconstruction of an iconic relationship? Angelina Jolie hasn’t been too in the headlines, choosing instead to focus on her family and their potentially upcoming court date. The most we’ve seen have been headlines regarding the custody battle that the two of them are in. The Cut reminds us that these two have been in this process for at least two years now. That being said, breaking up 12 years of being together was always going to be a difficult process. Both of them have been cordial regarding discussions of each other. But the lengthy custody battle that The Cut discusses might say more about Angelina’s opinions on Brad than words ever could. We sincerely hope that they work it out soon.

15-And Brad Pitt Both Have A Whole Lot Of Opinions On Each Other

Brad Pitt is the other side of the Brangelina divorce saga that’s been going on for years now.

He doesn’t really have much to say, choosing instead to leave any and all discussion behind closed doors in the legality department.

According to The Cut, they’ve both been on the receiving end of court documents and requests from the other one. Outside of this, there hasn’t been very much negativity spouted by either of them. The Cut also reminds us that Brad’s undergone a bit of a transformation. We’re hopeful that this means they can at least pursue co-parenting together after the dust of the divorce settles.

14-Ariana Grande Is The Saving Grace Of Break-Ups

We have the goddess herself: Ariana Grande. Hearing “Thank u, next” for the first time was a revelation. Never have we ever felt more full and justified in our breakups. Being able to learn and grow from our relationships is really the key thing that Grande has hit on. Her video features her celebrating herself, as well as celebrating all those amazing teen movies we grew up loving. It’s like Grande is whispering in our ear, “Love yourself. Take your pain and use it as fuel to grow and develop your gorgeous self.” Don’t mind if we do, Ariana. Sometimes it really is okay to say thank u, next.

13-Halsey Mentioned It In The Middle Of A Concert!

Narcity is back at it with this juicy update on Halsey’s semi-recent unraveled relationship. They state that about four months ago Halsey and G-Eazy ended things. The article goes into details about her announcement, which came out during a concert she was playing in New Jersey. We’re not exactly sure if she meant to talk about it, but being on stage is a vulnerable thing. We’re happy that she got it off her chest, and had the support of the crowd easing her way through some of the more difficult lyrics for her to sing. She didn’t have anything bad to say either. All she revealed was that she was “hurt” by someone, Narcity writes. Aww, Halsey; we’re here for you!

12-Harry Styles Will Probably Write A Song About It

We certainly missed it when it was happening, but Harry Styles apparently spent a year dating Camille Rowe. Eonline says that there was apparently a little cloudiness surrounding this relationship, which we think is totally fair. They never really announced it, just like how the breakup kind of flew under the radar.

Harry Styles thus demonstrates our personal favorite way to handle a breakup: let it go, don’t tell anyone, and go lunch on a yacht with two good friends.

Just kidding! We’re taking a “no news is good news” approach with this one, though we can’t wait to see if there’ll be a song about it…

11-Just Like Taylor Swift Tends To Do

Even Taylor Swift has discussed the fact that she puts exes into her songs often. Glamour points out specifically her relationship with John Mayer, which is still more drama-filled and iconic than her relationship with Calvin Harris. It might have happened years ago, but her relationship with John Mayer is immortalized forever in her song Dear John. A little on the nose? Maybe, but the message is clear: Listening to the lyrics, we can’t help but feel that Taylor Swift has every right to be hurt by the events. Most of us don’t get to process our pain through music or songs. We’re grateful to Swift for speaking out about what it’s like to be hurt by someone when you’re young.

10-John Mayer Has Words For Every One Of His Exes

John Mayer, on the other side of the coin, is more vocal about his exes. Harper’s Bazaar outlines the fact that Mayer felt really hurt by Swift’s image of him in the Dear John song.

He says that he, “was really caught off-guard, and it really [embarrassed] me at a time when I’d already been dressed down.”

We weren’t there, so we don’t have any right to comment on what happened. But it seems like there’s more to this story than either of them have touched on. We’d love an update, but lately it seems like Mayer is choosing the strong and silent route.

9-Jenna Dewan Actually Gave Some Great Love Advice

Jenna Dewan, also known as Channing Tatum’s ex-partner and total goddess, has her usual wise words of advice for us mere mortals. InStyle reports that she and Tatum aren’t upset about the split. In fact she wants to remind everyone that, “it’s okay for a relationship to change into a new form that is actually better for both people involved, and I think that’s maybe what shocked everyone so much—that it can be a positive thing.” Amen! There are definitely opportunities where the end of a relationship is actually the beginning of a beautiful, supportive friendship for all the parties involved.

8-Liam Payne Supposedly Still Has Love For His Ex

It makes sense; he and ex Cheryl Cole have a new baby together. While many celebrities are doing the co-parenting thing right now, it gets remarkably harder if the two parents have any sort of negative feelings towards each other. Payne’s love for Cole is still there. Billboard quotes him as saying, “I’m a bit fragile at times…No, I’m all right. You know, it’s been okay. Obviously there’s a lot of stuff I’ve still got to sort out with my life.”

Sounds like this breakup was more of an internal issue than anything between the couple.

He and Cole are still on good terms, which means there’s no need for any more stress, Payne! You’re okay, now.

7-Lena Dunham’s Semi-Recent Split Is Still Very Much On Her Mind

Lena Dunham is one of those stars that seems to come in and out of the public eye, but is always creating, producing, and working on a new project. She’s a true artist, which is probably why she was matched so well with her recent-ex Jack Antonoff. USA Today quotes Lena Dunham as saying, on the topic of the reasons behind their breakup, “when you’re sick, so much energy goes into making sure the other person is well that you’re not even noticing maybe our schedules aren’t compatible… Maybe we want different things out of our lives.” Lena Dunham with the true facts, people. There’s no animosity here; just two people that are healing.

6-Theroux Is Finally Matching Aniston In Terms Of Speaking Out

After ages and ages of quiet deflection, Theroux is finally in a place to talk about what happened with the breakup between him and Jennifer Aniston.

We’re not surprised that this took a while to get out of him; the two of them were pretty intertwined, and were even our #couplegoals at some points in the relationship.

Harper’s Bazaar lists him as saying, “it’s amicable. It’s boring, but, you know, we respected each other enough that it was as painless as it could be.” At least he’s being honest. It’s refreshing to have a big-name celebrity break up that isn’t all hatchets and fire as well.

5-Shia LaBeouf Is Revealing In Bits And Pieces

Oh, Shia LaBeouf. So much has been said about him over the years, but it’s really what he reveals that’s gotten him in varying degrees of trouble. We were actually huge fans of LaBeouf for a while. He’s got energy and daring, which can result in some great projects. However, the breakup of him and his wife Mia Goth wasn’t exactly clicking for us. CNN mentions that LaBeouf’s representative said that the divorce was amicable. Was it? We’re sure we’ll find out whether it was mutual and for the best soon. After all, Shia’s probably planning an art project about it as we speak.

4-Iggy Azalea Always Gets To The Point

Remember when the news broke that Iggy Azalea had started seeing someone? Like a swift gust of wind blowing out a candle, their relationship has ended.

Iggy Azalea isn’t one to dwell on the negative, making her the perfect person to announce their breakup.

And how did she announce it? People says, “the ‘Fancy’ rapper announced that the couple had already split. ‘I’m single,’ Azalea wrote on social media on on Aug. 8, adding a shrugging emoji and a blushing emoji.” She’s not one for beating around the bush, it turns out. That’s the last we’ve heard of this breakup too, which might be the most adult approach we’ve seen (even with the emojis).

3-Amber Rose Is Definitely Known For Speaking Up

Amber Rose is a powerful, outspoken woman. Initially rising up in the fame ranks with Kanye West, she ended up having one of the more negative breakups on our list. There were some allegations of dishonesty from Kanye’s perspective. Despite years going by there hasn’t been a whole lot of positive things shared between these exes. Glamour quotes one rude comment that Amber Rose made on Twitter as a response to something rude that Kanye said. Cryptic? Oh yeah. We don’t even want to spend time thinking about it; we’re thankful all the drama is over!

2-Khloe Kardashian Is Reliving Some Old Issues

Recently there’s been the reliving of drama on Keeping Up With the Kardashians between Khloe Kardashian and her… Not-ex? Honestly, we can’t keep up. A quick Google reveals pages of Khloe Kardashian “slamming” Tristan Thompson.

Cosmopolitan says that they recently spent Thanksgiving together, though, which means that despite the harsh words, maybe they’re still managing to work together.

They haven’t split up yet, and we’re not sure they will. According to Cosmopolitan, “it’s complicated with Tristan, but he’s True’s dad and that’s what matters most to Khloé.” Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time two stars decided to co-parent. Just take care of yourself, Khloe, and don’t be afraid to embrace what’s next.

1-Cassie Has Mentioned It’s Quits A Few Times

Cassie and P Diddy were going strong for a while, but eventually it got to be too much. Page Six mentions that they had one break up in August of August of 2016, but they’re finally, officially calling it off now.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s still pretty raw, but Cassie and P Diddy don’t really have anything to say yet; we’re sure they’re still waiting for the fall out to settle.

According to Page Six again Cassie did leave some cryptic messages on her stories, which is totally fair when dealing with the breakup of a long-term romantic partner. We hope that things get sorted out soon for the two stars, and that all the anger starts to settle too.

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