Soulmate Material: 20 Little Things That Show He Might Be The One.

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January 21, 2019
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January 21, 2019
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Soulmate Material: 20 Little Things That Show He Might Be The One.





Millions of people cling to the hope that out there somewhere, a soulmate is waiting for us. As they navigate their way through the world of romance, they might catch themselves wondering whether every date is the one they’ve been dreaming about. And even if that sounds too cheesy for you, it’s hard to deny that some people just fit together perfectly, like peanut butter and jelly. We might never really know whether fate has set aside one ideal person for us all, but there are ways to tell whether the person we’re dating has the potential to be the one that changes everything.

In our opinion, there are some big differences between soulmates and the others. You won’t always be able to see them clearly or explain them, but they’ll be there, separating the people you just date from the person you are the happiest with. Soulmates are attracted to each other, even if it doesn’t make sense to either of them. They make each other happy and support each other when times are hard. While other people reject and judge your flaws, a soulmate will accept them, and even love them for making you who you are.

Read on to find out what makes someone soulmate material.

20-There’s Chemistry She Can’t Explain

This might not be something he does, per say, but something that surrounds him when he’s with you. Chemistry is a huge factor in successful relationships, and one of the elements that we have pretty much no control over. You can’t force chemistry when it’s not there, so when you do feel a certain mutual attraction that you can’t explain, you might want to explore it further. Of course, you need more than just chemistry to keep a relationship afloat, but chemistry is probably the foundation on which you start. In addition to all the other positive relationship qualities, soulmates share chemistry.

19-She Doesn’t Get Any Bad Vibes

Your higher-self, intuition, guardian angels, gut instincts or whatever you want to call them can really help you when trying to work out whether somebody is your soulmate or not. Soulmates might not be perfect, but they definitely don’t give off any bad vibes. Some people find it easier to listen to their instincts and pick up on vibes than others, but we should all be listening to those inner feelings that tell us whether something is going well or not. If somebody is soulmate material for you, they won’t give you any sort of bad or unpleasant gut reactions.

18-He Knows How To Calm Her When She’s Worked Up

A soulmate is attractive to you and knows how to show you a good time, but they should also help you to get through the bad times. Another sign of a true soulmate is his ability to calm you down when you get really upset. This shows that he understands the way your mind works and is just the person you need to lean on when times get tough or challenging. Plus, it also shows that he doesn’t just bail on you when you do have a little tantrum (don’t worry—it happens to the best of us!).

17-He Wants Only The Best For Her

People who are truly in love want only the best for each other. A real soul mate will never want anything for you other than what will make you happy and help you to prosper in life. Fake soulmates, or dates who just don’t make the cut, will put their needs ahead of yours and are happy to sacrifice your happiness for their own—a classic example is smothering you when you really need space. A soulmate might not necessarily follow you around and await your list of demands, but they will remember your feelings and genuinely want the best outcome for you, always.

16-He Makes Time For Her

It’s pretty difficult to have a functional relationship if you don’t make time for each other! Someone who is your soulmate, or has the potential to be the person you end up with, will make time in their schedule for you. They don’t have to dedicate their whole life to you, but they’ll make an effort to see you, even if it’s hard. You know those dates who can never catch up with you because “work is busy” or they have lots of “family stuff on” or they’re “just really tired”? Yeah, none of those is your soulmate.

15-He Accepts (And Possibly Adores) The Things Shes Hates About Herself

Yes, it sounds cheesy. But when soulmates enter the discussion, there’s bound to be a bit of cheese! The one for you will accept the little things you feel insecure about. They might even love those things for making you who you are. You’ll know someone’s not really meant to be with you if they ask you to change parts of yourself that don’t suit their taste, like your skin that’s not quite tanned enough or your tummy that is a little too soft. We all have a type we’re attracted to, but when our soulmate comes along, those preferences tend to become pretty insignificant.

14-She Leaves Him Feeling Energized, Not Drained

Pay attention to how you feel after hanging out with someone who could possibly be your soulmate. Do you feel lifted up and energized, even if your body is physically tired? Or do you feel totally mentally exhausted and need to go for a run to clear your head? Another sign that someone is your other half is if they energize you and leave you feeling refreshed. You don’t really leave your forever person feeling drained of all your mental and spiritual energy—that tends to happen with people who just don’t fit properly into your life.

13-He Understands Things About Her That She Doesn’t Have To Say Out Loud

They sometimes say that soulmates have an unspoken bond between them and a deep understanding of one another. The person you’re meant to be with will usually get you, better than anybody else can. We’re not saying that they’ll be able to read your mind, but after a while together, they’ll be able to anticipate your actions and reactions. They’ll know what things will make you laugh and smile, or what to avoid saying around you because it might hit a nerve. They’ll know those intimate details about you, and you won’t have to remind them again and again.

12-He Makes Her Laugh (And Laughs At Her Jokes, Too)

Laughter is much more important than most people think within a relationship. It brings people closer together and makes them actually enjoy spending time with each other (which is kind of a prerequisite for soulmates). It’s a very good sign if you’re dating someone who can always make you laugh. Laughs count for a lot, and are pretty high on our priorities list! Your soulmate won’t only be able to make you laugh, but will also flatter you by laughing at your jokes. This is the kind of relationship many soulmates have—one that’s fun, relaxed and comfortable. It should be natural, not forced.

11-They Feel Each Other’s Pain

Another sign that he’s probably your soulmate is that he takes it personally when bad things happen to you. He feels your pain as if it were his own. This indicates that he cares about you so much that he’s as emotionally invested in your life as possible, and has endless empathy for you. It also expands from his wanting the best for you. Not only should he feel sad when you’re feeling sad, but he should also be happy for you in the good times. After a certain point in the relationship, both your victories and your failures are shared between you.

10-Her Family And Friends Have A Good Feeling About Him

The opinions of your family and friends don’t count for absolutely everything, but they are definitely something to think about. In most cases, it’s not a promising sign if everyone in your life gets bad vibes from your new date. On the contrary, if you are dating someone and your family and friends all love them, it could indeed be a sign that they’re your soulmate. The people in your life who love you also want the best for you and will be able to see, perhaps without any bias, who makes you happy and who doesn’t.

9-He Texts Her To Make Sure She Got Home Safe

This is a classic sign of true love! Your soulmate won’t be worried about you to the point of being obsessive and controlling, but they will hope that wherever you are, you are happy and safe. It’s normal for soulmates to send a casual text or quickly ring after their love has traveled a long way, or walked home alone, just to get the assurance that everything is okay. It’s not a very good sign if they never text you to check in, especially if you occasionally get up to some adventurous activities. Someone who loves you wants to know you’re safe, always.

8-His Values Are The Same As Hers

When two people are meant to be together for life, they tend to have similar tastes in values and beliefs. They don’t have to agree on absolutely everything, and disagreements can actually lead to fun, light-hearted rivalries that keep things exciting. Soulmates might disagree on football teams or whether Mexican is really the best cuisine in the world, but they’ll agree on the core issues that matter. If he’s your soulmate, he’ll live his life by a similar standard to which you live yours, tolerate the same kinds of things you do and care about the issues that are important to you.

7-He Doesn’t Share What She Confides In Him

You can always trust your soulmate to keep your secrets, no matter what. This means that you don’t get the feeling that he’s going back and telling his friends the little things that are supposed to stay between you two. It all comes down to trust, which is a must where true love is concerned. Those who are destined to be together can trust each other and don’t behave in ways that make the other person lose trust in them. Part of this is him respecting your privacy and feelings, and guarding your secrets rather than revealing them behind your back.

6-He Gives Her The Last Meatball

Yes, Disney got this one right. When he’s your soulmate, he gives you the last meatball on the plate, no questions asked. Even if he’s hungry and he’s been dreaming about that saucy meatball all day, he gives it to you because he values your happiness and wants to show you how much he cares. This doesn’t just apply to meatballs, by the way. Soulmates constantly make compromises to please each other and make each other’s lives easier. They have each other’s backs and look out for each other, even if it slightly inconveniences them to do so.

5-They Can Argue Without Feeling Like They’re Going To Break Up

Disney might not have been clear about this, but don’t think for a second that soulmates don’t argue. In actual fact, all healthy couples argue, and soulmates definitely fit into that category. Soulmates argue differently from people who don’t belong together, though. The argument won’t feel like it’s leading to a breakup, no matter what words are said. When someone is your soulmate, you can’t picture your life without them. So even when you do argue, you don’t get the feeling that you’re about to break up because you know in your heart that you’re going to get through it.

4-He Forgives Her Mistakes

When soulmates have a fight, they end it with forgiveness. Nobody is perfect and all couples make mistakes. But if he is your true love, he’ll forgive you when you mess up. Keep in mind, the relationship probably isn’t that healthy if you’re walking all over him, repeating your “mistakes” without being truly sorry and taking advantage of his forgiveness. But for genuine mistakes, he’ll respond with understanding rather than judgment. This is because a soulmate hates fighting with you, and doesn’t want to lose you. Though he might be angry at first, he’ll eventually come around with forgiveness.

3-He Respects Her And Has Her Back

Another foundation on which the best relationships are built is respect. Without a doubt, a soulmate will respect you as a person. You’ll be able to tell from the way they speak to you and the way they treat you whether this is the case in your relationship or not. It’s not a good sign if there’s a constant lack of respect. Likewise, if you don’t have respect for someone, you probably don’t see them as your soulmate. A soulmate also supports you, defends you and has your back when you need someone to lean on. They’re your number one fan you can always count on.

2-He Calls Her For No Reason At All

Soulmates are drawn to each other and feel the urge to see each other even when there’s nothing to do and nothing to say. That’s why it’s a positive sign if he calls you for no reason, or sends texts just to see how your day is going. This suggests that he just wants to hear from you and involve you in his day, even though there’s no pressing reason for it. It isn’t about asking you a question or getting your help with something—it’s simply about you, and the fact that he can’t resist speaking to you.

1-She Can’t Imagine Her Life Without Him

When someone is genuinely your forever person, you won’t be able to imagine your life without them. We don’t encourage being so attached to someone else that you completely depend on them for every little thing, but a soulmate will enhance your life, help you to complete yourself and bring you an extra dosage of happiness. Because of all the positive effects they have on your life, it will be difficult to imagine losing them or living without them. If that’s the way you feel about your partner, there’s a good chance that they just might be your soulmate.

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