Opposites Attract: 24 Unusual Astro Combos That Could Actually Make It To The End.

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Opposites Attract: 24 Unusual Astro Combos That Could Actually Make It To The End.

Have you ever fallen for someone totally unexpected? Have you ever found yourself thinking about a guy who you never thought you would end up with? We often think that when it comes to dating, we all have a certain “type” that we’ll end up sticking with forever, but this could not be further from the truth. There’s a reason why the saying “opposites attract” is so popular — when it comes to falling in love, it’s often the truth! Maybe you’re quiet and introverted, but you fall for the guy who always seems to be the life of the party. Maybe you’re the one who is usually the life of the party, but one night, you notice the guy hanging out by himself and looking a bit lonely, and you feel like you have to go over and introduce yourself.

When you find yourself attracted to a guy who seems to be your total opposite, it can take you by surprise at first, but it happens more often than you would think. So many of us will end up with guys who couldn’t be more different from us! Here are 24 surprising astro sign combos who will stay together forever.

24-Scorpio Guy And Capricorn Girl: An Unexpected Match

Scorpio men seem to run on pure emotion — while Capricorn women seem to run on pure ambition. You would never expect that these two would end up falling head over heels for each other, but here’s why it actually happens. They’re attracted to qualities in the other that they don’t see in themselves.

They are seeking balance in their lives and they feel like being someone who is essentially the polar opposite of them.

And that’s why it actually works out, too — they need someone to show them another side of themselves that was undiscovered before.

23-Taurus Guy And Libra Girl: More In Common Than You Think

Taurus men always come across as so grounded, while Libra women don’t necessarily act the same way — or, at least, people don’t often notice that side of their personalities. It’s easy to assume that Libra women are not as rational or down-to-Earth as Taurus men. But the truth is that they actually do have a side of their personality that is very similar to a Taurus guy. They just need to be with someone who can really bring it out of them. These two signs do have much more in common than people seem to think at first glance.

22-Virgo Guy And Aquarius Girl: Love At First Sight

It’s so hard to pinpoint who an Aquarius girl will end up with simply because, well, she doesn’t seem to have a type. And it’s not because she’s always dating guys who seem radically different from each other — it’s because she is so rarely dating anyone at all. These women are so picky, but they prefer to see it as having high standards. They are not going to settle for anything other than true love. And when they meet a Virgo guy, they feel it the moment they look into his eyes — Virgo and Aquarius are like two peas in a pod.

21-Scorpio Guy And Virgo Girl: Who Saw It Coming?

Now, this is one match made in heaven that no one would ever expect. Aren’t Virgo women supposed to be laid back and logical, the type of women who live by their schedules and planners, while Scorpio men are more spontaneous and live by their feelings?

Deep down, a Virgo woman is seeking a guy who can break her out of that shell, while on the other hand, a Scorpio man needs a woman who can show him a different lifestyle and bring him back down to Earth.

These two just seem to need each other to be their best.

20-Virgo Guy And Pisces Girl: She Inspires Him

Yes, Virgo men tend to be Type A personalities, while you couldn’t find a woman who is more Type B than a Pisces! These girls are so chill and creative, they really just go with the flow. Now, take Virgo guys — there’s no way they could live like a Pisces woman, right? They should be taking completely opposite views on everything, but that’s not the case. Being with a Pisces woman will inspire a Virgo guy to loosen up a bit and take a more spontaneous approach to life, and he’ll explore his artistic side. At the same time, he will help his Pisces gal stay focused on her goals.

19-Libra Guy And Cancer Girl: He’ll Change For Her

Is it a bit silly to go into a relationship and simply expect that the other person will change for you? While it does happen and it’s certainly not impossible, you might be expecting too much and hoping for something that will never realistically happen.

But when it comes to a Libra guy and a Cancer girl, he really will change himself for the better when she comes into his life.

What else is there to say about this couple? She just naturally seems to bring out the best in him, and she’ll be amazed at how he changes for her.

18-Pisces Guy And Leo Girl: She Gets Him Out Of His Shell

Pisces men tend to be a bit on the quiet side and really keep to themselves. Now, everyone who has met a Leo woman knows that these girls are the exact opposite! So how on Earth will a couple like this ever work out their differences and stick it out for the long haul?

It’s simple — being with a Leo woman will encourage a Pisces guy to express himself like never before.

He will come out of his shell and drop so many limiting beliefs that he previously held. Her confidence simply inspires him to really change his entire lifestyle.

17-Capricorn Guy And Sagittarius Girl: An Adventure Awaits

A Capricorn guy who would happily work 60 hour weeks for years on end with a Sagittarius girl who would rather live out of a backpack than ever settle down? There’s no way that this combo could ever be successful, right? Actually, this assumption isn’t entirely correct.

For some reason, being with a Sagittarius woman brings out a whole new side in a Capricorn man.

He will feel like he wants to test the boundaries he has put on himself, and he will challenge himself to follow her lead. She will take him on adventures he could never have anticipated before.

16-Gemini Guy And Taurus Girl: She Keeps Him Grounded

It can be tough to imagine a Gemini man in a relationship at all. After all, aren’t they the guys who would much rather stay out partying until the sun comes up than stay in to watch a movie on a Friday night? But this can all change when a Gemini guy meets a Taurus woman.

Suddenly, he will realize that there is so much more to life than staying out late, and he will be willing to give up his old ways because of her.

He wouldn’t want to lose the bond they have for anything — he will be committed.

15-Pisces Guy And Libra Girl: They Actually Share Similar Interests

A Pisces guy and a Libra girl might seem like they have nothing in common on the surface, but remember, there is always more to a sign than what meets the eye. Both of these signs actually do share some common interests. Libra women often have a secret creative side that not just anyone gets to see.

They are actually quite artistic, but they may hold back for fear of the judgment that could occur when they put their work out there.

But Pisces men will encourage them to drop these fears and simply let their real self shine through.

14-Libra Guy And Scorpio Girl: She Will Challenge Him

A stoic, composed Libra man with a Scorpio woman doesn’t exactly sound like a perfect match. In fact, in many ways, it can sound like a recipe for disaster on the surface. But there is so much going on beneath the surface that outsiders just may not see, and the truth is that these two signs are actually perfect for each other in many ways. A Scorpio woman can teach a Libra man to be more in touch with his emotions and allow himself to explore his feelings in depth. This is a bond that can profoundly change both people.

13-Leo Guy And Capricorn Girl: A Competitive Match

You might assume that this match would be too competitive with each other to be happy together! After all, it’s very true that both Leo men and Capricorn women are highly driven individuals.

They don’t give up on their goals for anything, but being with someone who is so competitive and ambitious doesn’t discourage either of them or cause them to see each other as rivals on the road to success.

Instead, they see each other as allies, and they work as a team to encourage each other and push each other to go further than they could on their own.

12-Aquarius Guy And Gemini Girl: They’ll Have To Make Some Compromises

When it comes a match of an Aquarius guy and a Gemini girl, it’s easy to see that yes, they will have to communicate honestly and be prepared to make some real compromises. But here’s the thing, they both love each other so much that they really don’t mind at all.

Gemini women generally do feel the need to be more social and extroverted than Aquarius men, while Aquarius guys need more alone time to reflect and create than Gemini women.

But once they find that perfect balance of both in their relationship, it will be smooth sailing going forward.

11-Aries Guy And Pisces Girl: They’ll Live A Spontaneous Life

People may think that the combo of an Aries guy and a Pisces girl wouldn’t work out, simply because Pisces women are such hopeless romantics, while Aries men are much more casual about relationships.

Yes, they will have to navigate this difference, but once they have reached a compromise and begin to understand each other’s point of view, they will find that they have more in common than they thought.

They both love to travel, to read, and learn new things, to take spontaneous road trips and meet new friends — they will have so many incredible adventures together as a couple.

10-Gemini Guy And Taurus Girl: A Surprise To All Their Friends

It’s true that pretty much nobody would expect a Gemini woman, who is usually a total social butterfly, to end up with a Taurus guy, who could easily go a week without talking to anyone and still feel perfectly happy. But somehow, these two tend to make it work. Yes, their friends will all be shocked, but they don’t pay any mind to the opinions of others —after all, that’s a core trait of both of these signs. They both just do what makes them happy without worrying too much about what other people will think of their personal choices.

9-Cancer Guy And Gemini Girl: She’ll Expand His Social Circle

Cancer men tend to keep to themselves and maintain a small circle of friends, while Gemini women could text anyone in town and have a fun party set up in a matter of minutes. So how would a homebody Cancer guy work out with a social Gemini girl? Well, they will meet in the middle and change a bit for each other.

Cancer will be willing to expand his social circle and make some new friends. Gemini will be happy to stay in instead of going out sometimes.

Honestly, these two are actually the perfect match because they balance each other.

8-Leo Guy And Taurus Girl: They’ll Help Each Other Succeed

Leo men never hold back when it comes to achieving their goals, and Taurus women don’t, either. In fact, both of these signs have a tendency to adopt a single minded focus when it comes to goal setting and success.

Now, you might expect that both of them would end up being too busy for each other to invest in their relationship the same way they invest in their careers and hobbies.

But since they can encourage each other to strive for the better, they actually end up bonding over their mutual ambitious nature and becoming each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

7-Aries Guy And Virgo Girl: Not What You’d Expect

An Aries guy and a Virgo girl who actually stick it out and make it work for the long haul? There’s not a chance of that happening, right? These signs are just way too different to end up together in the end — or so you might think if you’ve never seen this combo before.

Yes, their personalities might be totally different on the surface, but that’s precisely why they work so well together.

Neither of them wants to be with someone who is exactly the same and just reflects all the same personality traits right back at them — no way!

6-Cancer Guy And Aquarius Girl: They’ll Last Forever

What do Aquarius women value more than anything else? Authenticity and honesty. That’s why it’s so hard for them to find people they really click with. They’re very selective when it comes to both friendships and relationships — they won’t spend time with just anyone. And what quality do Cancer men exhibit in a way no other sign does? You guessed it — authenticity and honesty.

Their personalities may seem very different at first glance, but these signs are both truly caring and loving.

When they meet, it can feel like love at first sight, which no doubt will shock them both.

5-Sagittarius Guy And Cancer Girl: He’ll Become A Better Man

You might expect that all a Sagittarius guy wants is one casual fling after another, while a Cancer woman would never settle for anything less than a serious, long-term relationship— there’s no way that she’s going to go for anything else, right?

Well, when a Sagittarius guy falls in love with a Cancer girl, something mysterious happens — suddenly, he feels inspired to change for her.

She is loving and kind that he doesn’t want to imagine himself with anyone but her, and although his friends might be surprised, he will happily settle down for the long haul with her.

4-Taurus Guy And Aries Girl: A Surprising Match Made In Heaven

Aries women do have a lot of goals in life, but sometimes, they lack the drive to really just go for what they want. On the other hand, Taurus men have so many dreams they want to fulfill, but they feel as though they have to be more serious and career-oriented rather than chasing impossible dreams.

These two will inspire each other to do things they never thought possible before.

An Aries woman can get a Taurus guy to change the path of his life, and a Taurus guy can get an Aries woman to focus on what she really wants.

3-Capricorn Guy And Scorpio Girl: An Emotional Rollercoaster

It is definitely hard to imagine a Capricorn guy dating a Scorpio woman. After all, could these two signs really be any more different from each other? It doesn’t make any sense that they could end up together forever — right? Well, it’s not quite that simple.

Yes, they will challenge each other in ways that they didn’t even expect in the beginning of the relationship. They will butt heads and argue. And yes, it will be quite an emotional rollercoaster at first.

But over time, they will come to love each other’s differences and appreciate how they have both changed.

2-Sagittarius Guy And Leo Girl: Wild Ups And Downs

It’s tough to think of a couple that would face more challenges and disagreements than a Sagittarius guy and a Leo girl. They have so many core differences — the question isn’t what could go wrong, the question is what could go right?

Well, the truth is that these two can accomplish some pretty amazing things together as a couple.

A Sagittarius guy can get a Leo girl to lighten up and think outside the box, and a Leo woman can encourage a Sagittarius guy to be more ambitious and driven. They will both meet some amazing new friends through each other.

1-Aquarius Guy And Sagittarius Girl: An Adorable Romance

Aquarius men and Sagittarius women actually have the most adorable connection. Sagittarius women live by their own rules, and although it might seem like their lifestyles aren’t compatible with the typical Aquarius lifestyle, that’s what Aquarius guys admire about them. They don’t change themselves just to suit other people and neither do Aquarius guys!

These two just seem to understand each other immediately on a deeper level.

They barely even need to speak to communicate what they’re feeling — it’s like they knew each other in a past life and now, they’re finally getting the chance to be together for real.

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