New Dating Trends All Singles Should Know For 2019

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March 24, 2019
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March 24, 2019
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New Dating Trends All Singles Should Know For 2019

Dating is not easy, especially in today’s digital world. However, each year it seems that the dating trends are changing, and 2019 is no exception.

According to PopSugar if you are single, there are a few new dating trends that you should know. These trends could have an impact on your dating life in the next year.

One positive thing is that singles are focusing on finding love now more than ever. The age of swiping right for a hook-up or fun dinner date is taking a backseat to love. Singles are looking for a long-term relationship that is full of meaning and genuine connection. The booty call days are so 2018.

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The next one is essential ladies; a new trend is indicating women are going to stop doing things they “should” do and do what they want when it comes to dating. Women have long felt they needed to do what is expected of them, as opposed to what they desired. It looks like 2019 is the year women say no more when it comes to who and what they want in a relationship.

Another fun trend involves adventure. The new dating scene is about to ditch the standard drinks or dinner date for something out the ordinary and more adventurous. Relationships trend expert Dr. Darcy Sterling believes that singles are now looking for dates that are fun and exciting. The good thing about this trend is it will give singles the opportunity to try something new with someone new.

Mindfulness in relationships is going to be front and center in the next year. Those who embark on a meaningful relationship will discover people are more into being open, talking about feelings and even trying couples’ therapy. The trend also means singles will take more time finding a partner to build a relationship that is mindful.

Last and the most important: kindness is key. Although this may not seem like it should be a trend it is and does need to be on the list. It is most important not only during the relationship but also if things are not working out. Instead of ghosting a person, singles will find a way to say no thank you but in a friendly positive manner. Honestly, it is about getting back to human decency instead of being mean and cowardly.

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