( MOMS ) based On ( Zodiac Signs ) !!!

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April 14, 2019
( CELEBRITY MOMS ) Based On ( Zodiac Signs ) !!!!!
April 14, 2019
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( MOMS ) based On ( Zodiac Signs ) !!!




In astrology, no sign makes a “bad” mother or a “good” mother, but whether you’re trying to better understand your own mom or predict what kind of mother you’ll be, the zodiac can help you decode the nurturing instincts of each sign. After you’ve read the traits of your Sun sign, go even more in-depth into what makes up your unique astrology with a free cosmic profile!






The Aries Mother (March 21 – April 19)

If ever there was a sign born to raise a large brood, it’s Aries! Not only is this warrior woman filled with almost boundless energy due to her sign’s Fire element, Aries is also the first sign in the zodiac — making this mom a natural leader with the instincts of a general! That means she’s good at corralling and won’t step down from a fight. Still, whether the Aries mother has one child or 12, she’ll keep her little ones in line while respecting their ability to stand on their own two feet (after all, Aries is one of the most independent signs of the zodiac.)

But Aries mamas should be careful that their fiery nature doesn’t do more harm than good with their kids: it’s easy for this sign to lose her temper when the kids are a little too single-minded and, because Aries can be impulsive, it’s not unheard of for her to lash out verbally at her kids before realizing what she’s said.








The Taurus Mother (April 20 – May 20)

Earthy, steady, and determined, the Taurus mother can introduce her children to a secure home while still encouraging them to venture out and enjoy the beauty of nature — a particular passion of this Earth sign! Outdoor activities are the Taurus mother’s way of keeping her kids grounded while she encourages them to stay focused on one goal at a time. And lucky is the overly-sensitive child who has a Bull for a mother. Not only is this one patient woman who is able to sit and sort out life’s little difficulties, she’s also stubbornly devoted to her own kids!

But the Taurus mother should beware — she can also be stubborn to a fault, making showdowns with teenage sons or daughters particularly brutal. And because Taureans love tangible pleasures like food and drink, they run the risk of overindulgence, making for some potentially “overfed” children. Bull moms need to remember: food doesn’t always equal love!








The Gemini Mother (May 21 – June 20)

A mother born under the sign of the Twins is likely to have well-informed kids. Gemini is ruled by information planet Mercury which is sure to make for some interesting chats around the dinner table! A Gemini’s kids can also be quite talkative, because this communicative sign values conversation. And because Gemini is the “androgynous” sign of the zodiac, this mother is equally adept at understanding the pressures her son or daughter is going through at every age.

But a Gemini mother has to make sure she touches down on solid ground every once in a while. This social sign will no doubt be devoted to making sure her kids are having the time of their lives, but it’s easy for her to let them run a bit wild. That’s because Gemini isn’t always good at being firm or consistent — and that famous Gemini duality can cause confusion when it comes to discipline.







The Cancer Mother (June 21 – July 22)

If you were to single out one sign as the mother hen of the zodiac, Cancer would clearly take the sash. Like her sign’s symbol, the Crab, a Cancer mother is all about home. Her attachment to it ensures she creates a warm environment for her children, and her own emotional sensitivity (a common Water sign characteristic) points to a mom who has all the time in the world to sit down at the kitchen table and help her children sort out their feelings — all while somehow managing to whip up her kids’ favorite comfort food, because Cancer is nothing if not nurturing!

A Cancer mother needs to be reminded, however, that she can’t protect her children from everything. After all, a house should be a home, not a fortress from every possible danger the world has to offer. This loving sign is well-intentioned, but often runs the risk of raising sheltered children who are either fearful or naive when they leave the nest.








The Leo Mother (July 23 – August 22)

This is the “cool mom” of the zodiac, because Leo is the most childlike sign of the zodiac! The Leo mother remembers what it was like to be young, because in her heart (and head) she still is. With her Fire element and her taste for the occasional adventure, this strong sign can plan some of the best birthday parties. Because Leo is also a generous sign, this mother’s children might feel spoiled, but are far more likely to feel like the center of their mama’s universe.

But a Leo mother should question her motivation occasionally: is she really going all-out for her kids or so she’ll look good? Leos love being in the spotlight, and though their famous sense of loyalty prevents them from neglecting their little ones, they might accidentally upstage them a bit. This mother will have to work harder to have a kid who goes his or her own way rather than feeling trapped in Mom’s shadow.







The Virgo Mother (August 23 – September 22)

Motherhood means multitasking, and the Virgo mom is all about it! Her exceptional organizational skills allow her to balance her children’s schedules, see to their needs and still schedule some family time. This also makes for an orderly (often exceptionally clean) home. Meanwhile, Virgo loves to be of service, so her kids know they can lean on her for support — whether at school or with personal issues.

But the savvy Virgo mother depends a bit too much on logic, which can sometimes make her seem cold if her kids come to her with an emotional concern. And that famous Virgo sense of perfection means her kids have some high expectations to meet … otherwise, they’ll definitely get a well-reasoned argument for how they came up short. The maiden of the zodiac needs to ease up on her kids (and herself).






The Libra Mother (September 23 – October 22)

A mom born under the sign of the Scales has spent her life trying to strike a balance, so she’ll bring her babies into a home where harmony and consistency reigns supreme. Because she has such a strong sense of fairness, she will never be punishing or overly aggressive when it comes to discipline — and of course, she’ll be sure to teach her kids how to share, do right by others and be good friends. Libran mothers are also especially affectionate, since their ruling planet, Venus, is the planet associated with love and relationships.

But sometimes the nicest people in the world have the worst-behaved kids, and that’s a huge risk for the Libra mother: she “gets” justice, but her need for balance in the household can keep her from acting the disciplinarian. If she takes care to get her kids to focus on justice the way she does, the Libra mom will have a much better chance of raising polite little ones who won’t mistake her kindness for weakness.







The Scorpio Mother (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpios are frighteningly intuitive, so a Scorpion mom will almost always be able to figure out what’s wrong with her child — even before they know it themselves! And these moms won’t shy away from discussing the big issues with their kids, because Scorpios love depth and mystery. Once the problem is acknowledged, you couldn’t ask for a better ally — Scorpio mom goes overboard on loyalty and protection when it comes to those she loves.

But Scorpio mothers do need to be careful not to make their children’s problems their own or take them too personally. Like the mama bear who defends her cub, a Scorpio parent will strike harder in the name of their children than if you had insulted her directly. And though the “stinger” in a Scorpio’s “tail” rarely lashes back on her children, when it does, there could be a couple of seriously traumatic arguments ahead between mother and child.







The Sagittarius Mother (November 22 – December 21)

The Archer of the zodiac makes one of the most fun mothers, because she keeps in mind that childhood is brief and that larger concerns (such as work and responsibility) will always be there. A Sagittarius mother is also a bit impulsive, and is likely to turn to her kids as they drive to school and ask them if they’d prefer to spend the day at the beach! At home, she keeps the mood upbeat and encourages her kids to see the best in themselves.

But a mother Sagittarius needs to keep a couple things in mind: a successful child needs both a cheerleader and a coach to keep them in line. While allowing children to become their own people is important, the Sagittarius mother needs to give herself permission to act as an adult and even play “bad cop” every once in a while.







The Capricorn Mother (December 22 – January 19)

A Capricorn mother will probably be a shining example of a working parent: this career-oriented sign probably prefers to keep her job, even while her children are young, and instead manage her time wisely to accommodate work and family. She’ll also remember her kids’ appointments, their dietary preferences and their weekend social engagements. Along the way, Capricorn mothers will remind their children to always keep challenging themselves to do bigger and better things.

While the Capricorn mother will probably not run the risk of leaving her kid waiting around after school, it’s all too easy for her to let the stresses of a heavily-planned lifestyle get to her and harden her a bit. In addition, she’ll have a hard time turning off her “office self,” so she’ll have to take care to schedule quality time with the kids — without an itinerary!






The Aquarius Mother (January 20 – February 18)

An Aquarius mother could be a hippie, small business owner, community activist, or the mayor of your community. Because she doesn’t like convention, she’ll probably prefer to teach her kids at home or enroll them in alternative schools — in short, she’s no Mrs. Cleaver! But having been born under the sign of the humanitarian, Mother Aquarius is a highly interesting individual who will raise her kids to be aware of the suffering of those around them … and to think for themselves.

Still, while kids of an Aquarius can feel free to blast punk rock or dye their hair electric blue, they may not feel so comfortable talking to their mom about more personal issues. Even though Aquarius values the good of the community, she can struggle with handling emotions on a one-on-one level. She needs to make an extra effort to show love and remind her kids she values them above anyone else.






The Pisces Mother (February 19 – March 20)

A mother born under the sign of the Fish is almost certain to raise artistic kids. She’ll be fascinated by the ways children have of expressing themselves, and will encourage them to say more, often through hands-on visual mediums like clay, paint, or drawing. That’s because Pisces is the dreamiest sign of the zodiac, and a mother with this sign will enjoy the magical journey she gets to take with her imaginative young ones! She’ll also show a lot of sympathy since Pisces is all about compassion.

But while it’s important to nurture children’s dreams and self-esteem, a Pisces mother could fall short when it comes to showing them how to take those fantasies and make them real. The kids can’t spend all day playing pretend — and their Pisces mom certainly can’t ignore other, more “real world” responsibilities like keeping appointments or what date the school year begins …








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