Moments In Your Relationships Where You’re At Your Strongest, According To Your Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

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Moments In Your Relationships Where You’re At Your Strongest, According To Your Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

In life, each person is born with certain talents and faults. This is honestly just part of life: we all have different weaknesses and strengths and that is something that should be celebrated. We bring different things to the table in different situations and that’s what makes us all unique. That being said, this isn’t just true when it comes to what we offer individually, but what we offer in a relationship. Regardless of whether the relationship in question is a romantic one or not, we all bring things to the table that are worth celebrating. However, in a romantic relationship, the things we bring to the table play a part in developing the relationship we may or may not be in for the rest of our lives.

Some of us are really great at the big moments in a relationship. Those big things are milestones, like proposals or public events like weddings and even funerals. Other people are great at those little moments that most other people won’t even know to appreciate until they’ve met you. Still, other people really shine in times of trouble and turmoil: when things get tough, they get going. Regardless, everyone has something to offer in a relationship that’s worth celebrating. Here are the moments in your relationships where you’re at your strongest, according to your gender and zodiac sign. Make sure to check out your moon sign as well for a hidden strength you might not have even known about!

24Aries Man – Any Milestone That Involves Something You Wouldn’t Talk About In Mixed Company

Aries man, you’re the type of guy who will say that you have simple wants and needs. In the dating world, you come across like the guy who’s only after one thing. To be fair, most of the time this is exactly the thing that you are after. Not that you’re a person who’s afraid of commitment or anything: in reality, all you want is a person you’re compatible with, especially in that sense. This is why your relationship strength is those parts of a relationship that is always best when they’re private. You’re good at other things too and there are definitely more things that you bring to the table, but this is your big strength.

The reason why you’re good at this is that you go out of your way to make the people you date feel comfortable, not just with you, but with themselves. You give them space and the freedom to be themselves and they, in turn, are open about what they want. That allows you to have the opportunity to give them exactly what they want, which leads to long-term chemistry in your relationships. You give people the gift of honesty, not just with you, but with themselves.

23Aries Woman – Laughing So Hard With Them That You End Up In Tears Together

Aries woman, you’re the kind of person who knows how to have fun. People who come around you often find themselves totally taken with you without meaning to be. You’re the kind of person who knows how to make a heavy situation more lighthearted without being inappropriate, meaning that you’re good at toeing the line between funny and mean. While you don’t always stick to that line all the time, the fact that you know where the line is and can stick to it if you want is a rare gift. This is why your best relationship gift is your ability to make the person you’re dating laugh like no one else. When you’re around, the person you’re dating can’t help but be happy.

It’s not that you don’t know how to be serious: if anything, your ability to make others laugh stems a lot from the fact that you know that people need that when things get a little too heavy. You’re an eager and enthusiastic person about everything and everyone you like, so people you like often get to see a side of you that’s always looking at the bright side. Some might find it a bit much, but the person who loves you for you will see you as a blessing for this quality.

22Taurus Man – Standing Up For The Other Person If You Feel Like They’re Being Walked On

Taurus man, you’re great at standing your ground and stepping up when it really matters. Sure, your sign has a bit of a reputation for being a bit lazy, but you’re very much like the bull your sign represents: once something catches your eye you’ll stay on it until it’s within your grasp and you’ve got what you want. You’re the type of person who has no problem being romantic, but you have to do it on your terms: if you feel like you’re being rushed, you’re not really about it. That being said, you’re also the type who will really step up for someone you care about and make sure they’re being treated well, even if you haven’t been upfront about how you feel just yet. This is why your greatest relationship strength is your resolve to stand up for your partner.

If your partner is in a situation where they’re being mistreated by their friends or even their family, you will not hesitate to tell them exactly why they’re wrong and why they need to treat your partner better. You’re the type of person who has no problem cutting someone off who doesn’t give your partner the proper respect they deserve. While many people do this regardless of their zodiac sign, this is kind of your wheelhouse when it comes to a strength that can be attributed to your sign and yours alone.

21Taurus Woman – Keeping The Household Together In Your First Apartment

Taurus woman, you’re kind of the quintessential girl. This doesn’t mean that you’re all about feminine gender roles or anything, it just means that when people think about what they want in a woman, they’re describing you more often than not. You’re great at looking put together and being practical, and you’re also the kind of person who’s pretty great at supporting others when they’re feeling down or when they really just need a friend. You’re also gorgeous in an effortless way that other women often aspire to, so there’s also that. Your biggest relationship strength doesn’t really come into play until the relationship has been going on for awhile. You’re a great girlfriend at the beginning, but you really shine when things get serious.

Your greatest strength is being a support at your home base and keeping things together even when they feel like they’re falling apart. When you take the next step with your partner, you’re probably the one who remembers those vital things that others often forget and you make it a point to make sure things are going smoothly. You’re a nurturing kind of person, but you’re also firm and unyielding when it counts, so you’re not going to be swayed by just anything. If something has got to be done, it will get done.

20Gemini Man – First Date Conversations And Keeping That Level Of Interest Throughout The Relationship

Gemini man, you’re a unique kind of guy because unlike most men who might have some issues with communication and being upfront about their thoughts and feelings because they don’t know how to articulate those thoughts, you’re the kind of guy who’s so great with their words that you might be the one who’s the better communicator. You’re a quick-witted person who genuinely always has a response to any situation, whether it’s a deeply thoughtful and emotional response or just a smart-alecky remark. This is why you’re really great at making those first connections that allow for the development of a meaningful relationship. More importantly, you’re the kind of guy who can keep up that level of connection for the duration of the relationship.

Your greatest strength in a relationship is your ability to start conversations. You make it a point to have a genuine interest in what the people around you have to say: after all, if you don’t like talking to them you’re not going to want to date them. This is often best shown on a first date. Even if you had some trouble getting your partner to go out on the date with you at first when you guys get to talking your partner probably couldn’t help but love you because of how attentive you are. You’re the kind of conversationalist who makes it a point to listen rather than just waiting for their turn to speak.

19Gemini Woman – The Social Media Milestones and Talking About The Relationship To Others

As a Gemini woman, you’re also a great conversationalist who’s great at making connections. However, your greatest strength as a communicator isn’t really your ability to talk to people one on one. If anything, you might find yourself feeling a little awkward around someone you like when you’re in a one on one situation with them. Rather, you’re the person who’s good at communicating with the world. Out of everyone you know, you’re the social media master: you understand how social media works and how you can make it work for you. You often adapt to different social situations and the same is true of social media: you’re a master of putting up the image you want the world to see. Even if you feel like you’re not all that put together, you’re good at making things look great in 140 characters or less.

Your greatest relationship strength is taking the relationship public and being a couple online. You know how to toe the line between being an adorable couple online and being absolutely sickening and annoying to those who follow you. Anything that involves taking the relationship public or having to navigate a big milestone around other people is where you shine the most.

18Cancer Man – The Serious Conversations About Where The Relationship Is Going And The State Of It In General

As a Cancer man, you’re way more in touch with your emotions than the average guy. If nothing else, you’re far more willing to express yourself as an emotional being than the average guy. You can be just as fun and carefree as anyone else, but when it comes to relationships, this isn’t really where you shine. You’re a person who really comes into their own when you’re in a position to be open and honest with another person emotionally. This is why you’re strongest in your relationship during times when things are getting really serious. Unlike a lot of other guys, you, Cancer man, are the type of guy who needs to know where something is going in order for you to retain an interest in the person you’re dealing with. If you feel like you’re being played with, you’re not really going to stick around.

On top of that, Cancer man, you’re good at the conversations that involve talking about the state of the relationship in general. You have no problem voicing concerns about what’s going on in a relationship and trying to fix problems before they really become relationship-enders. You out of everyone understand how resentment and a lack of forgiveness can eat away at a person, so when you’re dealing with a person, you make sure that your partner never feels like they need to hold in how they’re feeling for whatever reason.

17Cancer Woman – Navigating The First Fight With Empathy

Cancer woman, you’re the type of woman who is equal parts nurturing and savage. You’re just as passionate as you are peaceful, to the point where people who don’t really understand you might actually call you moody or something to that effect. In reality, however, you’re just a woman who has no problem being emotional. Some women feel some type of way if confronted with their emotions, but you feel like your emotions are a part of you and there’s no reason to ever deny them. If you’re feeling sad or angry, you’ll show that to the world even if you don’t say that. You’re a person who’s very sensitive to what other people want and need and can probably articulate that better than they can.

Your biggest relationship strength is your empathy. Because you’re such a kind, empathetic person, it’s only natural for you to see the other side of an argument or a fight, so you’re not really the type to dig in your heels and make someone see your point of view. Rather, you believe that there’s a common truth everyone can get to if people just listen to each other. When you get into a fight with your partner, you make sure you give them the space to be heard and listened to before you jump in to speak.

16Leo Man – Saying “I Love You” When The Other Person Needs It Most

Leo man, you’re the kind of guy who everyone can see coming. You’re kind of an inspiration without meaning to be and honestly, you’re kind of a total chick magnet. Guys tend to want to be you and girls tend to want to be with you, and that’s honestly because you carry yourself with a lot of charisma, even poise. To be fair, poise might not be the best word because you’re not really the type to care about how you’re perceived by other people: people just tend to perceive you well without you needing to try. That being said, you’re not just a guy who likes to soak up all the attention without giving other people the credit they’re due. If anything, you’re extremely generous with your time and skills and if someone needs you, you’re going to be there.

Your best relationship strength is your ability to go all in with a relationship when you truly decide to. When you love someone, you’ll say so, and you’re the type who has no problem punctuating your feelings with a grand gesture. You’re a bit stubborn in your own way because it shows itself with the way you treat others. Very little will come between you and the people you care about: when you fall in love, you do so hard, fast, and deeply. You don’t believe in half measures, and when the time comes to say those three game-changing words, you’ll do that right when your partner needs it most.

15Leo Woman -Navigating Important Dinner Parties And Functions Together

Leo woman, you’re a person who knows how to sell yourself and your image. You know what you can do and what others can do and you have no problem playing the role that needs playing so you can get things done when you need them to. You’re a passionate person who loves to laugh and always has a smile ready, sometimes even when you don’t feel much like smiling. Like some other women of the zodiac, you’re pretty good at navigating the public side of the relationship, but unlike those women, your greatest strength isn’t your ability to consolidate your online presence. Rather, your greatest relationship strength is your ability to handle public situations where you have to show yourself in person.

If you and your partner need to navigate the dinner where both of your families meet each other, you really shine there. You know how to get people to connect with each other, or at least how to facilitate that connection. You also know how to put your best face out there, so you’re not really the type to stumble on the first impression in front of the in-laws. On the flip-side, you’re also pretty good at playing up your partner’s best qualities and making them look awesome in front of your family as well. You’re also a person who tends to shine in situations where you have to be your best at a public function regardless of what that function is.

14Virgo Man – When There’s An Unplanned Emergency And You’re There With The Plan

Virgo man, you’re the type of guy who likes to have a plan. If anything, I’d go so far as to say that you kind of need a plan to be able to navigate the world. However, unlike other men who need to be recognized for this ability, you really don’t care about that. If anything, you’d actually prefer that others didn’t realize how much you get involved with things when situations go wrong because you’re very much a person who needs there to be an absence of drama in your life. You have a lot of relationship strengths, but generally, your biggest strength is any situation where things are going wrong and you and your partner need to come up with a game plan.

In all seriousness, you’re the type of guy who has contingency plans for his contingency plans and is almost never caught unprepared. Sure, you may have a little trouble improvising when the going gets tough, but with the way you tend to prepare for things, you really don’t need to improvise after all. You watch people and situations carefully before making decisions and love to help others, so you might sometimes fall prey to falling for people who tend to be more like projects than like equals. However, when you find the partner who can both benefit from your planning abilities and holds their own without needing you to step in, you get to really shine as a boyfriend or husband.

13Virgo Woman – When They Need The Hard Truth And You’re There Saying What Needs To Be Said

Virgo woman, you’re not really the type to mince words with anyone. You’re very good at being tactful if that’s what the other person needs, but to be honest, you just don’t see the point in coddling people. Some people might see you as too overly harsh, but the people who know you well and have benefited from your superhuman powers of discernment know that you say things the way you do so the point can land in a way that others can’t ignore, This is why your best relationship moments come from those times where you can tell someone the hard truth. You’re a perfectionist in life and don’t like to be caught in messy situations, so if you see your partner about to jump into something that could cause trouble for you both, you’re there to tell it like it is.

You might find that you have a little trouble starting up something new with someone that you didn’t get to build a friendship with first because the other person finds themselves feeling some type of way about something you said. You might be tempted to try and downplay this ability to cut to the heart of a situation in order to make yourself seem more agreeable, but don’t. The people who are worth keeping around will love you because of this and find that you’re one of the wisest women that they will ever come to know.

12Libra Man – When They Need To Weigh Their Options And They Know You’re The Guy For That

Libra man, you’re the kind of guy who others might see as having achieved true enlightenment. Not that you tend to go around flaunting your wisdom for others to see in a way that makes you look like a bragger, though: you just give off that aura and that’s a big reason why some people fall for you and see you as relationship material. To be honest, the reason why people tend to see you as wise and intelligent is that you are wise and intelligent. More than that, though, you’re a deeply moral person who doesn’t really compromise on his principles. That being said, though, you are the type of person who finds it hard to make a decision when those hard-won values aren’t being tested.

This is why your biggest relationship strength is any situation where your partner needs to make a big decision. You’re good at playing devil’s advocate and seeing the other side of a situation, which can give your partner an added perspective that they weren’t seeing beforehand. Your romantic partners might get a little frustrated with you when you’re making small decisions, like deciding where to eat tonight or what to wear tomorrow. However, when they’re faced with a life-altering, game-changing decision, they’ll look to you and be so thankful that they have you.

11Libra Woman – Any Situation Where You Get To Look Really Nice Together

Libra woman, you’re the type of girl who doesn’t wear your heart on your sleeve. Rather, you tend to wear your mind on your sleeve. You’re a deeply charismatic woman who captures attention wherever she goes., Chances are, you have no shortage of admirers from all walks of life because your appeal and charm is a little universal! You’re honestly a walking contradiction when you want to be: both rational and emotional, both cautious and impulsive. You’re definitely the kind of woman that others can see themselves spending the rest of their lives with. Your best relationship strength, believe it or not, ties right into that. You tend to shine the most in your relationship in situations where you and your partner get to look really nice together.

Sure, this can include situations with your respective families, but it also includes situations where you and your partner go out and have to be at your best. Think situations where you’re dealing with your jobs or with meeting new friends. You’re also great in situations where you and your partner need to communicate with each other in a way that only the two of you can understand. Your particular sense of empathy allows you to make connections with your partner that only you can have with them, allowing the two of you to bring out the best in each other.

10Scorpio Man – Being Able To See Something Unhealthy For What It Is And Not Beat Around The Bush About It

Scorpio man, you’re kind of an enigma, not because that’s in your personality per se, but because you want to be. You might be the kind of guy who really yearns to be open with people and upfront about your feelings, but there’s this part of you that wants to be mysterious and a bit of a closed book so that’s what people tend to see. There are a lot of reasons why you might do this: you might be afraid of getting hurt or you see the value in keeping your cards close to your chest. Another reason why you might do this is that you’re curious about other people and prefer to observe to see what’s really going on with them. You want to be able to see the truth in a person or a situation to see if it’s something you really need to be dealing with.

Your personal relationship strength is your ability to see something that’s unhealthy or just feels wrong and calls it out for what it is. This is why you’re often one of the guys who’s able to pinpoint unhealthy behavior in yourself and in others and work to fix the relationship before things get really bad. Whether you actually take your own advice and work to fix your relationship is basically up to you, but no matter what you choose to do with the situation, chances are you know what to do to make things right. You’re the kind of man who responds to loyalty and because of that, you refuse to deal with people who don’t show you that.

9Scorpio Woman – Whenever Something Needs To Be Fixed, Whether Physically Or Otherwise

Scorpio woman, you’re the kind of girl who is way more charismatic and charming than you know. You might see yourself as a bit of a wallflower at times because of your penchant for closing yourself off from others until you feel safe with them, but honestly, when people look at you they see this super-woman type of person. You’re the kind of woman that others often come to for advice because you’re the type who believes in focusing on what’s really important. When people talk to you, they realize how important it is to sort out priorities. This is why your greatest relationship strength is your ability to fix things. This applies to all kinds of repair as well.

You’re way more patient than you give yourself credit for, so out of all of the women of the zodiac, you’re the one who finds it easiest to deal with a needlessly complicated project like building IKEA furniture or calculating taxes for whatever reasons. You’re definitely the woman in your group who’s tasked with splitting the restaurant bill because of your level of patience. Emotionally, you’re the woman who can comfort your partner when they’re feeling low or helpless because you’ve made it a point to know them better than anyone else in your life. You know if your partner needs a kick in the pants or just a hug and an ear. You often feel a bit adrift at times, but to your partner, you’re their rock.

8Sagittarius Man – Pulling Fun, Lighthearted Pranks On Each Other In Good Spirits

Sagittarius man, you’re the type of person who doesn’t really have a problem going with the flow. It’s actually pretty hard to pin you down into a closed relationship because you’re the type of guy who refuses to settle, so you end up looking continuously for “the one” without ever really settling on one person. It’s either that or you genuinely don’t believe that “the one” is really out there so you’d rather date around rather than settling down. That being said, no matter what kind of Sagittarian you are, once you find someone you feel like is worth settling down with, you’re stuck on them forever. The person who’d probably jump out at you is the person who knows how to laugh, which allows you to really come into your own in a closed relationship.

Your greatest relationship strength is your ability to make your partner laugh. Your sense of humor might be crazy to those around you, but to your partner, you’re the funniest man alive. You’re kind of a prankster at heart, so you’re always going out of your way to make your partner laugh. You might be the type to dislike PDA, but when you’re with your partner and joking around with them, people might actually see you guys as being sickeningly sweet because of how into your partner you get when you do it. It’s totally endearing and a great example of how you and your partner connect with each other.

7Sagittarius Woman – Leading The Way On The First Spontaneous Road Trip

Sagittarius woman, you’re the type of girl who’s curious about everything and wants to learn as much as she can. You’re just not the type to learn things in a classroom. You’re more street-smart than most, preferring to do things hands-on rather than read or study those things. You want to discover what life is all about, and nothing is really taboo for you. This makes you a wonderful person to be in a relationship with because you have no desire to judge anyone for what they like, dislike, or anything else. Basically, you’re the last person in the world to ever yuck anyone’s yum. Your biggest relationship strength lies in your spontaneity: you’re great at taking charge of any situation where there is no set plan.

One example of this is if you and your partner ever go on a trip with no real schedule or itinerary. You’re great at picking things to do on the fly and expanding your horizons without stepping on your partner’s limits or going too far outside their comfort zone. You’re also a great person to have on a road trip because you know how to keep the conversation going. If you and your partner end up in a random place where you don’t know anyone, you’re great at introducing yourself to new people and making friends on the fly. You understand that we only really truly live once, but that life isn’t really short, it’s very long, so you have all the time in the world to do the things you want.

6Capricorn Man – Any Sort Of Career Or Life Trajectory Change Decision Needs Making

Capricorn man, you’re the type of guy who tends to always have his nose to the grindstone. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to have fun. If anything, you’re actually pretty great at cutting loose and relaxing because the freedom to do that is actually what you’re working towards all the time. You have no problem treading the beaten path others have walked before you if it means that you’re allowed the freedom to do whatever you want as a reward for your hard work. Out of all of the men of the zodiac, you’re the one who is the most ambitious by far, and you tend to take that drive into your relationships. This is why your greatest relationship strength comes out in situations where big decisions need making.

You’re really great at seeing the potential in other people, but you’re really not the type to turn people into projects the way other people of other signs might. If your partner is dealing with a major decision that could set them on a different path, you’re great at being supportive and even opening up emotionally to try and help them come to the decision that’s right for them. You’re a great person to have around because you keep the people around you motivated. Some people see you as an inspiration and want to emulate your behavior, while others are trying to beat you at your own game and surpass you. You don’t care either way though, because how other people feel doesn’t really affect you or your relationship.

5Capricorn Woman – Moments Where You Need To Plan Ahead For The Future, Like A Wedding

Capricorn woman, you’re the type of woman who’s way tougher than others give her credit for. Thankfully, the people in your life definitely already know that. You’re a person who never lets anything stand between you and what you want, so when you want something, you make a plan to get it and then set out to achieve every step of that plan. You might not be the leader of every group you’re a part of, but people definitely tend to see you as the woman behind the leader, the one who actually gets things done. You don’t care too much about being recognized for your efforts as long as your efforts are going somewhere. This is why your biggest relationship strength is your ability to make plans and carry them out.

Sure, this can mean small things, but more than likely, your relationship strength comes out the most when you need to plan ahead for the future. Do you and your partner need to save up for a vacation? That’s where you shine: you’re the one to create a budget that works for the both of you and actually set out to plan that vacation and still have money in the bank by the end of it. Are you and your partner getting married? That’s where you’ll shine as well: planning a wedding will be easy for you because of your ability to get things done. Regardless, some men might find themselves intimidated by you, but the right one will appreciate you for everything you bring to the table.

4Aquarius Man – Introducing Your Significant Other To New Things Of All Sorts

Aquarius man, you’re the type who can come off as really detached, but when you really make a connection with someone, you’re basically all about that relationship for as long as the other person will have you. You’re an independent, free thinker with an intelligent way of going about things. You’re the type of guy that some girls might see as way too weird for them, but for the right girl, you’re a breath of fresh air. You’re also the type of guy who’s into things that most girls don’t even think of as things they’d want to try. You’ve probably got a weird hobby that you don’t share with people much because they don’t really get it. You biggest relationship strength is showing your people new things.

This ability of yours doesn’t even just translate into your romantic relationships. Chances are you’re the guy in your group of friends who introduced them all to at least one hobby of yours. They probably like it so much that they don’t even remember that you’re the one who introduced them to it! Honestly, I can speak for this really well: I’m currently dating an Aquarius guy who not only introduced me to a hobby I never thought I’d get into, he got all of his friends into that hobby as well. It ended up being that all of us got so obsessed with this hobby that my Aquarius guy actually got a little sick of it himself. This is the power of the Aquarius man and his ability to broaden people’s horizons.

3Aquarius Woman – Any Moment Where The Other Person Needs To Dare To Be Weird

Aquarius woman, I probably understand you the most just because I am also an Aquarius woman. You’re the type of woman that people either think is too weird to deal with or the type that people get obsessed with. People never really feel neutral about you and that can get kind of annoying when you’re dealing with people because you don’t really see yourself as a loud or extreme personality. You just think a little differently, that’s all. You’re the type of girl who tends to not see things that other women of other zodiac signs might, but you’re also the girl who sees things those women could never dream of. Your mind just works a little differently from everyone else’s and that’s what gives you the strength and peace of mind to embrace your weirdness.

Your biggest relationship strength comes out at times when you and your partner can be super weird together. You might not be the most emotionally available person in the traditional way so you tend to connect with people in ways that other people might not get. You’re an extremely loyal person but you show that loyalty differently than other people do. You’re loyal to everything you like, whether it’s people or your favorite brand of ice cream. People who date you never question your loyalty because you show it all the time. You’re also the type of woman to be really optimistic about the world and about people, offering the people around you a new perspective.

2Pisces Man – The Romantic Parts Of A Relationship Where You Get To Show Your Sweet Side

Pisces man, you’re the kind of guy who is a little bit of a contradiction. You don’t mean to be, it’s just who you are sometimes. You’re a lot more emotional than some other guys in the zodiac, but you’re also the kind of guy who tends to show his emotions through action over telling someone how you feel or having some kind of emotional reaction. If you want to show someone how you feel, you’ll work on preparing a romantic surprise for them that’s bound to get them to fall for you. This is because you understand what people want in a relationship more naturally than most men. You know that people want to be romanced, and you like to do the romancing, so everybody wins. Your greatest relationship strength is this ability, so when you’re dating someone, you use it often.

Your partners tend to be the people who love romantic gestures and can go with the flow of your emotions. You’re a guy who comes off as deeply relaxed and carefree, but bubbling under the surface is a man who thinks and feels very deeply while pretending that he doesn’t. You’re also not the type to give up your secrets so easily, even if it’s speaking your feelings for someone out loud. You’d rather not use words and use actions to show how you feel. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to people not really getting what you mean and moving on before you’ve gotten up your nerve to tell your sweet side rather than just show it.

1Pisces Woman – The Moments Where You And The Other Person Need To Defend The Relationship

Pisces woman, you’re the kind of woman that people tend to see as extremely emotional, but honestly, you can be anything but. Your personality lets the zodiac as a whole come full circle because you have lots of qualities that you share with the other eleven zodiac signs. You’re not really the type to keep secrets purposefully, but you do give off a certain mysterious aura. You’re always the girl who’s underestimated or even put on a pedestal as being this gentle, sweet girl that admirers want to come to the defense of. However, people who know you will often realize that you’re the one that people sometimes need protection from. Your greatest relationship strength is one that allows you to use your empathy and your savage nature.

You’re great at defending your relationship in situations where people are bringing you and your partner down. This can sometimes backfire on you if you’re in a bad relationship with someone who doesn’t treat you well, but if you’re a person in a relationship that benefits both you and your partner, this ability is a blessing. You can see the best in people who can’t even see the best in themselves, and you often find people who are diamonds among cubic zirconias in the most random and unlikely of places. It just shows what a good heart you have!

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