Moments In Our Relationships When We’re At Our Weakest, Based On Astrology (His & Hers)

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February 28, 2019
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Moments In Our Relationships When We’re At Our Weakest, Based On Astrology (His & Hers)



Even in the very best relationships, there are moments that can be a little bit tricky to get through. Most of the time, these are necessary hurdles to a stronger bond that will be everlasting, so no matter how tough they are for you, you have to find a way to survive them if you want your happily ever after.

Since we are all different, typical relationship moments will be different experiences for everyone. What some people despise more than anything else in a relationship—say, meeting the parents or surviving the first date, for example—others will actually enjoy. And likewise, those moments that some people genuinely like, such as celebrating anniversaries and moving in together for the very first time, will cause other people a whole lot of stress and anxiety.

What you struggle with the most in a relationship can have a lot to do with your zodiac sign. Because each sign is said to have a distinct personality with its own likes and dislikes and quirks, it only makes sense that each sign is going to have a harder time with some relationship moments than with others. Keep reading to find out what you or your partner might find the hardest in a relationship!

24Aries Woman: Staying Cool On The First Vacation

Getting to vacation together is one of the most exciting perks of a relationship. Having someone to share a beautiful location and a new adventure with is certainly a blessing, and the Aries woman knows that. She’s always excited at the idea of traveling with her partner, but when push comes to shove, things can get a little tense.

The Aries woman has a lot of positive qualities which make her a fantastic partner. She’s loyal and fun and will help those around her to come out of their comfort zones and be better people. The only issue is she can be insensitive at times and has no problem telling other people what she really thinks. This sort of outgoing personality can be a lot to deal with when you’re stuck in a shoebox-sized hotel room.

And in the same way that Aries annoys other signs on vacation, she can get annoyed by anybody who cramps her style, tries to tell her what to do, or challenges her. That sort of thing is bound to happen on vacation, and Aries can have some problems keeping a lid on her temper when it does. She’ll have a lot of fun on the first vacation together, but it will also be tricky to not scare her partner off if she does lose her cool.

23Aries Man: Trying To Keep Every Thought To Yourself

Both the men and women of the Aries sign are great talkers and always like to express themselves. While you never have to worry about this sign keeping things from you, the opposite problem can occur: this sign has a habit of saying each little thing that pops into their head, whether it’s a good idea to mention it or not. The result of this is a ton of hurt feelings and awkward moments.

When it comes to being in a relationship, the Aries man has to learn to try and monitor the thoughts in his head and set up something like a filter between his brain and his mouth. That way, he won’t unnecessarily upset his partner. This is challenging for any outgoing personality and can be super challenging for the Aries man.

It feels unnatural for him to keep things bottled up, as he believes in being honest. But the relationship probably won’t work if he airs every single thought he has, so he has to learn how to censor what he says sooner or later. It will be tough, but it’s totally possible. And there will be a lot less tension once he gets used to zipping the lip.

22Taurus Woman: Giving Your Partner Breathing Room When They Need It

No relationship will work if one partner insists on smothering the other. When it comes to the Taurus woman, she has a tendency to get quite attached to her lover, and if she’s not careful, she can end up being clingy and overwhelming them with her love and affection. At some point in the relationship, she has to learn how to give them breathing room, but this is easier said than done.

Loyalty is really the basis of the Taurus woman’s clinginess. She believes in always being loyal to her partner, and wants to always be there when they need her. After all, they don’t call her the most reliable sign in the zodiac for nothing! The only problem is she can sometimes get carried away with this and end up being too available, if you catch our drift.

But if Taurus can learn to give her partner breathing room, she makes an excellent partner. As long as it doesn’t cross over into clingy territory, her loyalty and reliability are qualities to cherish. She’s agreeable most of the time and is a pleasure to introduce to family and friends, and is overall an easy sign to get along with and fall in love with.

21Taurus Man: Agreeing To Disagree

Like the Taurus woman, the Taurus man is agreeable, sociable and friendly. He doesn’t like to create unnecessary drama, which means that he’s mostly a breeze to spend time with. Some personalities are just stressful to be around, but this sign tends to make your life easier just by being themselves. The downside to the Taurus man is that he likes to be right, and he has a hard time accepting the fact that there are other opinions besides his own.

Being stubborn is said to be the hallmark sign of the Taurus man, and that’s no lie. When it comes to fighting and arguing, he usually won’t give in until the other person admits that he is right, or until he gets an apology. You probably have a higher chance of spotting a shooting star than you do of catching the Taurus man admitting that he’s wrong.

Sometimes, nobody is wrong and both parties just have to agree to disagree in the interest of civility, but the Taurus man can struggle with this too. Agreeing to disagree basically acknowledges that there are other valid opinions besides his own, and he doesn’t like to go down that road unless he absolutely has to.

20Gemini Woman: Keeping It Together On Your Anniversary

An anniversary is usually a happy occasion. It pays tribute to the first day you met or the first day you started going out, or some other important date, and is a reason to celebrate. The Gemini woman doesn’t despise her anniversary, but because of her personality, it can bring up some emotional issues for her. And as a result, it can be tricky for her to get through.

Once she falls in love and finds someone who makes her happy, the Gemini woman loves to be in a relationship. There are so many parts of dating that she loves, including traveling together, trying out new foods together, meeting new people together and forming a whole new life with each other. What she doesn’t love is the commitment side of things. Though she might be happy committing to the love of her life, the actual concept of being monogamous and totally dedicated to one person for the rest of her life can be a little scary for someone who likes to blow around with the wind.

Her anniversary reminds her that she’s in a long-term relationship and she’s giving up on a lot of new opportunities. But to get through it, she has to remember all the wonderful things she’s getting in return.

19Gemini Man: Getting Engaged

Like an anniversary, getting engaged is supposed to be a happy time. Two lovers agreeing to commit to each other for life and tie the knot is a huge deal, and when many people come to that point in their lives, they usually can’t contain their excitement. The Gemini man is excited at this time, pretty much because he’s excited at just about everything, but it also terrifies him.

He’s the same as the Gemini woman in that he just doesn’t like the idea of settling down and committing. It’s different once he meets someone and falls in love and actually wants to spend the rest of his life with them, but the overall idea of settling down into marriage can majorly scare him. Even if it was his idea to propose, he can still struggle with the decision in the following months, when it all starts to sink in.

There are a lot of fun elements to an engagement, like wedding planning and the engagement party and the bachelor party, and each of these will cause him a small amount of anxiety. But that doesn’t mean he won’t have fun—the Gemini man can enjoy himself just about anywhere. It will just be overwhelming for him if he overthinks it too much!

18Cancer Woman: Handling The First Big Fight

Nobody likes the first fight. But as much as you try to avoid it, that day comes for all couples sooner or later. You disagree about something and then someone says something they shouldn’t in the heat of the moment and before you know it, things are awkward. If relationships are meant to be, they’ll withstand the first fight. And most people can manage to get over it without being too shaken up. But the Cancer woman is not one of those people. She hates the first fight more than any other sign and finds it hard to come back from.

The Cancer woman tends to cherish her relationship and her partner because romance and love are usually the most important parts of her life (before children come along!). So when she feels that those things are threatened, she takes it seriously. Some people might see a fight as a relationship hurdle that doesn’t really mean anything, but the Cancer woman is likely to believe that it’s a little more serious than that. She’s very sensitive, so being yelled at or challenged by the person she loves is hugely overwhelming to her. And once she makes up with her partner, it can still take her a while to get completely comfortable again.

17Cancer Man: Surviving First-Date Nerves

The first date is a stressful situation for just about everyone, and it’s a totally normal time to feel nervous. After all, the date might end up being a total flop, things could be uncomfortable and embarrassing, and you could go home more miserable than before you left. At the same time, it could be the one night that changes your life forever. With such high stakes, it’s only natural that people attending their first date are going to be a little nervy. But while most people can deal with these nerves and carry on with their date, the Cancer man struggles not to let his nerves get the best of him.

Being a super sensitive sign, the Cancer man is prone to nerves and stress. He takes everything to heart and spends a lot more time worrying about things than other signs. When it’s time for the first date, especially if he’s particularly interested in someone, it’s possible that he’ll get so nervous that he’ll give away his feelings. He might shake or get so nervous that he even cancels the date a few times. Once he gets over this Everest-like obstacle (in his mind), he’ll be able to enjoy all the sugary parts of the relationship that he loves.

16Leo Woman: Using The Pronoun “We”

Many couples take delight in using the pronoun “we”. It reinforces that you are part of a united team instead of someone who stands alone, and that comes with a lot of benefits. Constantly saying “we” instead of “I” lets everyone know that you’re not alone and that someone loves you and has your back. Though it’s subtle, this is something that makes a lot of people feel good about themselves and their relationships, but the Leo woman tends to struggle with it a bit.

Why? Unlike other signs, the Leo woman doesn’t view being alone as a negative thing. Actually, she takes pride in being independent and relying on herself. What’s more, she can feel smothered when a relationship becomes too full on and starts to trespass on too many areas of her life.

This sign has a lot of love to give and loves being in a relationship, but she also likes to maintain her own identity. She’s confident and proud of herself, don’t forget, and can feel unsettled when she has to merge with somebody else and lose some of herself in the process. The first time her partner says “we”, she could get just a little freaked out.

15Leo Man: Enjoying Quiet Nights In

For the Leo man, his weakest relationship moment comes at the stage of the dating journey when the glamour starts to die down. Even if you’re Beyoncé and Jay-Z, you eventually get to the point in the relationship where the fancy dates slow down and instead you find yourselves chilling out at home. Some people actually can’t wait to get to this stage where they can just see their partner in their pajamas and eat cookies together, but other people miss going out and enjoying an active social life together. The Leo man is one of the latter.

This man loves parties, and even when he is in a serious relationship, he just loves to meet new people. He feels that life is there to be lived, and when he has to stay inside, he can really feel like he’s missing out on the fun. He also likes to get closer to his partner and can enjoy quiet time in, watching a movie together, but it can stress him out if he feels like all the fun has been sucked out of the relationship.

More quiet nights in doesn’t have to mean that all the fun is gone, though. Whoever dates a Leo guy just has to remember that every now and then, he needs a big night out on the town with his partner by his side too.

14Virgo Woman: Meeting The Family

One of the most daunting aspects of a relationship is having to meet the family. The opinions of their parents and siblings mean a lot to many people, so there can actually be a lot at stake when you finally take that step. Even if the relationship is going along really well, if your partner takes you home and their family doesn’t approve of you, it could all be over. And even if it’s not, you could still be in for awkward moments and tension.

The Virgo woman hates meeting the family more than anybody else in the zodiac. She tends to be the biggest stress-ball of the zodiac and will overthink this moment more than others will. She’ll spend the weeks before worrying about not being impressive enough, even though she has a lot to offer, and by the time it’s actually time to meet the parents, she’ll be so tightly wound up that she’ll come across even more uptight than usual.

In most cases, the Virgo woman cares about what those around her think, so she really wants it to go well with her partner’s family. Some signs might not care as much, and be more confident being themselves, but Virgo is far too self-critical for that.

13Virgo Man: Meeting The Friends

While the Virgo woman really struggles with meeting the family of her partner, the Virgo man tends to get more stressed when it’s time to meet the friends. In the same way that the opinions of their families can be crucial to some people, the approval of their friends can be just as important. Some people won’t date those that their friends aren’t impressed with, so there can be a lot at stake for the Virgo man here too.

Friends are an important part of life, and the Virgo man is usually conscious of driving a wedge between his partner and their friends. That’s the main reason why he gets really stressed about the first meeting—if they don’t like him, he could be getting dumped. And if his partner doesn’t care that much about what their friends think, then the Virgo man feels like he’s causing tension and creating that wedge he was trying to avoid.

Like the Virgo woman, the Virgo man is hypercritical of himself and a perfectionist at the best of times, so it’s normal for him to think that he’s not good enough to impress others. Ironically enough, Virgo tends to have some of the most impressive qualities in the zodiac.

12Libra Woman: Hanging Around When The Romance Wears Off

The first part of a relationship is usually referred to by experts as the honeymoon phase, and this is the period which the Libra woman loves the most. This is filled with romantic dates, public displays of affection, compliments, and gifts and everything else that you see in the movies. This is also the period which tends to be full of passion and is the most exciting phase of the relationship. Butterflies fly freely in your stomach during the honeymoon phase, which can be an enchanting feeling.

After this phase, relationships tend to move into a period where there’s a lot less romance and passion, and the focus is instead on a strong bond and intimate connection. This next phase is more about thinking of your partner as a member of your family rather than someone you just can’t wait to hug when you see them. And the Libra woman can struggle when it’s time for this second phase to begin.

The Libra woman loves romance and can get a little sad when she sees less of it in her own relationship. But getting past the honeymoon period is actually a good thing since it’s a sign of two people getting even closer.

11Libra Man: Standing Your Ground When You Just Want To Please Your Partner

Of all the signs, Libra is one of the easiest to be in a relationship with. Not only is this sign agreeable and patient, but they also hold relationships in high regard because they’re in love with the idea of being in love. So when you date a Libra, you’re usually with someone who understands and accepts you, who is easy to get along with, and who will do anything to keep the relationship strong. Win-win-win!

Although that’s all true, nobody is perfect. The Libra man usually wants nothing more than to please his partner, but too much sucking up to your partner isn’t a good thing for anybody. This can put the Libra man in the role of a doormat and can inflate the ego of his lover a little too much. It’s not a good dynamic to have one person in the relationship devoted to serving the other person no matter what, but the Libra man can find it hard to stand up to his partner when he needs to.

Though he’s great at debating and is full of wisdom, the Libra man just doesn’t like conflict. He can feel really nervous when things are tense, so he wants to avoid it as much as possible.

10Scorpio Woman: Forgiving Them After They Mess Up

Even if you’re with the person of your dreams or your soulmate, they’re going to stuff up eventually. Unless you’re dating a robot, your partner is going to make mistakes, and so are you. What defines a relationship is the ability to move on past those mistakes. The Scorpio woman takes a lot of care with her relationship and perhaps makes slightly fewer mistakes than others because she’s so cautious of hurting her partner. Despite that, she still makes mistakes from time to time, and one of the biggest ones is not being able to easily forgive when her partner does the same.

If anybody can hold a grudge, it’s Scorpio. This sign takes absolutely everything seriously and remembers everything. Being so emotionally invested in the little things that other people tend to overlook means that she takes the small mistakes that her partner makes to heart, and goodness help them if they make a big mistake.

Unfortunately for the Scorpio woman, forgiving is part of all relationships. This is something that she can learn to do, but it doesn’t come easily to her. And until she learns how to let things go, she’s bringing a lot of stress on her partner and herself.

9Scorpio Man: Staying Cool Through Moments Of Jealousy

There are a few qualities that the Scorpio sign is known for. We’ve already mentioned that they tend to get emotionally invested in a lot of things, and as a result, they’re very intense. They don’t find it easy to let things go or forgive others who make mistakes, but they are incredibly loyal and would do just about anything for their partners. Because this sign is so loyal, they always expect the same kind of treatment back, and when they don’t get it, there are problems.

The Scorpio man is prone to jealousy because he gets defensive whenever his partner doesn’t seem to be as loyal as him. This means that the green-eyed monster might visit him when he sees his partner talking to other men, or when his partner spends too much time alone, simply because it wouldn’t occur to him to do those things.

If the Scorpio man lost his cool every time he felt jealous, the relationship would soon turn into World War Three. Since he’s wise and intuitive, the Scorpio man can normally tell that he has to learn to silence the envious voice in his head and ignore it, but sometimes, this is easier said than done.

8Sagittarius Woman: Moving In Together For The First Time

Moving in together for the first time is usually a happy time and something that a lot of people get really excited about. This is a big step that only happens when two people are serious about each other (or think they’re serious about each other), and most of the time is something to be happy about. The eternal optimist, the Sagittarius woman is happy when she gets the chance to move in with the person she loves, but there are still parts of it that raise issues for her.

Sagittarius is another sign who loves to be in love and who is generally really easy to get along with. The one thing the Sagittarius woman does ask for is her own space because she values freedom, even when she is in a relationship. If her partner doesn’t give her space, she can feel overwhelmed, and under a lot of pressure.

Moving in together doesn’t mean the loss of freedom or the loss of all personal space, but because it’s such a big change, it can seem that way to the Sagittarius woman. To get through this time, she needs to make sure she has her own space within the new house or apartment and is keeping elements of her own life.

7Sagittarius Man: Swapping Me Time For We Time

Every relationship is different, and it’s up to individual couples how much time they actually spend together. Some like to see each other every single day while others feel smothered if that’s the case. But whatever the arrangement, all couples need to spend at least some time together. Otherwise, they can’t really expect the relationship to grow, and to be honest, there’s not much point. In most cases, single people who get into relationships have to make the adjustment of trading what would have been their spare time for themselves, for couple’s time with their partner. This can be a struggle for the Sagittarius man.

This sign is passionate and loves spending time with his partner, but he also values the relationship he has with himself. He has hobbies and other commitments he undertakes in his spare time, and when he gives these up to spend time with his partner, he can feel like he’s losing some of himself. This can then lead him to resent the relationship and feel desperate for space from his partner.

Like the Sagittarius woman, the Sagittarius man has to remember to keep making time for himself, even as he makes time for his partner.

6Capricorn Woman: Making Sacrifices For The Sake Of The Relationship

Whether you call it sacrifice or compromise, every relationship requires meeting your partner halfway. In some relationships, one person makes many more sacrifices than the other, but in the healthiest relationships, both people have to pull their weight and give things up so their relationship can prosper. This is just basic prioritizing and doesn’t have to be a huge deal. You don’t have to give up your job or your family just to have a relationship, but you might have to give up those Saturday nights in, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, so you can have a date night. The Capricorn woman makes a lot of sacrifices for her own personal success and that of her career, and to her, having to do the same thing for her relationship can sound excessive.

Focused is a good word to describe the Capricorn woman, and she’s no stranger to ambition and hard work. She understands the concept of having to give something up to gain something, but it’s rare that a relationship is her prime focus, which is why this can be really hard for her. She can make sacrifices for her relationship once it becomes really important to her, but she isn’t as willing to do this as other signs would be.

5Capricorn Man: Saying The First “I Love You”

Those three words are a huge deal for pretty much everyone. Being the first one to say it is pretty risky, even if you have a good idea of how the other person feels about you because you open yourself up to the possibility of cold rejection. At the same time, hearing it when you aren’t expecting it can be a huge shock, and what you say back can have a large influence on the future of the relationship. This is an especially daunting time for the Capricorn man.

The Capricorn man is amazing at a lot of things, but expressing how he feels isn’t one of them. This sign is talented and smart and ambitious, but he’s not a key communicator (outside the boardroom). He’s actually pretty reserved and quiet and can get very worked up over having to admit his feelings, so saying that he loves his partner for the first time is usually really scary for him.

This sign is less in tune with his own feelings than other signs, so on top of the fear of being rejected, he’s also not even completely sure that he’s ready to say it. He has to deal with a lot of insecurities and uncertainties while he’s building himself up to say those three words, and it’s tough.

4Aquarius Woman: Opening Up For The First Time

If there’s one sign who has the hardest time with relationships in the zodiac, it’s Aquarius. While relationships are often the lifelong goal of many people and are more important than work or travel or other big plans, Aquarius doesn’t exactly see it that way. Instead, this sign values independence and individuality and is never in a rush to get into a relationship. When she does find someone that she likes enough to commit to, the Aquarius woman can have a hard time opening up to that person and allowing herself to be vulnerable.

Unfortunately for the Aquarius woman, there comes a time in all relationships when you have to let your partner in, at least a little bit. In order to get closer and keep the relationship growing, you have to learn from each other and get to know the way the other person thinks. The Aquarius woman usually has a tough time with this because she’s used to being guarded and private, and it’s just a big change.

Some signs end up opening up too soon in a relationship and scaring off their partners, but the Aquarius woman doesn’t have that problem. Instead, she avoids reaching that level of intimacy for as long as she can.

3Aquarius Man: Actually Committing To Someone New

For the Aquarius man, the trouble comes right at the beginning of the relationship, when it’s actually time to commit to somebody new. This sign loves being single and doesn’t pine for a relationship the way others do, so he tends to be reluctant to become part of a couple in the first place. That doesn’t mean he never does, though. When love strikes, his passions kick in and he can sometimes feel a strong urge to be closer to someone.

But when it’s actually time for him to commit, he can have some trouble. That might be when he actually asks someone to be his partner, or when he makes his relationship public, or when he promises to be exclusive and faithful. Though he’s getting many good things in return for this commitment, he can’t help thinking about the things he thinks he’s losing, like his independence and the opportunity for new beginnings.

Of course, the Aquarius man can successfully commit to somebody new, but he has to make sure that he’s with somebody who doesn’t make him feel like he’s being controlled or caged in. If he is, finding the nerve to commit will be much harder and will feel almost impossible to him.

2Pisces Woman: Letting Go Of Dreams For Relationship Reality

The relationships we see in movies and the relationships we experience in reality are usually vastly different. While in movies, things always work out perfectly and there’s never any inconveniences, in real life, relationships are a lot of work. Though there is plenty of good you get in return for being in a long-term relationship with somebody, the truth is relationships are no picnic. Real relationships mean making sacrifices and giving up things you want, making effort even when you’re tired, opening yourself up to a lot of scary situations, and giving your heart to somebody and risking having it broken. For the Pisces woman, it’s difficult to accept this reality.

Pisces, in general, is a big dreamer and loves to get lost in fantasy. She buys into all the dreamy ideas that she’s exposed to, so by the time she has her own relationship, she’s probably spent a lifetime getting ready for what she’s seen in movies: an attractive and rich soulmate who comes to sweep her off her feet and carry her off to a castle. The difference between what she’s expecting and what she actually gets from her partner can be like a cold hard slap in the face.

1Pisces Man: Admitting You’re Wrong

The Pisces man happens to love relationships. He is passionate and in tune with his feelings, and has no problem opening up to somebody that he loves. He has a lot of feelings to share and usually prefers to be with somebody than to be alone. Most of the time, he’s a joy to be around and makes a relationship fun and exciting, and he’s really good at making his partner feel loved and needed. The downside to this sign comes when it’s time to admit he’s wrong. He hates to do it.

Fights with the Pisces man can last for much longer than they need to because he doesn’t like to throw in the towel and confess that he’s wrong. Even when he knows he is, he has too much pride to admit it, which can make solving problems really hard. The partner of the Pisces man is probably used to taking the blame, but they can’t do that all the time, and sooner or later, he has to do it for himself.

It’s true that this sign is brilliant in many ways, and in truth, isn’t wrong that often. But he’s still human, so he is wrong some of the time. And when that happens, he has a hard time coming to terms with it.

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