Matchmaker Patti Stanger Reveals Dating Mistakes To Steer Clear Of In 2019

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Matchmaker Patti Stanger Reveals Dating Mistakes To Steer Clear Of In 2019

Patti Stanger has made a living out of helping those looking for love find “the one”. The professional matchmaker is starting 2019 off by sharing dating mistakes all singles need to avoid this year.

One of the biggest mistakes, according to Stanger, is keeping the wrong people around. If a person knows right away the person they are dating is not a good fit, then he or she needs to cut that person lose. Stop keeping the wrong one around for the sake of having someone.

Women are prone to assuming that they did something wrong when a person they are interested in stops calling or texting. It is time to stop blaming and trying to fix ourselves because our feelings were not reciprocated. Simply put, people do not always match up.

Stanger shared with PopSugar that she believes that rejection is God’s way of protecting us from the wrong people. Therefore, it is time to accept rejection, as opposed to rejecting it. The time for receiving the protection rejection gives is now. Remember it is a blessing, even if that is not revealed promptly.

Everyone’s time is valuable so instead of going for quantity of people to find the one, focus on the quality of people. Remember as the saying goes it is always about quality, not quantity. If a person is dating three people but none of them are right, it is a waste of time

The next two go hand in hand. Stop ignoring red flags and being afraid to ask questions. Anyone who is on a date should be asking a prospective match several questions. How else do people get to know each other? When an answer raises a red flag, take that for what it is and acknowledge it to yourself at least.

Expectations are tricky. Yes, a person needs to have them, but they also need to be within reason. Physical expectations should be the first ones to be adjusted because they are likely making it more difficult to find the one. On the flip side, there are also certain behavioral expectations that should never be limited like, lying, hitting or verbal meanness.

Last but by no means least, doing the same thing and expecting different results. Honestly, this one is not only about dating but about life. Apps are a huge part of dating these days, so if a person is not having luck with a specific app, Stanger says to switch it up.

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