March 2019 New Moon Astrology Predictions Show Lots Of Wisdom On The Horizon

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January 16, 2019
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March 2019 New Moon Astrology Predictions Show Lots Of Wisdom On The Horizon



Before spring arrives on March 20, and Mercury retrograde descends on March 22, the Pisces new moon March 17 ushers in opportunities for a much-needed fresh start. If you’re wondering what this celestial trifecta means for you, March 2019 new moon astrology predictions focus on what The Moon Woman calls the dark feminine. “It is a time of going deep within to acknowledge the core wounds [and] beliefs that drive our outer behavior,” she writes. “It is a time of communion, truth [and] honesty with ourselves. It is the most challenging time of the monthly emotional cycle.”

Personally, I’ve already been feeling the effects of Saturday’s forthcoming new moon, which happens to arrive on St. Patrick’s Day. According to The Moon Woman’s website, “Pisces evokes the archetypal wise woman,” and the main message for every sign during the March 2019 new moon is that it’s OK to ask for help. “If you’ve been challenged in the lead up to this new moon, remember you don’t need to suffer by trying to solve your challenge alone.” What’s more, Astrology King noted on their website that the new moon is closely aligned with the minor planet Chiron, known as the wounded healer.

“The March 2019 new moon makes aspects to Mars and Uranus that form an aspect pattern called a Medium Learning Triangle,” Astrology King explained. “A conflict or crisis will add salt to your exposed wound but new discoveries and higher self-awareness will lead to rapid healing.” Just how will the March 2019 new moon affect you directly? This is what the March 17 new moon means for every sign.

1-Aries Is Going To be Extra Emotional

Aries, if you’re already feeling more emotional than usual, the new moon in Pisces is tapping into your sensitive side. Astrology King noted that this is an ideal time to have heart-to-heart conversations with loved ones and embrace your intuition. If something feels off, it probably is.

2-Taurus Should Hit The Social Scene

Tentative Taurus, the new moon in Pisces is a time to throw your closely held caution to the wind and mingle with friends, according to the Astro Twins. Say yes to social invitations, hit the dance floor, or plan a weekend getaway on whim, which is totally out of your comfort zone. However, that’s exactly what this new moon is all about, so embrace its magic.

3-Gemini, It’s Time To Challenge Authority

Gemini, you might have a difficult time with authority figures during the March 17 new moon, and it’s possible that you could find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to defend yourself. Additionally, Astrology King revealed that this new moon could open a long-ignored wound. If you’re ready to get out of your own way and acknowledge and address your pain, healing will begin immediately.

4-Cancer, It’s Time To Daydream

Ever-emotional Cancer, the new moon in Pisces is going to give you a much needed break from your feelings and open you up to the possibilities of travel and adventure, according to the Astro Twins. Use this time to plan a trip, explore new ideas and hobbies, or just relax and daydream.

5-Leo, You’re Going To Feel All Dark & Twisty

Spotlight-loving Leo, if you’re not careful, your emotions could get the best of you during the Pisces new moon, according to Astrology King. You might feel unusually anxious and have trouble relaxing. However, if you let go of control and practice a little give and take, you can make the new moon a whole lot easier on yourself.

6-Virgo, It’s Time To Be Bold AF

Virgo, you usually don’t have any trouble saying what’s on your mind, and the new moon in Pisces is only going to amplify your desire to speak your truth, according to Embrace this extra boost of confidence, trust your instincts, and address any relationship problems before the forthcoming Mercury retrograde instead of letting them fester.

7-Libra, The New Moon Is All About Self-Care

My fellow Libras, you often spend so much time trying to make sure everyone is is happy and content that you neglect your own needs. The new moon is an ideal time to hit the reset button and indulge in a day of self-care, noted. Make March 17 all about you. Turn off your phone, get a massage, stay in and marathon Gilmore Girls for the eleventy millionth time, or catch up on your sleep.

8-Scorpio, You’re Gonna Have Spring Fever

While spring doesn’t arrive until March 20, the new moon is going to have Scorpio ringing in the spring equinox right freakin’ now. Put on your best spring threads and get out of the house because, according to the Astro Twins, a new love interest might be waiting for you, and if you stay inside and hibernate you could miss it.

9-Sagittarius, Show Me The Money

Sagittarius, the new moon is a perfect time to boost your wealth, making it an ideal time to seize financial opportunities, the Astro Twins noted. Set professional goals, create a business plan, or take steps to pay down your debt. The new moon is Pisces is opening up a world of possibilities that are yours for the taking.

10-Capricorn, The Time To Hesitate Is Through

Capricorn, if there’s something you want, the new moon in Pisces is going to allow you to go after it like a boss, according to Astrology King. You could find yourself being extra assertive during the new moon, and you’ll be determined to remove any obstacles that stand in the way of what you’re after. Trust your instincts and grab everything you deserve.

11-Aquarius, Address Your Feelings Already

Aquarius, if you’ve put your feelings inside a safe and thrown away the key, Astrology King noted that an old wound will rise to the surface during the Pisces new moon. Additionally, a conflict or crisis could highlight your discomfort. However, acknowledging your sadness and being attentive to your emotions will speed up the healing process. Once you put old ghosts to bed, you could find your life changing for the better at a rapid-fire pace.

12-Pisces, Manifest Everything You Want

Pensive Pisces, because the March 2019 new moon is in your sign, you have the power to manifest your dreams and turn them into reality, the Astro Twins advised. This new moon is an ideal time to hit the reset button, get rid of everything that’s not serving you, and focus on your future so you can break out of your cocoon and blossom into the free butterfly you were always meant to be.

13-Everyone Gets A Do-Over During The Pisces New Moon

Because Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, the new moon in the fish means that everyone gets a chance to start over, according to the Astro Twins. Ditch your existential baggage, and focus on the future. Additionally, “The effects of the March 17 New Moon will last four weeks up to the April 15 New Moon,” Astrology King explained. “The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of this new moon cycle.” So, if the new year didn’t bring everything you’d hoped, you can start fresh during the Pisces new moon if you’re willing to clean your cosmic and karmic house. Because, everyone deserves a do-over

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