Love & Recovery : – How Each Zodiac Sign Bounces Back From Heartbreak (His & Hers)

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Love & Recovery : – How Each Zodiac Sign Bounces Back From Heartbreak (His & Hers)

Breaking up is hard to do. Getting broken up with is even worse. But overall, heartache on every level just really sucks. No one likes to see a relationship end. It’s painful and can really hurt you and mess things up. But everyone has their own way of dealing with heartbreak. Some people get over it in a flash and are ready to move on and find a rebound. Some people need time to talk it out and go over every little detail of the relationship. Some people have to journal and some people have to distract themselves. Everyone handles their broken heart differently. And everyone has a different way of mending their hearts and being ready for love again.

So, what way works for you? If you’re the kind of person who needs to reflect on the relationship and do some journaling, then being forced to hit the clubs with your friends is going to suck. You’ll be in no mood to party and you’ll be a downer for the whole group. But if you’re someone who wants to mingle right away, being forced to talk about the relationship and rehash all your old fights is going to bore you to tears. Find your zodiac sign below to learn the best way for you to get over heartbreak and find your forever person.



24Aries Guy Gets Mad And Plots His Revenge

For an Aries guy, it’s not about being sad after a heartbreak. It’s about getting mad. Unfortunately, you turn to anger. A break up makes your blood boil. It probably has something to do with you being the youngest sign of the zodiac and a fire sign. So we say, let those emotions out. If you need to yell and scream, do it. Just make sure you’re doing it in a safe space and not at your ex-partner’s place of work. And if you want to rip up every card they ever wrote you and donate all their gifts, go for it! You’ll be tempted to drive by and egg your ex’s house or write something scathing about them on social media. But you might want to hold off on that. Remember, the best revenge is success. And lucky for you Aries, once you’ve had your angry explosion, you’re ready to move on and find someone better.

23Taurus Man Can’t Believe It’s Over And Will Fight To Get Her Back

Oh, Taurus. This is when your stubborn bull side really comes out. You are totally blindsided by breakups and can’t believe that the relationship is really over. You refuse to believe it. It may not be your proudest moments but you could end up calling, texting and even showing up at your ex’s house to try and win her/him back. You don’t take no for an answer when it comes to love. Sometimes, our ex-partners are worth fighting for. But other times, we need to let them go. Remember that what you really need Taurus is closure. Think back to why this relationship didn’t work. Don’t let your emotions lead you, or else you’ll end up wallowing on your ex’s doorstep. You deserve someone who loves you as fiercely as you will love them.

22Gemini Dude Is Immediately Onto The Next One #Rebound

The only way a Gemini guy knows how to get over someone is by getting under someone else! As soon as the relationship is officially over, you’re already moving onto the next one. In fact, you might even have someone in mind that you’ve been thinking about for a while. Gemini, you’re a flirt and there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find a rebound if you need one. Some people look down on finding a rebound but for a Gemini, this is an important step. You’re a go with the flow kind of guy. When one door closes, you’re quick to find the next open one. Just look out because one of these days, one of your rebounds is going to have some sticking potential.

21Cancer Bros Refuse To Accept The Break-Up And Put Their Energy Into Work

Cancer, like your Taurus brothers, you have a hard time accepting the breakup. Deep down, you’re a sensitive guy. But it’s hard for you to share that side of yourself with everyone in your life. You don’t want your friends and family to see you in pain. So instead, you’re going to act like your heart isn’t broken until even you believe it. You’ll channel all of your emotional energy into your work. So don’t be surprised if you have your ex to thank for a promotion or a raise! You know how to keep your emotions out of the office so we won’t find your crying in the break room. You prefer to deal with your emotions on your own and in your own time. Just don’t forget to address them or else you’ll explode, Cancer.

20Leo Lad Is Feeling Hurt But Doesn’t Want To Admit It To Anyone

On the surface, everything is just fine for a Leo. Your friends will ask how you’re doing and you’ll always tell them that you’re doing just fine. But deep down, you’re hurting. Underneath all your bravado, you’re a romantic guy. You probably thought your ex was the one and you gave her/him all that you had. You believe in being loyal, so a break up is really going to impact you. You definitely didn’t see it coming. But you’re proud and you respect the decision. You don’t want your ex back. Sometimes all of those feelings you’re hiding away can turn into bitterness. And you’ll never find love if you’re bitter. It can be hard to admit you’re hurting but make sure you’re taking care of yourself, Leo. You’ll find your special someone.

19Virgo Guy Is All Like “Ex Who? I Don’t Even Know That Person!”

A Virgo man is king of moving on. No one can hold you down. Yes, you were in love and the breakup hurt. But it’s done now and you’re ready to move on to the next thing. We wouldn’t be surprised if you were on a first date the same day that your break up was finalized. You have the ability to put up a wall around your last relationship and all your emotions tied to it and dive into something new. If you run into your ex in public, you can act indifferent and like you’re totally over it. It’s awesome that you get yourself back out there, Virgo, but be careful not to hide away from your emotions too much. Remember that it’s okay to take a moment to yourself and to acknowledge your pain.

18Libra Dude Is Positive And Ready To Be Friends With His Ex Already

Libra guys are full of positivity. Yes, this break up was bad. But you don’t allow yourself to wallow and be hurt for long. You’re choosing to be upbeat and optimistic. A break up for you just means that you’re now free to find your perfect person. You are always finding the silver lining. And the silver lining of your last relationship is now you have a great friend. Libra men are the first to say, “Let’s still be friends,” and actually mean it. You value your ex as a person and a close friend. Just remember that not everyone is as positive and ready for friendship as you, Libra. Your ex may need a minute. And in the meantime, you have lots of other friends to support you.

17Sir Scorpio Is Sensitive And Wants His Ex To Know He’s Doing Just Fine, Thanks For Asking

For Scorpio guys, it’s all about saving face. The most important thing for you is that your ex thinks you’re doing fine. You want to “win” the breakup. You can come across as stubborn and kind of cold, but as long as no one sees you hurting, you’re fine. You just want your ex to know that you’re better off without him/her. And it’s true! You are so much better off. Now you can find someone who is ready to love you. But remember, no one is going to be able to love you if you’re hiding behind your mask and closing off your emotions to the world. Eventually, you may need to let someone in. Being vulnerable is hard for a Scorpio. But in time, you’ll find someone you trust again.

16Sagittarius Man Is On The Next Flight Out Of Here

Travel is a huge part of any Sagittarius’ dude’s life. So it only makes sense that after a big life change, like a breakup, he’d want to catch the next flight out of here. Travel helps a Sag man to put his life in perspective. He can work out his feelings on the road, gain some clarity and figure out what it is important to him. He can also immerse himself in new experiences and get that distraction he’s craving. Travel gives him a chance to check out of real life and just recharge. Plus, if this last relationship kept Sag at home, he’ll be itching to get back on the open road anyway. And who knows? He might even meet a new adventurous travel mate out there!

15Capricorn Guy Buries Himself In Work To Forget The Heartbreak Even Happened

When a Capricorn gets his heart broken, he immediately turns to his work. When a Cap guy is in pain, all he wants to do is put his head down and work hard so that he can enjoy something good in the future. Capricorns are industrious and they literally work through their heartbreak. They don’t need to go out and meet someone new. And they don’t need to stay home and wallow. They need to get to work. While they’re working, they are able to process their feelings and move on. The recovery process for a Capricorn man is all about focusing on his own personal success. He will take a short break from his love life and put all of his energy into his work. And then when he meets the right person, he’ll have all of this work success to show off.

14Aquarius Bro Fills His Social Calendar And Doesn’t Share His True Feelings

A classic Aquarian response to a break up is keeping busy and hiding your true feelings. Like many men of the zodiac, you struggle to let people in and prefer to not show off your more vulnerable side. After a breakup, you’ll be even less likely to share those painful feelings. You’re hurting, but only those closest to you will know about it. Don’t forget to confide in a couple of people who will be there for you. As far as everyone else is concerned, you’re Mr. Social. You love filling up your social calendar post break up so you can get out there and meet new people. You want to keep busy and distract yourself. So enjoy this time reconnecting with old friends and getting back out there.

13Pisces Guy Gives Himself Over To His Emotions And Just Feels It All

Pisces, you are the emotional man of the zodiac. If Aquarius is Mr. Social, you are Mr. Feelings. You feel your emotions deeply and you’re not afraid to be open and vulnerable. You know that having feelings and showing them doesn’t make you weak or any less of a man. You also know that the only way for you to work through this heartache is to dive deep into your emotions. You need to feel all of your feelings, and then you’ll be able to leave the relationship behind you. Many other signs choose to avoid their feelings until it’s too late. But not a Pisces guy! You’re ready to talk it out with your friends, cry, rant, be nostalgic, get angry and everything else you need to go through to get closure.


12Aries Lady Doesn’t Let A Heartbreak Slow Her Down At All

For an Aries woman, a breakup or heartbreak is just a minor inconvenience. It’s the smallest speed bump on the awesome road that is your life. You are not going to let something as small as a break up with an ex slow you down. You’re a strong woman and you refuse to let a break up make you feel or look weak. You prefer to distract yourself with all of the other amazing things you have going on. You might throw yourself into a new project at work or start going out more with friends – anything so you’re sitting at home and feeling vulnerable. Over time, you begin to forget why you’re even sad at all. This works fine for little breakups and relationships. But for bigger breakups? You might have to deal with your feelings, Aries.

11Taurus Girl Turns To Food For Comfort

The term “eating your feelings” is so applicable to a Taurus lady. When your heart starts to hurt, you’re immediately reaching for the chocolate, pretzels, chips and ice cream. You’ll bake a cake and eat the whole thing yourself while binge-watching something mindless on Netflix. Don’t worry – a little blimp in your eating record isn’t going to ruin your body or health. You’re hurting and you deserve to indulge in a bit of snacking. Plus, all that baking really helps to distract you and keep your mind off the breakup. You may end up awakening your inner Betty Crocker thanks to this heartbreak. You take your time after a breakup and the people around you, who get to sample all your yummy baking and cooking, will be there for you if you ever need to talk.

10Gemini Gal Is Already Over It And Ready To Party

Gemini girls are all about living in the present. The moment a break up has happened, it’s in the past and you don’t want to worry about it anymore. You’re all about the here and now. You’re also a naturally fun-loving and positive person, so a break up won’t get you down. You handle breakups really well and don’t really let them affect your life too much. If there is a feeling you need to deal with, you deal with it and then you move on. So after heartbreak, you’re ready to get back out there and party! Gemini girls love the social life. If your last relationship was too many nights of takeout and Netflix, you’ll be dying to hit some clubs and parties with your friends. Enjoy it, Gemini!

9Cancer Woman Just Needs To Talk It Out

You know that person who needs to wallow after a breakup? That’s you, Cancer. You are Queen Wallow. You really go through the ringer when it comes to breakups. And all of your friends are right there alongside you. You need to talk about it. For weeks and even months after the breakup, you’ll be obsessing over every detail of the relationship. You’ll be calling your friends all the time to talk about your ex and what happened. And when your friends get sick of hearing about it, you’ll turn to your journal and start putting together some poetry. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your feelings and talking, Cancer. Just remember, your friends aren’t therapists. And at some point, all that talking can become obsessive. You need to move on after a while and leave your relationship in the past.

8Leo Lady Believes In Retail Therapy – Time To Shop Till You Drop

The term “retail therapy” was totally invented for a Leo lady going through heartbreak. The minute the relationship is over, you’re already on your way to the mall or pulling up your favorite online shopping site on your phone. It doesn’t even matter what you’re shopping for. You just want to distract yourself by looking for sweaters, lipstick, shoes or even a gift for your Great Aunt Rosemary’s 89th birthday. Since your relationship fell apart, you’re choosing to put your trust towards tangible things that won’t let you down. Just be careful you don’t run that credit card bill up too high, Leo. Look for deals, set a budget and head to discount or thrift stores so you can get your retail therapy without ruining your credit score.

7Virgo Vixen Puts All Her Energy Into Bettering Herself Post-Break Up

When a Virgo lady goes through a breakup, she immediately puts all of her energy into herself. Which is awesome! Instead of obsessing over the relationship or looking for her next rebound, a Virgo who has her heartbroken is going to take some much needed me time. You might turn to books. Those ladies crying in the self-help section of the bookstore? Probably Virgos. But even if the books sound cheesy, who cares if they help you feel better? If not books, you might choose to take a new class, like yoga, or take up a new hobby, like running or meditation. You look at all of your choices post-breakup as how you can become a better you. As long as you’re doing it for yourself and not because you think you need to improve for some guy, you’re doing it right!

6Miss Libra Gets Out Her Pen And Puts Her Emotions Into Words

For a Libra to process, she needs to get it out on paper. A Libra is turning to her journal as soon as the heartbreak hits. Breakups are especially hard for Libra ladies who are so in love with love. You see yourself as the heroine in a romance novel and a break up can be devastating. So you turn to your journal to let out all of your feelings. You need to find a way to share how you’re feeling. Many Libra ladies will also find themselves wanting to write letters to their exes to explain how they’re feeling. Go ahead and write them, but you might want to hold off on sending them. Writing letters can be cathartic but sending them can be disastrous. If you really think you need to send one (or all of them), ask a close friend to give it a read first. Odds are they’ll side with us.

5Scorpio Sister Has To Burn All Her Ex’s Possessions Like He Doesn’t Exist Anymore

Once a relationship is over for a Scorpio, she’s ready to let it burn. Literally. A Scorpio woman is best able to get closure from a break up when she can literally see the end of it. And the best way for her to do that is to burn everything. So gather up all of the cards your ex sent you. Get the gifts. Any of his/her old t-shirts or socks lying around. Get it all and go to a place where you can safely burn it – the last thing you want is your house burning down! Your sign is associated with the mystical and regeneration. So it’s important for you to get rid of all of this stuff permanently and to be able to have a fresh start. You can then have your Phoenix moment, rising from the ashes and moving on with your awesome life.

4Sagittarius Girl Is Ready To Laugh About It And Get Back Out There ASAP

Even if a Sag woman is hurting after heartbreak, she finds a way to laugh about it. Sagittarius women are very easy going and light-hearted. You know that you can get over a break up because it’ll just slide right off your back. Sure, you may be a little upset or hurt. But you’re going to get over it real soon and be ready to get back out there. You won’t let yourself stay in a funk for very long. You know there is so much more life out there for you to live and you would hate to waste it being sad over someone who is out of the picture. You just want to have fun! You need to laugh. So hit up an improv show with your besties or go watch some stand-up and really enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

3Capricorn Woman Can’t Stop Wondering What Went Wrong

Capricorn women have a hard go with breakups. Why? Because you are the ultimate overthinker. You won’t be able to stop analyzing and processing exactly what went wrong with your relationship. You’ll keep questioning every little decision you made and wondering what went wrong. It’s hard for you to get out of your own head and be objective. We get it – everyone needs to process things in their own way. But don’t get too trapped in your own mind, Capricorn. You didn’t do anything to deserve this heartbreak. You’re not a bad person and you didn’t mess up. Breakups happen. Learn to let this one go and move onto someone who will treat you right. Your perfect person is out there!

2Miss Aquarius Is Reaching For Her Daily Horoscope For Guidance

While we think everyone should consult their horoscopes, Aquarius ladies are taking their horoscopes like they are the bible. Aquarius women are very emotional but they are also big thinkers. They lead with both their heart and their head. But sometimes, their hearts and heads want different things. Consulting their horoscope can help an Aquarius know which direction to lean into. Aquarius women are able to read their daily horoscope and gain a lot of insight. They use the information to grow as a person and see themselves more clearly. After a breakup, they’ll be looking to their sign for all of the answers. Aquarius, get ready to learn a lot about yourself, your life and your love once you go through a breakup.

1Pisces Lady Keeps Checking Up To Make Sure Her Ex Is Okay

Pisces, you are so in tune with your emotions. In fact, you are so in tune that you actually do a lot of your feeling and processing of a break up while it’s actually happening. You can feel in the moment and don’t have to wait for later to go through your emotions. Pisces lady, you view yourself as the ultimate healer. While some people make it all about themselves after heartbreak, you’re more concerned about your ex. It’s not that you want to get back together, you just want to make sure that he/she is doing all right. Even if you’re not a couple anymore, you still care about them. You refuse to let your ex out of your life and want to support them. Just remember, not every ex is going to be up for this. But don’t worry Pisces, you’ll find something or someone new to channel all of your emotional energy into soon.

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