Karma, evolution is written in the horoscope - Type American
  • August 15, 2020

Karma, evolution is written in the horoscope





All flows. Even our personality. Evolve, grow, mature … it’s always on the move. For those who believe in the astral influence on a person’s life, being born under some stars determines the character of the person. And so the peculiarities of the Ariets are born, described as stubborn and fiery, that “infatilism” of Cancer, the need for self-determination of the Lions and that flight of the Pisces visionaries.

But nothing is definitive, the characteristics of childhood are filed or strengthened during adolescence, then with maturity. Because karma is also written in stars, which in western languages ​​can be interpreted as the action or task of life. As if it were an obligation to improve and improve those angular or “cuspid” sides of one’s being.

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