It’s Gemini Season: What Each Zodiac Sign Should Be Expecting (His And Hers)

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It’s Gemini Season: What Each Zodiac Sign Should Be Expecting (His And Hers)

Happy Gemini season! This season brings about energy and full-fledged commotion, as told by “Right now, we’re in the much-feared Gemini season. From about May 21 – June 21, depending on the year, the sun transits Gemini, and we’re all thrust into a period of energy and motion and, depending who you ask, weird and total drama.” Essentially what happens is everyone does totally weird and odd things that they would not typically do and everyone else acts like it isn’t a big deal. It sounds like we’re in for a very interesting month!

Because we will all be thrust into Gemini season, all of our traits will be influenced by the Gemini perspective. According to, “The effects will vary, depending on your own birth chart, but in general, the sun’s transit of Gemini pulls at our sociability, our wide-ranging, curious natures; our desire to talk and live and communicate . . . It’s a time for high highs and low lows.” In other words, it means that it will be a season of extremes, for better or worse. Below, we review what each sign, according to gender, should expect in the midst of Gemini season.

24Aries Man Should Be Expecting A Boost In Ambition

Aries are fire signs, so they have a natural ability to lead people in virtually any setting. However, they can be quite introverted at times, too, so this leadership quality does not always shine. Despite this, that leadership quality does come from a place of deep ambition and need to succeed. Aries are independent to the core and want to succeed. Their impulsive quality will allow them to sometimes not even think twice and run before walking or jump before skipping, thus allowing that deep ambition to hopefully be adhered to.

This Gemini season, an Aries man should expect these qualities to be in overdrive: he will see a boost in ambition to do something he has always wanted to do!

Whether it’s a difficult hike or trying to obtain that promotion at work or something he has been working at for quite some time, like trying to bike 10 miles in under 30 minutes or trying to fix the carburetor on that roughed up car he has in the garage. Either way, Gemini season will give him a boost to finish one of these things on his list, leaving him feeling successful and ready to take on more for Cancer season!

23Aries Girl Should Be Expecting A Boost In Her Ability To Lead

Aries women are naturally ambitious, like their male counterpart. However, they tend to stick to their own routines in a way, too. So, Gemini season will not be bringing them a boost in ambition, however, it will be allowing them to boost their ability to lead in their work or family setting. Let’s dive in!

Aries girls are actually very good at leading others and delegating within the workplace. The problem is they can be introverted, more so than others at times, so they don’t really shine as quickly as others. Over time, though, an Aries girl will show her ability to lead. On the other hand, she is very intelligent and eloquent with her words, so in a family setting, she is good at diffusing any argument and allowing some other, maybe more hot-headed signs the time and explanation they need to cool off.

This Gemini season, an Aries girl will find herself boldly leading in some form, whether it is with family, giving advice to those that need it, or within her workplace, shining and growing in the best way she can. Either way, Gemini season will make her feel proud of herself, so she will head into Cancer season — and the summertime — with a smile on her face.

22Taurus Man Should Be Expecting More Time To Do What He Wants

Practical and intelligent Taurus guys are very into their routine, like most Earth signs. They have a certain way of doing things, a specific way of breaking up their time, and they often will not stray from that. They are responsible and sensible in that way. Taurus men are very intelligent as mentioned and, therefore, they usually have a lot on their plate. It could be helping someone out with yard work, an extra job on the weekends, or errands to run, but usually, a Taurus man is very busy.

Gemini season will bring a lot more downtime to our Taurus guy; he will have more time to focus on the projects that he wants to do, even if it is just doing his own yard work, starting a new hobby, or completing an old project.

Taurus guys are naturally into keeping busy, but this busyness will be more to his liking compared to all the responsibilities he had over the long winter. When he hits Cancer season and summertime, his schedule is more likely to really fill up again, but that’s okay… he will be refreshed with his passions and ability to take on those responsibilities once more.

21Taurus Girl Should Be Expecting An Argument To Come To A Head

Taurus girls are naturally very stubborn. They have a right, somewhat, because they are very intelligent and sensible and, as a result, they have very strong opinions about many things. They know a lot about a lot, we like to say. They are responsible, too, so anyone in their lives that isn’t will probably have to hear a few things about it. Regardless of their intelligence, however, Taurus girls can be somewhat overly critical with their opinions, passing judgment on things they may know nothing about.

So, this Gemini season, a Taurus girl can expect some sort of argument or confrontation to come to a head. It probably has been brewing for quite some time, but with the extremities of Gemini season, it will push either the Taurus girl or the other party in question over the line. Hopefully, both parties will learn from this confrontation. Taurus girls should always remember that they usually are right and can be right, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear their opinions in the first place. This will bring Taurus girls right to Cancer season — and summertime — where they will surely have another exciting moment happen, whether for better or for worse.

20Gemini Man Should Be Expecting A New Opportunity

A Gemini guy is naturally adventurous and open. He loves to be around people– and for good reason, he is naturally charismatic, too. People love him just as much as he loves them. He bonds easily with people and loves to build fun relationships with others. Romantically, a Gemini guy is similar, loving to have fun with his significant other, trying new things with her, and enjoying her (hopefully) equal openness, too. In the work world, a Gemini guy is a great mentor. He is great with teaching people, making them feel comfortable, and allowing them to shine in their own ways when it is needed.

Thanks to this naturally adventurous spirit and ease — of which he has fun and enjoys others — as well as his great ability to mentor people, a Gemini guy will get a new opportunity this Gemini season.

It will most likely be in his professional realm, whether it means a promotion, an exciting business trip, or a new relationship to build that allows him to move up the ranks professionally. This exciting new opportunity will set him up for an incredible summer, where he will surely find a new challenge and new friendships. We wonder what Cancer season will bring him!

19Gemini Girl Should Be Expecting A New Friend

Intelligent and kind Gemini women, like their male counterparts, are equally as open, charismatic, and easygoing, for the most part. They enjoy socializing, being around people who they can converse with, and bonding with new and old friends. They are also intelligent, as previously stated, which is why conversations with most people come easily to them. Others see them as carefree and confident, which indeed, they are. Gemini girls can tend to be moody and nosy, but rarely do they get that way in social settings; that is usually where they shine. They are also naturally successful because they tend to make bold moves in the workplace, among other places!

This Gemini season, the Gemini girl should expect to make a new friend that she will grow close with over time. This is, of course, due to her naturally social disposition. She will meet a new friend around lots of others and they will hit it off with easy conversation and lots of laughs. Over time, this other friend will grow close to the Gemini girl and they will build a foundation with many memories and good times to come! We wonder what is in store for her in Cancer season next!

18Cancer Man Should Be Expecting To Have A Tough Time With A Decision

Usually attractive and always charismatic, Cancer men are fickle, having trouble making decisions on virtually everything and anything. Like their female counterparts, they are overly emotional and sensitive, which is usually why they have such trouble with decisions. They don’t want to make the wrong choice. They don’t want to regret what they decide on or what they do. Cancer men simply do not trust themselves, which is exactly another reason why so many decisions are hard for them. The insecurity is real in all Cancers, regardless of gender.

This Gemini season, Cancer men will have a hard time making a monumental decision.

This will be an important one, something worth more than his lunch or the money he chooses to spend on a weekend vacation in Colorado. No, this decision will be monumental, as stated. He should probably make a list of pros and cons, so he can make the right choice — because this time, there won’t be a way to fix it if he chooses wrong. Just in time for Cancer season, the Cancer man will have a better month, that is once the extreme Gemini season is over and the decision has been made.

17Cancer Girl Should Be Expecting An Exciting Vacation Resulting In New Emotions You Haven’t Felt In Awhile

Cancer girls are used to emotion, believe you and me. They are very in tune with theirs, feeling everything to the most extreme degree. This Gemini season, because things are so extreme, this will virtually be nothing new to them. They are sensitive and feel all things in new ways. Similar to their male counterparts, the Cancer gal can also be fickle at times, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. They will obsess over a man and then, seemingly overnight, find something wrong with him, something that will be enough to end things.

This Gemini season, most Cancer girls will be taking an exciting vacation, whether overseas or a fun girls’ getaway. On this vacation, our Cancer girl will find something new romantically, something she has not felt in a while. It will light up her whole world. If our Cancer girl is already hitched, this exciting vacation will result in a new emotion that has possibly nothing to do with her love life. It could be meeting a new friend, reconnecting with an old friend, or maybe even finding out she is pregnant. Either way, the emotion she feels will be something that she hasn’t felt in awhile — just in time for her very own Cancer season!

16Leo Man Should Be Expecting A Challenge In The Workplace

Leo men are natural leaders; therefore, in a workplace setting, they tend to be in a higher up position than the rest. If they are early on in their careers, they may be an intern manager, hold an entry-level job with an assistant, or file paperwork and quickly become head of the mail room. Whatever the case, the Leo guy knows how to delegate… he knows how to control… he knows how to tell people what to do.

This Gemini season, the Leo man will be challenged in a new way at work; he will have a great idea or be doing very well on a new project.

He’ll be excited. He may even speak about it to his mother or his sister (when usually he keeps these victories to himself, as it coats his ego to wait for the bragging until the end). However, someone he may not expect to will challenge him at work. They will challenge him back so to speak. They could even come up with better ideas that are pitched to someone important. This will ruin the Leo man’s ego enough to virtually ruin his whole summer before it is started. Suffice it to say: the Leo man’s Gemini season will not be celebrated in victory.

15Leo Girl Should Be Expecting Problems Within Your Romantic Life

This Gemini season, the bold, brave, and sometimes controlling Leo gal will be facing some issues within her romantic life. This can mean various things depending on the seriousness of each Leo girl’s love life; however, the premise remains the same.

Leo girls are naturally good at delegating, splitting up tasks, explaining things to people, and getting the job done. Professionally they are very successful and always make bold moves when it comes to their careers. Romantically, they have a very hard time controlling their emotions, but are genuinely loyal and enjoy time with their significant other.

That is why this Gemini season, their romantic lives will absolutely be affected by the extreme feelings and unlikely actions of many. If you are a single Leo girl, expect to have a rough time meeting anyone this Gemini season. You’ll feel insecure, which is usually unlikely, or you’ll have a hard time connecting with anyone. You just may not feel like yourself. If you are dating or hitched, expect to have many issues with your relationship this month. You just have no patience in this season of extremes and this will clearly shine in the worst ways to your significant other. Cancer season will arrive toward the end of June, hopefully leaving you refreshed and feeling a lot more positive.

14Virgo Man Should Be Expecting A Push Back

Smart, responsible and introverted Virgo men are naturally successful and practical. They are intelligent in many ways, mostly because they teach themselves a lot of things they want or need to know if they don’t know a lot already. This practicality makes for an excellent friend, husband, and businessman, no matter the business.

This Gemini season, the Virgo man should expect some sort of pushback from someone in their lives.

From which part, you ask? That depends on where the Virgo man’s overly critical manner will shine the most. The person that will push back and criticize the Virgo man is someone that feels they are incredibly critical of others. They will grow sick of the faces the Virgo man makes when he disagrees. They will grow sick of the times he talks back or disregards others’ comments. Something will happen that will flip this person’s switch just enough to snap at a Virgo man, catching him off guard.

This pushback will really challenge you and what you do, Virgo. However, of course, it will not change who you are. That’s okay, though, because challenging your ideas and changing for the better are two important things in life that we are put here to do, right?

13Virgo Girl Should Be Expecting Creative Time To Herself

Smart and sensible Virgo girls, much unlike their other Earth sign counterparts (Taurus and Capricorn), actually do have a nice creative and imaginative side. That is because they are more introverted and spend more time improving themselves in different ways. They would rather stay home painting rather than go out for drinks. They would rather stay home finishing their new book than go out and see a movie. Virgo girls are also realistic, patient, and sensible in many aspects of her life.

This Gemini season, the Virgo girl will take a step back from her busy work life to have more creative time to herself. Whatever that means, that is up to her. This extreme season of weird drama and full feelings will not affect her in the same way as others. She will be calm and still introverted, and as always,  she is independently improving herself. That is because she is so realistic that extreme emotion is not ever something she really feels. She has good control of her emotions and feelings. Virgo girls will be okay with this calm and unexciting month, actually. However, come Cancer season, we may see a different sort of event happen in her life. Stay tuned!

12Libra Man Should Be Expecting A Challenge To Your Casual Demeanor

Libra men are very friendly, loving to be around people most of the time. Libras, in general, are naturally nice and friendly, depending on how they think others feel about them. If they feel threatened or insulted, that changes, however. Libra men can get pretty inconsiderate if they feel like you’re being rude or unkind. They will say something that they know will hurt you — and at the time, they won’t feel bad about it. It’s hard to be in a relationship with a Libra man when this occurs. In general and for the most part, Libra men are cool, calm, and collected. They enjoy conversation with others and will most often spend their extra time at a bar, at a sports game, or at a friend’s house.

This Gemini season, Libra men should expect a challenge faced in response to their casual demeanor.

Someone will grow upset with how casual you are about, well, a lot of things. The fact that you are only emotional and exciting when you feel angry gets old for someone close to you. They will ask why you don’t show other emotion or anything, really. This will probably make you angry and something in your life after this confrontation will definitely change.

11Libra Girl Should Be Expecting An Argument With Someone You Are Close To

Similar to your male counterpart, Libra, you should expect an argument with someone close to you, too. It will be for a different reason, however, because your version of “cool, calm, and collected” is really likable and rarely upsets others. Many people enjoy your natural friendliness, your easygoing disposition, and how much you like to make others laugh and smile. Simply, people enjoy you, Libra gal! Similar to a Libra guy, however, you are quick to fight when you feel someone offends you or insults you. You will lash out and make it clear how you feel. You will even insult this person back, most of the time.

This is exactly why this Gemini season you will have an argument with someone you are close to. They will say something rude to offend you and you won’t back down in telling them how you feel in return. This is probably someone you have fought with before or someone that you can expect to argue with, for some reason. It will still upset you, though, and it will take some time to heal this wound. This too shall pass, however, and Cancer season will bring you something new and equally exciting, yet hopefully a lot more fun!

10Scorpio Man Should Be Expecting A New Love Or A New Change In Love

Scorpio men are very opinionated — and sometimes stubborn. Usually, these opinions do come with intelligence, too; they have a lot of good things to say. Scorpio men are persuasive and intense, in all ways. They are intense in their workplace, whether they are sure of how to fix something and forceful about that opinion or just intimidating with how great they are at their job. They are intense in their relationships, too, showing passion in all ways. If he is mad, you’ll know it. If he is sad, you’ll know that, too. He isn’t afraid to express his feelings. He knows he has a masculine strength separate from his emotion — and he doesn’t see it as weak.

This Gemini season, single Scorpio men will be getting a new love in their lives!

This new person will make you feel the passion that you have not felt in a long time — or maybe haven’t EVER felt! If you are a Scorpio man that is dating, you will have something occur that makes you want to marry the person you’re with — or at least take the next step (a key to your house? or maybe a puppy?). In short, there will be a change — a good change — in your love life this Gemini season.

9Scorpio Girl Should Be Expecting A Promotion At Work

Scorpio girls are naturally passionate in all realms of their lives. They are passionate about their creativity; they love to paint, think fantastically, and even doodle during their phone calls to the insurance company or the dentist. Scorpio girls are passionate in their relationships. They really and truly fall for the person they are with and want to shower them with so many wonderful gifts, signs of adoration, and passionate love. They can be negatively passionate, too, in the sense that they can get possessive and jealous easily. In friendships, Scorpio girls are dedicated and also enjoy making their friends feel special. Lastly, Scorpio girls are passionate in their work and career, too. They enjoy being successful; however, a lot of the time, Scorpio girls are more focused on their relationships. This Gemini season, that is different, though!

This Gemini season, the Scorpio girl is actually quite focused on her work. She is hoping to put in an incredible effort and get something back in return (this is the way she feels about relationships usually, too). Scorpio girls — you are in luck! This month, you will get some sort of promotion, or positive return, at work. This will give lots of smiles and happy times ahead for you. Congrats!

8Sagittarius Man Should Be Expecting A Skydiving Adventure… Or Something Like It

Okay, so we know that Sagittarius men really enjoy adventures! Maybe this month they won’t be jumping out of a plane, but something exciting will be happening that is equally thrilling! Let’s dive in…

Sagittarius men are super fun to be around. Their natural curiosity for life is truly admirable, enjoyable, and exciting for others. They naturally attract women because of this. They also have a lot of friends for this reason, too. They are bold and brave — and other men will look up to them. They will always be the life of the party due to that natural charisma and social disposition. Because of this adventurous attitude, Sag men can be pretty careless in their romantic relationships, however. It is hard for them to tie someone down for a long period of time — and usually, they don’t want to. In a professional setting, they show impulsive risk-taking and bold moves that can impress their bosses, but sometimes their dedication wavers, and that can sometimes prevent them from moving up faster than normal.

This Gemini season, the Sag guy should not focus on work or friends; instead, focus on what makes you feel great.

Focus on that adventurous spirit. Something exciting and thrilling will happen for you, putting you straight back to your Sag roots!

7Sagittarius Girl Should Be Expecting A New Friendship In Yoga Class

Are you a Sag girl? Do you love to try new things? Are you naturally open with your new and old friends? Do you enjoy taking on a new role in different parts of your life? Well, this Gemini season you will absolutely be doing those things!

As a Sagittarius girl, you are naturally adventurous and charismatic, just like your male counterpart. You are usually the life of the party thanks to your extroverted ways and social disposition. You flourish most around people; they love you and you love them just as much. You have many friends, obviously, so you almost always have plans with one or many of them.

This Gemini season, the Sag girl will, not shockingly enough, meet a new friend! This will happen in happenstance when you decide last-minute to take a new class. We suspect it will be yoga, but it could be any class that is new and different for you. You’ll really do well and you will find a great and loyal friend that looks up to you and asks for help, thus planting and blossoming a new friendship seemingly overnight! Enjoy this, Sagittarius girl, because it is possible Cancer season will not be so smooth for you…

6Capricorn Man Should Be Expecting A Crazy Night Out

Responsible and naturally introverted Capricorn men just love their routine. They get easily stressed out if something does not go according to plan, specifically their plan. Capricorn guys are also sensible and responsible, like most Earth signs. They know exactly what needs to be done and those things always get done first. In a social setting, a Capricorn man is always down-to-earth and patient. He does not need to be the center of attention, but when something is asked of him, he will have something intelligent and significant to say. He enjoys listening to others and letting them shine. He tends to stay the quiet one of the group.

This Gemini season, the Capricorn guy will do something very unlikely; he is going to, last-minute, of course, have a crazy night out!

He’ll be very unlike himself, starting up conversations with strangers, making people laugh with his hidden wit, and really coming out of his shell. This will give him a long recovery and he will probably not do something like this again for awhile because it severely messes up his routine and the stability of his life. However, Capricorn man, you will have so much fun and remember that night for a long time!

5Capricorn Girl Should Be Expecting A Month Of You

Now that college classes are almost done, the summer is officially here! Capricorn girls were very busy this spring with a ton of work and/or school obligations. Because they are so responsible, all of those things get done before anything else, so they didn’t really have time to focus on friends, a love life, or even themselves. Now that all of that responsibility is winding down, the introverted, sensible, and patient Cap girl will have a lot more time for self-care.

This Gemini season, the Capricorn lady will have a lot more time to focus on herself. What do you want to do? How do you want to spend your time? What do you need to do? Is there anything you need to get done for yourself and for your life? All those obligations took a toll on the time you had for yourself, but now is the chance to catch up! You will spend the whole month focusing on yourself. Finish that book you started reading in October, go lay out on the beach, or get a well-deserved massage. This time is truly the time for youbecause come Cancer season, something in your life will shift in a major way, making more time and more room for something — or someone — else!

4Aquarius Man Should Be Expecting A Breakup

Aquarius men are really hard to read, so in a relationship, you’ll find that it’s hard to really connect with him. He is also introverted, so naturally, it is not easy for him to open up to others. The Aquarius man is also reserved most of the time, making for a pretty shy guy essentially.

However, an Aquarius guy is also incredibly determined. If he truly loves you, he will connect with you and work hard to open up. In the workplace, the determined Aquarius man will work hard and often move up the ranks pretty quickly due to his overwhelming dedication to succeed. He has close friends that understand him and let him be who he is, too.

This Gemini season, Aquarius guy, you’re going to have a hard time in your love life.

You’ve been busy all winter and the woman you are seeing will want more from you now that you’re not as busy anymore. You, unfortunately, will not have that time to give because Spring means you can put more work and time into your career — which you will absolutely do. This girl being clingy during an important time in your career will make you realize she is not the right match. You’ll have to break up with her, sadly. If you are a single Aquarius guy, you should focus on your work, as your love life will not be flourishing this month.

3Aquarius Girl Should Be Expecting Trouble With A Friend

Aquarius girls are similar to their male counterparts in that they are very focused on their career. They are very determined to be successful and spend a lot of time focusing on that, whether it means extra classes after work or more books to read to better her knowledge. She is also introverted, reserved, and has a lot of inner demons, so focusing on work is a great way for her to keep her mind off of those things.

This Gemini season, the Aquarius girl will be so focused on her career, she will not have a lot of time for a love life or really even for her friends. She is incredibly loyal, but also unreliable at times. In this instance, she is unreliable due to her dedication to her career. (In general, though, the Aquarius girl is unreliable when she is feeling down or sad, too.)

Somehow this month, with all the work you’ll be doing, a friend will slip through the cracks. He or she will grow offended that you are not putting any time aside for them; they may not understand that you’re dedicated working as much as you’re dedicated to being there for them. You may try to salvage it, but there is probably no use. Just rest assured in the fact that you want people in your life that understand your strong dedication to success — and the right people will stay.

2Pisces Man Should Be Expecting More Time To Get Back To You

How cheesy for a guy, right? But for the Pisces guy, it really does fit. Pisces guys are very emotional and sensitive. They feel everything very fully, similar to the other water signs. The Pisces guy within a relationship is also incredibly thoughtful, always working hard to provide for his significant other. Single Pisces men are just as thoughtful, as they are constantly trying to find a girl to love, showering those they meet with significant and kind words, hoping to connect with someone to build a strong foundation for a relationship.

The last few seasons have been rough for the Pisces guy. He has been so focused on his responsibilities and his need to please others that he has failed to focus time on himself. We all need self-care and downtime for ourselves, right?

This Gemini season, the Pisces guy will get more time for himself!

It is time to strike up a new hobby, finish an old project, or just take some time doing whatever you want to do! If you are in a relationship, your significant other will understand (they see how lost you have been recent). If you are single, you never know — this could be the perfect time to meet someone new!

1Pisces Girl Should Be Expecting A Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Pisces women are naturally creative. They enjoy finding ways to allow their creativity to shine, whether that is starting a blog or writing a book, or simply just finding a new recipe or teaching a new lesson in their classrooms. Pisces women are also sensitive and have idealistic ideas of how their world should end up. They can have unrealistic expectations of their love lives or their friendships, but as time goes on, the hope is that the Pisces woman matures enough to understand that not all that glitters is gold.

This Gemini season, the Pisces girl will have some way to jump out of her comfort zone. This is a good thing! It could be as simple as trying a new food, attending an event she typically would not go to, or painting on a canvas with colors she has never tried before. On the other hand, it could be something big like starting a blog, going on her first solo trip, or trying a new spin class! Whatever the case, this Gemini season will be exciting for you, Pisces girl! This whole month will give you time to truly reflect on what it means to live. This will be just in time for Cancer season, as something new and exciting may come for you then, too!

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