Industries I, A Millennial, Have Personally Killed

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Industries I, A Millennial, Have Personally Killed

Noting Telephone Calls From Unlisted Telephone Numbers Industry

Doing Various Fitting Heaps Of Clothing As opposed to Compelling An Indecent Measure Of Garments Into My Building’s Shared Clothes washer Industry

Basing My Life Decisions And Choices On Truth And Rationale As opposed to My Zodiac Sign Industry

Reacting To My Father’s Writings About My Medical coverage Plan Industry

Having the capacity To Tune in To A Full Tune Completely Industry

Really Watching The Full 17 Minutes Of A John Oliver Video Somebody Sent Me Saying I “Absolutely Need To Watch This” And Participating In An Appropriate And Illuminating Discourse As opposed to Simply Overlooking The Video Completely And Reacting With A Conventional “OMG” Industry

Keeping up A Solid Association With Nourishment Industry

Beginning to look all starry eyed at Achievable Individuals Industry

Getting News From Anyplace Other Than Twitter Industry

Utilizing Wikipedia As A Hotspot For General Learning Instead of A Dark Gap Of Sequential Executioner Actualities Industry

Wearing Garments That Are Complimenting And Fitting For My Body Industry

Fixing The Broken Light In My Washroom Inside A Proper Time allotment Rather than Simply Utilizing My iPhone Spotlight For Actually Weeks Industry

Recognizing What Cleaning Is Industry

The Whole Lodging Industry!

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