If your relationship is in danger of failing, you can do the following to save it

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March 10, 2019
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If your relationship is in danger of failing, you can do the following to save it

To be honest, relationships are not complicated at all.

But humans are the ones who make a problem of everything. They have the habit of complicating their lives too much. They block up every situation and make mistakes. They lie, cheat and break their promise.

As a result, it is not the relationships but the people who fail.

I admit that not all people are compatible. And for some relationships you know that they will not work from the start. Since some things in life are just as they are, we can not do anything to change them.

But many relationships do not fail because the people in them are not suitable for each other, but because they do not make an effort.

You can say that you are not ready. You can say that you are not in the right place at the right time and you need more time to focus on yourself and your personal goals. And I am sure that at least some of these excuses are true.

But you have to understand a simple fact: YOU are the one who does not try. YOU are not in the right place at the right time. YOU are the one who focuses only on their own goals. YOU are the one who breaks the poor guy’s heart.

Some relationships can not be saved, but some are. So how can you do that? How do you save a relationship that threatens failure? How can a couple stay together when things are already starting to fall apart?

The only thing you have to do to give your relationship a chance is to start making an effort.

You have to try to make it work. You have to do everything honestly, completely and lovingly that is in your power to make it work.

You’re a selfish person if you think you’re always right.

Since you’ve partnered, you think that’s why your relationship is difficult. You must realize that you can not be a priority in a relationship, but you and your partner must have the same rights.

If you two have the same rights, then what you want is not as important as what the relationship needs. And obvious problems arise if your wishes do not match the wishes of your partner.

If what you want differs from what the relationship and your partner need, what should you do?

In that case, you have to compromise, because that’s the key to any healthy relationship. Without compromise, the relationship becomes one-sided, with only you getting what you want and living the life you want to live. But your partner must not express any wishes and only listen to what you have to say.

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Therefore, if you want to save your relationship, you need to neglect yourself a little so that your partner can fulfill his wishes.

For example, to make your partner happy, you have to try to look at the movie you would normally never watch in your life, or go to a concert you do not like at all.

You will have to learn that just being happy is not enough. Because happiness is only a small part of what makes a perfect life.


True love means loving someone so much that you can only be happy if you make your partner happy. If you want your relationship to work, you need that kind of love.

This love may seem one-sided to you, but that is certainly not the case. Because if you focus on the happiness of your partner, then he should focus on yours as well. That means you have to be best friends, confidants, consultants, and biggest fans.

When things become difficult in a relationship, we tend to create space, retreat, and focus on how we feel. We focus on how we see the relationship. We focus on all the things that we believe do not work. In short, we only think about the negative things.

But how can you expect something to work if you do not talk about your problems? How can you expect things to clear up without sharing your feelings with your partner?

So stop focusing on the negative and learn to be positive. Your relationship will not have a rosy future if you’ve already given it all up. And if you’ve already given up on your relationship, how can you say you’re trying to make it work?


To be honest, sometimes you are not the only problem in the relationship and you alone can not solve the situation. It’s important that you both want it to work and you both try to make it work. You have to work like a team.

You can go through life alone, but I do not recommend that to you. Not that you could not do it on your own, but it’s much harder to master that.

Because life is incredibly difficult, why should you make it even harder? To have someone by your side who walks with you through thick and thin is what makes us human.

People are not destined to live alone but to love and be loved. That’s why we need love in our lives.

You and your partner are certainly anything but perfect. You are both human and it is human to make mistakes. You’ll tease, annoy and maybe even make you cry.

It’s not easy to have a relationship, but if you stick together, it’s possible that it works.

You just have to stop making excuses and start investing a lot of effort in them. Stop looking for reasons why you should give up and instead find a reason why the relationship should work.

You may think that you would be happier in another relationship, but if you leave your partner, no one can guarantee that you will be together again. If you want your relationship to work, you have to do your best.

No man has the right to demand more from you than your best. And if you do not give everything of yourself, then you are the one who is to blame for everything.

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