I would rather fall in love with a clinging man than with a distanced person

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I would rather fall in love with a clinging man than with a distanced person

Any woman who begins to think about a relationship already has an idea of ​​what the perfect partner must be. While the one just wants to have fun and does not like to show her feelings, the other wants a man who is always there for her and showering her with love.

Every woman longs for attention, affection and tenderness. If I had to tell you something about my ideal partner, then he would be a perfect mix between a clinging and one who is aloof.

But if I had to make a decision between a decent man and a distanced person, I would definitely fall in love with the decent man.

Because everyone around me knows what kind of woman I am. I am a woman who will always choose love and affection above everything else. I have never been content with a man who is distanced in my life. I can not imagine being with a man who can not express his true feelings or push me away.

The people who know me know that I am a wild, strong and passionate woman. When it comes to love, I love with all my heart. Because I put all my soul in her. And I could never pretend to be the opposite of who I really am.

In other words, I am an open book. I am very open emotionally and I believe that love should have no limits. It should never be displaced or impaired. Because life is too short to suppress longings, not to live out passion and to hide feelings. We’re just living this one life, so why not invest our time in true love?

Therefore, if I had to choose between an overly affable partner and one who is aloof, I would always choose the first one.

I am well aware that a devoted person can sometimes be hard to love. It can sometimes feel overwhelming and you have to fight for a little space to breathe. I know that sometimes you have to go to extra lengths to deal with your love.

But I just can not afford to spend my time with someone who makes me wonder if he likes me or not, forcing me to rethink his behavior, or even bothering to to show his true feelings. Why should I be with someone who makes me feel like a plague only when I mention an extra date?

I once had a friend who was very nice and whom I really liked, but never got more than two dates a week. I’m sure he did not cheat on me, but he had such a strange panic about spending more time with me, but his buddies had that privilege.

When I asked him on one of our dates if we could meet again the day after tomorrow, his reaction was a tormented expression and the words,  “Please, do not do this to me.”

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– Oh, okay … do not stress, have a nice life! (- Of course I should have said at that moment, but I was a very insecure girl at the time, but when I found my self-confidence, I said good- bye to him and to everyone else of that nature .)

And that’s why I would always opt for a clinging partner. Because, in my opinion, it’s better to be with someone who’s showering me with his affection around the clock, than with a man who keeps bringing me to everything he says and every move he makes Ask a question.

I want a man who is willing to pay attention to me again and again.

He who gives me flowers without giving a reason. Spontaneously taking a trip with me and saying “I love you” every day . Where I always feel well cared for and together we form a team.

I think I want a man every other woman dreams about. I need a man who makes me his priority. One who is not afraid to put me first. One that will be there for me forever, especially when life seems hard to cope with. I need a man who will face up to all obstacles just to show me that he can protect me most of all.

One who will be my best friend and go through thick and thin with me. One who will not let something or someone separate us. One who will protect our love and fight for it. A man who will not be ashamed to be open to me and show all his feelings.

I need a guardian and not a man who makes me feel completely confused and confused by his side.

When I have a relationship, I do not want to doubt anything. I do not want to question everything. I do not want to force a man to love me and show it to me. I do not want to and have no time for any games. I do not want a relationship where I have to beg my partner to give me a little love, warmth and care.

Should I be portrayed as a spoiled princess, only when I say that I feel neglected. A relationship in which you are neglected and taken for granted is not a right relationship. I do not want to struggle every day with the fear that he might leave me. I’m too sorry for that, because after so many disappointments, I finally deserve to experience true love. I deserve to be happy, and you too!

A man should feel happy to have a gracious wife in his life and to fight for it every day.

I just want a man who takes me as I am. One who loves me and chooses me every day.

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