How You Handle Jealousy In Your Relationship, According To Astrology (His & Hers)

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How You Handle Jealousy In Your Relationship, According To Astrology (His & Hers)

Jealousy is an emotion that many of us just plain don’t know how to deal with. For some people, jealousy is just something that’s a part of life and they’ve learned how to deal with it a long time ago. For other people, jealousy almost never happens to them, but when it does, it’s basically a foreign concept to them and they really have no clue how to deal with it. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed with jealousy if it’s not something you know how to deal with. This is true regardless of your gender: men and women are both affected by jealousy. You can tell a lot about how people handle jealousy by their zodiac sign. That being said, different zodiac signs handle it in a different way

Men and women of different signs can handle jealousy in radically different ways. Sure, some signs handle jealousy similarly, but most of the time that’s not the case. You might be a sign where the men don’t care about being jealous but the women do or vice versa. Either way, it’s important to know how jealousy affects you and how you engage with other people. Here’s how every sign handles jealousy in their relationships, according to their zodiac sign. Make sure you also check out your moon sign and the sign of the person you like to make sure you both are compatible!

24Aries Man: Either Doesn’t Care Or Gets Red-Hot Angry About It

An Aries man tends to either be at zero or sixty. He does things in extremes because that’s just what makes sense to him. If he’s upset about something, he’ll show it, and if he’s happy, he’ll show that too. If he’s feeling jealous, chances are he’ll really show his aggressive side then because he cares. That being said, he could also just not care about jealousy at all. Some people just don’t have a jealous bone in their bodies, and the Aries man is potentially one of those guys. Basically, an Aries man either has no jealous bone or has a skeleton literally made out of jealous bones. Regardless, expect him to tell you how he feels: he doesn’t play games and expects the people he deals with romantically to do the same.

23Aries Woman: Is Only Mildly Jealous, Except When They Really Like The Person

Aries women also don’t really have time for jealousy because they honestly don’t have too many insecure moments. These women are used to being looked to and being in charge, which has given them a really good sense of self that a little jealousy won’t really mess with. That being said, jealousy can and will trip up an Aries woman if she’s not careful. Luckily for the Aries woman, she’s really good at putting that jealousy in a box in her mind somewhere where it just won’t bother her as much. The only time jealousy will really get under this girl’s skin is when she really, really cares about the person she’s getting jealous over. She’ll try to play it off, but she’s too straightforward a person to not be upfront about how she’s feeling.

22Taurus Man: Deeply Possessive, Can Get A Little Clingy

A Taurus guy is probably the most stubborn person you’ll ever meet in your entire life. If you know a guy who basically plants his feet and makes the world move according to his timetable, even if that timetable goes at a glacial pace, chances are that guy is a Taurus. It’s a little hard to get a Taurus guy to get in his feelings and jealous because he’s going to make a point to be stubborn about showing those feelings to others. However, once he’s put in that headspace, it’s very easy for him to drop that pretense and show people how annoyed feeling jealous makes him. He’ll get pretty possessive and for some girls who aren’t prepared, it might be totally suffocating and even unsettling for them to see him that jealous. He’ll also get pretty clingy.

21Taurus Woman: Will Drop You Like A Hot Potato If She Thinks You’re Inciting Her Jealousy On Purpose

A Taurus woman reacts much the same as a Taurus man does when it comes to jealousy, but there’s a big difference. While a Taurus man might be willing to entertain someone who’s making them jealous on purpose or to make a point, a Taurus woman will never deal with that. The second she thinks that you’re trying to manipulate her by doing that, you’re gone. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it because to her, this is one of the bigger forms of betrayal. Taurus women are very in tune with their emotions, but give them a reason to feel like they shouldn’t have feelings for you anymore and their cold, logical side will come out with the quickness. A Taurus woman won’t cause a scene, she’ll just ghost on you.

20Gemini Man: Actually Pretty Open To Talking About The Situation

Gemini men are totally open about how they feel, at least with their words. They’re good communicators, at least verbally, so they’re the type to tell you if they’re feeling a little uncomfortable with a situation you’re in long before they succumb to something as petty as jealousy. Geminis aren’t necessarily known for their commitment skills, so chances are he’s doing the most to make others jealous without meaning to instead of feeling jealous because someone is doing the same thing they do all the time. If he does feel jealous, though, he’s going to need reassurance. Just know that if a Gemini guy is getting all out of sorts for you, he definitely cares about you more than you’d think, or even more than he’s letting on.

19Gemini Woman: Far More Likely To Be Jealous In Their Friendships Than In Their Relationships

Gemini women tend to be upfront about their jealousy, but they can also be really duplicitous and manipulative about it. The interesting thing about Gemini women is that their most jealous moments often have nothing to do with relationships. I’ve been friends with Gemini women all my life, and it’s been my personal experience that women of this sign will show jealousy over their friends before they do it over a relationship. Looking for an example? I can give you one! My very first friend in the world was a Gemini girl and that ended up souring in grade school when I made friends with a different girl and she went out of her way to be really mean to the new girl. I’ve got a few other stories about my adult friendships but I’m not here to start drama on the internet, I’m here to make a point. Gemini women care about their relationships, but they live more in their platonic friendships.

18Cancer Man: It Would Be Easier To Tell You When They’re Not Jealous

Cancer men are some of the most jealous guys in existence. It would be easier to tell you times when they’re not jealous, but those times are very few and far in between. Full disclosure: my high school sweetheart was a Cancer guy that I am still best friends with. The relationship ended and we entered a weird almost relationship where we’d revisit the idea and try to figure out if we could make things work. It took me a couple of years to realize that the times the guy would want to make it work was during times when he knew I was talking to someone else. Now, this isn’t to say that all Cancer guys operate that way: we were both young and that Cancer guy grew out of that particular bad habit. However, Cancer guys tend to be very jealous because they’re generally in their emotions a lot.

17Cancer Woman: Tends To Not Say Anything Because She Thinks She’s Overreacting

Cancer women try to be chill about their jealousy because they think that’s what the world needs from them. They’re constantly afraid of being the ones who overreact about things, so they choose to hide their reactions. The problem is that even though you hide your reactions doesn’t mean you’re not having them. That means that with all that jealousy that’s going unexpressed, there’s a lot of resentment going unexpressed as well. The Cancer woman, like everyone else, has a breaking point, and when she hits it, she’ll explode. If she feels like the person she’s getting jealous over is going out of their way to disrespect the relationship they have with her, she’ll feel totally betrayed, and betrayal is one of those things that no Cancer forgives. Needless to say, tread lightly.

16Leo Man: Literally Does Not Care About Being Jealous

A Leo man literally doesn’t give any cares for being jealous or acting jealous or doing anything like that. He’s not jealous of other guys because…why should he be? He’s awesome and other people ignoring that is a failing on their part, not on his. He’s not jealous of people he’s interested in making time with other guys or trying to manipulate him into doing some craziness to prove his love. After all, why would he have to do that? If he has to prove how he feels with some grand gesture, the gesture itself doesn’t mean anything. He’d rather show how he feels in a relationship where both people are appreciated. Chances are there are people out there getting all twisted up trying to get the Leo guy to like them and he knows it.

15Leo Woman: Will Do Whatever It Takes To Become The Center Of Attention Again

A Leo woman knows her worth, but she will absolutely show her jealousy far faster than a Leo man ever will. She likes being the center of attention and while she’s very good about giving other people the spotlight from time to time, the spotlight in a relationship, in her mind, should absolutely be on her. To be fair, she’s right about this on some level. That being said, a Leo woman who’s not willing to drop the person making her jealous for no reason will do whatever’s necessary to put herself back in the limelight again. If she’s feeling jealous, she’ll refuse to hold back because she really doesn’t see a reason to. Her reaction would be the natural consequence of the other person’s behavior. Leo women tend to be more temperamental than most, so expect an explosion.

14Virgo Man: Won’t Say Anything About It, But Will Be Passive Aggressive

Virgo men are the type to keep their emotions in check and go out of their way to focus on other things in a situation where they’re feeling jealous. However, underneath his calm exterior is a lot of jealousy bubbling beneath the surface. He doesn’t like indulging in his jealous side because the emotion just feels like it’s beneath him. That being said, the Virgo man isn’t great at hiding his jealousy, so it will come out from time to time. When it does, it comes off a lot like passive aggression. He won’t freak out and go into beast mode willy-nilly, but he will be very distant and aloof and basically give the person the cold shoulder. He’ll take the time to thoroughly investigate what’s going on and if he finds things he doesn’t like, the trust is basically gone for him.

13Virgo Woman: Knows Her Worth, Will Not Bother With Jealousy Under Any Circumstances

Virgo women aren’t strangers to jealousy, but the difference between a Virgo woman and other women is in the way that a Virgo woman handles her jealousy. She makes the choice to acknowledge that jealousy is an issue that’s solely hers to deal with, and that helps inform the mature way that she handles things going forward. A Virgo woman will drop a person trying to make her jealous quickly if they’re being manipulative or purposeful about it. However, if the reason why she’s jealous actually comes from an innocent place, she’ll give them a chance to make it up to her before she completely cuts ties. Virgo women handle most things logically, including jealousy, which makes them some of the low-key scariest women to cross.

12Libra Man: Tends To Rationalize Their Jealousy Away Even At The Worst Of Times

Libra men are the type to act like they’re too cool to be jealous. They’re not, but they’re very good at playing the part if they feel like they have to. Libra men want two things more than anything else in the world: they want to be liked and they want to avoid conflict. Libra women are the same way but they’ll get their hands dirty way before a Libra man does. Unfortunately for Libra men, they do get jealous a lot, so they spent a lot of time just trying to rationalize that jealousy away because they don’t necessarily want to rock the boat. They’ll do this long after another man would have gotten fed up with the whole charade because Libra men are particularly good at rationalization. However, when the illusion breaks and the Libra man realizes the person trying to make him jealous isn’t worth it, he’ll ghost faster than anyone else, looking for greener pastures.

11Libra Woman: Will Get The Other Person Jealous Right Back

Libra women also like being liked and dislike conflict, but they’re far more willing to get their claws out and play dirty. When the Libra woman feels jealous, chances are she’s going to try and beat you at your own game, and to be honest, she’s capable of winning and making you chase after her instead. Libra women are charismatic and classy as a rule, so it’s not a lot of trouble getting people to like her. Before you know it, you’re trying to get her back instead of doing whatever you were doing. Basically, if you’re trying to play games with a Libra woman, just don’t do it. She’ll ruin you and make you look like the bad guy while she does it.

10Scorpio Man: Becomes Downright Scary, Will Ruin Your Life Over Something Minor

Scorpios, as a rule, are the most jealous signs. This is just how things are. A Scorpio man’s jealousy can be downright scary for those who don’t know how to handle it, which is why a lot of astrologers tell women to proceed with caution when it comes to a Scorpio guy. Scorpio guys are intense and passionate, and that comes with a lot of jealousy, and they can even end up getting really possessive over the people they date. Scorpio guys aren’t just jealous of the people that are current threats to their relationship, they’re jealous of total strangers and the people you dated years ago. Scorpios, in general, live their lives in such a way that they’re used to feeling lots of feelings, so they’re very good at pushing those feelings into more productive areas of their lives. If he feels like they’re being crossed or betrayed, he will stop at nothing to make sure you regret it.

9Scorpio Woman: Becomes The Equivalent Of An FBI Agent Tracking Down A Suspect

A Scorpio woman might not be quite as possessive of the people in their lives as a Scorpio man, but she has a jealous streak a mile wide and is absolutely the most jealous out of the women of the zodiac. While Scorpio men can be very overtly scary when it comes to expressing their jealousy, a Scorpio woman might not show how she feels at first. That’s because she’s methodically getting to know the situation and getting to know you. She’s learning about everyone you ever dated and how you conduct yourself in different places. She’s probably checking you on on social media too, so don’t think you’re safe there. When she knows she has you where she wants you, she’ll track you down and make you tell her just what is going on. Basically, be upfront with a Scorpio woman, if not for her sake, then for your own.

8Sagittarius Man: Doesn’t Care, Probably Has A Ton Of Other Things On The Side

A Sagittarius man doesn’t actually have the word “jealousy” in his vocabulary. Chances are if he’s felt jealous about something, it’s been mild and he hasn’t felt the need to entertain that feeling or go crazy over it. It’s just not in his nature to. It’s not that he doesn’t care about the people trying to make him jealous or anything, it’s just that he knows that if anything’s really going on, he’s gone without asking any questions. Because he knows that, he doesn’t need to actively worry about anything going on because he already knows how he’s going to proceed. If you’re dealing with a Sagittarius guy and you feel like he’s feeling jealous, just talk to him about it. He’ll be upfront about it and whatever insecurity he feels will go away because you guys talked about it.

7Sagittarius Woman: Can Go From Zero To 100 In .57 Seconds

A Sagittarius woman is a little bit of a contradiction when it comes to jealousy. She’s impulsive and a free spirit and isn’t jealous most of the time. Honestly, she’s too busy thinking about other things to remember jealousy is even a thing a lot of the time. However, a Sagittarius woman does have a real problem with betrayal in a relationship because it takes her a while to actually commit to someone, to begin with. When she does feel jealousy, she basically just goes with it and can be one of the more frightening women of the zodiac in jealous mode. Basically, picture a jealous Sagittarius woman as an emergency system for a natural disaster. Not the natural disaster, mind you, just the emergency system. 99% of the time it’s inactive and not doing anything, but during that other 1%, chaos and madness are ensuing.

6Capricorn Man: Buries Themselves In Their Work And Refuses To Talk About Things

A Capricorn man can be a very jealous person, but he chooses to handle it in a different way. He’s the type to retreat into his own thoughts and everything else he’s doing rather than address the situation. Addressing the situation means acknowledging how he’s feeling and honestly, he can have a real problem with that. Capricorn men aren’t jealous all the time or anything, but when it does happen, he doesn’t get passive aggressive about it. He simply refuses to give the feeling any attention and in his mind, the jealousy is gone. Because of how his mind works, the jealousy is gone, too. Other people might find this coping mechanism weird, but it works for him and to him, that’s what matters. He’s going to want to work the situation out eventually, though: Capricorn men don’t fall in love often or easily so they will try and fix things before walking away.

5Capricorn Woman: Will Be Jealous For Five Seconds, Then It’s Over

Capricorn women don’t get jealous too often, but if they do, they’re like their male counterparts in the sense that they won’t talk about it. They’ll sulk a little about it, but then they’ll move on, either from the relationship or from the feeling. The Capricorn woman tends to dismiss her jealousy not because she feels like she shouldn’t be feeling it but because it’s irrational to feel it. The good thing about her jealousy is that she’ll feel it for a short while, but that feeling peters out quickly. She doesn’t feel the need to dwell on the feeling for a few reasons. One: doing so is taking time away from actual important things that need doing. Two: she wouldn’t be in a relationship with the person at all if she didn’t feel like she could trust them. Three: she doesn’t tolerate shadiness so if things got really bad and she felt like the trust was gone, she would be as well.

4Aquarius Man: Will Either Get Over It Quickly Or Dump Them Immediately And Move On

Aquarian men tend to operate in two ways when it comes to jealousy depending on their personality in general. The first option is that he just get over it pretty quickly without needing too much encouragement or any sort of outside influence to let it go. The other option is that he’ll just walk away from the situation, not because he doesn’t want to deal with the betrayal or because he’s upset about it, but because he doesn’t want to get in the way of what’s clearly going on with them. Aquarians tend to be really unpredictable when it comes to their emotions and don’t really show them to people, to begin with. Aquarian guys are no exception: they’re not the type to show their real selves for a while, and if they do, it’s because the person they’re getting open with has earned their trust. If he’s actually willing to work on what’s going on, he’s in it for the long haul, but more often than not he’ll just leave without much of an explanation.

3Aquarius Woman: Had To Have The Concept Of Jealousy Explained To Them, Since It’s Truly An Alien Concept

Aquarian women tend to handle jealousy similarly to their male counterparts, but more often than not, jealousy is just an alien concept to them. Full disclosure: I’m an Aquarian woman and jealousy used to be foreign to me. Sure, there have been moments where I’ve felt insecure in my relationships or felt like something was going on behind my back, but it didn’t feel like most people have described jealousy. Rather, it just felt like I was feeling insecure and it was my problem rather than something I needed to confront someone over. I had to be sat down by a good friend after a long relationship ended, and that friend explained to me that the red-flag feelings I’d been dealing with in that relationship had been jealousy, and that jealousy was trying to tell me to walk away from the relationship. Nowadays things are different for me and if I’m feeling jealous, I’ll talk about it. Most Aquarian women would do the same, although most would do it not going so long without internalizing the concept of jealousy like I did.

2Pisces Man: The Least Jealous Man To Ever Exist, But Will Sulk About It If It Does Happen

While some individuals are the least jealous individuals of the zodiac, the least jealous sign, in general, would have to be Pisces. The Pisces man is one of the least jealous of the zodiac by far, and that’s because of his deeply empathetic nature. Pisces guys might not be the least jealous, but they are by far the most romantic of the zodiac, so chances are he’s going to combat competition in his relationship by sweeping you off your feet.  He can put himself in the shoes of other people more easily than other men of the zodiac so when he feels jealous, his compassion will kind of guilt him out of that reaction. That being said, if he does get jealous, he’s going to sulk about it. These are emotional guys, and they deal with jealousy with emotional outbursts of sadness rather than anger. Pisces guys expect loyalty because they’re so quick to give it, so if you’re dealing with a Pisces guy, show him the same things he’s showing you.

1Pisces Woman: Will Dedicate Their Lives To Destroying The Offending Thing Or Person

Pisces women aren’t necessarily the most jealous women in the world: if anything Pisces women are no strangers to inciting jealousy in other people. However, when she feels jealous and she knows something is wrong, she’s going to stop at nothing to make sure the offending thing or person is destroyed beyond recognition. Pisces women are low-key some of the most savage women of the zodiac, and that’s how they handle jealousy. Unlike the Pisces man, their compassion doesn’t guilt them out of feeling jealous for no reason, and if it does, that reaction goes right out the window if she realizes something truly shady is going on. Basically, if you’re playing a Pisces woman right now, you might not have revenge exacted upon you today or tomorrow, but it’ll happen sooner or later and you won’t be happy about it.

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