How You Handle Breakups Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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How You Handle Breakups Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign says a lot about you and what you are like in relationships.  You always see the positives of the zodiac when you’re in a relationship, but what about when someone breaks up with you?  Take a look at our list of how you handle a breakup based on your zodiac sign!

An Aries will break up with you out of the blue for no reason, and then a few weeks after want you back.

Taurus will just change their relationship status on Facebook and then block your number…talk about shady.

Geminis will just find someone new and then insist that you were actually never really together.

Cancer will become besties with your mom, have her break up with you, and still shop with her on the weekends just to spite you.

Leos will destroy everything you love starting with what’s left of yours in their apartment. They will then find a way to publicly embarrass you, because of their dramatic flair.

Virgo will go all Mean Girls on you and try to drive you out of town.

Libras will say it’s over but just won’t let it go. It’s all fun and games until they crash your wedding a year later.

Scorpio will do something devious (**cough** burn your house down **cough**) and then stalk you while you try to piece together the remnants of your recently-cremated life.

Sagittarius will suggest an open relationship instead of breaking up.

Capricorn will ask you for a list of perfectly logical reasons you two should break up. If they are not satisfied, they’ll be picking you up for dinner tomorrow.

The Aquarius will just simply tell you “Let’s just be friends,” then they will sleep with your friends.

Pisces will guilt you into feeling like a douche, then somehow convince you to get back with them just so they can dump you.

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