How Venus Moving Into Scorpio Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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How Venus Moving Into Scorpio Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

During early November, Venus moves into Scorpio. Venus, the planet of love, will leave behind peaceful, balanced Libra and move into the deep passionate waters of Scorpio where she’ll be challenging us to risk everything for what sets our hearts on fire.

Venus is the planet that rules how we love and also how we want to be loved. Depending upon where Venus is in our birth charts, we all approach the magic four letter word differently, but when she transits through different zodiac signs, we also are pushed to move through our own phases as well.

t’s this combination of heavy Scorpio energy that will be pushing us to step into that frontier where it’s either all or nothing.

We often become caught between worlds, decisions and even people. Sometimes we battle with these choices and situations, and for others, it seems like they happen for a very specific purpose. The questions isn’t what is happening as much as why your soul sought out the lessons it has. Why are you now in a situation where it seems there is an all or nothing agenda?

Ironically, we sometimes approach this standard as a negative one because we outright assume that it means we will be left with nothing; in fact, to get it all is just as likely. In order to move successfully with this transit we have to make the choice to not keep any secrets from ourselves, even if we have those that we might not want to world tweeting about.

At the very least, we have to keep it 100 percent with ourselves. If we can get real with ourselves, we also step into the position of owning our story which means we then let ourselves take the director seat of our own life; no more playing second hand to someone else’s dreams.

We have to believe that it’s possible to have it all, even if that version differs from how we expected our lives to go. But there’s another important part of all of this that Scorpio is assisting us with: we can’t actually have it all if we don’t find the words to say what it is we want.

Even on the small scale with ourselves, if we don’t speak up and hold the truth in our hearts, there isn’t any way that anyone else would ever be able to sit with our truth either. If we can’t be real about what we want, then we also don’t stand a chance of actually achieving it.

This month isn’t just about love, but about those deep soulmate connections like twin flames. November is twin flame month; pair that with Scorpio season and Venus entering into the same sign and it is like giving us a one-way road into the kind of love there is no returning from.

The kind that marks a before and after in our lives; the one that we’ll never be the same again because of. It’s this energy that’s going to be pushing us past our normal comfort levels and igniting the spark inside to speak up for what it is that we need from the people in our lives that we are the closest to.

The scariest part of getting to the point where a situation has to be all or nothing is because deep down, most of us fear getting it all more than we do losing it. Yet, if we remain afraid to get what we want, it’s because there is still a part of us that doesn’t think we are worthy of it.

So, maybe Venus moving into Scorpio isn’t just about being able to go deep emotional and sexually with our partner, but also with ourselves. Sometimes it’s not enough to just say how far we’ve come; sometimes we actually have to just step up and prove it.

Because we really can have it all, but only once we believe that we can.

Kate Rose is an artist, free thinker, lover, writer, passionate yogi, teacher, life coach, mentor, mother, rule breaker and rebel. She truly believes the best is yet to come and waits, with bated breath, to see what it may hold.

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