How To Lose Him And How To Keep Him Based On His Zodiac Sign

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March 31, 2019
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How To Lose Him And How To Keep Him Based On His Zodiac Sign

A man is full of secrets. We don’t mean that in the negative sense, but, just like us, men have intricate ins and outs of their soul and their heart — even their personalities — that make things a little confusing at times. We all know they wouldn’t usually admit it (save for our Pisces man, maybe), but sometimes they have trouble dealing with their emotions, too.

When it comes to relationships, each zodiac sign is very different. Some men really lay it all out there for their significant other, while others have a hard time just being able to speak their feelings over something simple. They all dedicate their time, their heart, and their love in a different way, too, but we can all appreciate it for various reasons. Each man, however, has a clear-cut line of morals and reasons as to which he may leave you or stay with you. Further, when it comes to losing or keeping your man, their zodiac sign plays into this in a very detailed way.

Below we outline how to lose him and how to keep him, based on his zodiac sign. The answers may surprise you. So read on to find out more!

16Water Signs: Be Faithful

Water signs, in general, are incredibly sensitive and emotional. They are also idealistic, so often times their heads are in the clouds dreaming up some perfect situation or moment, whether it’s between themselves and their friends, something romantic, or a travel getaway they wish to experience. When it comes to love specifically, however, water signs are very loyal. Further, they expect that loyalty in return, almost ten-fold. They also idealize the person they’re with, so they usually are blind to someone that is disloyal.

They tend to need a friend or a reality check to let them know that things are not right.

Often times, water signs are like this in all relationships.

You’ll see below that each one needs specific things in order to be kept happy and thriving. In general, they are all connected to being faithful in some way. For a Pisces, you’ll see that loyalty and equality in a relationship is number one. For Scorpio men, it’s clear that the passion is what needs to be equal. Lastly, for Cancer men, they need you to be sure of them and your relationship, because they aren’t quite sure of themselves all the time.

Read below to find out more!

15Pisces — Loyalty And Bad Treatment

To keep a Pisces guy, it’s quite simple, actually. The Pisces guy really just wants someone that will commit to them, for better or for worse. His number one trait that he requires in a relationship is loyalty in every sense of the word. He will expect it in a physical sense, of course, but he will also expect it emotionally and mentally, too. He wants to be your number one, just as you are and will be to him. Commit to him and you will have no issues with keeping him. He will dedicate himself to you if he truly feels you are dedicated, too.

To lose him, on the other hand, it will be easy if you don’t treat him with kindness and respect. He does not like being roughed up, whether emotionally or physically. He doesn’t like when you talk down to him, especially in a public arena where people can see that you are treating him with disrespect. He will not like arguing, but will often be the one to say sorry so that you can both move on. Just try to be kind and you won’t risk losing this sensitive, emotional, and openly warm and dedicated individual!

14Scorpio — Passion Is Number One, Infidelity Is A No-Go

For a Scorpio man, similar to all of our water signs, that loyalty is the number one thing that will keep him going and keep him loving on you. However, the Scorpio man’s intentions extend further than just a loyalty and dedication to your relationship. He wants someone that has a loyalty to passion. That passion is the most important to him. He wants someone that will never stop giving him special attention, that will always stay faithful, and that will be devoted to keeping that passion alive. If that’s what you think you can be for a Scorpio man, then you’re in business!

On the other hand, something that will lose him quickly is someone being completely unfaithful.

Yes, infidelity is something no one likes, however, a Scorpio man will feel so betrayed that there is no coming back from it. Further, his idea of infidelity could be different than yours. So make sure you stay on the same page with your man to ensure you don’t cross a line that you are not even aware of. The classic Scorpio man is funny, passionate, faithful, and loving, so expect to give the same in return and there should be no problems, right?

13Cancer — Confidence In The Relationship Is Important, The Deal Breaker Is Too Much Emotion

The first word that comes to mind when it comes to a Cancer man? That word is fickle. He is much more indecisive than his female counterpart (not to underestimate her ability to be utterly confused about small — and big — decisions, though). Yes, a Cancer man can be indecisive in some of the worst times of his life- and also in some of the mundane. Either way, when it comes to a relationship, the one thing you need to keep him relates to this in a big way. To keep a Cancer man, because he is so indecisive and confused, you should really have confidence in your relationship and make sure you show that to him. It will reassure him almost daily and it will allow him to grow his confidence, too.

If you plan on losing your sensitively emotional and possibly handsome Cancer guy, it should be quite easy. All you have to do is be clingy, high-maintenance, and all up in his face virtually all of the time. If you do this, you are sure to lose this already indecisive man that is already thinking someone less crazy is around the corner. Do you catch our drift?  We thought so.

12Fire Signs: Easy Ways To Lose Him

Fire signs are inevitably bold, brave, and honestly open in their disposition. You won’t catch one giving you another chance if you wrong him. You won’t find him begging for forgiveness if he hurt you, either.

Trying not to offend or hurt a fire sign is like walking a tightrope; that’s why keeping and losing him draws a very thin line, pun intended.

In many ways, an Aries man might let you in again if he feels you have changed after something bad happens; they are not weak by any means, but they are a little more emotional than their counterparts. But you can be almost certain that your Leo and Sag men will not do the same thing, as they are on to the next one relatively soon if they get hurt or wronged in some sort of way.

Below you’ll read what lines not to cross when it comes to your feisty fire sign men. As you know, a fire sign is in-your-face and overly confident throughout their daily lives and routine, so do not expect tears, but instead, expect anger or complete disconnect. Here are specific ways to keep him, not to lose him, based on his zodiac sign.

11Leo — Don’t Put Him Down, Lift Him Up

A Leo guy is really all about himself, however, he can have a decent and successful relationship just like the rest of us. The thing about a Leo man is his confidence. When men are confident, it easily turns into cockiness, sometimes not even purposefully. Some people just take it that way! If you constantly put a Leo man down, though, don’t expect to stick around for long. He won’t last. Plus, who wants to be in a relationship with someone that does that? Further, a Leo man is smart, so he’ll know if you’re doing it subconsciously or subtly.

It’s best to lift him up, make him feel good. This is not to say that he should not be doing the same for you because, in any relationship, both partners should lift each other up and be there for each other 100%. If you want to keep him though, it’s as simple as lifting him when he is down, treating him equally and without malice, and showing him that you care in the small ways — and even the big ways, too! Leo men are very dedicated to their work and their success, but they will love having you there to take them away from it occasionally, make them feel like they’re on the right path, and give you that love and affection in return!

10Sagittarius — Let Him Be, Don’t Be Clingy

Sagittarius men are very independent. As a fire sign, he is social and charismatic — he is usually always in a crowd of people. The kicker is: most of those people really like him! He is fun to be around and can connect and bond with almost anyone about almost anything. Most fire signs are like this, however, our Sag man is the most extroverted and fun out of them all. In order to keep him in a relationship, it is best to let him be himself in these situations. Further, let him be when he is alone, too. This is not to say ignore him or don’t give him attention, but if he is focused on something or needs time to think if he is upset, let him work through that. He will be back to himself in no time and really appreciate you letting him be during that time.

On the other hand, it is quick to lose a Sagittarius guy if you are super clingy.

In other words, if you constantly need attention from him (whether in a social setting or an intimate one), if you always need the reassurance of his love for you, or if you get angry easily when he is with his friends or co-workers, this won’t last too long. It is best to each have your own life and be together as that added affectionate bonus!Featured Today

9Aries — Don’t Be Negative, He Can’t Handle It Twice

Aries men are the most negative and introverted out of all their fire sign counterparts. They have a hard time being kind when differing opinions come into play and this will reflect in his relationships at times. However, when they commit, Aries men are incredibly loving and devoted. The key to them is to always be positive; do not bring any more negativity into his life as he will shy away from that — because who wouldn’t?

Below is a explains an Aries within a relationship.

According to Astrology Bay:

“Although these individuals may seem emotionally aloof at times, it is truly a privilege to be loved by them (they don’t love easily). When in love, their love knows no bounds (provided you don’t curb their individuality). They will do whatever it takes to love you, support you, and take care of you. Knowing a few true Aries, we can surely say that they will fight with the whole world for someone they truly love. Aries being one of the most loyal beings on earth will follow you [until] the ends of the earth even if no one else does. Although the beginning of a journey with these people may be rocky, as long as you give them their space, these people will be worth cherishing for the rest of your life (they will be there!)”

8Air Signs: Confusions Abound

Air signs are flighty. Despite this, however, they are also incredibly intelligent. Like a Gemini, most air signs are balanced. Think yin and yang… peanut butter and jelly… salt and pepper. For every time an air sign is confused, you can bet that confusion lies between what their heart says and what their head says. They know what is right for them usually, but their emotion doesn’t always reflect that.

A water sign will most always choose emotion over rationale, while an earth sign will always choose what is best despite how they feel.

The air signs constantly go back and forth between these two options.

In a relationship, keeping an air sign man requires a lot less confusion in your mind than you might think. He has a lot of that confusion at times already; you do not want to create more with your drama or your bad attitude. To lose an air sign, on the other hand, would be hard because they do love pretty fully, despite a few shortcomings. There are a few ways to lose them, like being too clingy or too quiet. They need someone that will almost equal them and balance them out (that makes sense right?).

7Gemini — No Drama And Lots Of Socializing

From Astrology Bay, “In love, a Gemini may seem really distant and unattached, but you gotta dig a little deep. With a little understanding of their one-of-a-kind ways and patience, these relationships can blossom into a very loyal, amiable companionship. It is for sure that you’ll never get bored with your Gemini.”

A Gemini is very charismatic and open. Socially, they like a good party and like to let loose. This translates easily into a relationship because they really like to be around people they care about and get along with. To lose a Gemini, being clingy or excessively annoying is a good way to do that. Further, he could love you to the ends of the earth, but who would want to be with someone that only creates and brings drama to his or her life? A Gemini does not like drama and will not allow it around them for too long.

To keep a Gemini, on the other hand, it is good to be similarly extroverted to him. He will have a hard time keeping you happy if he wants to go out with his friends and all you want to do every day is hang out at home. There is nothing wrong with that, but you’ll eventually learn that the two of you are just too different.

6Libra — Let Go Of Your Bad Attitude And Obtain Some Witty Cleverness

In order to keep a Libra man happy within a relationship, it is best to let go of your bad attitude, if you have one, that is. A Libra man is naturally open and friendly, so anyone that questions or challenges that with negativity will not have an easy time winning over his heart. This is the quickest way, in fact, to lose your Libra guy for good. He doesn’t like the drama, similar to most air signs, and prefers to have things in his life easy. He does not like to make things difficult if he doesn’t have to.

On the other hand, being someone that is naturally witty and clever will ensure keeping your Libra guy by your side for good.

He enjoys someone that can be social and easygoing with him. If that is your personality type, you are already halfway there! If you are more introverted and less witty than some, that is okay. An uptight girl will not be someone he jives with, though, so let go of those insecurities or that stress sometimes and just let things be! A Libra man, essentially, wants someone that is charismatic, someone that can let things roll off their shoulders easily, and someone that loves to just have a good time, above all else.

5Aquarius — Get Ready For An Introverted Girl That Does Not Ask For Too Much

An Aquarius man, like his fellow air signs, is very much confused easily. Whether he is choosing his dinner or making a big career move, he will ponder it for a long time. Because of this somewhat frequent pondering, an Aquarius guy is much more reserved than his Libra and Gemini counterparts. He can be outgoing and extroverted when he wants to be, but this is not as frequent as our other air signs. In a relationship, an Aquarius man will prefer you to be more introverted, too. That is an easy way to keep him because he will feel very comfortable with you. He won’t feel forced to go out when he is feeling down or forced to be happy when he simply isn’t. He’ll feel his emotions in a mature way and usually handles them well.

On the other hand, an easy way to lose an Aquarius man is to ask for a lot from him. Again, he has a lot of brooding things going on under the surface, so if you become too clingy, he will get frustrated not being able to handle his own emotions. He’ll be a better partner to you if you allow him to breathe and work through his issues. This way he can help you with yours.

4Earth Signs: No Flights Departing Here

When it comes to relationships, Earth signs essentially need someone that is similarly grounded like them. They cannot handle or understand someone that has their head in the clouds 24/7 (maybe a little bit, but not all the time!). They may be patient with that person, but they will let them go if they come to realize they are just too different from them — and they will come to realize that with time; we are sure of that.

Each Earth sign seems relationships and love similarly, but each one has varying ways that someone can make it or break it with them.

A Taurus, for example, is strong-willed and sometimes even stubborn, so they may stay with someone despite not being completely happy. But if someone is equally as stubborn as them, we don’t think it will last too long. A Virgo, on the other hand, loves someone that can stay in their routine with them because they are so “by the book” with virtually everything in their lives. But they don’t like people that are egocentric (ironically, because they are very critical). Read below to find out more about the grounded and quiet earth sign man in your life.

3Taurus — Dedication, Hold The Stubborn Disposition

As stated above, Earth signs do not like to give in. We mean this in almost every sense of the phrase, readers. They believe they are always right — and have evidence to back that up, usually. In fact, often times they will have several reasons and instances in which their theory or their opinion makes more sense than yours. They are stubborn but knowledgeable. They will not give into temptation (there are rules to follow and they have a responsibility!). Does any of this sound familiar? The one thing that keeps a Taurus guy around is dedication– because if you are a part of his routine and his life, he will do the same for you; he will be dedicated and bonded to you.

On the other hand, an easy way to lose that stubborn Taurus guy is to be equally as stubborn — or maybe even worse! Taurus men do not like to be challenged in any realm. Further, they have a hot-headed and angry disposition quite easily, so challenging them negatively will not do you any good in that relationship. The best way to keep him is to stay dedicated and accept his intelligent demeanor for what it truly is.

2Virgo — Loves A Routine, Hates Someone Egocentric

A Virgo man is overly critical of others but can be equally critical of himself. To avoid this self-criticism, he will strive to live the best possible life. Most of the time, a Virgo man will eat healthily and have several reasons why he does not eat dairy or gluten… these will be scientific reasons, too, because he is smart enough to look into and research these kinds of things, readers! However, when it comes to a relationship, he can be casually cool and confident. He will very much be attentive to your needs and your wants while still trying to please his own needs and desires. To keep a Virgo guy, it is best to enjoy routine as much as he does. Don’t try to change it or dramatize it. Keep it for what it is.

If he gets up at 6 AM and goes to the gym every day, don’t ask him to sleep in until 10 AM and get brunch with you; that is not fair and won’t last.

Go with him — or stay in bed! He won’t mind.

To lose a Virgo guy is simple really — just be very egocentric and full of yourself! Obviously, no one likes someone that only talks about themselves and. because Virgo men are overly critical, he will often disagree with your opinions of yourself and these will cause issues in the relationship. It won’t last long this way, guys.

1Capricorn — Enjoys An Extroverted Opposite, But Won’t Deal With Someone Unpredictable

Capricorn men are simple men. They like people they can talk to about similar interests. They like to keep a consistent routine and predictable schedule, similar to that of a Virgo man. This is because they do not like unpredictability, however. (The Virgo man strictly prefers control.) In a relationship, the Capricorn man enjoys someone who is more outgoing than him. He can appreciate differences and will really attract someone that is extroverted and open to others; it may even push him to be more social, too! This is how you keep him, ladies.

On the other hand, these Capricorn men do not like unpredictability, as previously mentioned. Throw a wrench in their plan or their emotions and they will easily shut down. This is an easy way to lose him! Instead, try to lift him up by warning him of this change you may want to make. “Hey I know we planned to go out to the bar tonight with your friends, but can we meet my friends after — or — can they come to the bar and meet us?” Have a solution to the change that does not stress him out. Otherwise, over time, he will see it as a sign of disrespect. That, readers, will mean doom!

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