How Likely She Is To Chase A Man, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

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March 31, 2019
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March 31, 2019
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How Likely She Is To Chase A Man, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

The idea of “chasing” a man can be a little concerning. With all the dialogue swirling around about only yes meaning yes and ensuring that people take no as the final answer rather than trying harder, à la 1980s teen romance movies, “chasing” someone can get into that questionable territory of pushing too hard and infringing on someone’s personal boundaries. Don’t worry; that’s not what we’re talking about here. None of these signs are bad, and we’ve all faced what it feels like to get rejected. When we’re talking about chasing a man, we’re really talking about how outgoing each sign is.

Are you comfortable spotting someone across a crowded bar, then going up and talking to them? Are you eager to get to know someone with the intention of asking them out? Or do you wait on the sidelines, wishing that that cute person would come and talk to you? That’s what we’re here to help you figure out. The zodiac signs have a lot to say about determination and extroversion, which has helped us rank how likely each sign is to chase a man; that is, how likely you are to go and ask someone out yourself, rather than waiting for the good things to come to you. Neither is wrong, and neither is better than the other. Plus, if you’re one of those less outgoing signs, you might be able to learn a thing or two from the other signs of the zodiac.

16Fire Signs: Passionate, Determined… Fire Signs Are Always Chasing What They Want

Fire signs as a group are VERY passionate people. They know exactly what they want and they’ll go for it, even if the outcome leaves them a little burned. Not only do Fire signs have a unique ability to get angry quick, but they also have the ability to forgive. Grudge isn’t in the dictionary of a Fire sign. When you translate this to the world of love and romance, it’s easy to see why Fire signs top our list of “most likely to chase a man”. Not only are Fire signs totally driven by the passion that love inspires, but they’re also determined enough to fight for anything they want. They’re not afraid to jump on the table and scream “I LOVE YOU”, and they’ll happily ask someone out for coffee, dinner, or a good night at their place. They just always know what they want! That being said, if a Fire sign is rejected they won’t quite believe it at first. They’ll get a little upset, but as soon as the flames burst upwards, the sparks and embers settle on the ground. They won’t blame someone for rejecting them; they’ll just move on to achieve their next goal, and know that things worked out for the best.

15Aries: You Work Hard Chasing Everything, Including Love

Aries is one of the most determined signs. Not only do you know exactly what you’re looking for in life, you fully believe you’re able to achieve whatever it is you’re looking for. Not only do you like hearing the words “you won”, you believe that you deserve to hear it. And, in many cases, you totally do deserve to win. Nobody works as hard as you, and nobody put in as much effort as you. This determination and confidence combined with your passionate approach to life puts you at the top of our list in terms of likeliness to chase a person. If you spot someone across a room, you’re not going to waste time! You’re going to strut your fabulous self over there and strike up a conversation. The rest is up to you; you’re good at taking chances, but figuring out what to do after you’ve taken the chance can sometimes be a struggle. As one of the more impulsive signs, you’re often just making it up as you go along. That’s not a bad thing! Some of the most brilliant decisions are made from impulse. Just make sure that you’re thinking it all through, and that your head and your heart are on the same page.

14Sagittarius: It’s The Chase That Gets You Excited About Relationships

We know, we know… Sagittarius and staying in one place? Impossible. That might be what you think, but we can tell you that it’s actually more likely than you think it is. While Sagittariuses are driven by adventure and the potential of new experiences, they know the value of achieving something they’ve fought for. Sagittariuses are always going to be more excited by the chase than by any other part of the relationship. They love the feeling of working towards something, and are very motivated by the unknown aspect of the outcome; will it work? Will it not? Who knows! A Sagittarius doesn’t necessarily care, as they’ll just keep running forwards. They are impatient, though, and can get annoyed if feelings aren’t being reciprocated, or if the chase just isn’t going the way they want it to go. It’s not that there’s a desire to control it, but everyone likes to be chased back a little… Especially the gorgeous, hardworking Sagittarius. It’s not hard to show the Sagittarius that they’re liked: make them laugh, get them talking, and let them know you’re thinking about them. They don’t like wishy-washy people or people who don’t say what’s on their minds. And if they realize they don’t like you… Well, that chase will go right out the window. They won’t like the relationship if they don’t like the chase!

13Leo: You Love Winning That Game Of Love

Leos aren’t necessarily chasing the person they’re going to spend the rest of their life with. They’re chasing the person they like at the moment, which means it’s more than possible for them to jump ship. While it’s not necessarily the fact that they’re indecisive, they do get tired of playing long, drawn-out games. They like affection, attention, and reciprocity in the chase, which is all contingent on the how the other person feels. Leos like to win. They aren’t as determined as an Aries, and they don’t relish the chase the same way a Sagittarius does. You might call Leo a little bit of a flirt, but can you blame them? It’s so much fun! And the magnetic Leo can get away with it. Everyone wants to get close to them, which means teasing with a bit of a chase is a good way to snag potential partners. At least, according to the Leo, who believes anything worth achieving is also worth fighting for. Oh, and if the Leo decides they don’t like how things are going? They’re not scared at all to pack up and move on, recalibrating and going for a new goal. It’s not a reflection on you, it’s a reflection on Leo’s desire to win that game of love.

12Earth Signs: You Might Be Slow And Steady, But You Never Give Up

Earth signs are not as outwardly passionate as Fire signs, but they’re definitely not the type to sit back and wait. Earth signs are the slow and steady ones out of the zodiac. While Fire signs will strap on some armor and aren’t afraid to throw themselves head-first into battle, Earth signs might take more of a Trojan horse approach. They know the value of putting their heads before their hearts. They’ll play it safe, but they’ll also know when to amp up the passion. Love and romance aren’t big motivators for Earth signs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to chase after those things. Earth signs aren’t great at communicating about their feelings. Things tend to stay locked up in an Earth signs’ heart, which is why they usually play it safe. Trust takes time to build up, and by approaching with caution the Earth sign is more able to grow an acquaintance into a relationship, with less fear of things falling apart. Earth signs don’t waste their energy or their love; if you’re not going to reciprocate, you’re better off ending things with an Earth sign than leading them on. Eventually, they’ll catch wind of what you’re doing, and trust us… You do NOT want to put up with a scorned Earth sign!

11Taurus: Your Love Burns For A Long Time (But You Might Not Chase Him Right Away)

Earth signs aren’t necessarily dreamers. They are, however, cautious. While Taurus folk really like the idea of chasing after someone, it takes them a while to actually go for it. This isn’t a negative; all it means is that they do things in their own time. One of the most luxurious signs, Taurus hates when things get complicated. They would prefer if all of their relationships were easy and straightforward, but that’s not exactly the case. Taurus hates to be surrounded by hate, but will often take themselves out of a negative situation rather than trying to stop it or fight against it. They’re determined though, like all of the Earth signs, and will usually give people a couple chances before writing anyone off. This means that they’re going to hold that candle for their crush for a long time, even if their crush ends up getting with someone else. Hope is a hallmark of the Taurus sign, which is a beautiful thing. They aren’t afraid to hope, and if you’re lucky enough to be chased by a Taurus it means that they see something worth fighting for (and hoping for) in you. Just be prepared for some commitment, as once a Taurus chooses you they’ll make every effort to make things work.

10Virgo: Calculated Efforts Keep Your Chases Short

Ever wonder why Virgos are quiet? It’s because they’re always thinking. Virgos are always in the game, working to get ahead. It doesn’t matter if they want to achieve incredible things in their job or in their love life; they set a goal for themselves, figure out a way to achieve it, and then put that plan into action. It usually works out too! If you aren’t sure whether or not a Virgo is pursuing you, just sit back down and wait. As soon as a Virgo has established that the interest is mutual they’ve started crafting a cunning plan. The great thing about this is that it keeps the chase short. Virgos don’t like to waste their time. As a sign that has a keen mind (and a full schedule), they make the most of their moments. Chasing each other in circles isn’t going to do any good for the Virgo, and might even turn them away from pursuing someone. A Virgo will chase their interest by sending obvious signs. You’re never going to have to guess if they want to sit beside you because they’re just going to ask. Direct, calculated, and a calm chaser… They’ll definitely get what they want.Featured Today

9Capricorn: You Aren’t The Most Optimistic, But When You Want Something, You Go For It

Capricorns are told time and time again that they need to be happier. They need to trust more, to open up more, and to basically fit into the world according to optimists. We think that that’s pretty counterintuitive, as Capricorns are some of the most underrated signs in the zodiac. A Capricorn might not show up smiling, but they will be a pillar of support throughout the hardest times. They’ll always achieve what they’re working towards, and they’ll never try to hold anyone back. They support their friends to a fault and are some of the most loyal folks in the zodiac. Like the other Earth signs, their determination means that they’re going to be able to achieve anything they put their mind to. In the realm of love, this means they’re going to put every effort into chasing the person they want. However, because they have more of a realistic (or pessimistic) lean, they know better than to blindly hope things are going to work out. They’re really, truly going to work for it, and aren’t afraid to fix the problems that arise… Both in themselves and in the relationship. Capricorns might not chase you at a full-out run, but you can bet they’ll catch up one way or another.

8Air Signs: Go-Getting Isn’t In Your Dictionary

If you’re wondering which signs are most likely to accidentally find themselves in relationships, you’ve got them here. Air signs aren’t going to chase anyone, but you know that they’re going to come out on top one way or another. They like to talk to people and get to know people, which many consider outgoing. Deep down inside, though, they’re not going to put themselves out there very often. A trademark of all the Air signs is that they prefer to live in their head. Fantasy is a great thing and gives the ever-thinking Air signs even more to mentally nosh on. They love ideas, and are often going to get stuck thinking about “what if”. From “what if we got married?” to “what if everyone rejects me?” Air signs can take anything and spin it into their best idea yet, or their worst nightmare. Chasing isn’t something they’ll do, but they will happily join you on a run or two. Torn between their head and their heart, you’ll need to woo both the rational and the romantic sides of an Air sign before they’ll give the same courtesy back to you. Trust us, though: it’s worth it to get close to an Air sign. You’ll love their creativity, sensitivity, and open heart.

7Aquarius: You Like Living In Your Dreams (So Much So That Sometimes You Stay There)

Oh, Aquarius… Our quintessential airhead (in the best possible way!) you get stuck living in your fantasies, and can sometimes take a while to come back to the real world. “What if” is your favorite phrase, as we discussed in the point above. Air signs are smart, which is why you can’t help but think of every possible option. All these options wind up getting spun out of control in your imagination, which can make every glance, smile, and “thank you” feel like the start of a new, torrid romance. We love this fact about Aquarius, and anyone who’s interested in this sign should also learn to love it. Their imagination is huge because it matches their capacity for love. If you haven’t learned by now, Aquarius is one of the most caring signs you’ll meet. They appreciate a good discussion and are compassionate to other points of view. This means that their idea of a chase is going to look more like casual conversation and chance meetings than a pre-planned, calculated endeavor. They’ll try their hardest to keep their fantasies to themselves, but it’s hard to keep that kind of love under wraps. If you start a chase, you’re soon going to find that they’re head over heels for you (and totally loving it).

6Gemini: Sometimes Your Indecision Leads To Inaction… And Sometimes, You Go For It!

Geminis know the drill: you make a choice, you can’t decide, you make another choice, you rethink it… The cycle of indecision goes on and on, and it’s anything but fun. The way Geminis combat this is to do one of two things. Either they don’t do anything, or they go for something full speed ahead. Geminis were put in the middle section of our list because of this fact. While they won’t always chase someone, when they do it’s a full-out, lion-after-zebra kind of chase (but with more consent and kindness, of course). Geminis are thoughtful and get stuck trying to figure out which idea to follow. This sign has so many thoughts and feelings it can be hard to figure out which one they want to go for. Every decision has a different choice, and when a Gemini’s emotional state changes from hour to hour, it can be hard to stick with just one choice. If you’re getting pursued by a Gemini, make sure to communicate to them exactly how you feel and what you need. And if you’re chasing a Gemini, don’t be discouraged if they hesitate at first… They’re just trying to decide. Either way, Geminis are going to light up your life with all of their ideas; don’t be scared to pursue something with them.

5Libra: You’ll Only Chase If You Can See You’re Getting Chased Back

Fair is fair is kind of the motto of a Libra. You might not believe that they’re keeping score, but they usually are (especially in the early phase of a relationship). Libras like everything to be fair. They won’t allow anyone to get treated badly and aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Libra are passionate people, but that passion comes out in measured, controlled amounts. They don’t always mean to keep a tally sheet in their head, but sometimes it just happens. Part of the reason they’re so careful is to counteract their emotions. Libras are actually very emotional creatures and can get stuck in a tug of war between wants. They’re careful to make objective decisions because of this, believing that they can make a satisfying choice despite the war raging in their hearts. Due to this fair and square approach to life, they’re not going to chase you if they’re not seeing reciprocation. You need to put just as much effort into chasing them as you want to receive back; they’re not scared to chase after someone, they just want to know that their effort isn’t going to go to waste. Trust us, you won’t believe how sweet a Libra can be!

4Water Signs: You’re “Mysterious” Which Means You Usually Wait For People To Come To You

Finally, we’ve come to our Water signs. It’s not that water signs aren’t willing to go for someone. They just don’t find it necessary. A lot of the time Water signs stumble across romance. Love is one of the biggest motivators for a Water sign, much more so than any other thing in their life. Whether that means love from their family or romantic love from the person they’re dreaming about doesn’t matter. The love that they’re looking for can be found anywhere that the Water sign is because the love is within them. Water signs have such a deep capacity for emotions that they often out-feel those around them. Sometimes they get a little nervous about that and will opt to keep their emotions inside rather than wearing them on their sleeves. This can be seen as being mysterious, but it’s really just caution. This goes hand in hand with the fact that they’re not going to chase you. Water signs aren’t going to strap on the hiking boots and traverse your love mountain; they’re going to wait at the bottom of the hill for you to show up. You’re going to have to pursue them if you want to start something with a Water sign. At the end of the day, that’s not the worst thing in the world. You’ll know that their emotions are real, and they’ll know that they can trust you to fight for the relationship.

3Pisces: As Much As You Love Romance, You Prefer To Be Pursued

Pisces are the sappiest of the bunch when it comes to love. They’ll never chase anyone, even if their life depended on it; they wouldn’t know where to begin! At least, that’s what they think. Pisces don’t believe in putting effort into something that hasn’t proved it’s deserved effort yet. Their passions and goals are all tried-and-true things that they know they love. You’ll find Pisces basing a lot of their life goals on things that they’ve fantasized about. Whether that’s fame and fortune or a nice little home in the country depends on the Pisces. They’ll dream about anything, as long as it keeps their active imagination satisfied. The same can be said of their relationships. If Pisces spots someone across the room, they’re not going to go over and talk to them. They’re going to watch them, whisper about them, and then sit back and dream about who they are. Nothing can ever really match up to the world they build in their head. Most of the time those fantasy consist of being pursued. Pisces will dream of you coming up to them and asking about their day. They’ll wish for good morning texts and long, romantic conversations. They won’t put themselves out there and say that, though.

2Scorpio: That Mask You Wear Makes You Hesitant To Chase Someone

Scorpios feel so much, but you’re probably never going to see it. On top of being incredibly sensitive, Scorpios like to pretend they’re super, incredibly tough. You’re only going to see a Scorpio cry after you’ve gotten close to them, and it’s going to take a lot for them to break down. Scorpios protect themselves because they don’t trust people to understand. They feel so deeply that sometimes it seems like nobody else gets it. This hesitation to share has been a lifelong thing, so don’t feel like it’s a comment on you or your ability to help people open up. Your closeness with a Scorpio is totally controlled by you. The more you chase the Scorpio, the more they’re going to see that you’re the real deal because, c’mon, a Scorpio isn’t going to chase you. They hold things in, and often need some extra time to build up trust. Once they do, though, they’re in for life. Scorpios are passionate and loyal, similar to fire signs. When you get them to crack open their shell or to take off their mask, you’re going to find a handful of love ready and waiting for you. While they won’t chase, they certainly will hold on.

1Cancer: You Commit, But You’d Never Push Someone Else To

Rounding out our list is the sign that tops the chart in terms of commitment, but doesn’t even show up on the map when it comes to chasing someone they’re interested in. Cancers are known for being committed. They love the idea of a life-long partnership, and would like very much to have a family… Whatever that means for them. Like the Scorpio, Cancers tend to protect themselves. Sensitive signs often prefer to protect themselves rather than letting their hearts break, and we don’t blame them! Cancers are slightly more empathetic than some of the other signs, which means they’re never going to push you to commit. While they might want to, you’re going to have to be the driving force in the relationship. Cancers are thoughtful and selfless, and often will put others before themselves, even when it comes to their relationship needs. While they certainly won’t chase anyone, they will make their feelings known. Their love of love is stronger than their fear of rejection, though they’ll go about it in a roundabout way: cryptic Instagram photos, low-key loving texts, and getting their friends to tell you how much they like you. That’s the kind of chase a Cancer will do, which means you’ll need to get ready to approach the idea of the next level.

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