How In Tune With Nature You Are, Based On Your ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!

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How In Tune With Nature You Are, Based On Your ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!



Do you believe you’re in tune with nature? Do you even know what that means? If you’re struggling to understand if nature loves or loathes you, here’s the bottom line. Each element ruling over the zodiac can define how in tune with nature you are; you might not have any say in the matter, it could have everything to do with your birthday. However, some signs march to the beat of their own drum, and their relationship with nature could be up in the air.

To be in tune with nature, you don’t just have to protect it. Some signs possess psychic connections to animals or are at one with themselves only when in the middle of the forest or ocean. They create their best artwork in the woods or find solace in a park away from their worries. Often, people defend nature because they have a passionate relationship to it. Are you the type who hates nature and doesn’t believe in climate change? Well get out of your gas guzzling car and hop on this; you’re probably a Libra. Think you can talk to your dog? Hello, Aquarius.

If you spend your free time in nature’s presence, and you can feel a deep connection to the planet in your heart, you’re probably more connected to nature than you think. Here’s how in tune with nature you are, based on your zodiac sign. If you’re bad at remembering to water your plants, you and nature might not be on the same wavelength.

16Water Signs Are Known For Embodying Nature Itself

Perhaps nature favors water signs; their unparalleled intuition is heavily linked to the world around them. Their wildest dreams and most profound memories are often linked to nature itself, and it’s for a reason.

Water signs are renowned for their psychic connections to nature; from having strange and in-explainable connections to animals, to creating masterpieces in the heart of nature itself, it’s difficult to understand their relationship to the world unless you’re also a water sign.

While no element can rival their connections to animals and even the weather, you’ll find they often struggle to maintain gardens and keep their plants. What gives? That’s an Earth sign’s jurisdiction. These dreamy, emotional, and intuitive entities will wither and fade away without a constant connection to nature; they’re the most in tune out of all the signs, due to their psychic abilities.

15A Pisces Can’t Dream Without Nature Guiding Them

Sensitive and emotional, a Pisces cannot be strong unless they keep nature close to themselves. They are the sign most in tune with nature; you could almost see tree branches and vines wrapped around their spine, and their hearts beat with the weather. Animals are what a Pisces truly holds dear, and their mental health will rapidly decline if they don’t have a furry friend by their side at all times… or scaly, or feathery, depending on what you like. It doesn’t matter if it’s a goldfish or a wild wolf, a Pisces and her animal will feed off each other and keep one another happy. Some people believe a Pisces and her animal hold a psychic connection and can understand each other like no other sign can.

14A Scorpio & Nature Have An Understanding & Shared Love

When a Scorpio’s emotions are spiraling out of control, nature will be there with the answers. A Scorpio finds solace in nature because of how in tune they are with the Earth. They have no particular affinity to animals or water like their water sign counterparts, but they find joy in the birdsong and serenity in the summer breeze.

They struggle to maintain a relationship with anyone who doesn’t desire to be close to nature as they do.

They’ll tell you to say goodbye to your car because cycling is where it’s at; it’s better for the environment. A Scorpio’s most undesirable traits are quelled when nature shows them a little bit of love; it’s not just a coincidence the sun shines down on you if you’re not feeling good. How in tune are they with nature? They’re the fourth most in tune.

13All Roads Lead To Rivers For A Cancer

The gentle Cancer is the third sign most connected to nature. While a Cancer isn’t as intuitive as a Scorpio or a Pisces, they have a deep connection to water: it’s deeper than any other zodiac sign. They’re happiest when leaping off a bridge into a river, or floating belly-up in a lake. They’ll dare a polar bear swim to be close to water even in the heart of winter. While a Cancer may be distracted by the materialistic world and forget about nature on a day to day basis, when they’re surrounded by water, they feel like they’re having a conversation with the Earth itself. A Cancer and nature love each other, as a Cancer sees themselves as a worshiper of the world, and nature knows a Cancer will always take care of the environment.

12Fire Signs Either Feed The World Or Burn It

Are you the Fire sign who leads the battle against climate change, or are you the one burning it to the ground? Fire signs rarely linger in the grey zone, regardless of the topic. A typical climate change denier could easily be a fire sign, just as the vegan going to university to earn an environmental studies degree could have a fiery sign. A Fire sign is all about passion, which is why one of these signs always has nature in the back of their mind.

You’re courageous and lively, and your creativity is capable of changing the world; only a fire sign knows if they’ll change the world for better or worse.

Fire itself is toxic and destructive… wouldn’t you assume a fire sign would be Mother Earth’s greatest enemy? These signs are infamous for breaking conventions and surprising their doubters.

11A Leo Protects Nature With A Vengeance

Infused with generosity and passion from the earthly embers representing your element, Leo’s stubborn heart comes in handy in this situation. Many Leos find themselves falling in love with nature from an early age. They’re not your stereotypical city folk like many people assume they are – no, they often choose careers centralizing around some aspect of nature. Perhaps it’s because they’re symbolized by a lion, nature’s creation, or perhaps it’s just who a Leo is, but they’re deeply connected to nature through passion. A Leo is the second most in tune with nature. To anyone but a Leo, this might be a shock. To a Leo, they’re probably too busy to read this list because they’re out saving nature. While they love the Earth, they’re not connected to it in the psychic way Water signs tend to be.

10A Sagittarius Might Ignore Nature’s Desires

Known to be an anomaly, a Sagittarius is a hardcore animal lover and lusts for every part of the world; international travel will always be their one true love. So what gives? Someone who’s constantly exploring the world and distant corners of nature should feel a deep connection to it.

They do; when it comes to being in tune with nature, they’re the eighth most in tune out of the rest of the zodiac.

They have the capability of understanding nature on a deep level, but they get caught up in their own endeavors and forget about nature itself. They might give away a pet, they could be lazy and litter. They might be too caught up on their phones to witness a rainbow, and because of this, their connection with nature is never as strong as it could be.

9An Aries Leaves Ash In Their Wake – They’re Only In Tune With Themselves

The other side of the fiery spectrum, the Aries believes nature moves too slow for their fast-paced lives. They tend to have tunnel vision with their ambition, and nature has no place in their life. Even if they’re animal lovers or enjoy the occasional hike, they don’t feel the spiritual energy connecting them to the Earth like other signs do. It’s as if nature itself is rejecting them. Out of the zodiac, they’re the tenth most connected to nature, lurking close to last. The closest they’ll come to connecting themselves with nature is if they play an outdoor sport, which is a passion of theirs. For all their confidence, passion, and honesty, it’s rare to find an Aries with a real relationship to nature. They’ll never stop to smell the roses.

8Air Signs Fade Away Without Nature’s Love

The thinkers of the zodiac, intellectuals understand the importance of nature. While they may be caught up in their own ambitions, they understand we are nothing without Earth. Objective and cooperative souls, they embody a facet of nature that is always nearby. How do they stand up to the rest of the signs?

If you’re influenced by air, you’re inventive and clever, and they’re often the brains behind operations to fight the effects of climate change.

They’re considering new ways to reverse the damage done to our planet. However, many Air signs help the planet out of a need for basic survival, and not because they have a connection or relationship to the plants and animals inhabiting it. They don’t fare as well as you might assume against the rest of the zodiac.

7A Gemini Forgets About Nature Occasionally

Living on a whim means nature is important some days and not others. Gemini loves funky plants; succulents are life for these souls, and they may ambitiously decide to build a garden one day. However, they also have a knack for killing plants that supposedly cannot die. It’s almost as if they love nature, but nature isn’t digging the Gemini the same way. Despite the setbacks, a Gemini will continue to try and hoard plants. They like to bring nature to their home more than they want to fill their lives with hiking excursions or lakeside yoga. That being said, if a Gemini spends too much time in a concrete city with no exposure to the elements, the trees, and wildlife, their nervous and inconsistent side will take over their lives. A Gemini is the seventh sign most in tune with nature, compared to the rest of the zodiac… if only they could remember to water their plants.

6An Aquarius Has An Affinity For Animals For A Reason

A soul constantly struggling with emotions and connections but becomes depressed when lonely sounds like a complicated person. It might be the definition of an Aquarius. It’s also the reason they have an affinity for animals; while an Aquarius struggles with emotions when it comes to humans, emotional expression and animals comes naturally.

With an animal, an Aquarius never grows lonely, and it’s as if every animal on the planet knows this.

Butterflies land on your hands, birds are comfortable coming close to you, every dog ever wants to be your friend. It’s an impressive feat. This is why you rank fifth out of the rest of the zodiac; while you’re always in tune with animals and insects, you’re not known for spending time outside, and you could do more for the environment. At least the animals love you.

5A Libra Needs To Take A Walk In The Woods More

Not only are they out of tune with nature, they’re out of tune with themselves. Maybe you should go for a walk, hm? Perhaps you wouldn’t always be at odds with yourself if you spent less time on electronic devices and more time watching wildlife. If there’s a nature sanctuary nearby, it’s time you visited it. A Libra ranks eleventh out of the zodiac when it comes to being in tune with nature. Why? Shockingly, Libra’s love the outdoors, but other aspects of life usually break their connection to the natural world. They’ll be sitting outside in the backyard and feel no connection to the insects, the sunshine, the birds. While you may be fair-minded and social, your relationship with nature is dismal, as you’ve lost touch with what matters.

4Earth Signs Will Lose Their Roots If They’re Not Careful

Considering the known stability and dependability of Earth signs, it may come as a surprise to discover their relationship to nature can easily be uprooted. While they have the potential to have deep connections to the wildlife, the plants, the water, they lose their love for the outside when their materialistic side rears its ugly head.

The materialistic nature of an Earth sign means they forget about taking care of the environment while they heighten their own status; expensive cars that are bad for the environment might be on their wishlist.

They also have a deep appreciation for delicious food, especially meat, and everyone knows how horrible eating meat can be for the environment. That being said, if they shed their materialistic side, they can be very in tune with the world. Where do you rank?

3Your Friend With Flowers In Her Hair Is Probably A Virgo

You might be known for all work and no play, but you know you spend ample time enjoying yourself, especially in nature. City’s can be difficult places for you to live because if you’re not surrounded by nature, depression can creep over you. You keep plenty of plants in your room, especially succulents, and it infuriates you if someone kills a bug. You feel for that bug and his struggles. The only thing that tears you apart from nature is when you’re focused on a time-consuming project; if this happens, you might lose touch for a little while, but you always find your roots in nature. This is why you’re ranked sixth most in tune with nature compared to the rest of the zodiac. Nature will always be important to your life.

2Life Uprooted A Capricorn’s Relationship To The Earth

Somebody had to be last. Maybe it’s because your indecisive and eventually hate everything at some point, or perhaps it’s because you always expect the worst, but you and nature haven’t been seeing eye to eye. If you work out, you’re not interested in going for a run outside, you’ll only go to the gym.

You love dogs, but your relationship with them is complicated – you’ve definitely been nipped at before, and you have no idea why.

Your pet fish always die, you couldn’t keep a plant alive to save your life, and you’d rather be cooped up in your room than relaxing outside. You enjoy the summertime sunshine as much as the next person, but that’s about all. A Capricorn ranks twelfth when compared to the rest of the zodiac, and it’s because life distracts you from what matters. Maybe you should stop expecting the worst of the world.

1Nothing Compares To A Taurus’s Garden, But…

You have a killer garden. It’s the best garden out of anyone else on the zodiac because you love working with your hands and you have a knack for plants. You’re definitely guilty of sitting there chatting up your tomato sprouts because you know talking to your leafy friends helps them grow. So why are you ranked only ninth? Your materialistic side is prone to emerging. Spring and summer are times when you submerge yourself in nature, spending plenty of time with plants and bugs, but the other half of the year you forget about nature altogether. It’s all about how much money you’re making, your new clothes, the latest smartphone. You can easily slip away from your roots to the Earth, but on the upside, nothing can compare to your garden.

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