How do I know if a man has feelings for me?

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March 22, 2019
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March 22, 2019
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How do I know if a man has feelings for me?

You are in a relationship with your Jules for a few months now but nothing to do, they do not come … what am I talking about? Magic words, of course! You do not dare reveal yourself because you do not know if your man has feelings for you.

And yet, you are in love, and you would like to be able to open! But what you do not know is that even if he does not tell you the so-called “I love you”, that does not mean that he has no feelings for you.

There are signs, completely counterintuitive to our woman’s eyes, and yet, prove that he holds to you and puts you on a pedestal. And it is important to know them if we want to avoid constant insecurity in the relationship.

Are men disabled by love?

With the development of dating sites and other apps like Tinder, it has become so easy to meet new people almost without moving from home that we all feel to have become interchangeable …

As a direct consequence, we seek less and less commitment, as evidenced by this now infamous, that we come out in all the sauces, “Next”. Did your guy look at another girl on the street? Next. He stinks after his jogging? Next. He did not understand that white and color were separated in the washing machine? Next …

For trifles, all our girlfriends blow us to move on. Too bad if their own couple flounders, without them doing anything or a little explanation can fix things. And too bad if the man’s behavior is nothing more than a normal and classic masculine behavior …

And among these behaviors, one of them irritates us particularly, women: his inability to express his feelings. As the relationship progresses and we are dying to shout “Fly me to the moon”, Mr. keeps his distance and refuses to tell us what he feels for us.

Men and women show their love differently

But does that mean that he does not feel anything? Far from there ! And it is also a source of major incomprehension between men and women. Our criteria for showing our feelings are extremely different.

Women expect in particular:

  • Affection, hugs;
  • Words of love and reassurance about the future of the relationship;
  • Moral and physical support

Men, we are going to see, express their feelings just as much but … by the acts! And most of us are unable to decipher these proofs of love! What can also have disastrous consequences on a relationship, causing a strong insecurity that can lead to breakup.

Let us decipher these signs that prove that he is yours.

The signs that he has feelings for you

Sign No. 1: It protects you

The protective instinct of men towards the woman they love is very strong. If he loves you, you can rest assured that he will react with you as with others. You will even see it sometimes “show the fangs”, as for example if someone jostles you in a crowd.

It “secures the perimeter” when crossing the street with you before letting you pass? So it looks like his caveman instincts are gaining the upper hand, as he struggles to preserve his “female” in a hostile environment!

He’s driving you home at night? Are you worried because you’re alone outside at night? Ask you to send him an SMS to confirm that you have arrived? It does not take your safety lightly and above all, it is anything but indifferent. If he imagines the worst, it is also because you are infinitely precious to him …

Sign n ° 2: he wants to supply your needs

21:30. Your Jules still has not returned … More hours! Again this damn work that takes all his time and prevents you from taking advantage of it! Grrrr … But do you know that beyond his desire to succeed in his career, he does this for you? To provide for all your needs.

Again, if we go back to the cave age, the men went hunting the mammoth to feed the tribe.

A few hundred thousand years later, and despite a few decades of feminism (too), Monsieur is still wired to ensure your livelihood. He will do his best to refine his career, earn more money and get the promotion that will allow him to offer you a life of princess.

This is also why it should be paid for at the RESTO !! Yes, it is very hard, it is miles away from our education and desires of equality of the sexes but … He will love you only more! Be careful, these remarks are nuanced, some men are eager to share the expenses, sometimes even by “feminism”. But do not encourage them. You are the queen.

Sign No. 3: he is gallant

You are the queen. That’s it, the word is launched. If you take a close look at the signs I have already mentioned, you will see that all his actions put you on a pedestal. If you have managed to conquer his heart, he crowns you by covering you with attentions. Keep in mind that this is the equivalent for us sweet words.

He runs in front of you to open the door? He lends you his umbrella when it rains waterspouts? Or he puts his jacket around your shoulders on a cool night?

At the very beginning of the relationship, these small gestures are a sign that he is going out of his way to conquer you. At a more advanced stage, when he has nothing to prove, it means that he is definitely yours.

Also note the variations of his little attentions in time: everything he does in this direction for you today, he may not did it yesterday and it is a sign all the more flagrant that feelings have come out well.

Sign No. 4: He makes you gifts (useful)

Among the signs mentioned in this article, this one is probably the best understood by the fairer sex! Although it depends on the type of gifts …

When a man has the habit of bringing you the latest high-tech device or … more unusual devices such as a yogurt maker or a sherbet machine, it’s a sign that he likes you and wants to make you happy (by returning the easier life, hence the yogurt maker!).

It even seems that some male specimens try romantic presents such as flowers, jewelry, perfumes, etc. But do not worry if yours does not do it outside of Valentine’s Day: flowers, jewels and perfumes are not “useful” gifts …

Sign n ° 5: he cooks you or takes you to restaurants he likes

I could not include this sign because it does not concern all men. But it exists. Some men show you their love for … food, so recognize this sign at the risk of confronting you with mutual incomprehension!

When we say that we make small dishes “with love”, it is not a vain word! Similarly, if your Jules is with you around the restaurants of the city, remember to thank him and to emphasize the quality of the food, because it does it to make you happy and show you he is yours .

Sign No. 6: It renders you services

Your computer is out of order ? He will rush to repair it (or worsen the breakdown, it depends …). A shelf to ask? Take out the toolbox, he will at any price want to do something about it.

It is also fun to see how a man who comes to your home for the first time, go around the owner noting everything that needs repair. Above all, let him do it, again, you will be surprised to see how much you make these little services will increase his feelings for you …

Watch out ladies, taking out the trash or vacuuming is not one of the tasks a man will do to help you. Not heroic enough. So if he does not, it does not mean that he does not love you.

And again, know how to thank the hero as he should, he needs to know that you appreciate his gesture and that … it was useful!

Sign No. 7: He tries to find solutions to your problems

This one is our black sheep. 8:30 pm, it’s been 3 hours that you have on your heart an argument with your colleague Christine. It makes you sad, you need to talk about it to relieve you of that weight.

Your Jules is here, you are in the middle of dinner, you naturally decide to talk to him about it.

And there, while you are pouring out on the situation, it cuts you and begins to describe to you by the menu what you will have to say to Christine.

It does not remind you of anything? This frustration that you feel at that moment, when all you need is an attentive ear? Well know that men are wired like that. They do not talk to get better, but to find solutions to their problems.

That’s why, naturally, he thinks it’s what you want too. And to best meet your expectations, it will put into action all its logic and intelligence to find the best solution to your “problem”. Do not steer yourself, even if it’s not what you expect. This is another proof that he holds to you.

Sign 8: He introduces you to his family and his friends

Imagine: when a man introduces you to his social circle, then that means he has no escape. If he leaves you after that, it will be necessary to explain to Mum, who had begun to become attached to you, that it is finished. He will also have to justify himself to all his friends, explain what you were (a lot) wrong and what he was (a little) wrong …

So if he invites you into his inner circle, believe that it is because he intends to go a little way with you.

Sign n ° 9: he wants to make you happy

Tuesday night, there is football on one side and your favorite series on the other on TV. If your man leaves you free … then you can deduce without risk that he wants to please you.

His attitude in bed is also particularly representative of his attachment to you. If he shuffles his pleasure to make sure he takes you to the seventh heaven, you can rightly assume that he cares about you … If he looks at you intently in the eyes, without being able to detach his gaze, during the act it may well be that he has feelings for you …

Stop focusing on the words …

So you start to understand that maybe even if Mr. refuses to open up and admit the feelings he has for you, it does not necessarily mean that he does not have any.

Men have a very different way of showing women their feelings. Wherever we look for the marks of affection and tenderness, they favor actions. And this fundamental difference often causes deep misunderstandings! Which can lead to breakup when a woman does not feel loved …

He never told you “I love you” but you recognized him in the signs I listed? So do not doubt it, he is yours! Men have a hard time saying words, but they know how to prove by actions.

Take all these little attentions of your Jules, let him spoil you, pamper you and treat you like a queen. In his eyes, it will strengthen your femininity and yours will strengthen his manhood. All good. And it is at that moment, perhaps, that he will be sufficiently confident to say “I love you”?

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