Hidden Dealbreakers: Here’s Each Zodiac Sign’s Least Obvious Flaw (His & Hers)

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March 29, 2019
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March 29, 2019
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Hidden Dealbreakers: Here’s Each Zodiac Sign’s Least Obvious Flaw (His & Hers)

It’s not easy admitting our flaws. The reality is though, everyone has imperfections. Even Achilles—the Greek warrior believed to be invincible who fought in the Trojan War—had a fatal flaw that ended up being his downfall: his own heel. Hence, the idiom “Achilles’ heel” formed to reference one’s weakness.

Many want to understand their pitfalls. If they come to terms with what their own Achilles’ heel is, then they stand a chance of avoiding a downfall. But not everyone has the same weaknesses. They’re unique for each person depending on their personality and gender.

That being said, many turn to their zodiac sign to find out what flaws they have. Knowing oneself is critical for many aspects of life, including romance. Plus, it gives insight into what types of people are most compatible. In addition, it shows what types of people you should avoid. There are just some people that aren’t compatible when it comes to love.

Not only does the following list provide the least obvious flaw for each zodiac sign, but they’re broken up according to male and female. A flaw in an Aries, for example, isn’t going to manifest the same way in a guy as it is in a girl.

24A Bull In A China Shop: Taurus Male

Sometimes when you’re down, a Taurus is the perfect type of person to pick you back up on your feet again. They’re the ones who’ll look out for others and give you their support. Part of their strengths is the fact that they’re able to look outside of themselves.

But this generosity can also be a challenge when it comes to love. For a Taurus Male, according to Women’s Health, he’s going to shower his woman in gifts.

But it’s a problem if he thinks he can buy your love at any price.

Falling into this kind of thinking is the Taurus guy’s biggest flaw.

23A Cash Cow: Taurus Female

If given a dollar to spend, a Taurus female would rather use it on her friend than herself. That’s because a Taurus is generous and thinks about others. Not only that, but they’re dependable too. This makes them the perfect kind of friends to have around.

Underneath the surface, they’re also determined like no other. Although that kind of skill leads to successes in life, it can also be one’s downfall. As Women relays, with a steadfast persona comes the shortcoming of being able to adapt. Relationships, however, require one to adjust constantly in order to meet their partner’s needs.

22The Overly-Friendly Boy: Gemini Male

Gemini needs stimulation all the time. Since they have the ability to adapt to other situations and circumstances, they always want to mix things up.

It’s not in their interest to stick with one thing for too long.

That means, when it comes to love, a Gemini guy is going to be hard to satisfy. Women’s Health reports, he’s liable to go from one woman to the next. Since guys are more physical, that means he’d prefer to sleep around. It’s important to note that not only does he need constant stimulation, but a variety. Sticking to one girl may not satisfy his needs.

21Needs Central: Gemini Female

The world may look at Geminis as fake and deceitful when really, they’re just able to change on a dime. This means they can fit in anywhere with different types of people. But having this kind of personality isn’t without its downsides.

Gemini seeks new relationships and interactions to meet their needs. While Gemini guys tend to crave physical intimacy more often than their female counterparts, a Gemini gal wants intellectual interactions more. According to Women, a Gemini has wit and intelligence. She’s going to want a man that can at least match her wit for wit. Though in truth, she’ll have a hard time holding most men to that standard.

20Polarizing Personality: Cancer Male

Cancer is going to have some qualities that seem conflicting. On one hand, at times they’re full of love. Other instances though, they feel distant and don’t want anything to do with you.

It’s safe to say, these personality types have a lot of emotion bottled up inside them.

When it comes to Cancer males, these emotions sometimes get the best of them. As Relationship Rules points out, they’re prone to mood swings too. This can take a toll on any relationship. If one person appears like they’re always in an emotional rut, it’s going affect the other person’s willingness to make the relationship work out.

19The Overthinker: Cancer Female

On the surface, Cancers might not look like a personality that’ll thrive in relationships. But really, they have a lot to offer. They tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves, so it’s clear when they do. Plus, they’re loyal to the end. These are great qualities to have when it comes to relationships.

But there are other quirks that can certainly give a relationship a run for its money. For example, as Your Tango notes, if there’s something fishy going on (or even if there’s not), they tend to get suspicious. That’s going to lead them to overanalyze a situation, much to their partner’s annoyance.

18Stale In Love: Virgo Male

On the surface, a Virgo has everything you’d want in a mate. He’s got a good sense of things without being too condescending. When it comes to hard-to-tackle tasks, he’s up to the challenge. You don’t have to worry about a Virgo guy being lazy,  a problem too tough for him to handle.

Oddly enough though, being in a relationship could put a damper on some of his best characteristics.

Women’s Health addresses, when a Virgo guy enters into a relationship, he’s torn between his woman and others he wants to help. In any relationship, it’s about putting your partner first above all. This is a struggle for the Virgo male.Featured Today

17Perfectionism Makes Perfect: Virgo Female

Virgos are not only smart but eager to learn even more every day. They don’t want to limit themselves or put a damper on their full potential. It’s not rare for Virgos to inspire others around them with their creativity and ambition.

But when it comes to relationships, Virgo women are prone to strive for perfection. This presents a problem in relationships as it can lead her to be more critical about herself or her partner, as Women notes. If a Virgo woman wants to make her relationship work, she’s going to have to scale back on expecting both sides to be flawless.

16Bored Of Balancing: Libra Male

A common perception we can often have in a relationship is that our partners only care about themselves. That’s certainly not the case with Libra men. They look at both sides of the equation and are willing to hear you out even when they don’t agree.

But as Women’s Health points out, a Libra guy may sometimes fall into a bored state, which leads to chaos.

Whenever he’s bored of looking at your side of things, he might suddenly suspend with his need to see things from all perspectives to change it up.

This has the potential to lead to instability, however, within a relationship.

15Ripe For Romance: Libra Female

Libra’s strengths are her ability to see something from all sides. If she worked in the White House, she’d be an ambassador because she’s willing to listen to other countries. Plus, she has a friendly manner, which makes her approachable.

But a Libra gal’s strength can also be her weakness when it comes to relationships. According to Women’s Health, her ability to see her partner’s point of view may lead her to compromise more than she should. If she wants the relationship to stand the test of time though, she’s going to have to stand up for herself. Otherwise, she might get trampled on.

14Detached Dude: Aquarius Male

If you’re creative, want to improve on the world and smart, then you’re probably an Aquarius. It’s a personality that has some impressive qualities.

Women’s Health does note, however, that emotions can come hard for an Aquarius guy. If his partner shows any clingy behavior, he might have some regrets about the relationship. They tend to like their independence. So being in a relationship is already a big step for them.

If their partner starts requiring a lot from them emotionally, it could end up being more than they can handle.

It’s important they get over this emotional drawback if they want to be in a lasting romance.

13She’s Only Asking For A Perfect Love: Aquarius Female

An Aquarian girl has a lot going for her. Is it too much to ask she get the same in return out of a mate? What an Aquarius has to offer in romance is their sacred commitment to their person. Their allegiance to another is an unbreakable bond.

But they’re hard pressed to find someone they feel comfortable making this promise to. Women’s Health points out, an Aquarian woman expects a lot in return. If there’s even one small thing that turns them off about their partner, they’re likely to quit before even giving them a chance.

12The Buck Stops Here: Aries Male

Good luck reining in an Aries. They’re stubborn and can even be a little arrogant from time to time.

Since they’re not very fond of wasting time, they’re going to be livelier than most others.

According to Women’s Health, men who are Aries just need to take a breather and calm down. They’ve got plenty of great qualities and have a positive air about them around others. It’s important they find a way to channel that same passion into their romantic relationships. Their energetic sides can work in their favor if they try hard enough. Otherwise, Aries males might get left high and dry.

11Hold Your Horses: Aries Female

It’s generally easy to spot an Aries amongst the crowd. She’s going to be enthusiastic and full of energy. Lots of people like this type of personality, especially in social settings. These are the people who bring a lot of life, while also drawing attention away from people who want it less.

But according to the website Women, an Aries female’s strengths can also be her weakness. Although she’s got a lot of spirit, it can tend to get the best of her. This may lead to her making rash decisions that ought to have more thought behind them. If she’s not careful, she’ll find herself turning off potential romances.

10Can Be Just A Jealous Guy: Scorpio Male

A Scorpio guy has a lot going for him in romance. He’s loyal to his partner and willing to stick with them no matter what. What helps them do this is the passion they possess, along with a sheer focus in whatever they set their minds to.

But that same drive can be just as diverted in a romance if his partner doesn’t watch out.

As Women notes, Scorpios tend to struggle with jealousy in their mate. Even if his partner isn’t doing anything that should warrant his jealousy, he may look at any little thing as a threat to his loyalty.

9Mysterious Maiden: Scorpio Female

With a Scorpio’s tendency for bravery, she’s not afraid to put herself out there. If a challenge comes up that’s overwhelming, she’s not afraid to face it directly. She’ll also summon up an enthusiastic attitude about taking it on but doesn’t let her emotions get the best of her.

But it’s likely that in a relationship, her partner may not know all this about her. According to Women, a Scorpio woman tends to err on secrecy. That makes her unknown in some ways to her partner or those trying to court her. Though all hope isn’t lost in love for Scorpios, it’s a characteristic that doesn’t help either.

8Solo And Single: Sagittarius Male

Sagittarius values honesty and truth in all circumstances. That means they aren’t often deceitful or two-faced, which is a plus when it comes to relationships. Otherwise, someone who has hidden feelings below the surface provides an unwanted dynamic in couples.

But the Sagittarius guy—if he’s being honest—likes his independence. Being in a relationship might give him the sense he’s anchored down, according to Women’s Health.

It’s not uncommon for men to want their freedom and a relationship at the same time.

So anyone who’s interested in a Sagittarius male should know they’re hard to pin down. After all, they thrive on new experiences instead of settling into the same old pattern every day.

7Straight Shooter: Sagittarius Female

A Sagittarius girl loves her freedom. Part of what she values is being honest whenever she wants. It comes naturally for her to be upfront about how she feels about situations or people. In a relationship, it’s refreshing when someone is transparent about how they feel.

But if the Sagittarius is too honest, she might be revealing more than she wants to her mate. Sometimes honesty can hurt others. Even more, as Women’s Health says, her openness can often override her own partner’s feelings about something. In a relationship, it needs to be an equal give and take. Otherwise, she won’t make her partner feel validated.

6Separating The Goats From The Boys: Capricorn Male

Capricorns aren’t ones to think small. They’ve got huge goals for themselves and aren’t about to let it scare them away from achieving their dreams. That doesn’t mean they’re senseless though. They put a lot of thought into things, often taking a more cautious approach.

Since Capricorns are practical, they tend to think highly of themselves. For expert info on Capricorn males, look no further than Capricorn Man Secrets.

According to them, a Capricorn man can develop such an ego, his confidence even affects relationships.

As a result, he might put in less effort if he’s confident of getting what he wants.

5Jane Doe Working Herself To The Bone: Capricorn Female

If a girl’s gotta eat, a Capricorn one is going to be practical: she’s going to work. Not only that, but she’s able to stay disciplined in her work. This, in turn, makes her wise beyond her years.

The only problem is that all work and no play make Jane a dull girl. According to Bustle, a Capricorn gal will certainly get pleasure from working as she goes from one success to the next. But if she doesn’t take time to have fun, find a partner and settle down, then she’ll miss out on finding someone to share life with.

4Sees Plenty Of Other Fish In The Sea: Pisces Male

If you get to date or marry a Pisces male, there are lots of good romantic qualities in store. They tend to think about others instead of themselves. Plus, they can be soft and caring towards others. Those two features make them easy to love.

The only problem is they struggle to settle on a partner.

According to Women’s Health, a Pisces man can be downright indecisive about someone he’s into. It’s unfortunate considering how many great women he might swim by without further consideration. Instead, they fall into a lazy pattern by doing nothing in love when they have a lot to offer.

3Lost In A School Of Fish: Pisces Female

There’s something alluring about a Pisces woman. She’s able to connect with others, as Women points out. Showing her emotions, she makes lasting bonds with those around her and can even entertain them. Though the problem is she gets more focused on others’ happiness than her own.

In a relationship, this care for others can backfire. In turn, she’ll neglect the fact that she needs to also take care of herself. If she doesn’t do that, it’ll force her partner to compensate for her own lack of care. This can easily put a strain on the romance and cause further problems down the line.

2Lion In The Jungle: Leo Male

Leos tend to have a good outlook on life. They aren’t bogged down by misfortunes but find a way to put a positive spin on the world around them. Known for having lots of energy and love for others, they can be enjoyable to be around.

One of their flaws in love, however, is assuming others will want the same as them.

They tend to go to the extreme in relationships, according to Cafe Astrology, which doesn’t always take into consideration their partner’s needs. Many times, this all in or nothing approach prevents romances from maturing gradually through organic means.

1Lioness With Less: Leo Female

A Leo lives larger than life. They like to stand out from the crowd. They pretty much have infinite energy that’s always on display. Plus, with an optimistic attitude, there’s nothing that can get in their way. Except maybe themselves.

According to Speaking Tree, a Leo female often doesn’t think twice about spending extravagantly. She has to look good, after all, even if that means spending money they don’t have. Cost isn’t a factor when she’s deciding how she’s going to look, or the level of status she wants for herself. It’s this tendency of going to the extreme in finances that can make a romance impractical.

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