He’s The One: 19 Ways To Know If He’s The Real Deal.

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He’s The One: 19 Ways To Know If He’s The Real Deal.

If she is involved with a guy and she is not sure if he’s a real keeper, she can spend countless sleepless nights worrying that she’s wasting her time. If she wants a long-term relationship with a real deal kinda guy, there are telltale signs to look out for.

Unless she is playing the field and doesn’t care if her guy is any good, she will want to keep tabs on his actions and behaviours. If he’s the real deal, he will give her hints along the way. Some are subtle and some are in-your-face, but if she’s paying attention, she’ll get clued in on his true feelings for her.

Perhaps you have marriage on the mind or you just want a guy who can commit. Either way, if he’s into you, he’ll show you. Otherwise, you may need to ditch your dude and go after a gent who is ready to get serious. Why spend time with someone who is not on the same page when you can figure out if he’s in it for the right reasons?

So, if you want to be sure if your fella is “the one,” check out these 20 ways he’s telling you he is. If he’s the man of your dreams and displays one or more of these signs, you’re about to become one lucky lady.

19-He Actually Enjoys Spending Time With Her Family

When you ask your man to spend time with your family, is he ready to chill or would he rather run for the hills? If you are close with your family, you are going to be spending lots of time with them.

If your guy can’t stand them, this will not turn out well. But if you tell your man that you’re having your parents over for dinner or you’re expecting to see your sister over the weekend and he’s excited to see them as well, he’s definitely the guy you’ve been hoping for. If he can’t get along with your family, your future could be a flop.

18-He Lets Her Dog Sleep In The Bed

They say that a dog is man’s best friend (women’s too), so if you love sleeping with your slobbering panting pal, no man will get in the way of your bedtime bliss. If you are seeing a guy who wouldn’t dare jump in the sack with “Snoopy,” then he is going to have to make up for it in ways that will never be able to make you as happy.

You love cuddling with your canine companion, and hopefully your honey feels the same way. If he is a keeper, he will feel fine with “Fido” under the covers as you canoodle.

17-He Never Ogles Other Women

It can be hard for a guy to pretend not to notice when an attractive lady enters the room, but a decent fella will not make it obvious that he has perked up at her presence. While it is only natural for a guy to check out a woman who looks lovely, there’s a way to do so without making his woman worry or get angry.

Your man is a good one if he can deal with the idea that there will be gorgeous woman around and he can still concentrate on the cutie in front of him. If he ogles other women when you’re right there, he’s immature and easily distracted.

16-His Guys’ Nights Out Are Pretty Tame

Your man is a keeper if he can be trusted when he goes out with the guys. If you worry that he’ll stray every time he’s out with his single friends, he is not the right man for you. But if you can safely say that his guys’ nights are low-key and free of “bad boy” behaviour, then you have a man who is able to control himself even when he knows you may never find out what he has done.

Perhaps your man meets his buddies for drinks and wings and they watch some football. Or maybe they like to go to the movies and hang out afterwards. You can be on board with that, but if he’s at a “gentleman’s club” until 4am, he may be one to worry about.

15-He Thinks She Looks Better With No Makeup

You may love to get all dolled up and apply lots of makeup before hitting the town with your man. Sure, he thinks you look great when you take the time to put effort into your appearance, but he’s happiest when you are fresh-faced and free of lipstick and foundation.

You may not believe him when he says he thinks you look like a million bucks without a trace of makeup, but he is telling you the truth. He knows that your natural beauty is what makes you shine, so perhaps you may want to lay off all the contouring and let your rosy cheeks steal the show.

14-He Posts Pics Of Her On Social Media

If your guy is not serious about you, there is little chance he is going to post photos of you on his social media pages. If he is still “playing the field,” he is not going to ruin his chances with another gal by giving the impression that he is already off the market. But if he is the real deal, he will want the world to know that you are his woman and he is proud to post pics of your pretty face. And if he is in the pics with you…even better.

Check out his social media pages and see if your face pops up.

13-He Never Talks Negatively About His Exes

If you are dating a guy who can’t get over his ex and constantly speaks badly about her, he is not ready to be in a new relationship with you. Yes, plenty of people have horrible breakups after relationships that were just as bad, but if your man is still simmering in the anger that should have tapered off some time ago, he is not prepared to move forth and flourish with you. There is no good reason to bring up the past if all it includes is resentment and rudeness. He’s obviously insecure or unsure of his feelings.

Give him time to heal and circle back when he can control his emotions. If he can talk about his ex with a mature attitude, he’s the man for you.

12-He Buys Her Flowers For No Reason

It’s one thing to get flowers on your birthday, for an anniversary or as a Valentine’s Day gift, but if your man brings you a bouquet “just because,” he’s a keeper. Guys who cherish their gals want them to feel appreciated all the time, not just on special occasions. If your man comes home on a regular Tuesday evening with a dozen roses in hand, you’ve found yourself a guy who’s the real deal.

While you can’t expect to be showered with gifts all the time, if your man takes the time to do something nice every now and then, he has a heart of gold.

11-He Cooks Her Dinner

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but what about yourheart…and your stomach? You need some nourishment too, so if your man loves to cook for you, he’s a keeper. He may not be a pro in the kitchen, but if he makes the effort to take care of dinner, he is showing you that he thinks you are special. Unless the food is inedible, you will feel flattered that your guy wants to show off his gourmet skills.

It’s easy to pick up something from the drive-thru, but if he whips up something from scratch, it’s a sign he’s smitten.

10-He’s Willing To Watch Her Favourite Reality TV Shows

You may be addicted to The Real Housewives, but not every man is interested in “spilling the tea” and “throwing shade.” You may have found a fella who genuinely loves the ladies of Bravo and such, but if not, and he’s still willing to watch, you’ve got a winner. It can be hard to convince a person to tune in to such silliness, but if it’s your guilty pleasure, it can be nice to enjoy the experience with your significant other.

So, when your man plops on the couch next to you to tune into reality TV without complaining, consider him a catch.

9-He Never Forgets Her Birthday Or Other Special Dates

Perhaps you can let it slide one time, but if he makes a habit of forgetting these moments that mean a lot to you, it may mean that you don’t mean a lot to him.

8-He Thinks Her Friends Are As Amazing As She Does

Your besties mean so much to you, so if your man thinks they are as amazing as you know they are, he’s the right man for you. If he’s not cool with your close companions, how can he be the guy you can commit to in the long run? Your friends will be with you through thick and thin, so you need a guy who loves them too because they mean so much to you.

They don’t have to be BFFs, but he needs to appreciate them and understand that they are part of what makes you who you are.

7-When She’s Sick, He Waits On Her Hand And Foot

There’s nothing worse than being sick and having a boyfriend who doesn’t do a thing to help you out. You could be lying on the couch in agony and he’ll ask why you don’t get up and make him a sandwich. This is not the type of guy you want around. But if your man is all about taking care of you and nursing you back to health, he is the real deal and a thoughtful one at that.

Hopefully you never have to test this theory, but even if you have a cold and need to relax, it’s nice to know you can count on your man to make you feel better.

6-He Laughs At Her Jokes (No Matter How Corny)

Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, so it’s nice when your guy can get silly with you and smile when you’re just being yourself.

Perhaps your jokes aren’t particularly hilarious, but if he’s tickled at the attempt, then he’s the guy for you. “LOL” for a lifetime!

5-He Lets Her Steal All The Blankets

If you share a bed with your S.O., then you know all too well that the blanket situation can be a doozy. There’s always someone who wakes up in the middle of the night shivering because the other person has hogged all the covers. When you have a caring guy who puts your comfort before his own, then you know he is the real deal.

He wants you to feel all warm and snuggly, even if that means his toes will be catching a breeze. When you wake up all refreshed, be sure to thank him for not tugging the blankets off you at 3am.

4-He Still Gives Her Butterflies

If you have been dating your man for a while and he still makes your heart go a-flutter, then he’s the real deal. We all get those butterflies in our stomachs when we first start seeing someone, but if you still have that “honeymoon phase” feeling long after the newness has worn off, then this man is your match.

You may feel more relaxed around him if you’re a longtime couple, but when you are still just as excited to see him after a day apart, he has definitely stolen your heart. And if he feels the same way about you, you are destined to be together forever.

3-He’s Nice To His Mom And The Important Women In His Life

When your man is a “momma’s boy” and treats her like a queen, you can be sure that he values women. This means he’s likely to treat you like gold too – something every woman deserves. If he’s not particularly caring towards his mother or other women in his life, consider it a red flag.

He may not have the mindset to put your needs high on his list, so get to the bottom of this right away. Not every son has the perfect relationship with his mother, but it’s important that he’s respectful and sincere. Oh, and he better be good to your mom too.

2-He’s A Hard Worker

If your guy is a total slacker, it’s not a good sign. He needs to have some sort of motivation, no matter what his interests are. If your man cares about what he does, then he’s a good catch. He does not have to make a lot of money or have a prestigious career. But if he puts in the effort each day and cares about the results, then he has a good head on his shoulders and will likely be successful.

You do not deserve a dude who sits in his smelly sweatpants all day and does nothing.

1-He Is Your Best Friend

There is more to a lasting relationship than romance alone. You need a partner, and part of that is having a great friendship. Do you consider your fella your best friend? If you do, it is a sure sign that you can have a long-term relationship that can outlast screaming matches and setbacks.

Best friends always find a way to work things out, and you’ll be willing to compromise in order to stick it out and stay together. If you and your man are not friends, he’s not the one for you. You may have some fun for a while, but when you’re not friends, things will fizzle out fast.

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