Here’s Your Likelihood Of Being A “Type A” Or “Type B” Personality, Based On ( Zodiac Signs ) ( His & Hers ) !!!!

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Here’s Your Likelihood Of Being A “Type A” Or “Type B” Personality, Based On ( Zodiac Signs ) ( His & Hers ) !!!!

If you think it’s insane to classify 7.5 billion people into two neat categories – Type A and Type B – based on some overly-simplified facets of their behavior, you would not be wrong. But then again, this classification was coined by cardiologists way back in the 1950s to help them determine how much risk you have of developing fatal heart disorders.

Yes, cardiologists! Not psychiatrists.

Nevertheless, this simple A/B classification is not as boxy as it once was and is now considered more of a spectrum with some people exhibiting more of the Type A behavior with some Type B traits, and vice versa.

So, what exactly is Type A and Type B behavior?

Well, you are a Type A if you are always in a hurry, usually stressed-out, and are an ambitious over-achiever. In short, traits we worship for their ability to rake in success and fame!

But don’t be disappointed if you are more of a Type B. Type B’s may be more laidback, peaceful, and easygoing, but they are more likely to cross the finish line without blowing an artery in their brain or needing therapy, which Type A’s are more susceptible to!

So, where does astrology come into all this? Well, since your zodiac sign determines a large chunk of your personality, you can easily predict your likelihood of being Type A or Type B based on astrology.

Want to know more? Read on to find out!

24Aries Man: Type A – Aggressive, Competitive, And Impatient

The Leo might think he is the king of the jungle and the Scorpio might think he secretly holds all the power in the Universe, but if you lined up all the men of the zodiac and threw them into a pit to fight for the alpha’s throne, it’s you, Aries man, who will actually win in the end! After all, you are blessed by Mars, the planet of drive, ambition, and war. And if there’s one thing a martian man hates more than anything else in the world, it’s losing!

The only problem is, your impatient Type A nature can often make you abandon projects if you can’t ram your way through obstacles.

When that happens, call up that even-headed friend of yours who is good at talking you down from making impulsive mistakes. After all, giving up is as good as losing in your dictionary!

23Aries Woman: Type A – Impulsive, Domineering, And A Go-Getter

No one tells the Aries woman what to do. No one.

Is that a grin we see on your face, Aries? Of course, we do! You are a Type A through-and-through, after all, and love it when the world worships your go-getter attitude and your take-no-prisoners drive.

And woe to those who dare question your moves just because you are a woman. You are a strong martian just like the Aries man, and so, perfectly capable of ramming out anyone who tries to put obstacles in your path!

Just watch out for those fiery tempers and that impatient streak you are famous for. A team of Type B friends can be a blessing during such times.

22Taurus Man: Type B – Lazy, Seeks Comfort, And Easygoing

You might be a stubborn bull, Taurus, but you would rather sniff flowers and relax in your easy chair with a mug of your favorite hot chocolate than knock heads with people. Not that you wouldn’t do the latter if push came to shove. But it’s not your general disposition.

After all, you don’t see the point in conflicts and wars when it’s infinitely more comfortable to just laze around and mind your own business. It’s a Type B thing!

And the best part is, no one can give you grief over being so easygoing. It’s because once you get back to work, you don’t budge from your project until you have crossed the finish line. It all boils down to your incredibly hardworking spirit and your infinite patience.

21Taurus Woman: Type B – Relaxed, Nurturing, And Peaceful

Did you know that the Taurus woman is often called an Earth mother? It’s because you are the perfect epitome of what a mother should be like – nurturing and kind, yet firm when it comes to disciplining your kids (and the people close to you). And though your relaxed and peace-loving nature is more evident most of the time (after all, you are just as Type B as your male counterpart), once angered, you can really make people run for the hills.

Maybe that’s why even though you are a Type B, your Type A friends still respect your tenacity and personal space. Just try telling them a little sooner next time. It might save you from a fight if you just speak up right when you start getting uncomfortable with something.

20Gemini Man: Type A – Hyperactive, Talkative, And Quick-Witted

You, Gemini man, are an odd kind of Type A. On one hand, you are really chirpy, hyperactive, and always on, but on the other hand, you don’t really have the competitive streak that most Type A’s have. It’s really a bother, don’t you think, when you are trying to convince someone but then you end up getting convinced by their argument instead? But then again, what else can we expect from a mercurial man like you?

You can’t help being this bright box of colorful one-liners and quick-wit, always ready to see all sides of the story without an ounce of judgment!

Just mind the negative side of this mercurial gift, which is your ability to overthink yourself into a quagmire. A friendly Type B can really help during such times, especially if they are a hyper-realistic earth sign, like Taurus or Capricorn.

19Gemini Woman: Type A – Hyper-Social, Intelligent, And Expressive

You know what would be a nightmare scenario for you, Gemini woman? Waking up one day and realizing that the world has abolished gossip overnight!

Can you imagine living like that? We can see you shaking your head vigorously. After all, you are a Type A and cannot survive without something to stimulate your mind. You just love learning new things, even if they aren’t all that important, and then sharing the story with other people!

Just don’t let anyone call you a double-faced gossip-monger! Most people don’t realize that gossip is the reason why society functions so well. After all, would you trust a stranger to fight your custody case in court if your friend did not tell you they helped another mutual friend win a legal battle with her ex-husband? We don’t think so.

18Cancer Man: Type A – Crabby, Traditional, And Ambitious

Here’s the deal with you, Cancer man – you are great at putting on a tough face for the world, but deep inside you are a melting pot of overwhelming emotions. No wonder you tend to snap people’s heads off when you are in one of your ultra-crabby moods! And since that tends to happen with every passing phase of the moon, you definitely are a strong Type A.

But that’s not all there is to you.

You are an extremely ambitious individual with a knack for making investments in the right places at the right times. After all, you are a traditional man who is family oriented and therefore wants to make sure they are comfortable and well cared for.

17Cancer Woman: Type A – Emotional, Passionate, And Moody

All Cancers are hyper-emotional. But you, Cancer woman, tend to take it to another level! That’s the reason why you firmly fall in the Type A category in this classification. You just can’t help the emotions you feel. Especially the more anxiety-inducing ones!

And while you are not very ambitious in the work sphere unlike other Type A’s (after all, you are as traditional as your male counterpart, and so, would rather have your man provide for you), you definitely are ambitious when it comes to your family, often dreaming of having a house full of little kids who then grow up to make you proud one day. It’s the one arena you really want to excel in compared to everyone else.

16Leo Man: Type A – Brash, Overconfident, And Hungry For The Spotlight

They say there are two types of Leo men: the curious and introverted cat type, and the more extroverted lion type. Regardless of the type you identify with, Leo man, you definitely crave attention and are super ambitious! A Type A through-and-through.

Just watch out for that overconfident streak when the limelight is on you.

A trip under the spotlight can be extremely embarrassing. Plus, you tend to keep replaying the incident in your head over and over again afterward, which causes you gasket-blowing amounts of stress!

But then again, you are an optimistic lion, and therefore, these not-so-savory moments don’t really keep you down for too long. After all, you are the alpha (at least, that’s how you think of yourself), and the alpha needs to be on top of his game if he wants to retain his throne!

15Leo Woman: Type A – Overdramatic, Stubborn, And Regal

Historically speaking, queens were always considered less important than kings…until some of them (think: Nefertiti and Queen Victoria) showed the men who the real boss was. And you, a Leo woman, feel that on a spiritual level. After all, you know you are the real boss too!

From your stubborn refusal to interact with anyone who does not speak to you with respect to your great love for dramatic actions and proclamations that turn the spotlight on you, you are a Type A all the way through!

Just watch out for that stubborn and prideful streak of yours. They often do you more harm than good. So, it’s always best to have a more level-headed Type B friend who can be the trusted advisor to your queen.

14Virgo Man: Type B – Observant, Helpful, And Dependable

Virgo might be an earth sign, but you, Virgo man, don’t feel as sorted as Taurus and Capricorn inside your head. After all, you are ruled by Mercury, whose airy energy feels at odds with your more earthy ways. This is the reason why you often fluctuate between being a Type A and a Type B, although you are a Type B most of the time!

When you are calm, you are solid and dependable.

Always the voice of reason and practicality in a room full of unrealistic dreamers. Plus, you love being of service to people and will often offer your help even before it is asked for.

But when the mercurial side of you takes over, you often tend to break down into a hyperirritable state induced by your brain’s overthinking nature! Be sure to take a minute and call up a Type B friend for help slowing those overwhelming thoughts down.

13Virgo Woman: Type B – Capable, Pays Attention To Details, And Sharp

You may not be the most nurturing presence in the zodiac (even though you are an earth sign), but you, Virgo woman, are definitely the one men flock to when they are more mature and understand the value of a dependable and sure woman in their life. It’s your ultimate Type B gift!

You are capable, practical, and think ten steps ahead before you even get out of your house. And that includes keeping some change for the bus because you don’t want to bother the conductor!

There’s something really solid about you that way.

Just make sure you don’t let people take advantage of your helpful nature. And if you are not able to say no (which you most often are not able to do), we recommend you ask a Type A friend to save you from having to do so!

12Libra Man: Type B – Diplomatic, Calm, And Charming

Out of all the zodiac men, you, Libra man, are the most gentlemanly of the lot. Even more than the Taurus man, though both your zodiac signs are ruled by the planet of love, Venus. Perhaps it’s because your brand of Venusian charm is airier in nature (since Libra is an air sign), and thus, relies more on brains than brawn to do the charming.

All this makes you a natural Type B.

After all, unlike the ever-ready-to-go-to-war Aries, you like to think things through, see all the pros and cons of a decision, and only then arrive at a conclusion in every arena in your life.

Plus, you are a staunch diplomat who refuses to partake in conflicts. No wonder you rarely suffer from anxiety disorders in life!

11Libra Woman: Type B – Compassionate, Classy, And Social

You probably do not know this, Libra woman, but you tend to be more beautiful than any other woman in the entire zodiac. It’s a gift of your planetary ruler, Venus. The gift of endless charm, soft beauty, and feminine grace.

All this firmly places you in the Type B personality box since you would rather sweet talk people into working with you, thus reducing your workload exponentially and reaching your goal faster, than get into fights like Type A’s tend to do and then have to shoulder the whole weight of your project yourself till the finish line. Your diplomatic skills are legendary that way.

Plus, there’s the fact that you are quite classy when you deal with people. Always showing them respect and compassion, which wins you half the battle before you even put your argument forward!

10Scorpio Man: Type A – Possessive, Power Hungry, And Mysterious

You may look like a Type B from afar, Scorpio man, but in reality, you are a Type A. People just tend to confuse you because you like keeping your secrets close to your chest and appear so mysterious and silent. It’s only when they get close that your true self is revealed. And boy, can it sometimes be a dangerous one!

After all, you are a Scorpio, the most-powerful and power-hungry sign of the entire zodiac.

You tend to like working under the radar, discovering people’s secrets, and may even play a game of chess to your advantage before anyone even realizes what you are up to.

Scorpios are known to have a possessive side. Many are able to detect that you tend to be territorial in nature. You are a Scorpio, after all, and so you like accumulating things for the power they give you.

9Scorpio Woman: Type A – Jealous, Territorial, And Sensual

They say, beware of the Scorpion’s sting. And while Scorpios tend to have a vengeful side like this, you, Scorpio woman, tend to rebel when you feel scorned. That’s when the world sees your real Type A side.

Just like your male counterpart, you are mysterious and secretive, which can make people think you are an easygoing Type B. It’s only when you are upset that you unleash the might of your Scorpionic abilities – the ability to read people like an open book, unearth their secrets, and then use these secrets to get exactly what you want.

And while a description of this kind would alarm any other zodiac sign, we know that you are smiling as you read this. After all, you are a Scorpio, and Scorpios are not afraid of their darker nature!

8Sagittarius Man: Type B – Intellectual, Fun Loving, Social

You, Sagittarius man, are one of the liveliest men of the zodiac. That’s why it’s a real pleasure when we interact with you! And it’s not just because you are so well-learned and intellectual (although that’s an added bonus since we always leave conversations with you feeling like we know so much more about the world), it’s also because you are truly a fun person to be around.

From your adventurous escapades around the world to your ability to strike up a friendly conversation with the unlikeliest of people, you are truly the epitome of the Type B personality – chilled-out, relaxed, and stress-free!

Nevertheless, you also have a small Type A side. After all, you are the archer of the zodiac with your sight set on a distant goal. And boy, do you achieve it!

7Sagittarius Woman: Type B – Friendly, Adventurous, And Independent

Just like your male counterpart, you, Sagittarius woman, are truly a unique person to hang around with and a chilled-out Type B through-and-through.

From your slapstick humor to your ability to jump into spontaneous adventures, you have a knack for making even the dullest gathering a fun place to be! It’s because you are super friendly and well-learned, both of which allows you to strike up conversations wherever you go and truly immerse yourself in wonderful, new experiences.

Plus, you are one of the most independent women of the zodiac. So, you are perfectly capable of having a good time all by yourself as much as you can have fun in a group! Maybe that’s why you hate clingy people so much and are so particular about having and giving freedom in your life and relationships.

6Capricorn Man: Type A – Efficient, Overachieving, And A Workaholic

Ever seen a mountain goat nimbly climb up the craggy side of a steep mountain? It might look like it will tip over any moment but it still manages to reach the summit regardless of the difficulty of the terrain! That’s exactly how you are, Capricorn man!

While your Type A version is not as in-your-face as that of the Aries man or even the Gemini, you still fall under this category since you are an ambitious man through-and-through.

And like a mountain goat, you do not give up until you reach your goal, however long it might take you and however many obstacles there might be on your way.

The only problem is, this relentless focus on your work can often stress your body out beyond its capacity, which can put you at risk for a burnout. So, take care since you know how dreadful that would be for your productivity!

5Capricorn Woman: Type A – Determined, Sharp, And Unwavering

You, Capricorn woman, are just as determined as your male counterpart when you set your sight on a goal. Then come hail or hellfire, you do not lose your focus. That’s why you appear to be a calm Type B but in reality are actually a full-fledged, highly-ambitious Type A.

And while you are not the overly emotional kind, you do tend to stress out quite a lot when you feel people are deliberately trying to sabotage your efforts. When that happens, you tend to stonewall the aggressors and keep chipping away at the obstacle quietly and strategically, until it shatters away. After all, whoever thought they could stop you clearly underestimated the brilliance of your mind and your ability to stay three steps ahead of everyone else!

4Aquarius Man: Type A – Rebellious, Unpredictable, And Intelligent

You, Aquarius man, like the limelight just as much as your opposite, the Leo man. The only difference is, you prefer being the Type A shepherd who leads people towards pastures they previously thought were barren lands rather than being the king of the sheep. That’s why your alpha status is established much later in life once you can convince people that the innovation or invention they are running away from will actually make their lives infinitely easier.

That’s the unique thing about you – your ability to see the future and then imagine it in the present, thus thrusting the entire generation forward by leaps and bounds.

It’s all because you have the ability to absorb knowledge from all quarters and then find connections between them that no one previously thought of. It’s truly the mark of a genius!

3Aquarius Woman: Type A – Clever, Inventive, And Aloof

You are as rebellious as your male counterpart, Aquarius woman. As clever, as innovative, and as unpredictable. How can you be anything but that when you were born under the collective light of Uranus, the planet of electric genius, and Saturn, the planet of relentless focus and hard work? That’s why you are a solid Type A!

Plus, you are super independent, although you aren’t as social as people think you are. The latter is because of Saturn’s light over you, which makes you hide your emotions and remain aloof with people, even though you always tend to come across acquaintances wherever you go! But your independent streak is mainly because you think in an eccentric and innovative manner, something most don’t relate to. And so you take off on your own and do your own thing since you truly don’t need anybody’s company to keep you entertained.

2Pisces Man: Type B – Imaginative, Dreamy, And Shy

You, Pisces man, can often come across as the most vulnerable man in the entire zodiac. It’s because you are a sensitive soul with a dreamy disposition. That’s why you are a true Type B. After all, how can you be anything else when you would rather hole up in your cozy nook with your favorite book than go out and fight the bullies who have been keeping you off the playground?

You are also quite shy and prefer your own company. And the reason behind this is your emotional sensitivity.

In fact, you often have heightened empathetic abilities, which makes it difficult for you to interact with anyone without absorbing their emotions like a sponge! Maybe that’s why you are also one of the kindest men of the entire zodiac.

1Pisces Woman: Type B – Gentle, Sensitive, And Escapist

You, Pisces woman, are as dreamy and vulnerable as your male counterpart. Your extreme Type B nature can often attract bullies and con artists your way who take advantage of your kind heart and your gentle disposition.

That’s why it’s a good idea for you to have some strong Type A friends in your inner circle. They can really help you ward off the leeches that come your way!

Just watch out for that escapist side of you because while escaping into the world of fantasy and imagination might sound like a nicer alternative to facing reality, often times it can invite greater troubles into your life !

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