Here’s Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Still Alone, Based On Astrology

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Here’s Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Still Alone, Based On Astrology

You think you’re a great person and you know you take care of yourself, so why are you still alone? There are a million reasons why you haven’t found “the one” yet and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with who you are, what you like, or how you choose to live your life. Sometimes it’s just fate.

Maybe you decided to go on a trip out of town and would have otherwise bumped into the man or woman of your dreams, but because you left, you now have to wait for the stars to align so you can find him (or her) again.

Sometimes it’s not fate at all, sometimes you’ve got issues you haven’t realized yet and they’re keeping others at arm’s length. For others, it could be as simple as they’re intimidating because they’re so put together. As strange as it sounds, some people aren’t willing to romantically pursue potential partners if the partner is too successful. With all these factors to consider, it can be a real challenge to determine why you haven’t met Mr. or Mrs. Right. So, which category do you fit under? Why are you still alone? Well, let’s turn to the zodiac signs to find out!

24Libra Men: You Tend To Be Too Indecisive

It’s one thing to take your time to consider your options, but it’s an altogether different beast when you’re struggling to make even the simplest decisions. Libra men, because you can’t make up your mind, the people around you are left with two choices: wait for you to come to a conclusion or make all the decisions themselves. It isn’t very fun waiting on a person to figure out where they want to eat, what they want to wear or when they should take their next vacation, but it’s also pretty boring always having to take the lead when it comes to decision-making.

Libra guys, this is why you’re still single! Girls like a man who knows what he wants.

You don’t have to be 100% confident in every little thing, but you can certainly make things easier on the relationship by choosing to be a little spontaneous and just throwing ideas out then choosing and sticking to one. If you and your possible next girlfriend are planning a date, take the initiative and tell her the places you like to go. You prefer one restaurant over another? Tell her you want to take her there. You like one movie genre more than another? Tell her you want to watch a specific film with her! The balance comes when she also shares what she prefers and the two of you make a joint decision.

23 Libra Women: Sometimes Playing The Victim Card Can Get You Into Hot Water

Pretending you’re the victim is always simpler than taking responsibility when things go wrong. The problem is Libra women can sometimes play the victim too often, leading to a clash between herself and her significant other. This unwillingness to accept fault is what keeps Libra ladies from experiencing the best romantic relationships have to offer. They miss out because the other person carries the stresses of the relationship and are often forced to carry the blame as well.

This can be frustrating for the men who date Libras, but all is not lost. It might take a little time and a lot of consideration, but a Libra girl can turn her attitude around and start making a difference in her relationships. All a Libra woman has to do is remember that when times get tough, accepting blame when it’s appropriate will strengthen a relationship, rather than weaken it. By accepting the fact that she’s done wrong, a Libra woman is showing her partner that she can be fair and understanding. These are two important qualities in every relationship, especially since playing the victim means the other person will always encounter a brick wall when they try to talk to their Libra ladies. You can do this, girls! Be strong and be accountable!

22Gemini Men: Need To Be More Assertive At Times

Women like men who know what they want. No girl sits around daydreaming about a wishy-washy guy who always yields to others’ wishes. Gemini men, you’re still single because you’re not assertive enough. You can do this! Toughen up a bit! You don’t need to be aggressive, you just need to stand up for yourself and not be afraid to make the first move. Women respond to a man’s strength, and that doesn’t always have to be physical. They respond well to a man who isn’t afraid of rejection and can show his confidence through decision-making, initiating intimacy and standing their ground when things get rocky.

It’s never too late to improve yourself and until you’re the assertive Gemini she needs, you can always fake it ’til you make it.

By practicing this way, anyone can make a difference in their lives and improve their self-esteem, inner strength and dependability. Gemini men, don’t just do it because you’re tired of being single, work on being assertive so you can also take leaps and bounds in the workplace, at school, during team events and even with your daily interactions with friends and family. You’ll feel empowered and once everything is going right, the perfect girl will come your way.

21 Gemini Women: It’s All About Timing

So you’re single. Again. You see your friends flirting with their significant others and you’re jealous of their relationships. It stinks! The reason Gemini women are currently single isn’t because they’re lacking in some way or because they’re over-compensating for anything, it’s simply a timing issue. The perfect person for you is around the corner, but the universe is trying to teach you an important lesson first: be patient.

The thing about being patient is you build up hope for something amazing to happen to you, then when it does you’re able to jump in with all your heart and soul. When Mr. Right arrives, you’ll be ready for him because you’ve been waiting for the relationship for a while now and there’s no time like the present. It might be tough watching all the other couples in your life gaze into each other’s eyes and do a ton of romantic things, but be strong. Instead of feeling jealous, be happy for them. Be grateful that the people you care about were able to find their perfect match and don’t forget to take notes on some of the more enticing, romantic and special things other couples do. When your man enters your life, you can refer to those great date ideas and share them with Mr. Right.

20Pisces Men: Couldn’t Hurt To Have Greater Maturity In Certain Instances

Every girl loves to be around a goofy guy – the appeal is that he’s lovable, playful, funny and is never boring. The downside is that sometimes the class clown can get a little carried away and can have a little too much fun at inappropriate times. This is where Pisces men, despite their wealth of amazing characteristics, can fall flat. Women are attracted to men who aren’t afraid to have a good time, but they also expect those men to reel it in a bit and sit back while someone else takes center stage.

Pisces guys are the ones who unintentionally steal attention for all the wrong reasons.

Whether they’re under-dressed for special occasions or can’t help but laugh in the middle of a sad movie, Pisces guys can sometimes be a little immature. It isn’t that they make a spectacle of themselves on purpose, it’s just that sometimes the fun gets in the way of expectations and suddenly a Pisces man’s playful nature is turned back on him as a negative. Don’t worry guys, you don’t have to change your entire personality or force yourself to be more serious, you just need to read the mood and understand when it is and when it isn’t okay to behave in certain ways. No worries Pisces men, you’ll catch on!

19Pisces Women: Need Time To Relax

Pisces women are always go, go, go! They’ve got a lot on their plates and there’s no time to look for love because if they don’t meet the next deadline, they’re toast. Okay, so a busy schedule isn’t exactly the only reason Pisces women are still single. When it comes to being busy, stress is a huge factor. It likes to hang around and settle on a person’s shoulders, slowly wearing them down until it’s too late and the next thing they know, it’s been a decade and they’re no better off than they were before. Don’t let this happen to you, Pisces ladies.

You deserve to find time for a little r&r and you definitely need to put your feet up after a long, hard, day at work/school/whatever it is you’re always so busy with. By taking some extra “me” time, you’ll allow yourself to shed that stress that always seems to be hanging around. You’ll be more relaxed and open to opportunities to date men because you’ve found a way to balance yourself. Once you finish working on you, that’s when you can take advantage of your extra time and concentrate on working on finding your man.

18Sagittarius Men: Can Be Unapproachable

It’s not that Sagittarius men look mean or intimidating, and it’s not like they’re all hardcore everything, which pushes women away. What makes a Sagittarius guy unapproachable? As silly as it sounds, it’s his resting intimidation face. While most people can be lost in thought while maintaining a neutral expression, Sagittarius men always look like they’re ready for a brawl. Even if they’re not paying attention, Sagittarius men always seem to look like they’re unapproachable. They look like they don’t want to be bothered so women steer clear, but that isn’t the case at all!

Sagittarius men are among the greatest when it comes to healthy relationships, but a girl has to be able to find the fluffy center beyond the, at times, frightening expressions.

Sagittarius men, there’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need to work on yourself or fix anything, you just need to be patient and don’t be afraid to crack a smile while approaching a possible love interest. Make your move, let her see who you really are from the get-go, and just be yourself. The ladies might not be lining up for you at the moment, but that doesn’t mean your luck won’t change soon.

17Sagittarius Women: Can Be Unreliable

When your date is ready for dinner and you’re barely stepping out of the shower, you may be a little unreliable. If your man is blowing up your phone with text messages and phone calls because you’ve been on radio silence for the past few days, you may be unreliable. Unfortunately, this bad habit is a Sagittarius woman’s greatest weakness. Sagittarius women are the ones who try to multitask but wind up procrastinating and forgetting things left and right. If you send her a text message, guaranteed she sees it and simply forgets to respond. It’s not because she dislikes you or has something better to do – it’s just that she has a lot on her mind and as soon as something goes in one ear, it wafts out the other.

So Sagittarius women, is it really a surprise that you’re single right now? It’s okay though, all you need to do is calm down, get yourself a planner or start filling in your calendar on your smartphone and make sure to keep to your commitments! Once your crush sees that he can depend on you, you’ll become more desirable and will likely have plenty of dates to choose from.

16Aquarius Men: Need To Be More Social

It’s really easy to say you’re going to sit down and only play one level of a video game or only watch one episode of a T.V. show, but the reality is Aquarius men tend to get sucked into whatever they’re doing and suddenly their social lives disappear. When a man prioritizes his alone time, women tend to look elsewhere for affection, which is why an Aquarius guy is still single. Don’t despair, Aquarius man. There’s hope for you yet.

All it takes is a little effort – go to more parties, invite people out for dinners, if you want to game, choose to do so with a group of friends and if you want to watch a television series, call up a nice girl and invite her to watch with you.

No one said you have to choose between a social life and the things you love – you really can have it all. Of course, you can also dedicate a small amount of time to yourself, but the main deal is you need to open up to the fact that being more social tends to allow you plenty of more opportunities to meet women, which in turn raises your odds of finding a girlfriend. Duh!

15Aquarius Women: Should Quit Their Few Pesky Bad Habits

Why are you single Aquarius women? Simple: It’s because you have a few bad habits that, over time, build up to become deal-breakers. So you hate washing dishes, no biggie, everyone hates them, but that doesn’t mean you should demand your man always do the washing. All you have to do is take turns and he’ll be forever grateful. He’ll also know you care about him and understand that helping out won’t hurt. If you like to buy yourself a coffee every single day and never have any money to take him out, then you might want to curb that coffee habit to show him how much you care.

The thing is, nothing Aquarius women do is all that bad – it’s just that there are a few pesky little habits that men don’t always appreciate, and they’re responsible for her being single right now. There’s nothing wrong with a little self-improvement, especially if it can make a positive change in familial, romantic or friendly relationships. Think about what you can improve on and how you can tackle your bad habits. Guaranteed, as soon as you break the habits, the men will start pouring in! Take it easy, start small, and be the best you possible.

14 Virgo Men: Recognize You Can’t Control Everything

No amount of planning will ever allow you to be in complete control of every single situation, so why do you try to control where your relationships are going? Virgo men, you’re a great catch but your need to be in control is what pushes the women in your life away. You’re only single right now because you can’t seem to loosen the reigns. You think you know what’s best, but that’s not always true.

No matter how much research you put into something, there will always be unexpected factors that derail your plans, so why don’t you take a break and learn how to balance yourself?

Women are attracted to men who know what they’re doing with their lives, but they’re not interested in men who want to give them instructions. You may not mean to, but when you try to insist your girl does something, she starts to feel like you’re being pushy, bossy and generally a pretty demanding kind of guy. No girl wants that, so do yourself and everyone else a favor by backing up just a bit, and learning how to let life go as it will. Of course, you can step in to make sure things don’t get crazy, but when you stop trying to control everything, you’ll notice there’s a lot more to life than researching it and trying to command it.

13Virgo Women: Should Take A Break From Work

Your boss has been giving you plenty of overtime and your group projects now rest on your shoulders. There’s so much to do and just not enough time in the day and where did your weekend go? Oh yeah, it was buried in a pile of paperwork that you were either catching up on or getting ahead in. Work, work, work, work, WORK!

Virgo, calm down! Yes, doing well in your profession is super important, but so is taking the occasional break. How are you going to live your life? Pushing papers or really experiencing things? While you may have bills to pay, it’s important to remember you also have a life to live. Before you work yourself to death, take a few much needed days off and pamper yourself. Go out with some friends and maybe even try a few blind dates. Do something new and exciting. Don’t be afraid to live a little. The only reason you’re single right now is because you don’t make the time to encourage romantic relationships. Guaranteed there’s at least one guy in your life right now who is hoping you make a little time for him. Take advantage of this and see if you’re compatible. It’s okay to work, just keep in mind your life will be significantly richer if you also factor in time to love.

12 Cancer Men: Tending More To Personal Finances Could Help

Cancer men, if your electric bill hasn’t been paid in a while and you’re scrambling to make ends meet because you just have to spend money on the most inane items, then you’ve got a problem. You’re single right now because you don’t know how to budget. Women may not have a problem lending you some cash if you’re in a tight spot, but your girl doesn’t want to be stuck with a guy who can’t provide for himself and is always having to rely on her income to make up the differences in his bills. What you need to do is take a look at your income, take a look at your necessities, and wipe the rest from your plate.

How can you be ready for a relationship if you can’t even handle being alone?

Working on yourself is the most important thing anyone could possibly do. Making sure you’ve got things running smoothly on your end is half the battle, finding a girl who is also taking care of herself is the other half. When you’ve got your life together, women are more attracted to you and are more comfortable taking things to the next level. They want a man to love, not a man to take care of.

11Cancer Women: Keep An Eye Out For Materialistic Tendencies

You always want the latest and the greatest, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But men are attracted to more than just material possessions. They want to spend time with you, and if you’re always off trying to buy the next best thing, he’s going to feel lonely and suddenly he’s leaving you. It’s not because you’re a horrible person or because you have serious issues – it’s just that you spend way too much time moving money around so you can get the latest gaming system, biggest television, fastest internet and the nicest clothing. At a certain point. you’ve got to realize that you can’t possibly keep up with all the spending and for all the money you’re wasting on material possessions, you’re leaving behind the most important thing life has to offer: relationships.

Take a step back, learn to budget, understand that you don’t need the newest tech 100% of the time, and concentrate on giving some of your attention to the people in your life. Sure, they may be impressed by your material possessions, but that doesn’t mean they’re impressed by you. Stop trying so hard, sit back, and relax. Find a nice guy and treat him right. Guaranteed he’ll treat you right in return.

10Capricorn Men: Careful Not To Feel Overly Down-In-The-Dumps

Capricorn guys have it rough – they’re emotional and can be deep thinkers, which leads to extreme mood swings at times. When things are good for a Capricorn guy, they’re great. But when things are bad, a Capricorn guy can really lose himself in the down-in-the-dumps feelings. What makes a Capricorn guy so great is his ability to empathize and match his girl on an emotional level, unfortunately, it’s also his greatest weakness. Capricorn men need to stay positive and encourage themselves to make the most of every single day, or they’ll succumb to the sadness, the stress and the frustration.

Women respect men who can show their emotions but when it comes to gloomy guys, girls would rather not stick around.

This isn’t to say it’s wrong to feel bad every now and then, but don’t live in it! Don’t let it consume you and pull you back while the rest of the world moves forward. You’re single because women need men who are just as strong as they are, and when you’re lost in negative emotions, no one can reach you. Don’t push her away so you can mope. Pull her close and be happy together instead. Remember to always look at the bright side and soon you’ll get over whatever lemons life throws.

9Capricorn Women: Learning To Let Go More Would Be Beneficial

Capricorn women, you’re single right now because in your last relationship you couldn’t fully let go of your ex. Not only that but because you couldn’t release yourself from that broken relationship, you couldn’t go all-in with your new love and he felt it. If you can’t let go of the past, the future isn’t going to embrace you, in fact, it will reject you and suddenly you’ll notice you’re all alone with these unhealthy feelings that aren’t doing you any good at all.

So what should you do?

Capricorn ladies, you’re strong, you’re independent and you’re a great catch. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Instead of thinking about the good times when it comes to past relationships, think about the bad times. Focus on what mistakes you made and what you want to change for your next relationship. Remind yourself why you broke up with him, or why he broke up with you, and make the choice to move on. Once you understand what happened in the past and make goals for your future, you’ll notice you have more confidence, are open to more emotional situations and can handle relationship issues in a much healthier way. Learn to let go and you’ll be all the happier for it!

8Leo Men: A Fresh Haircut Or Wardrobe Upgrade Would Do You Wonders

So about eight years ago you found this great shirt that fits perfectly and gets you tons of compliments. Well, at least it did about eight years ago. Now it’s a sort of shapeless, faded mess of a top that’s still comfortable but might be sporting some frayed sections and an armpit hole.

Leo men, it’s time to upgrade!

It’s not that you look bad – wait, yes. Yes it is. That’s exactly what it is. When you present yourself with worn shoes (and a pinkie toe sticking out), faded jeans with obvious signs of wear and tear, and a shirt that may or may not be dirty (it’s too old to tell), you’re basically telling the world “I don’t care about how I look. Deal with it.” While this may be fine most of the time, it’s important to note that women aren’t going to approach you and aren’t going to respond well to flirtation attempts. Women want a man who knows to get a little dressed up if he’s going to a club or a nice restaurant. It doesn’t even have to be a polo shirt with brand new shoes and slacks – just replace the items in your wardrobe that are extremely worn and you’ll do just fine.

7Leo Women: Being Extra Considerate Will Lead You In The Right Direction

It’s really easy to take care of yourself, but when another person enters the picture, suddenly it’s a huge effort to consider how they’re feeling, what they might be thinking, whether or not they’re comfortable or how they’ll respond in various situations. Leo women are single because they don’t always take the time to be considerate, which results in guys thinking she doesn’t care. That’s not the case at all, but because actions speak louder than words, Leo ladies tend to notice their relationships don’t always last very long.

Don’t worry Leo women, there’s still hope for you! When you feel like you’re starting to crush on someone again, let things progress naturally, like you usually do, but every now and then try to do something extra considerate to help him understand you care and to show that you’re putting in an effort to make him feel a fraction of the love you have for him. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant surprise weekend getaway – it can be something as simple as making his favorite meal, watching what he wants on TV, hanging out with his friends for a change or complimenting and thanking him for all he does. Compliments and expressions of thanks go a long way.

Taurus Men: Could Control Your Temper Better

No one likes hanging out with a guy who throws controllers when he loses a game or has a little temper tantrum while playing a friendly game of Monopoly. Worse, guys who can’t control their tempers frighten women – and for good reason! Men, you need to remember you’re bigger and stronger than most women, so when you display any signs of aggression, a woman’s natural instinct is fear. You might not be a raging Hulk, but that doesn’t mean you’re in control. If you’re guilty of punching a hole in a door or wall, slamming a keyboard down in anger, or having a bad attitude because things aren’t going your way, then you’re in need of a little anger management.

It isn’t cool to behave like a child when you’re a grown man, so learn to control that temper!

There are tons of free online sources that can help you. There are also therapy groups, classes, books, pamphlets and other methods of learning to control the beast. Don’t let your temper be the reason you’re single. Take this opportunity to work on yourself and learn how to control your emotions. Once you’ve mastered this, women won’t be the only ones who want to spend more time with you – your friends and family will also want to hang around more often.

Taurus Women: Try To Be More Mindful Of Your Stubborn Tendencies

Taurus women, you know what you want and you know when you want it, so if things don’t go your way, you’re the first to lose your cool. It’s okay to stand for what you believe in but being stubborn isn’t always a good thing. Don’t be afraid to give in every now and then, or else you’ll find yourself exactly where you are now – single and wondering why.

It’s important to give and take in any relationship, but if you’re always the one taking and refusing to budge, he’s going to get tired of it fast. He didn’t fall in love with you for your inability to compromise – he fell in love with you as a person. He hoped that your stubborn tendencies would soften a bit but your refusal to back down rubbed him the wrong way for too long. One way of showing someone you care is to let them decide some things, such as where to go on a date or what kind of food to eat for dinner. Save your stubborn tendencies for times when it really matters and remind yourself to let other people do some decision-making. You’ll notice you can still have a great time and the other person will appreciate you all the more for it.

4Aries Men: Quiet Down Your Inner “Player Mode”

Aries men, you’re single and you know why you are. Your inner player got the better of you and even if you didn’t outright cheat, you were flirting and making your woman feel like she wasn’t good enough. If your girl ever made you feel like you were lacking, you’d definitely want out. No one wants to feel like they’re “less than” so it should come as no surprise that she would leave you. It’s toxic to your relationships and you make your girl feel lonely.

Remember, your reputation will always play a factor in your relationships (or soon-to-be relationships) so don’t mess it up!

Do right by your woman and only get serious with her if you intend to keep your eyes glued strictly on her. This means no more flirty behavior with the waitress, no more asking for numbers when you order your Starbucks and definitely no dancing with other girls at the club. Show her you care by making her feel like she’s the greatest thing to ever happen to you. Treat her with respect and make sure she knows she’s the center of your universe. It isn’t that hard, Aries guy. Just treat her the way you want to be treated and don’t stray.

3Aries Women: You’re Sometimes Too Stressed To Settle

Life happens to us all and while most of the signs are able to deal with it, Aries women tend to have a little trouble. When bad things happen, or you can tell when bad things are on the horizon, Aries women start to stress out. The stress leads to a burst of energy and suddenly you’re trying to take care of everything within your control. The house is spotless, your work is done early, your spending more hours at the office and you’re trying to keep things together but the bottom line is you’re stressing out and hurting yourself in the process.

When you’re not able to manage your stress levels, you start taking it out on people. Who is the person closest to you? Your love interest, of course! So they have to bear the brunt of your stress, and when you let that go on for months at a time, it’s no surprise that he takes off. You’re not testy with him on purpose – you’ve got a lot on your mind and on your shoulders, but choosing to stay in a stressful state is why he left and why you’re still single now. You need to find a way to break through the stress and realize that there’s only so much you can do. Once you manage your emotions, you’ll notice your relationships are a lot stronger.

Scorpio Men: Might Not Trust Women Enough For A Relationship To Work

You’ve been hurt in the past and even though other women aren’t the same as the ones who have burned you in the past, it’s really hard for you to fully open up. Scorpio men, you live and you learn, but what you don’t do is forget. It’s okay to keep an eye out for red flags, but it’s not okay to judge every woman you meet by the same standards as the woman, or women, who have hurt you previously. It’s a tough situation because you were wounded before but now you’re self-sabotaging by expecting the worst from the women in your life.

Remember: Not all women are going to hurt you! Trust issues are tough to get past because you want that barrier of protection up.

Unfortunately, even the most patient woman will get tired of dealing with that wall you’ve surrounded yourself with, especially if you have no desire to ever pull them down. When you’re ready to try trusting another woman with your heart, you’ll be ready for a relationship that can last. Until then, you might as well hold back and work on figuring out how to lower your walls. Once you figure that out, you’ll be just fine.

1Scorpio Women: Playing Too Hard To Get Isn’t Always A Winning Recipe

Scorpio women, it’s really fun to play hard to get. You don’t want to appear too clingy and you also want to make him work for it. We get it, it’s a great game to play and there’s nothing wrong with it – unless you take it too far. If you’re always avoiding phone calls, never respond to text messages, and always have an excuse ready and waiting on the tip of your tongue, you’re overdoing it. Everything you’re doing is telling him you don’t want to be in a relationship or even a friendship because you just don’t prioritize him. This is why you’re single and why you’re having trouble finding a new man.

Men can’t read minds! It sounds silly when people say this but the bottom line is sometimes it really does need to be said. Men don’t know the difference between you playing hard to get and you trying to tell them you’re seriously not interested. You’re playing the game a little too hard and you’re confusing the men in your life. If you want him, tell him. If you don’t, still tell him. It’s okay to make him wait a few hours for a response from a text but don’t make him wait days. Show him you care and your relationships will work out a lot better.

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