Here’s Which Millennial Hairstyle To Rock This Spring, Based On Your ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!

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Here’s Which Millennial Hairstyle To Rock This Spring, Based On Your ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!



Since Instagram and Pinterest have gotten more and more popular over the years, ideas for hairstyles have gotten even more creative. Though everyone has gotten highlights and funky colors before, never has there been a time where hair stylists have gotten so intricate. So many new trendy hairstyles look like works of art with the weaving together of colors and textures. As girls, we get bored with our hair very easily if we see the same thing in the mirror every day. Sometimes, we just need a change and how drastic that change is varies depending on what we are ready for.

Now that many millennials have embraced the hipster lifestyle, we are seeing all kinds of new ideas for haircuts and colors every day on social media. In fact, many professional workplaces have been laxer on the dress code that includes how you dye your hair. This includes some of the big tech companies. Gone are the days where we are told that we can’t dye our hair pink and still work a 9-to-5. That outdated corporate rule is gradually transitioning out the window.

If you want to get more experimental with your hair, you have to consider how it really expresses who you are. Different zodiac signs have different personalities, so your hair should match. Here are the millennial hairstyles you should try, based on your zodiac sign.

*Don’t miss our bonus entries for certain special signs!*

24Fire Signs: Go Bold Or Go Home

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) have big personalities and they like to be noticed. No matter what type of hairstyle that you pull off, you want to catch someone’s eye and make and an impression on them with your hair.

Fire signs are the most experimental when it comes to their hair, so they keep up with the latest trends and techniques.

Rather than just have some run-of-the-mill highlights or any other timeless hairstyle, your goal is to stand out from the crowd when it comes to your hair. If you are not the creative type with the extreme colors or the half-shaved head, you like to do it glamorous, so that heads will turn when you walk into a room. Retro curls, funky bold colors and the latest hair trends are the name of your game, and you do it big or you don’t do it at all. Your millennial hairstyle will never fail to put you in the spotlight.

23Aries: Red – The Brighter, The Better

Aries is ruled by the red hot planet of Mars that exudes passion, vitality and aggressiveness at times. Red is by far the most flattering color on an Aries woman and the bolder and brighter, the better. An Aries woman exudes a vibe that she is self-assured and is outspoken in her demeanor, so any shade of this hue will do wonders for flattering her presence. Aries ladies have an unshakable confidence that rivals many men around them. This is the perfect millennial hairstyle for the ladies that want to stand out from the pack but not delve too deep into many different shades of colors. Just make sure to pick the shade of red that is most flattering to your skin tone. An Aries can never go wrong with red whether it be their hair color, bodycon dress or their sports car.

22Leo: Any Kind Of Blowout Will Do

A Leo woman is known to have a big head of hair. Her hair is her secret power because that is the mane of the lion that she is rocking.

From ringlet curls to pin-straight, the hair of a Leo lady is the first thing that most people notice about her out of all of the signs.

Now that blow-dry bars are becoming a thing, regular blowouts are a must for Leos. Though they might not get too experimental in the color department, they must always have high volume to their hair at all times. Leos tend to grow out their hair to be as long as possible. Hair going flat is the ultimate kiss of death. Leos need to have their hair volumized, curled and “look at me” at all times from the office to happy hour. Teased roots, dry shampoo, and plenty of hairspray is a must.

21Sagittarius: The Undercut, But For Women

The Sagittarius is the sign of the wild horse and what better way to look like you got a horse’s mane other than the undercut? Unlike what most people would think, the undercut can be for women as well as men. In fact, Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer (the girl who played Margaery Tyrell) rocked this hairstyle on the red carpet with the ultimate level of glamour. This edgy haircut will bring all the bad boys (since that tends to be your type) to the yard. This is the type of hairstyle you can show off or conceal at your own discretion, which is the beauty of it. You tend to be the sporty type anyway so this hair marries masculinity with femininity in the best way possible. Grow our your hair for as long as possible before or after you shave the side of it.

20Earth Signs: Classy, Flirty, And Ethereal With A Touch Of Innocence

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) tend to err on the classier side and not do anything extreme with their hair. Unlike fire signs, they want a pic to look back on in 20 years and not have a regretful feeling in their stomach.

This is why they don’t follow too close to the trends unless they are just subtle changes to the hair.

Whether it be cut or color, earth signs like to stick to millennial hairstyles that make gradual changes to their hair rather than immediate. They keep it feminine and ethereal with hairstyles that will get them noticed yet not too much “look at me.” These women are sensual creatures and want to keep a degree of mystery with that flirty touch. Think of the New Wave Czech films and all those gorgeous Eastern European actresses in them.

19Taurus: Ombre, And As Long As Possible

The Taurus millennial hairstyle is one that will go down in history as the marker of our time. Just like the ’90s had the “Rachel”, the ’80s had that god awful perm, and the ’70s had that long, feathery locks going on, the ombre will go down for our time. The sign of the Taurus typically grows out their hair for as long as possible. These flower children represent the sign of cultivation and new life. What better way to show gradual transitions than a brunette turning into a blonde over time? You see so many different girls rock this hairstyle and with good reason because it rocks! The ombre flatters Taurean ladies the most because it gives them that modern-day hippie look and is a little basic. Taurus girls are known to be basic, and this just fits them like a glove.

18Taurus BONUS: Flower Crowns With Soft Waves, Lana Del Rey Style

When you think of a Taurus, you have to think of a gardener or someone who is a master at cultivation. The Taurus can spring new life into anything and watch it grow at a gradual pace. They know better than anyone that for anything to come to fruition requires patience and persistence. The flower crown trend is perfect for a Taurus girl because it will make her look like that she has just sprung out from the Garden of Eden.

Flowers represent fertility and a Taurus girl is said to be born under the most fertile sign.

She knows how to take what is already in front of her and make it more beautiful than it ever was before. This millennial hairstyle really brings that out in her.

17Virgo: Balayage For Sprucing Up, But Not Too Drastic

A Virgo girl likes to keep it simple and not overly complicated when it comes to her hair. In general, she likes to be demure and not too showy so that means her hairstyle will not be any different. Since the ombre makes a drastic transition from dark to light as you go down the hair, the balayage offers a subtle alternative. Though it is not that different from the ombre, the balayage gradually makes your hair transition from dark to light without much stark contrast. A few highlights in the front to frame your face will brighten up your complexion and make you glow.

The Virgo’s style game is to be simple and chic at the same time without overdoing it.

This is why the balayage fits in with a Virgo’s no-muss, no-fuss personality.

16Virgo BONUS: A Wavy, Tousled Lob That’s A Bit Messy

Though Virgos aren’t ones for making drastic changes to their hair, something that is unstructured and a little messy fits their personality to a T.

Virgos can be messy, but they never forget where they leave things no matter how out of place it is.

They aren’t big on organization because there isn’t really a big need for it in their lives. Tousled waves paired with a shoulder-length hair screams low maintenance because that is what these girls are. Guys fall for Virgo girls not because they are glamorous and take longer to get ready. They fall for them because they are comfortable wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Plus, they are easy to talk to. This millennial hairstyle is perfect for a busy Virgo on-the-go.

15Capricorn: The Lob To Look More Grown Up

The Capricorn likes to keep things sophisticated and usually is at the professional end of the spectrum when it comes to her career. She likes to keep it simple like the Virgo girl, but still needs a little bit of an edge to make her stand out. The lob would suite a Capricorn perfectly because she needs a haircut that doesn’t need too much maintenance and tending to. Not only that, but it makes her look more mature and grown-up while still maintaining a level of stylishness at the same time. Capricorns usually have some impeccable bone structure, so a blunt, shoulder-length haircut will help bring out her facial structure. Long, loose waves are too traditionally feminine, as she is used to being the alpha female in both her relationships and her career.

14Capricorn BONUS: A Messy Bun If All Else Fails

It is no secret that Capricorns are one of the most hard-working zodiac signs. They are ambitious and just like to get things done no matter what it takes. Sometimes, this can mean that styling your hair in any intricate way is too frivolous for them. The millennial hairstyle that would suit a Capricorn’s busy schedule is the messy bun.

It literally takes minutes to do but it looks so chic at the same time (hello, Meghan Markle!).

The messy bun goes perfectly with any kind of professional-looking outfit or for lazy Sundays just lounging around the house. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, curly, fine or coarse…messy buns are simple and cute hairstyles that any busy girl can pull off. Sometimes, less is more.

13Air Signs: Experimental And Unique

When it comes to some funky hairstyles, air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are the most experimental. Why? That is because they get bored very easily and don’t like to settle for just one signature look. These types are fun to watch when it comes to changing up their hair as they change moods. These girls tend to attract eccentric people into their life because they are eccentric themselves.

They don’t like to do anything that is boring and too run-of-the-mill.

No “slight trims” or “just highlights” will do for air signs because that would make them look like everybody else. They are also social creatures, so they like to use their hair as a conversation piece. Anything that will get people to say “hey, look at your new hair” will make them happy.

12Gemini: Unicorn Hair With Multi Colors

The ultimate staple of the millennial hairstyle trend is the unicorn hair. Whether you want to have peek-a-boo unicorn hair with some blonde hair over it or have it all over your whole head, yummy colors are what is the rage on Instagram. Geminis are the girls that are most likely to rock this look because all the different colors will represent their different personalities and identities. Gemini is the sign of the twins, and you just never know which twin you are going to get when you get to know a Gemini. Plus, these folks have quirky, colorful personalities because they love to stand out from the crowd. Each different color will reflect how quickly they can change their act on a complete whim. Just like a mood ring, a Gemini never stays the same shade for too long.

11Gemini BONUS: An Eye-Catching Neon Color

The sign of the Gemini is the messenger delivering information to people and telling them what they need to know. In order to accomplish this, Geminis need a way to get people’s attention. They encompass sort of a stop light kind of effect, and neon hair colors are one of the best ways to accomplish that. Whimsical colors are necessary for a Gemini to express themselves and show the world their progressive ideas and quirky comments.

Geminis are also the creative types who can think in ways that no one else has ever thought before.

This is why no Gemini should ever have some “blah” hairstyle because that simply just would not suit them. They need to give people something to talk about and shock them. Neon hair will always get that job done.

10Libra: Blonde Rose Gold But Not Too Pink

When you think about Libras, think a big bed of roses. The sign of a Libra is a romantic one that loves all things that are feminine and beautiful.

Rose gold hair is a perfect choice for a Libra because it is colorful without being too overly dramatic.

The sheen of rose gold gives them a slight edge but still keeping it classy at the same time. You will only see the pink in certain levels of light, so this is definitely a millennial hairstyle that you can dress up and dress down. It can blend into most professional work environments while still giving you that hint of “hey look at my new hair.” Since the pink is so subtle in the hair, people will get lost trying to find it, and then they will find you irresistible.

9Libra BONUS: Brunette Rose Gold If Blonde Doesn’t Cut It

If the Libra has dark hair and the blonde rose gold is too much, then there is a brunette version of this trend. The darker it gets, the more people have to look deeper and stare at them. Though a Libra will never admit it, they love attention when they know they are doing something that attracts it. Libras just love to believe that they are beautiful people to the point where they might be a little vain, though they do try to hide it as much as possible. Just like the blonde rose gold, the brunette rose gold offers a pop of color without drawing too much attention. This millennial hairstyle will be perfect for the Libra lady who wants to stand out, but not too much.

8Aquarius: The Big Bang Theory

Girls that are born under the sign of Aquarius like to think with their heads and not their heart. They have a tendency to be intellectuals and will want to opt for a hairstyle that makes them stand out yet still look smarter than everyone else. Short, blunt bangs are the ultimate staple for an Aquarian because it will make her look like a feminist. This millennial hairstyle is often associated with the hipster girls who wear thick-framed glasses and wear plaid. You can wear your hair down and curl it Betty Page style or pull it all back during the day when you need to get stuff done. Short blunt bangs are unlike those wispy side bangs because they make it clear to people “hey, I have bangs and I’m not going halfway on it.” Aquarians never do anything halfway and aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe it. Bangs is the best rebellious hairstyle.

7Aquarius BONUS: Anything Weird All Around

Girls born under the sign of the Aquarius are rebels at heart and love to go against the grain. As teenagers, they would dye their hair crazy colors just to get reactions out of people, whether they were positive or negative. Think of an Aquarian as an alien or something that is not of this earth.

They are here just to observe human beings in the way they behave and don’t always understand common emotions that they are feeling.

Since they feel like they are always on the outside looking in, they have no need to conform to anything that is considered the style of the moment. This sign marches to the beat of their own drum, and the weirder their hair gets, the better.

6Water Signs: Testing The Waters But Not Too Much

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) sort of swing back and forth between being experimental and keeping up the classic looks.

Since they are ruled by their emotions, they don’t always know what they want because their moods are subject to change.

If they are to dye their hair a funky color, it will usually be blended with their natural hair like an ombre. If they want to make a complete change to their hair color, they will do so in a fashion where other people notice but not really be shocked by it. Like the earth signs, they like to be ethereal and feminine but like to give it a little flair tacked onto it. Their millennial hairstyles tend to take borrow from other hairstyles while making it their own.

5Cancer: Platinum Blonde If You Can Pull It Off

Cancer women love to play the damsels in distress and are the most likely to look like the modern day Barbie doll. That is why the blonder they go, the better. They are the girls who giggle the loudest in the room and love to use that classically feminine charm in order to attract men. Think of Marilyn Monroe in that old movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Even if a Cancer girl is not a natural blonde, she will try a bottle of peroxide at least once in her life just to see what it would look like. However, it takes a certain type of girl to pull off platinum blonde, which is so blonde to the point where it is almost white. This stark shade will make the lovely Cancer girl stand out among her girlfriends. Once a Cancer goes blonde, she will definitely attract more attention.

4Cancer BONUS: Simple Blonde Highlights If Platinum Doesn’t Work

Out of all the water signs, Cancers err on the safe side when it comes to their hair. They don’t really have the stomach to do anything extreme with their hair because that would bring them out of their comfort zone. However, that comfort zone can get a little boring when you are looking at the same hair for days on end.

For the brunette Cancer girls who won’t be able to pull off platinum blonde without the dark roots growing in, blonde highlights will brighten up their fresh face even more.

They will glow with just one little tweak that sometimes only they will notice. Since blonde highlights are pretty timeless and don’t really go out of style, this is a millennial hairstyle that a Cancer can hold onto for years to come.

3Scorpio: Wine Red Shades With Deeper Hues

Just like the Aries girl, a Scorpio is also ruled by the fiery red planet of Mars, but she is also ruled by the deep and mysterious planet of Pluto. This means that red will also be her color, but not a bright fire engine red. Instead, crimson and burgundy shades of red will flatter her personality more.

The sign of a Scorpio is a dark sign, so the color of a red wine will give her that edginess that she craves.

This millennial hairstyle is sultry and the deep shade of red will show the passion that lies beneath a stoic exterior. A Scorpio girl doesn’t like to stand out too much from the crowd, but she still secretly wants to be noticed for some one-on-one attention. This shade of red gives off a “come hither” vibe as she plays hard to get.

2Pisces: Mermaid Hair With Endless Waves

Pisces is the sign of the fish, and what happens when a fish takes on human form? You guessed it. They turn into a mermaid. Whatever color that a Pisces girl decides to dye their hair, it just can’t go without a long stream of cascading waves. No matter what a Pisces does with her personal style, she likes to opt for the ethereal look because it gives her that little touch of vulnerability. Even though Pisces seems shy when you first meet them, they want to be the sea siren that gets the sailors to rescue them. They don’t typically like to be trend-setters per se, but they have no problem following along with new trends as they emerge. The phrase “go with the flow” could not be more true for a Pisces lady.

1Pisces BONUS: A Deep Colored Ombre

Pisces are sea creatures that have emerged from the ocean and are now trying to find life on land. This is why the deep blue ombre will flatter them the most when it comes to funky millennial hairstyles.

Those who are attracted to a Pisces will get lost in the depths of their being.

These types are artsy, and they are also spiritual. Deep colors that gradually develop from their natural color is like their dreams weaving their way into the Pisces’s life. Sometimes a Pisces will want to get experimental with their hair color but still want to maintain that femininity that comes with being a water sign. Their emotions run deep, and a deep hair color rather than a bright one will highlight that part of their personality.

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