Here’s Which Friends Character You Are Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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Here’s Which Friends Character You Are Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ENFP – You are Phoebe Buffay

Zany, creative and full of new ideas, Phoebe Buffay plays an exaggerated version of the classic ENFP. No speculation is too out-there for this unconventional character who lets her extroverted intuition run wild when it comes to evaluating her career and romance options. When she needs to make a decision, Phoebe uses a strong set of internal morals to govern her. She is a classic ENFP – if her song lyrics won’t convince you, her outlandish actions will.

ENTP – You are Chandler Bing

Though he flips between displaying introverted and extroverted characteristics, Chandler’s extroverted intuition is indubitably his lead function – his quick wit is his most defining trait. Of all the characters on the show, Chandler is always the first to pick up on what’s being left unsaid – and then he rushes to rectify the situation, regardless of how inappropriate his comment may be. Classic ENTP.

ESFP – You are Rachel Green and/or Joey Tribbiani

With two such fantastic ESFP characters, how could we ever choose between them?Rachel embodies a realistic, well-developed ESFP character who plays on her strengths. She uses extroverted sensing to establish a successful career in the fashion industry and introverted feeling to nurture deep, caring relationships with those around her. She is the ESFP we all wish we had in our lives – spontaneous, enthusiastic and funny yet also responsible, driven and grounded. Rachel embodies an excellent depiction of a mature ESFP.

Joey Tribbiani, everyone’s favourite ladies man, plays a childlike caricature of the ESFP. Highly impulsive and emotional, Joey’s inferior functions never get developed and he remains eternally dependent on the other characters to take care of him. Being the charming ESFP that he is though, nobody minds. After all, he’s just so endearing.

ESTJ – You are Monica Geller

Opinionated, high-strung and perfectionistic, Monica is a classic ESTJ. She is sure of what she wants and moves confidently toward her goals in any situation. She feeds off the energy of others but also believes that everything and everyone has its proper place – making her just a wee bit bossy. If her cleaning habits don’t convince you of her personality type, her attitude as a chef certainly will.READ  Here’s How You Respond Under Pressure, According to Your Personality Type

ISTJ – You are Ross Geller

Focused, detail-oriented and just a little bit irritable, Ross displays undeniable ISTJ characteristics. Though the nature of the show focuses mainly on his feelings, Ross is a thinker at heart. He is drawn to intellectual pursuits and derives energy through his inner world of thoughts and, well, dinosaurs. His never-ending quest for the security of marriage is a classic SJ trait – ISTJs in particular want to get their lives settled down and in order as quickly as they possibly can.

ESFJ – You are Janice

Despite her undeniably irritating catchphrase (and voice in general), Janice played a surprisingly mature character. She cares deeply for the people around her and remains loyal to a fault to her loved ones. She wants nothing more than for the people around her to be happy and well taken care of. Janice was a well-developed ESFJ character who didn’t deserve the bad reputation that she got.

ISTP – You are Jack Geller

Jack Geller has to be the most hilariously underrated character on the show. Frank, quirky and pervasively aloof, he plays a typical ISTP. He sees things as they are – nothing more, nothing less. A typical perceiver, he lets his wife make most of the important decisions while he simply comes along for the ride – and provides unassumingly hilarious commentary.

ISFP – You are Tag

Sweet, goofy and all-around loveable, Tag played a (well, slightly under-developed) ISFP. His first function – introverted feeling – clearly governed his decisions, as he didn’t let the rules stop him from dating his boss. His extroverted sensing was expressed through his goofy, fun-loving nature that kept him scooting through life by the seat of his pants.READ  Here’s How Hesitant You Are, According to Your Personality Type

ENFJ – You are Kathy

Expressive, intuitive and nurturing, Kathy displayed every quality of a confident ENFJ. Though her romantic indiscretion may have been a wee bit out of character, her chemistry with Chandler was undeniable. Her reactive extroverted feeling ran her life and her introverted intuition sometimes took a bit of time to catch up – nonetheless she played an ENFJ character to a T – or should we say, to an F.

INTP – You are David

The brilliant yet hopelessly awkward scientist who left Phoebe to move to Minsk – who could forget David? His introverted thinking kept him thoroughly invested in his research, while his extroverted intuition was responsible for the hilarious one-liners he consistently doled out. David was indecisive, speculative and wholly invested in his work – all classic INTP traits.

ESTP – You are Mike Hannigan

Goofy, unpredictable and tolerant of Phoebe’s many quirks, Mike displayed various characteristics of the easy-going ESTP. He showed confidence in his physical pursuits (a single game of ping-pong was enough to make us aware of his competitive nature), an open-minded attitude, and he was quick to act on his decisions – once he finally got around to making them. Mike was a textbook ESTP and like most ESTPs, it was difficult not to love him.

INFJ – You are Carol

Though she was caring by nature, Carol was definitely a feeler second and an intuitive first. She took time to realize her feelings for Susan – she needed a same-sex encounter to actually happen before she was able to come to terms with her own sexual orientation. After that point, Carol’s inability to keep living a lie was a classic INFJ move. She remained true to herself, but showed Ross compassion along the way. Despite not seeing a lot of Carol throughout the show, her calm, pensive vibe was a dead INFJ giveaway.READ  Here’s How Good You Are at Winging It, Based on Your Personality Type

INFP – You are Paul Stevens

Okay, we may be reaching a bit here – Friends was severely lacking in INFP characters. The closest appropriation we got was Bruce Willis’s fantastic portrayal of Paul, the no-nonsense father of Ross’s young flame Elizabeth. As the series unfolded, we saw a much softer side to Paul – one that revealed a rich inner emotional world. One so rich, in fact, that Rachel had to break up with him for his overly-emotional tendencies. But hey, he was a neat guy. And his self-pep-talk was a hilarious display of introverted feeling.

ENTJ – You are Pete Becker

Successful, organized and goal oriented to a fault, Pete was the perfect example of a fully-thriving ENTJ. He latched quickly onto new challenges regardless of what they entailed – from starting a multi-million dollar company to becoming the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Determined, personable and successful, Pete was an ENTJ through and through.

INTJ – You are Charlie Wheeler

Decisive, self-assured and tirelessly intellectual, Charlie was a textbook INTJ. She allowed research to rule her life and was attracted to intelligence in a partner above all else. Her under-developed introverted feeling was clear in the way she hopped from partner to partner without concern for their emotions. Introverted intuition and extroverted thinking were clearly her stronger suits.

ISFJ – You are Gunther

Loyal right to the end, Gunther was the absolute embodiment of an ISFJ. He was quiet yet devoted, wanting Rachel to be happy even more than he wanted to be with her. Though we didn’t see much of this character on the front line of the show, Friends just wouldn’t have been the same without Gunther – offering us the ultimate tale of unrequited love.

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