Here’s What Type Of Father He’ll Most Likely Be, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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Here’s What Type Of Father He’ll Most Likely Be, Based On His Zodiac Sign

When we look to a potential partner, there are a lot of things to consider. Does he make us laugh? Is he smart? Is he honest? Does he have a sense of loyalty? Does he like adventure or prefer to stay at home? Is he dependable? Is he spontaneous? Does he want to get married? Does he want to have kids? How would he be with kids?

It’s that last question that, as we get older, might prove a little more important than we perhaps once thought! Suddenly, seeing a man at ease around children, making them laugh and being a good pseudo-parent is one of the sexiest things ever! (Thanks, biological clock!)

There are a lot of things to look at in what would make a man a good father, and, often, it depends on how his personality will mesh with yours. However, one good indicator of his future fatherhood potential might be looking at his zodiac sign.

There are defining characteristics about each sign of the zodiac, many of which are well known, but it’s different when we look at how those characteristics come into play when a child or family is involved. So, how does your man stack up in the daddy department?

16Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): The Competitive Dad

Dads born under any of the Fire signs have a natural competitive edge. They are the leaders of the zodiac, often to the detriment of other signs and, occasionally, their own best interests. These dads are the kind who will tear an unfair referee or coach a new one if they don’t like a call who’s being made against their child.

Also, this dad will fiercely stick up for them if they feel that their offspring are being treated unfairly.

Competition is just in the nature of men born under the element of Fire, since their temper runs red-hot and their impulsive behavior can have them lashing out instead of taking a minute to think things through.

15Aries: The Encouraging Dad

Aries men are known for being ambitious and competitive, but when they become fathers, that translates into pushing their children to be the best. These are the dads who will be at every soccer game, cheering from the sidelines (unless they’re coaching the team themselves).

Aries dads want to be motivated, which means that they might push their kids a little too hard, but it comes from a place of love and a desire to see them succeed. The thing to watch out for with the encouraging Aries dad is that he may also be impatient, especially if his child isn’t taking to whatever it is he’s teaching.

14Leo: The Proud Dad

Like the lions for which they are named, Leo dads are proud fathers of their families, but not to the point that they have blinders on. He loves bragging about his kids and will stick every A-paper to the fridge and proudly display every trophy ever won.

While this can occasionally lead to overindulgence (after all, Leos are notoriously spoiled if given the chance), it’s just because he’s so demonstrative with his love.

Being the proud dad can be a bit much for a Leo man’s kids, who might get embarrassed by his gushing as they get older, but there’s no doubt that he thinks of them as his whole world and will make them feel appreciated and adored their whole lives.

13Sagittarius: The Friend Dad

He’s not a regular dad, he’s a cool dad! Sagittarius men abhor commitment, and fatherhood is about as committed as it gets, which is why this guy wants to be a friend more than a parent.

Sag men are naturally fun and vivacious, which will ensure that their kids have an awesome time, but that they likely won’t be eating all their vegetables or getting to bed on time when he’s in charge. This will definitely endear him to his kids, but it means that Mom has to become the bad parent most of the time. Additionally, as his children grow older, the Sagittarius dad might find it harder to earn their respect or become more mature as they surpass him in terms of emotional intelligence.

12Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): The Old-Fashioned Dad

A practical element, fathers born under any of the Earth signs of the zodiac are likely to be old-fashioned dads. This means that they will be the type to set curfews and bedtimes, insist on dinners at the table – with proper table manners – and might be a little colder when it comes to affection, but that’s because they show their love elsewhere.

Earth signs are known to be a little reserved when it comes to their emotions much of the time, but that doesn’t mean they lack for any love.

Men who become fathers who are born under this element believe in showing their affection in ways that can be quantified: a roof over your head, hot food, warm clothing, and regular vacations.

Earth signs love their routines since they symbolize stability and security, which is what these dads value most in their lives and their families.

11Taurus: The Stable Dad

The kind of father who is both dependable and loving, the Taurus dad is the best of both worlds. He is a stable man who truly wants to get to know his children and actually enjoys spending time with them. A homebody at heart, the Taurus dad will always make his kids feel welcome, no matter how long they’re gone for.

While this might sound boring to some, the Taurus dad is also prone to enjoying the finer things in life, and his kids will want for nothing. He’s not a type to spoil them since he understands the importance of a budget and making your kids feel like they’re actually earned a reward, but when he doles it out, it’s always sure to be awesome.

10Virgo: The Control Freak Dad

A dad who might annoy you when you’re a messy, rebellious teenager, the Control Freak Dad that is the Virgo father really does have his kids’ best interests at heart, he just sometimes gets a little wrapped up in his own neuroses.

Control is something the Virgo loves more than anything, and, quite honestly, needs to survive.

While this might show itself in an obsessive need for a clean home and tidy kitchen, it also means that the Virgo dad will keep his kids on task at all times, get them to every after-school activity, remember to buy the perfect gift for every birthday, and ensure that there are always clean clothes and everything in its place for when it’s needed. The Virgo dad is like a personal organizer as well as a father, and, in his practicality, becomes the glue that keeps his family together.Featured Today

9Capricorn: The Disciplinarian Dad

A hardworking member of the zodiac, the Capricorn dad expects the exact same from his children. He has high standards for them, which can make him stricter when it comes to laying down the law, but it’s not because he enjoys being the disciplinarian – it’s because he thinks a solid, structured upbringing will lead to stronger, more successful adults. Really, he’s just looking towards the future.

This means that it can seem as though the Capricorn dad is a little colder when it comes to showing his affection, but it’s only because he’s leading by example. If you’re the mama alongside a Capricorn papa, encourage him to be a little softer with the kids, so that they can see the cuddly core that you know is at his center.

8Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): The Sensitive Dad

Those born under the element of Water are sensitive souls. They love everything there is about love, and family is the most important thing to them. They are fiercely protective of their loved ones and try to keep them as close as possible, which means that the fathers born under a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are extremely sensitive.

We’re not talking about being unnecessarily weepy, but sensitive in the sense that these men take their kids’ wellbeing and upbringing to heart.

They think that their children are a personal reflection of themselves, and they will do whatever it takes to give them a good life and ensure that they are always provided for. He will feel their losses and heartaches personally because he loves them so much, but he’ll also be strong for them when he needs to be.

7Scorpio: The Protective Dad

Anyone who has met a Scorpio man knows that they’re intense, and that intensity gets even crazier when they become fathers. Scorpio men are incredibly loyal to those they love, and there’s no one they love more than their own children. These guys will go to the ends of the earth to protect their kids – think Liam Neeson in Taken ­– without skipping a beat.

The issue for a Scorpio man’s kids is that they’re rarely able to sneak one by him. This guy knows all the tricks because he’s already done them himself, and his naturally observant nature will keep him alert when something feels amiss. It might prevent his children from opening up to him, but they know deep down that he’ll always be there for them.

6Pisces: The Compassionate Dad

Pisces men are gentle, intuitive souls. They want to know their kids, what they like and dislike, what they hope and dream about, and what they fear and love. They are also extremely attuned to the world around them since they’re prone to introspection that allows them to apply their own experiences to those of others.

Empathy and compassion are two things the Pisces dad values and something he tries to teach his children.

He will encourage them to expand their worldview through books, music, film, and art, but he can get a little lost in the romantics of such things and fail to apply them to real-life situations (but he does try his best).

5Cancer: The Traditional Dad

Embodying the classic nurturing characteristics of a Water sign, the Cancer dad loves being involved in child-rearing. A family is one of the most important things to him, and so he invokes tradition as a way to stay close to his kids and keep the family a tight unit. Movie nights on Fridays, home-cooked meals on Sundays and family rituals and traditions during the holidays are important to him because this is a sign that tends to dwell in memories and nostalgia.

Fathers born under the sign of Cancer are loving, supportive parents, but all that affection can get suffocating, so they’ll need you there to alleviate some of the pressure he puts on them to be the best kids for his ideal family.

4Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): The Chill Dad

The element of Air is one that is effervescent – it’s something we know exists, but we can’t see it or touch it, which is kind of how the signs born under Air behave: They tend to be flightier, less solid and stable, and more about going with the flow of things rather than having their own fixed needs.

Because of that, father born under any of the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius), are more likely to be of a relaxed, chill variety.

These dads would rather be a friend or a confidante than a parent of authority – and, thus, responsibility.

These dads will be lax when it comes to rules and will probably be your kids’ fave parent until they realize that they need balance and structure to really thrive.

3Libra: The Pushover Dad

The Libra man is the kind of guy who always wants it both ways, in order to make everyone happy. He’s a peacemaker who values harmony in his household, which is great until his kids take advantage of his kindly nature.

Libra dads are lenient to a fault – they’ll give the kid the toy they’re screaming for in the middle of a store, they’ll let them stay up past their bedtime, they’ll order pizza for dinner rather than cooking something because they want to make their kids happy! You’ll never be able to say, “Ask your father” to your kid if you’re the mom partnered with a Libra dad because he will always give them the green light. This guy is a sucker for his kiddies, which can lead to them being spoiled and ungrateful, so you’ll have to be the one to rein him in.

2Aquarius: The Open-Minded Dad

Another way of describing the Aquarius dad would be the hippie dad. He’s open-minded and artistic, progressive and more than willing to share stories from his own crazy past. The Aquarius dad won’t bother signing his kids up for classes because he wants to teach them himself, and he’ll take them to rallies and festivals so that they can experience and learn more about cultures different from their own.

One drawback of the Aquarius’s open-minded father is that he relies more on his head and thought processes than his emotions to connect with people.

In fact, emotions make him feel uncomfortable, and when major “teaching moments” crop up that fall into this category, he’ll likely pass the torch to you.

1Gemini: The Fun Dad

Gemini dads are truly kids at heart, who want to connect to their children in a way that makes them friends more than authority figures. These are the dads who will always invent fun adventures and keep things from ever getting too boring or serious, but it can meet that the partner of the Gemini dad risks being placed in the category of the un-fun, disciplinarian parent.

While the Gemini dad is all about fun, he’s also super thoughtful with his kids, owing to the Gemini’s excellent communication skills. Rather than getting your children to open up about the tough issues point-blank, he’ll be able to slowly pull it out of them by offering a comforting ear and just enough distraction to keep things from getting awkward.

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