Here’s What Kind Of Heart He Has, Based On Astrology.

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January 9, 2019
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January 9, 2019
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Here’s What Kind Of Heart He Has, Based On Astrology.



We’d have to admit that looks play a big role when we’re choosing a partner, but for the most part, we want to be with someone who is a genuinely nice guy.
In other words, we want someone with a good heart. We want to be able to talk about him to our family and friends and say, “He has a big heart” or even
“He’s a total sweetheart.”
When we meet someone at a party or go on an online date, we can’t really tell what kind of heart they have right away. We know that we’ll gure
this out
after spending a bit more time with them. We’re hoping that they have an amazing heart, of course, and that we’ll start a serious relationship that works
Astrology can tell us so much about people’s personalities and the way that they’re going to treat us if we start dating them and become a part of each
other’s daily lives. A good way to tell what kind of heart he has is by looking to astrology. His star sign can tell us so much about the type of guy that he is.



Here is what kind of heart he has based on his astro sign.
20-The Fire Signs Have Hearts That Won’t Be Tied Down
The re
signs (that would be Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) have one thing in common: they have hearts that won’t be tied down.
These are the guys that we meet who we think are boyfriend material but we get the feeling that they’re not so big on commitment. Maybe that’s the vibe
that we get from them or maybe this is what our mutual friends tell us. It can be frustrating to meet someone who is like this, especially if we have a crush
on them and would love to date them. But we know that if a re
guy has this type of heart and this is the kind of person that he is, then we might end up
with our own heart getting broken.
19-Leos Have Wild Hearts
If the guy that we have met is a Leo sign, that means that he has a wild heart.
The Leo man is wild in general: he has ambitions when it comes to his career and we probably like that about him, and he also really likes when he’s the
center of attention. He’s got condence
and a boldness about him, which are two things that are always attractive in a potential mate. This doesn’t mean
that he wouldn’t fall in love with us or that we shouldn’t date him. The fact that he has a wild heart means that it’ll be interesting and exciting.
18-Aries Signs Have Hearts That Change Often
Aries signs are moody. One day, he could be all in with someone, and another, he could change his mind. It depends on his mood.
Because this is the way that he is, when a guy is an Aries sign, that means that he has a heart that changes often. Maybe we would like him and want to date
him, and he seems like he’s interested. We tell our friends that we’ve met a great guy and we’re expecting to go on a second date with him a few days later,
but then we get a text message saying that he can’t be in a relationship right now.



17-Sagittarius Signs Have Curious Hearts
Sagittarius signs are curious about the world and they love to travel. A guy who is a Sagittarius sign has a curious heart.
He might not be someone who we want to be our boyfriend but that’s not because he’s not a good person or he’s not fascinating. In fact, his love of travel
and his curious personality would make us especially interested in dating him. But because he can’t stop picking places to visit, he’s always on the go, so he
might not be someone who can commit to us or someone who we can rely on.
16-The Fire Signs Have Hearts That Will Never Be Satised
In general, a guy who is any of the three re
signs has a heart that will never be satised.
Commitment is tough for these three astro signs. They might be romantically interested in a girl or they might never quite get to that point. They might
even have a few crushes at the same time. Either way, they don’t want to have a serious relationship as much as the other signs do. Other things are more
interesting to them, like career plans (Leo, for sure) or booking trips (that would be Sagittarius) or their internal world (in the case of Aries).
15-The Earth Signs Have Difcult
Hearts To Win
The Earth signs are Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. While these guys each have their own unique personalities and act differently from one another, they
have one thing in common: they have hearts that are difcult
for a girl to win. These guys are a bit hard to get to know and they don’t open up to someone
right away.
Depending on our own astro sign, we might like that it’s a bit of a challenge to get to know one of these guys because we like to take it slow as well. Or, we
might not love that he’s so mysterious.
14-Taurus Signs Have Stubborn Hearts
Being stubborn isn’t always the greatest personality trait to have, and it can make dating difcult.
If we’re stubborn ourselves, then we know that we have a
hard time agreeing to go somewhere that we don’t want to go, or doing something that our partner wants to do.
When we meet a guy who is a Taurus sign, we’ll know right away that he’s got a stubborn heart. This will be pretty clear from his behavior. While this isn’t
the happiest news, he could be worth getting to know better, because as soon as we become interested in him, we’ll love his other traits. We might even
forget that he’s so stubborn.


they take very seriously.
A Capricorn guy has an ambitious heart. That’s something that many of us are looking for in a partner. No one wants to be with someone who has no goals
or purpose in life and never wants to try to do anything. We’ll nd
this guy to be really inspiring and it could be a really awesome relationship once we get
to know each other, but that might take a little bit of time.
12-Virgos Have Shy Hearts
Virgo men have shy hearts, and if we meet a Virgo guy, we should know that he has to feel really comfortable before he’ll be okay with dating someone.
Maybe that’s exactly how we like to do things so that’s perfect for us. Maybe it would be something new and different because, in the past, we always fell
pretty fast and hard for someone and started a serious relationship quickly. The Virgo guy is denitely
worth dating because he’s got amazing qualities, like
how kind and smart he is. He just needs a bit of time, and that’s understandable because dating can be hard.
11-The Earth Signs Have Kind Hearts
Although the earth signs have difcult
hearts to win at rst,
if we’re dating a Taurus, Capricorn, or Virgo sign, they also have kind hearts, and that’s
awesome to hear.
A Taurus isn’t being stubborn because they want to be mean or annoying — they honestly can’t help their personality and they might even hate that this
how they act. A Virgo might wish that they could be more condent
and bolder but their shyness is something that they have to live with. And the
Capricorn sign has always been ambitious. These signs can all be very good, kind people, and they’re worth dating.
10-The Water Signs Have Hearts That Break Fast And Easily
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) can get into a heartbroken state pretty fast. Others might say that they’re all too sensitive or that they need to
grow a thicker skin. Water signs are described as easy to love, which makes sense since when we say that someone is really cool and genuine, we say they
“go with the ow”.
These are the astro signs who are comfortable with falling in love and who like being in a relationship. In fact, they really enjoy the whole experience. We
don’t have to worry about them being afraid of commitment because that’s not going to happen here.
9-Cancers Have Loyal Hearts
A guy who is a Cancer sign is going to be really loyal to us. Since this is a trait that we always look for in a boyfriend, that’s the best thing that we could hear.
It’s not like we would ever want to be with someone who was the opposite of loyal.
Cancers have loyal hearts and when we meet a guy who is this astro sign, we’ll know that we can trust him. We’ll never wonder about whether he likes us or
if he’s for real or anything that we might usually think about when we start dating someone. Since he’s so loyal, he could really get hurt, so hopefully, we
feel the same way about him as he does about us.
8-Scorpio Signs Have Hearts As Passionate As They Are
Scorpios are very passionate. When we meet a man who is a Scorpio sign, we should know that he has a heart that is just as passionate as he is.


time. What’s interesting is that this guy could be the perfect mate for one girl and too much for another.
7-Pisces Have Sensitive Hearts
A Pisces man is going to be sensitive for sure. His heart breaks pretty easily, he loves love, and he goes all in when he likes someone.
It’s a good idea to know this from the beginning so we can tread lightly and treat him with kindness and respect. Of course, we would always want to treat
someone like that, but it’s even more important with a Pisces sign. It’s a good reminder that even guys can be sensitive. After all, dating can be hard and
we’re all just trying to nd
the right person. We all have that search for love in common.
6-The Water Signs Have Hearts That Are Sensitive But Worth Getting To Know
In general, any guy who is a water sign has a heart that is really sensitive but in the end, he’s worth getting to know.
He’s the kind of guy that we want to be our boyfriend because he’s all about commitment. There have been times when we liked someone and found out
that he didn’t want a girlfriend or said that he didn’t think that being in a relationship was a good idea. It sucked to hear that but we stayed strong and
waited for the right person. When we meet someone who is one of the water signs, we can be sure that he’s the right guy because he wants to nd
5-The Air Signs Have Hearts That Are Hard For Girls To Figure Out
Some guys are open books and tell us when they like us and when they want to date us. Others are more secretive and we can never tell what they’re
thinking about us.
Air signs t
into the latter category. If a guy is an Air sign, meaning that he’s a Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini, that means he has a heart that is hard for us to
out. He might not tell us that he likes us immediately or that he wants to go out with us, and that’s something that could drive us crazy… or it could
interest us even more.
4-Libras Have Hearts That Beat For Every Girl They Meet
Libra men really want to nd
someone, and for that reason, they have hearts that literally beat for everyone that they meet. They can have a crush on
someone one day and by the next, they have their eye on a few more girls.
This sounds like it could be a little frustrating and it denitely
will be. We won’t be able to gure
out if he’s ready to commit to us at rst
because he could
be dating a few different people. It’s good news in the end, though, because he wants to meet someone and fall in love. When it works, he’ll be ready to be
with us, and we won’t have to worry about him not committing.
3-Aquarius Signs Have Vulnerable Hearts
Aquarius signs have trouble talking about how they feel. A guy who is this astro sign will have a heart that is very vulnerable.
If we’re okay with starting a relationship that moves slowly at rst
and we like getting to know a guy before getting too serious, then this is perfect for us. If
we want someone to be comfortable opening up to us right away, then this might not work out and we might not be the perfect match. Hopefully, we’re
okay with someone being a little vulnerable at rst
because it’ll be worth it and eventually we’ll feel like we know each other incredibly well.
2-Geminis Have A Flirty And Friendly Heart
There are some people who are more irty
than others. Geminis denitely
into that category and Gemini men like to irt.
A Gemini guy is going to be irty
and friendly when we interact with him. This could be confusing for us because we’re not sure if he has eyes only for us or
if he treats every girl like this. It can be tough to know if someone is ready to commit or if they want to play the eld.
If it turns out that he’s a good guy and
we want to be together, we’ll like him because he’s got a great, friendly personality. But it might take a while for us to get to that point.
1-The Air Signs Have Hearts That Need To Feel Free
The air signs have hearts that want freedom more than anything else. Whether a guy is a Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini, he would love nothing more than to be
totally free.
Whether he’s looking for a relationship or wants to stay single, we might not be sure at rst
what’s going on. He’s not as straightforward as some of the
other astro signs. Libra is searching for the right girl, Aquarius is trying to be more open with his feelings and let go of some of his vulnerability, and Gemini

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