Here’s What Each Astro Sign Does When They Want To Be More Than Friends (His & Hers)

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January 9, 2019
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Here’s What Each Astro Sign Does When They Want To Be More Than Friends (His & Hers)

We all deal with our crushes in certain and different ways, but when it comes down to it, we all want to know if he or she reciprocates the same feelings.
We all get to that point of confusion and it can be extremely aggravating, and that applies for both women and men. Sometimes, we feel like they want
more, but in this day and age with technology and social media, it seems even more difcult
to gure
out if someone is into you and ONLY YOU.
Do you nd
yourself checking your love horoscope daily to get some insight and the slightest bit of hope? We totally get it if you do and we also do not
blame you for doing so. There is nothing more annoying then knowing you want more with someone but cannot seem to nd

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re you nding
yourself longing for answers? Have you already tried bringing up the subject but got a totally vague and confusing response from the
other? Well, we have got stupendous news for you. When it comes to telling if someone likes you, according to astrology, there are certain things every
sign does when they want to pursue something more serious with you. So, if you are going gaga over this guy or girl, then read on nd
out the telltale signs
based on their astro sign, if he or she are falling for you.

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24-Aries Man
If the boy you’re crushing over hard is an Aries, then you’re in luck, because the most important thing about this astro sign is that an Aries man will have no
worries about letting his feelings show. To be more specic
though, an Aries man will prioritize spending time with you if he wants to be more than friends.
And if he is choosing to spend time with you by taking you out and engaging in activities, then it is because he truly wants to. An Aries man won’t do
something they don’t like.

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23-Aries Woman
If an Aries woman wants more with a man, you won’t have to be reading this. An Aries women is daring and spontaneous, which means if she likes you, she
will pursue you hardcore. This basically means you will not doubt what an Aries woman says as they do not beat around the bush when it comes to their
feelings. This is a relief for her as well because an Aries woman is unable to hide her true feelings. Just take her words and positive actions for what they
22-Taurus Man
For a Taurus man, it is all or nothing, so if they like you, they are going to pamper you and make it show. There is no in between with them, if they want you
as more than a friend, they will surprise you with small gifts to communicate their affection for you. They don’t do much talking though, so you will have to
pay attention to their physical touch and their eyes. If ever you are out for supper or drinks with him, and you catch him staring at you deeply, then he is
super into you.

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21-Taurus Woman (April 20 – May 20)
A Taurus woman is usually very protective of her heart, especially in the beginning, but if she starts crushing hard on you, she will show it by being overtly
romantic and irtatious.
She will pamper you by wooing you with very sweet gestures and she will be very affectionate with you. If you feel a Taurus
woman is very comfortable and open with you, it is because she sees you in the long run. And when she REALLY likes you, she’ll keep her affection for you
20-Gemini Man
Geminis are dualistic by nature, so if they have fallen for you, things can get a little confusing. However, a Gemini man will fall hard and fast for you, which
is obvious when they do certain things like act extremely expressive, speak with body language, or care what you think. If he wants more with you, he will

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19-Gemini Woman
When a Gemini woman likes you, pay attention to her eyes, because if she is gaga for you, she will have heart eyes, for you and only you. Another thing that
is unique to a Gemini woman when she wants to show you that she likes you, will be through her appearance; she will dress up very foxy and look her best
for you. What this basically says, is that she wants to make sure not only her words, but appearance is irresistible to you. And if she is on top of constantly
connecting with you, she is digging you.

18-Cancer Man
If a Cancer man wants to pursue you and sees you in his future, he will come off as shy but also deeply caring. He is that type of guy that you want to run to
if you are in distress, and if you are, and he wants you to be more than a friend, he will stop at nothing to help you and make you feel better. The problem
with a Cancer man is they rarely say things and are shy to admit that they like you.

17-Cancer Woman
Oh, this woman is a very curious one, so if you’re talking to a Cancer woman, listen carefully ― keep those ears wide open. If a Cancer woman has a crush
on you, she will play Inspector Gadget by asking many questions about your loved ones, your life and interests. If she is suddenly acting a little shyer
around you, do not take that as a bad sign; that is because she now really likes you and is being more careful.
16-Leo Man
Leo men take a lot of pride in what they do, so if they like you, then pay attention to how they act when you are around them. If a Leo likes you and wants to
have you in his future, he will show off a little more. Not only will he try to impress more, but he’ll also make sure you’re in his future by planning events
with you that are in very far time. If he clearly sees a future with you and wants more with you, he won’t hesitate in letting you know.

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15-Leo Woman
A Leo woman is usually always in a good mood, so it becomes sometimes difcult
to know if she is happy to be around you, or just in general. However,
when she starts behaving extra excited around you and does her happy dance, then she is really into you. A Leo woman will not beat around the bush as she
is very direct, so do not doubt her even if you guys are just going for coffee. And whatever she says come straight from the heart too. A major plus: if she is
kissing and hugging you a lot.

14-Virgo Man
A Virgo man remembers every little thing about you if he wants more with you, but you may not notice because he is too busy paying so much attention to
you. You may not notice he is crushing on you too because he is busy observing you and making sure he recalls every minor detail about you. If he wants
you in his life as more than a friend, he’ll remember everything you ever told him, like that item of jewelry you wanted or how you like your steak.

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13-Virgo Woman
A Virgo woman cannot fall for you until she believes she knows you like a book, so if she is taking her time and asking a lot about you, do not fret, it is a
great sign. If she likes you, she will also suddenly be very open about herself too and seriously let you know everything about herself. She will also pay much
attention to your wants to make sure she meets them, so if she is doing so, know that she sees you in her future.

12-Libra Man
If you have fallen hard for a Libra man, then you are in luck; this man won’t keep you second guessing. However, if you are unsure about him, just analyze
his mannerisms towards you. A Libra man will not play games if he is into you; he is the type of guy who will text you rst
and want to always communicate
with you. He will not be shy to make the rst
move and will prove to you that he genuinely cares.

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11-Libra Woman
Plain and simple, a Libra woman is a charmer. Don’t freak out, if you have the hots for a Libra woman, then she will be using her charm on only you. A Libra
woman is playful, but when she starts having feelings for you, you’ll notice she is a little more serious when you are with her, which is a sign that you’re
important to her. Take it as a good sign and smile because that means she is serious about you.

10-Scorpio Man
You will know a Scorpio man is into you if he sticks around even when the times are rough. Now, if all has been rainbow and sunshine between you two, you
can also tell he wants more with you when he stares at you like he has found his missing puzzle piece. If he seems to be so intrigued by you, which will
certainly show, then he feels the same way right back. Take that and leave with it because Scorpion men tend to be secretive about emotions.

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9-Scorpio Woman
Are you dealing with a Scorpion woman?If so, is she mysterious when she’s with you? Then you’re off to a great start. This means that as a person, she may
be a little distant with you, but if she likes you, she’ll suddenly be a little more distant with you. And when that occurs, then just look into her eyes to see her
true feelings. Let the distance be, she will crawl back with her feelings.

8-Sagittarius Man
Oh, if you are going nuts over a Sagittarius man, then you got an adorable little fella. Sagittarius, like Aries, can’t keep a secret, which means, the truth will
be shot your way before you probably even question him. This kind of man is the man that will bend over backwards for you if he likes you; he will go see a
sappy romance lm
with you even though he detests them, and he will take you out to a food joint he doesn’t like just to please you. If he is doing any of this,
it is obvious the truth is he wants more.

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her, is her wanting to take you everywhere with her. This means, she will always invite you around and initiate seeing you a lot. If so, that is because she
always wants to be near you.
6-Capricorn Man
Capricorn men are the type of men who will make you their main priority when they like you, especially since it is usually work before play for them. One
major way he will make it obvious that he is into you is if he has brought you around the people who mean most to him, like his friends and family. Because
they are crushing on you, their mannerisms are top-notch, and they make you feel like you are a part of their world already.

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5-Capricorn Woman
A Capricorn woman does not want to waste her time, so if you nd
yourself doubting that she wants more with you, it’s normal. Because dating is like work
for a Capricorn woman, you’ll know she is feeling you when she starts acting less business-ey around you. If she is feeling you out, it is because she likes you
and is just making sure she is protecting her heart. If she adores you she will start acting unlike herself and make her loyalty shine through.

4-Aquarius Man
Aquarius men are friendly people, so that makes them usually very nonchalant and laid back. So, if you are scratching your head because you do not know
what he is feeling, examine how he supports you. An Aquarius man who wants you around will be extremely supportive of you and help you follow your
dreams. He is that type of man who will always be proud of you, no matter what you do, and will be there cheering you on from the sideline. Also, if he
walks all cute and glows around you, he is majorly digging you.

3-Aquarius Woman
Another woman who is mysterious and remains that way is an Aquarius woman, even when she likes someone. Because of that mysterious side she has to
her, there are certain things she will do that will make it obvious that she likes you. She will suddenly open up emotionally more to you and will loosen up
when you are together. She’s the type of woman who is hot and cold, but when she has feelings, she makes the effort to be more direct.

2-Pisces Man
If you have fallen head over heels for a Pisces man, remember that he is a natural romantic. This means, if he wants more than a ing
with you, he will
always be touching you. Now, when we say touching you, we mean he will be grabbing your hand, hugging and cuddling you because he wants to show you
that he feels close to you. And if he is making major effort to spend time with you, you got him.

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1-Pisces Woman
A Pisces woman is a sensitive one, which means she has a lock on her heart. That means, even though you may like her, it takes her time to like back.
However, if she has fallen for you, she’ll open that lock and will open up with you and trust you with her heart wholly. If she seems to be a little all over the
place, it is because she is listening to her heart with you, not her mind.

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