Here’s The Type Of Kiss He Likes, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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April 2, 2019
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April 2, 2019
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Here’s The Type Of Kiss He Likes, Based On His Zodiac Sign

“A kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear; kisses are the messengers of love and tenderness.” – Ingrid Bergman

An emotional connection between two people is needed for a romantic relationship to work. There are many ways to show affection, but there’s no better way to express your feelings than a kiss. Words tell lies. Anyone can say, “I love you,” without truly meaning it. Actions speak loud and clear, however. A kiss is a romantic and intimate gesture that can solidify a relationship. We often forget how important a kiss is in the romance department.

Compatibility is also important in a relationship. Sometimes, one kiss is all it takes for him to fall in love with you, but have you ever liked someone and then feel nothing after the kiss? It all begins with a kiss.

Kissing isn’t the same for everyone. There are many types of kisses, and everyone has a preference. Kissing someone new can be awkward and nerve-racking. He might not be into what you’re into, so the thought can be overwhelming. However, kissing done right can spark romance and make him go weak in the knees.

Did we pique your interest? Find out below what type of kiss he likes, based on his zodiac sign.Continue Scrolling To Keep Reading

16Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Always Ready To Go

Fire signs love to try new things. These men are up for anything that gets them fired up. It could be because of the strong masculine energy that they thrive on challenges. It doesn’t matter when things come up at the last minute, they’re always ready to go. They struggle with sticking to a routine and prefer living spontaneously, thanks to their larger-than-life attitude. Seizing the moment is an exciting way to live, and it makes them fun to be around. It’s never a dull moment with Fire signs.

Being with a man who’s independent can be a challenge, and a man who loves his freedom too much is even a bigger challenge. These fiery men do whatever they please whenever they please. They’re notoriously known for being impulsive, and that can be a problem. You never know what he wants because it consistently changes.

The type of kiss Fire signs like is a spontaneous one. They want someone who can keep them on their toes, otherwise, they will get bored. Catch them off guard with your kisses. Tease them with little kisses on their faces leaving them wanting more. Most importantly, mixing up kissing styles and changing locations are the perfect ways to do it.

15Aries: The Impulsive Kiss

There are times when we have a strong desire to kiss the person we have intimate feelings for, but it’s intimidating to do it. Movies make it look so easy and romantic, but in reality, it’s hard. It’s a bold and an aggressive move. Things can also get awkward if it doesn’t go well. However, there’s no point in overthinking it if he’s an Aries. An Aries man is a spontaneous man who likes to keep things exciting. Routines absolutely bore him. Therefore, an impulsive kiss is the type of kiss he likes. If you want to kiss him, don’t hesitate. Pull him to the side of the sidewalk or make a move at a park on the bench for a spontaneous kiss. That will get him fired up.

Sending signs that you want to be kissed isn’t going to work on an Aries man. There’s a chance that he won’t get the hint. Also, an Aries man admires a woman who’s direct. It shows that you’re confident and independent — traits he finds attractive. He doesn’t mind playing the game but to a certain extent. You should seize the moment as they come. Surprise him with sudden, unexpected kisses. It’s one way to make him stick around.

14Leo: The Playful Kiss

It might be hard to tame a Leo man because he does whatever he wants to do. He’s the king of the zodiac after all. However, the right kind of kiss can drive him wild, and it can make him fall head over heels for you. A Leo man loves to have fun, so he likes a playful kiss. Teasing can be a lot of fun. It builds up the anticipation. Many people tease their partners by kissing their lips last. That said, kiss his forehead, cheeks, nose, chins, but leave the lips for later. Then, kiss him on the lips lightly before pulling away. This will leave him wanting more. Also, smile when you make him reach to get closer to you so that he knows you’re playing around.

A Leo man craves attention. He needs to be in the spotlight, so a little bit of PDA isn’t an issue. Hold his hand and peck him on the cheek when you’re out with him. He wants to feel adored and wanted, and you show love and affection that way. Your main focus is on him and nobody else just the way he wants. Try not to be distracted by something else when he’s around. His feelings might get hurt.

13Sagittarius: The Spontaneous Kiss

Kissing someone you like can be exciting but also nerve-racking. It might make it easier if you know the type of kiss he likes. If he’s a Sagittarius, then he likes spontaneous kisses. Sagittarius is one of the hardest signs to pin down, because they value their freedom too much, but don’t lose hope. A kiss is more powerful than you think. A Sagittarius man loves to have fun and is always up for trying something new. He, like an Aries man, hates routines, so he will get bored if you don’t make things interesting. Choose different locations like the movie theatre or the library to lock lips with him. Sneak up behind him and surprise him with a smooch. Try not to kiss him the same way and change things up. Keep his adrenaline pumping with unexpected kisses anytime, anywhere, and any day.

A Sagittarius man loves to laugh and make other people laugh with his sense of humor. When you move your lips away from him, be sure to smile or laugh before you kiss him again to show him that you’re enjoying it. One more thing: kissing is an act of showing affection, and that’s great, but don’t overdo it. He won’t like it.

12Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Like To Take Their Time

Earth signs are the practical ones. They work hard to put their plans into action no matter how long it takes. They’re very persistent, so they will achieve whatever they put their mind on. It’s attractive. There’s a reason these signs take their sweet time with everything they do. It’s because they want to make sure that it’s perfect. Perfectionism is something they all have in common. They also have a specific way of doing things. Don’t expect them to change their routines. That won’t ever happen. Earth signs are known for their stubbornness.

They’re also very sensual people. They rely heavily on their five senses which are sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. It’s true in the romance department. They’re eager to lock lips with you when you look good and smell good. It should be noted that Earth signs are not into flings. They’re very picky about who they choose to be in a relationship with, and because they like stability, they want a relationship that’s built to last.

A slow and steady kiss is what these Earth signs prefer. Be patient and take your time, because they can tell how you feel about them from the way you kiss. Enjoy the experience.

11Taurus: The Slow & Gentle Kiss

Actions speak louder than words with a Taurus man. It would be nice to hear, “I’m happy when I’m with you,” every now and then, but he doesn’t like to talk about his feelings, and that can be frustrating. However, a Taurus man makes small gestures like getting you a bouquet of flowers to show that you were on his mind. He might not express his feelings with words, but you can tell that he’s into you from the way he smiles with his eyes and his kisses. Speaking of a kiss, he likes it slow and gentle. Aggressive kisses won’t work if that’s what you like. A Taurus man likes to take his time in everything he does, so he prefers long kisses. Never rush into things with a Taurus man. That said, it’s important to be patient with him.

A kiss isn’t just a kiss. A Taurus man takes it very seriously. He knows how you feel about him from your kiss. Be into it. Put your hands under his arm and bring him in closer. Run your fingers through his hair. Gaze into his eyes after you’re done. One of the best places to make a move on him is in the comfort of his home.

10Virgo: The Tidy Kiss

It wouldn’t be surprising if a Virgo man did thorough research on how to be a great kisser. He strives for perfection, so he wants nothing less than a perfect kiss. He’s known for being organized and neat, so it’s pretty obvious that he hates anything that’s messy. That includes sloppy wet kisses, but first, you should wear lip balm for soft lips. Chapped lips might make him not want to kiss you. Also, lipsticks can get messy (unless it’s kiss-proof). We get it — you want to look all gorgeous and make your lips irresistible. However, the lipstick might smear all over his and your mouth, which is not attractive. Maybe stay from the lipgloss, too, because of its stickiness.

Many Virgos are shy, but if you want to try different styles of kisses, he’s up for it. He’s the curious type, so he wants to experiment, and it’s in his nature to look for improvement. Also, he’s okay with following your lead if you wanted to take charge. It’s important to him that you enjoy the experience. There is one more thing you should keep in mind when kissing him. He likes a tidy kiss. Overall, you won’t regret kissing a Virgo man.

9Capricorn: The Intimate Kiss

Some people might find a Capricorn man boring because of his no-nonsense attitude, and he lacks spontaneity. He’s not a romantic guy, either, but he likes a kiss that’s intimate. A kiss might not be a big deal to you, but it is to him. A Capricorn man is very selective about who he chooses to kiss. He’s not the type to go for flings, because it’s a waste of time. He looks for a partner to be in a committed relationship with, and sometimes, words aren’t enough. Kissing is intimate, and it can solidify a relationship. Because he wants a relationship that’s built to last, one way to let him know that you’re committed to him is to give him a perfect intimate kiss that gives him reassurance. Kisses don’t lie.

This might make you a bit nervous, but compatibility is very important in a relationship, so there’s a possibility that he’s thinking if you and his kissing style are compatible while you’re kissing him. He also wants to feel like he’s needed. It should be noted that a kiss doesn’t always have to be on the lips to be intimate. You can touch his face when you softly peck him on the cheek and then look deeply into his eyes after.

8Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Get Lost In Their Own Thoughts

Air signs are great conversationalists and listeners, but they love to talk a lot more. It makes sense because they’re social butterflies. These intellectual and perceptive people can talk to you for hours on a variety of topics. It’s in their nature to be curious, so they like to be enlightened. The best way to capture their attention is to have enticing conversations with them. It’s important to remember that Air signs need to be kept interested because they get bored easily, and they will move on to the next best thing without hesitation. It’s interesting to note that these signs are more attracted to intelligence than appearance.

It can be hard to get these signs to commit to a relationship because they’re unpredictable. They want one thing one day and another the next. That goes for the kisses, too. They constantly move like the wind. Their minds are always changing.

Air signs need that magical kiss to keep them from getting distracted by their never-ending creative thoughts in their heads. It can be a struggle to figure them out, but one thing for sure is that these signs are intrigued by a kiss that builds up anticipation. This should get their heads out of the clouds.

7Gemini: The Quick & Sweet Kiss

A Gemini man loves to talk, and he likes a woman who can stimulate his mind. Having an enticing conversation with him will be the perfect way to lead to a kiss, and he likes his kisses to be quick and sweet. That might sound boring, but it can turn into something more. Kissing him in between the conversations will make him wonder what that was about, and it keeps him to guess. Curiosity is what drives him, by the way. He’s good with his words, so his flirting will sweep you off your feet, but he’s not an affectionate person. He’s not likely to initiate a kiss. You have to show him that kissing can be another form of communicating.

An example of a quick, sweet kiss is to brush your lips against his for a few seconds before pulling away, then smile. It’s hard to tell what he’s into because the sign Gemini is symbolized by twins. One day, he wants an intense kiss, and another day, he wants it slow and steady. Don’t worry, he will definitely let you know. It takes a while for a Gemini man to commit to a relationship, so be patient if you’re in not one yet.

6Libra: The Tender Kiss

Libras are one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. That said, a Libra man loves to be in love. He’s a hopeless romantic who wants to experience a magical kiss. He also constantly needs to be adored, and tender kisses are filled with love. It’s the perfect kiss for someone like him. It shows that you care about him and that he means a lot to you. The key is to be gentle because aggressive kisses aren’t his thing. It’s also important to use your hands to touch him when you kiss him. Make sure that he knows that you want to be with him by pulling him closer to you, so there’s body contact. Give him a loving look and hold his face when you lean in to kiss him for a good few seconds (avoid the tongue). Maybe a hug after. Be affectionate.

A kiss is a powerful thing. It’s one way to express your feelings without saying a word. Unfortunately, a Libra man is unlikely to initiate a kiss possibly because of his indecisiveness, so you probably have to make the move. If you want some ideas, you should watch kiss scenes from Pretty Little Liars or other romantic films for inspiration.

5Aquarius: The Deep Kiss

A kiss can mean so many things, but it can also mean nothing, depending who you kiss. An Aquarius man can kiss you without getting emotionally involved, and he expects the same from you. Kissing is more about the physical connection to him. Aquarius is not the most romantic zodiac, and it’s almost impossible to get an Aquarius man to settle down. Let’s be optimistic though. He might fall for you with the right kind of kiss. The type of kiss he enjoys is a deep kiss. It’s passionate and intense. It can get messy in the heat of the moment, but he doesn’t mind. He also has a curious mind and wants to experiment new things, so you should try different kissing styles. He will like it when you switch things up.

An Aquarius man often gets lost in his own thoughts, and a deep kiss will stop him from doing that. He likes the kiss to start off slow to build anticipation. Put your arms around his neck and give him the kiss he’ll never forget. Remember that it’s a bad idea to be overly romantic with an Aquarius man. Smothering him with love will make him feel trapped, and he absolutely hates that feeling.

4Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): All About That Intimacy

Water signs are the most emotional signs. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and they’re aware of the emotions other people have, which can affect them. Their emotions can be too intense to handle at times. Overall, these signs are empathetic, and their emotions run deep. Water signs are also very imaginative, and it can be hard to live up to their fantasy expectations in the romance department. They’re hopeless romantics waiting for someone to sweep them off their feet.

These signs tend to fall hard for someone they like, and they express how deeply they care about you through their actions. They like it when you’re affectionate with them because it makes them feel needed and wanted. Water signs are all about romance and having an emotional connection. It’s interesting to note that they’re observant. They will know if they’re being lied to, and kisses don’t lie.

Slow and steady kiss is the type of kiss they like because it shows them that you genuinely care about them and want to be with them when you take your sweet time. Express your feelings through your kisses. Also, there’s a possibility that they might analyze what this kiss means while you’re kissing them.

3Cancer: The Affectionate Kiss

There’s no such thing as too much love. A Cancer man is compassionate, loving, and caring. Short-lived romance isn’t for him. He wants to be in a committed relationship, and when he finds the right person, he’s all in. Cancers are one of the most affectionate zodiacs, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he likes affectionate kisses. You might have to make the first move because he fears rejection. Give him a soft smooch on the cheek, forehead, nose, and lips. If you do it often, then he’ll know that you adore him, and you can’t get enough of him. He can also tell that you genuinely care about him from your kisses. Basically, be lovey-dovey with him.

While a Cancer man has so much love to give, he also wants to feel wanted and needed. Therefore, showering him with lots of love, and being romantic will win his heart. He’s the cuddly type, so maybe do that when you guys are watching Netflix on his sofa. Linking arms, holding hands, or other small gestures with him in public works, too. Expressing your feelings in front of strangers means a lot to him. Overall, sweet and affectionate kisses will make him feel the love.

2Scorpio: The Passionate Kiss

Scorpios are the most passionate of the zodiacs. He expresses his emotions through actions rather than words, and he wants you to show him how he makes you feel through your kisses. He’s a private person, so he’s not into PDA. He prefers affection when you’re alone together. You probably already figured out what type of he likes — the passionate ones. He’s passionate about everything he does, so he takes kissing very seriously. Try not to get distracted because you might ruin the moment. Let it be known that you want him badly. Don’t mistake being passionate with sloppiness. He doesn’t mind a wet kiss when things get heated up, but drools are unattractive.

A Scorpio man likes it when you use your hands. Put your hands on his shoulder when you start to tease him with little kisses on his face to build up anticipation. Look into his eyes with endearment and hold his hair when you kiss him deeper. It can be intimidating to kiss a Scorpio man because he’s an intense lover, but it can be exciting. Passionate kisses can be memorable. Maybe Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams’ kisses in The Notebook will inspire you. That is some passionate kiss we’ll never forget. They even won the award for best kiss.

1Pisces: The Romantic Kiss

It can be hard to live up to a Pisces man’s expectations. He’s a hopeless romantic with the wildest imaginations. He wants a fairytale romance from romantic movies in real life. He’s also an escapist who gets lost in his own fantasy world all the time. It should be expected that a Pisces man wants nothing less than a perfect romantic kiss. The scenery is important to him, too. He wants a kiss at the beach when the sun sets or in front of an Eiffel Towel — Paris is the most romantic city in the world. Anywhere that’s picturesque will make the kiss unforgettable. Some men only kiss for physical connection, but that’s not the case with a Pisces man. He yearns for a deep, meaningful connection with you.

It’s romantic and intimate when you wrap your arms around his neck for closeness, gaze into his eyes lovingly, and linger between kisses. He can tell that you’re completely in the moment, and your gesture along with the kiss says you want to be with him. Give him the kind of kiss that will make him melt and make him feel special. Overall, the hopeless romantic is waiting for his Princess Charming to sweep him off his feet.

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