Here’s The Basic Snapchat Pic You Always Post, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Here’s The Basic Snapchat Pic You Always Post, Based On Your Zodiac Sign




While it’s true that our Instagram and Snapchat posts tell a lot about us, they also share a similarity based on our zodiac sign. All twelve signs have certain colors, textures, and looks they tend to lean towards, which also extends all the way to what filters we tend to use more often than others. Perhaps you’re a Virgo and you love wearing lots of neutral and crisp colors due to your detailed-oriented nature so you may tend to go for the same look in your filters. It’s also a great idea to note what the sign opposite to you tends to filter their images with. If you’re a Leo, then compare your favorite filter to what an Aquarius (your opposite sign) would typically use for their filter.

It’s fun to add some filter to our social media once in awhile, so check out what filter your sign tends to overuse on Snapchat.

You can also check out what filter your sign’s element overuses on Instagram.

For example, if you’re a Pisces, then you can find out which filter water sign’s love and why. Have fun with it!

16Fire Signs Are Drawn To A Bold And Bright Filter Like Juno

Something bold like Juno is what you’ll see a Leo, Sagittarius or Aries always filtering up their Instagram feed with. They love bright and bold colors, especially because it makes them stand out, which they don’t mind, so they are naturally attracted to those attention-getting filters. You’ll rarely ever see an Instagram post that hasn’t been filtered, in some way, by a fire sign, especially a Leo. Leos may come off like they don’t care what others think, but they seek validation the most out of any of the other signs of the zodiac. Sagittarius also enjoy aesthetics and anything visually pleasing. They’re most likely to have a beautiful blog for beautiful daily inspo. Aries won’t break their heads over aesthetics, but they naturally kill the Insta game regardless.

15Aries Will Use Any Filter With Pretty Ears And A Soft Glow

An Aries loves to look their best, in fact, they love looking their best not just for other people, but for themselves. While they can come off as more self-absorbed than they actually are, they do love to come off as nothing less than gorgeous in a Snapchat filter. You’ll always catch an Aries in a pretty filter with a soft glow or any filter that makes them look even better than they look in real lift. Plus, they’re a fire sign with a lot of passion so they’ll stop at nothing to portray a pretty—sometimes even perfect—image out to the social media world. And while all of this may come off as shallow, they’re great people who love to make others laugh and believe highly in loyalty and honesty. Get yourself an Aries!

14Leo Filters With Anything Involving Gold

As the royal sign of the zodiac, it’s no wonder that you have an affinity towards gold and gold filters. Anything that dazzles a Leo is as good as gold, which applies to their favorite Snapchat filter, too. Whether it’s a gold tiara or some a gold flower crown, you’ll love it and always choose it over any other filter. A tiara is the most natural headwear for a Leo, so it’s no surprise. You’ll also notice that a Leo loves anything that gets them some (or a lot) of attention, so the flash of gold is there ultimate go-to filter. If a Leo isn’t filtering their Snapchats with a gold filter, then they’re definitely going to be using a glittery or flashy filter. Anything that makes a Leo look more dazzling than they already are is the filter they’re going to go with over anything else!

13Sagittarius Can’t Stop With The Flower Crown Filter

The wild child comes out on Snapchat with a Sagittarius. They’re wanderlust, adventure-seekers at heart—and at face value—so they just can’t help themselves when it comes to the pretty flower crown. It’s the inner hippie in them! Those with their sun sign in Sagittarius have a love for travel and are always on the go. Whether it’s for work or play, they keep their travel at a constant speed. They live to travel, so anything they do will always be geared towards seeing the world as much as possible. That’s why the flower crown is always one of their most used filters—it brings out their inner flower child and peacemaker. A Sag is most probably the person in your clique who’s the most chilled out, social, and kind with everyone — hence how fitting the flower crown filter is.

12Air Signs Love A Light And Weightless Filter Like Gingham

Gingham is an ideal filter for an Aquarius, Libra or Gemini. They love the contrast of dark and light in their filters due to their airy and artistic nature. You’ll typically see an air sign filtering with some light and delicate features. They have a way with photography making them almost natural when it comes to snapping photos, so it’s no wonder they can choose a filter that amplifies their photo. Take for example, Aquarius, Lauren Conrad; her Instagram photos are always filtered with some light, airy and delicate features. Air signs know how to spend just the right amount of time perfecting a photo, so they’re not considered to be over-perfectionists yet effective social media gurus.

11Gemini Keeps It Playful And Chatty With The Big Lips Filter

If you’re friends with a Gemini, chances are you’ve noticed by now how much they can talk and talk, not to mention how much they love hearing themselves talk. You’ll, typically, see your Gemini friends using the big lips filter because it amplifies what they’re talking about. Any attention they can get with their words, they’ll take! On the flipside, there are also those Gemini’s who are quiet and more reserved, which is the other side of being a Gemini. Gemini is the sign of twins, so it’s easy to see two sides of someone in one person in that sign. One moment they’re super chatty and the next they’re quiet and in their head. It’s a Gemini thing.

10Libra Loves The Flawless Filter

Libras are one of the most boujee signs of the zodiac. They love looking beautiful, luxurious material items, and pampering themselves — they are ruled by the planet Venus, so it makes sense — but it’s no wonder you’ll notice they tend to use the Flawless Filter as much as they can. You also won’t catch your favorite Libra using a silly or funny Snapchat filter. Anything that makes them look less than perfect is something they’ll leave to their goofier friends—literally. Libras care about their appearances to the point of being a little OCD about it, which is great for you if you’re always in photos with them. At least you know it will be a great one!

9Aquarius Is Always Using The Newest Filter (No Matter How Wacky)

The innovative and most eccentric sign of the zodiac will always be using the newest filter no matter how ridiculous it is or how unflattering it may make them look. Aquarius is one of the most intelligent, yet also odd signs of the zodiac, so they could care less if they look absolutely ridiculous in a Snapchat filter due to their funny nature. If you have an Aquarius friend or you are an Aquarius, you may have noticed that their humor is not for everyone. They have a specific type of humor that some people find funny and some don’t. It’s easy to figure out if your sense of humor jives with theirs when you see their Snapchats!

8Water Signs Are Attracted To Soft, Glowy Romantic Filters Like Valencia

Due to water signs sensitive and romantic nature, they have a tendency to use filters with a soft glow like Valencia. They’ll, typically, post a photo with soft lighting or a sunny, beachy photo at sunset. They’re naturally romantic, whether some of those signs like to admit it or not, and can make almost any photo look dreamy. Pisces especially are considered to be the biggest dreamers of the zodiac and often spend their time daydreaming. Whether it’s an Instagram photo from a Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio, there is bound to be a hint of dreaminess and sweetness somewhere within their photo through the filters they choose. Cancers tend to aim towards very feminine-like photos. Scorpios will most likely fill their Instagram with the people they hold dearest to them.

7Cancer Is All About The Pink, Pretty, And Girly Filters

Cancer is a feminine, nurturing and sensitive sign. Have you ever been to a Cancer’s home? Whether your Cancer friend is male or female, you’ll notice they’re place is always decorated stunningly without a hair out of place. The same goes for their filter game. Cancer loves a pretty and girly filter because that’s how they feel about themselves. Anything that portrays their feminine side is what they’ll gravitate towards. If your Cancer friend is a guy, then he will always be in an equally flattering filter. One thing you’ll notice is that your Cancer Snapchat friend will always, always have a filter. This is because they’re the sign of the crab, which means they naturally have a hard exterior rarely letting their true emotions show. But once you are able to crack that shell, get ready for a roller coaster of emotions with them!

6Scorpio Doesn’t Stray Away From A Kitty Filter

Since Scorpios tend to always have a game of cat and mouse going on in their private lives, it’s completely accurate for them to always be sporting some sort of cat Snapchat filter. Scorpio’s are sly, private and intuitive, so when it comes to choosing an animal they’re most like, cats are who they can most relate to. Plus, Scorpios are natural flirts and sensual people, which is why you’ll always notice that they have no problem catching the object of their affection. If you have a Scorpio friend who even uses Snapchat, that’s a big win in itself! Their affinity for privacy and secrecy keeps their social media use at bay and even non-existent at times.

5Pisces Gets Down With Any Filter Involving Water Whether It’s Crying Or Bathing

Because Pisces is a water sign—and one of the most sensitive water signs—they love a good water filter, especially if it’s crying. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so they are practically a mix up of all the signs before them, leaving them vulnerable to a lot of emotion — hence, why they are the most sensitive and emotionally distraught sign. Pisces also loves viewing the world through rose-colored glasses and isn’t a stranger to coming off as mysterious themselves, so any filter that, literally, filters their “true self” is something they naturally are attracted to. Pisces tend to only open up to a very select few — usually only their closest family and friends. So, if your Pisces friend is sending you snaps, consider yourself lucky.

4Earth Signs Keep It Practical And Simple With Ludwig

Earth signs are interested in the more simple and classic Instagram filters like Ludwig. Capricorns, Taurus, and Virgos love their photos to have some bright and boldness to and to stand out more than the typical iPhone photo, but they rarely go overboard with the filters. If you do see them get wild with their filters, it’s more playing with shadows and dark contrasts. Earth signs are, naturally, grounded when at their best, so their Instagram photos and filters reflect them most, and they demonstrate that perfectly through their Instagram feeds.

3Taurus Keeps It Woodsy With A Deer Or Antler Filter

As an earth sign, Taurus is naturally grounded in a very natural way. You’ll always notice that a Taurus has a certain au naturel side to them whether it’s in their all organic beauty products they use or their love for paisley prints or their desire to always be outdoors, which is why they will usually be sporting a cute woodsy animal as their filter. Like Libra, Taurus is ruled by Venus (planet of beauty and love) so they are no stranger to looking gorgeous, but those with their sign in Taurus are more natural beauties, in that sense. They love looking their best like Libras do, but by going vegan, for example, as opposed to buying an expensive skin care product.

2Virgo Naturally Gravitates Towards The Angel Filter

Virgos are the sign of service and love helping people whether it’s being there for someone emotionally or physically, helping people is in their nature, which is why they gravitate towards the more heavenly filters such as the angel filter. They can’t help it! Being of service is in their blood. But don’t let it fool you as they’re not all angel and no devil. Virgos tend to have an overly critical side, as well. While they come off as do-gooders and people who love to help, they definitely notice when they’re help or service goes undeserved — and they aren’t afraid to tell you and those around you! Before you get too mesmerized by your favorite Virgo’s angel filter, be sure to picture them without the halo, too.

1Capricorn Keeps It Basic With The Puppy Filter

Capricorn is one of the most grounded signs of the zodiac, so they like to keep things basic and realistic, which is why they’ll show a little silliness with the famous Puppy Filter on Snapchat. You won’t see them get too wild with any filters, but this filter is one of their favorites because it allows them to still look pretty without looking too completely ridiculous. Most of the time, they won’t even use a filter because they don’t see the point! Capricorns are big on honesty, responsibility, and are natural realists—almost to the point of being a pessimist—so they’ll only go so far with filters. They tend to be more serious in nature and always seem to maintain a level of sophistication no matter what they’re doing .

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