Here’s How To Tell If He’s Flirting Or Just Being Nice, Based On His Zodiac Sign.

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Here’s How To Tell If He’s Flirting Or Just Being Nice, Based On His Zodiac Sign.

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It’s not always easy to know if someone’s genuinely interested in flirting with you or just being a nice guy. It can be really frustrating, actually! But that’s why you have to keep your ears and eyes open to note the subtle signs that a guy’s flirting with you so you don’t make the first move and end up feeling awkward when he says he only sees you as a friend. Ouch!

Guys of different signs will send different messages when they’re flirting versus when they’re just being polite. For example, an Aries guy who likes you will avoid inviting you to a group outing and instead will want to have time alone with you. That’s a clear sign he’s flirting! But sometimes things can be a little more confusing.

Take the Capricorn guy, for example. He’ll appear impatient during a conversation, which might make you think he’s nervous because he likes you. But in actual fact, he’s getting fidgety because he’s not interested and has somewhere else to be (Capricorn is quite practical in that way). When a Capricorn is keen to flirt with you, you’ll know by how he throws on the charm – he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it.

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Here’s how to tell the difference between a guy who’s just being nice and a guy who’s flirting with you, based on his sign.

24-When Aries Is Just Being Nice: He’ll Chat With You In A Group Setting
The Aries man is lots of fun to be around. He’s got a sparkling personality, loves going on impromptu adventures, and is very confident. People are drawn to him, so it’s only natural you might start getting feelings for him.

However, if he’s inviting you out with his friends, it doesn’t mean that he’s interested in you.

He’s just a social guy who enjoys having lots of friends. Although it’s tempting to read into his behavior if you have any confusion over his feelings that means he’s not interested, period. As reported by Astrology Signs, you’ll know how an Aries man feels because he’s so open about his emotions.

23-When Aries Is Flirting: He’ll Try To Get You Alone
Since the Aries man is pretty open about what he feels, he’ll make major moves to show you that he’s interested in dating you. He’s not the type to twiddle his thumbs or waste his time. He’ll flirt by inviting you out on your own, away from his and your friends so you can get to know each other without distractions from other people.

This is also an example of how he’s persistent when he wants someone. He’ll fight to make you his and he will impress you with an exciting adventure as the date activity- with just the two of you.

22-How To Tell Taurus Is Being Polite: He Keeps His Physical Distance
The Taurus guy can be shy but also charming and fun to talk to. But the thing is, he’s very aware of his physical space. If he’s having a laugh with you and seems to be enjoying your conversation, it doesn’t mean that he’s flirting with you. Why? Because he’s not touching you.

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If he doesn’t give you a hug or gently brush your arm during conversation, he’s giving you clear platonic friendship signs.

Bear in mind the Taurus guy takes his time when choosing to give off romantic signals, so he’s not going to be affectionate with just anyone!

21-How To Tell Taurus Is Flirting With You: He’ll Touch Your Arm During Conversation
If the Taurus guy touches your arm or takes your hand during the conversation, he’s definitely flirting with you. Once he’s decided to make a move on you, he’s pretty clear about his feelings and he can be very affectionate. After all, he’s a sensual sign.

As reported by Astrology K, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and sensuality. He, therefore, flirts with gentle physical contact. “Taurus people have a knack for reeling people in with their magnetism, which is a quality of the Bull’s majestic aura,” the site adds.

20-If Gemini Is Just Being Polite: He’ll Be Talkative Right Off The Bat
It’s great when you meet a guy who is comfortable talking to you about anything and everything. It’s easy to think this means he’s flirting with you, but if you’re chatting to a Gemini guy, then this may not mean much. See, Gemini loves to talk and will enjoy intellectually-stimulating conversations, which might even result in talking to you on the phone into the early hours of the morning.

Sometimes, ladies interpret great conversation as a surefire sign of interest.

But with a Gemini guy, it’s likely that he’s just a chatterbox, so don’t read anything special into it- other than a great chat with an interesting person.

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19-If Gemini Is Romantically Interested: He’ll Clam Up!
You know that Gemini loves to chat, so when your Gemini crush doesn’t talk much you might think that he just doesn’t like you. But the opposite actually holds true! When Gemini flirts with you, he’ll become totally quiet and shy! As reported by Your Tango, Gemini can be nervous so that will get the better of him and make him hesitate to say anything when he’s flirting with you.

However, the site adds that you should keep an eye out for subtle signs he’s interested, such as if he tells you that he loves spending time with you (which he’ll get to eventually).

18-When Cancer Just Wants To Be Friends: He’ll Be Comfortable Enough To Show You His Moody Side
Cancer is an emotional sign and can be especially prone to moodiness. If he’s comfortable enough to show you this slightly more dramatic or darker side to him, you might think a Cancer guy is being transparent because he’s flirting with you.

But wait – whatever happened to impressing the person with whom you’re flirting by being on your best behavior?

That rule still applies, which is why a guy who’s too comfortable with showing his emotions around you too quickly is probably just treating you like a friend who makes him feel he can be himself, uncensored.

17-When Cancer Wants To Flirt: He’ll Use Self-Deprecating Humor
Yes, he’s emotional, but guys born under the sign of Cancer can also be a tad manipulative. When it comes to flirting this game-playing can be kind of cute, so keep an eye out for his tactics. Basically, what he’ll do when he likes you is say funny things that are a little self-deprecating to test your reaction and see if you’ll contradict him, as reported by Your Tango.

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So, for example, he might say, “My humor is just weird” or “I’ve got strange little beady eyes.” He’s fishing for compliments and hopes you’ll tell him that he doesn’t have those characteristics, and perhaps mention what’s so great about him.

16-If Leo’s Just Being A Nice Guy: He’ll Agree To Plans But Won’t Initiate Them
Leo likes to take the lead in relationships and dating, as reported by Elite Daily. And that’s also the case when he flirts.

He doesn’t just sit on the sidelines waiting for you to make a move.

So if you’re in the situation where you’re the one flirting with him and hoping he’ll reciprocate, he probably doesn’t see you in that way. Sure, he might agree that coffee would be great or that going to check out a movie together could be fun, but if he’s not taking charge of the situation, then he’s being friendly, not flirty.

15-If Leo’s Flirting: He’ll Text A Lot
If you don’t like making the first move, then Leo is the guy for you! When he likes you, he’ll openly flirt with you and make his interest known. One of the most obvious ways in which he’ll do this is by sending you lots of text messages. He’ll definitely be flirtatious in them, so get your smiley-faced and blushing emojis ready to send as replies!

The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about initiating contact much via text if you’re crushing on a Leo – he’s one step ahead, making sure that he pops in to say hi before you can wonder where he is.

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14-How Virgo Acts When He’s Just Being Polite: He’ll Talk To You But Appear Distracted
Virgo is the kind of guy who sometimes plays his cards close to his chest. It’s not always easy to know what he’s thinking because he can be quite shy. But, he’s also practical, and that’s the thing to bear in mind.

So, if you’re not sure if he likes you, just look at what he chooses to do with his time when you’re around.

As reported by Your Tango, if he’s not interested in flirting with you, he’ll care more about doing other projects that make use of his time. So, if he says that he’s busy with something else and that’s why he can’t chat with you, take it as a big sign that he’s not interested.

13-How Virgo Flirts: He’ll Compliment You
On the other hand, when a Virgo guy likes you and wants to flirt with you, he’ll start out by giving you positive body language such as standing with his feet pointed in your direction. But that’s really subtle and hard to notice sometimes. Don’t worry – he’ll escalate his efforts by paying you compliments. This is his way of showing that he takes notice of you and the more detailed the compliments, the better.

For example, he’ll say that your green eyes look gold in the light of sunset, or he’ll notice that you’re wearing a different hairstyle and go the extra mile by saying that it brings out your bone structure.

12-If Libra Is Polite: He’ll Invite You Out To A Meal With His Friends
The Libra guy is very social, so he’ll likely invite you out with his friends or maybe even his family, but that doesn’t mean he’s serious about you.

Although you might think that when a guy makes you meet his loved ones it means he’s interested in taking things into a more romantic setting, that’s not the case with Libra.

In fact, inviting you along with other people is his way of keeping things casual and light. He can enjoy your company without having to flirt. You’ll have to pay attention to other signs that he could possibly like you.

11-If Libra Is Flirting: He’ll Share His Food With You

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Although big flirting gestures, such as texting and making serious eye-contact, are often giveaways, with Libra he’ll do something totally surprising. He’ll share his food with you, as reported by Your Tango! If you’re in a group setting and you’re the only one he lets take a sip of his milkshake or a bite of his burger, then you know he’s trying to tell you he likes you.

The Libra guy is a romantic soul, so anything he does will be done with the aim to make you feel extra special, like giving you his very last Rolo.

10-If Scorpio Just Sees You As A Buddy: He’ll Look At Other Women Around You
The Scorpio guy who checks out other women when he’s around you is giving you a clear sign that he’s not interested in you but is on the prowl for someone else. As reported by Paired Life, the Scorpio man is quite forward and won’t leave someone hanging.

He’s direct about his intentions when he likes someone.

So, if he likes you, he won’t be doing something like drooling over other people or flirting with them in front of you. If he does that, then you know for sure he only sees you as an acquaintance or friend.

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9-If Scorpio Sees You As Romantic Potential: He’ll Stare At You A Lot
The Scorpio man has magnetic eyes and he’s going to be training them on you when he wants to flirt with you- it’s all part of his charm. Maintaining eye contact is a common sign to look for when you’re not sure if someone likes you, whatever sign they are. But it’s definitely a more common flirting behavior of the fiery and bold people born under the sign of Scorpio.

If this guy is interested in you, you might have to look away from the intense stare to open a window so that you can cool down the temperature!

8-You Can Tell Sagittarius Is Just Being Kind To You: If He Talks About His Travels
The Sagittarius guy loves to travel a lot and he’s always up for an exciting adventure. His energy and lust for life can be really appealing, but if you find yourself wanting to flirt with him, don’t mistake his innate spark for romantic interest in you.

Even if he talks a lot about his latest travels and can keep you on the phone for hours, it doesn’t mean he’s flirting.

One of the typical traits of the Sag man is that he’s a born socialite who craves meeting new people, as reported by Astrology Bay. Bear that in mind if you’re crushing on him.

7-You Can Tell Sagittarius Is Flirting: If He Invites You Along With Them
While talking about himself and his travels is right up there for Sagittarius, if he’s flirting with you you’ll be able to tell by how he won’t hesitate to invite you to those exciting adventures. Get prepared for an exhilarating ride of note! See, when he likes you, he won’t want to keep you at a distance.

Instead of texting you about how he’s camping across Europe, he’ll tell you to pack a bag and

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join him so he can enjoy your company. Whether it’s a rooftop party or a hiking trail, if he asks you to an interesting location, it’s his way of saying, “I like you.”

6-If Capricorn Is Being Polite: He’ll Be Impatient During Conversation
Sometimes we’re told that guys who appear moody or impatient are just nervous around us. Sadly, that’s not always the case, and definitely not with your Capricorn crush. He’s a practical guy who doesn’t like spending time on whimsical chats. He’d rather cut to the chase.

This black-or-white mentality comes to the fore when he wants to flirt.

If he seems impatient during a conversation with you, it’s a sign he’d rather be someplace else. Yeah, it stings, but it’s better to have the truth than a lie so you can move on and give someone else your affection.

5-If Capricorn Is Flirting: He’ll Be Charming
When a Capricorn guy wants to flirt with you, he’ll put his practicality aside for intense charm. Show him you like him by smiling and making eye contact and he’ll reciprocate by starting a conversation. As the site Astrology Club confirms, starting out with a Capricorn is relatively easy.

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The important thing to know is that he won’t stick around for any dating games, so he’s not into wasting your time (or his). He’s just too honest and straightforward for that, which is refreshing. When he throws on the charm, you know that it’s his way of flirting without leaving you guessing.

4-When Aquarius Is Just Being Polite: He’ll Be Detached
You should know that people born under the sign of Aquarius love communicating with people and they’re lots of fun to be around. This can mess with your head, making you think the Aquarius guy who’s talking to you is interested. But there’s a catch.

The Aquarius guy is always keen on making new friends. So does he want friendship or flirting?

A telltale sign that your Aquarius crush is only interested in friendship is if he seems distracted or like he’s not really paying attention to you when the conversation becomes deep. He’ll keep himself at an emotional distance.

3-When Aquarius Is Flirtatious: He’ll Be A Great Listener
The fun-loving and social Aquarius guy will show you he’s interested in flirting with you by engaging in intellectual and meaningful conversations, Your Tangoreports. This is also a smart strategy for him to use to gauge if you’d make a good couple in future. But he doesn’t just spend his time talking to you, so don’t think just because he’s a chatterbox that he’s flirting.

If he’s genuinely flirting, an Aquarius will be interested in what you have to say and he’ll be hanging on your every word. If there are sparks, it’ll be like everyone else in the room has disappeared.

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2-When Pisces Is Just Being Nice: He’ll Talk About General Topics Instead Of Anything Too Deep
Pisces is a sensitive and dreamy person. He’s always got his head in the clouds, which makes him quite magnetic to be around, as well as a bit mysterious. You’re just dying to get into his head, right?

Sadly, if he’s not flirting with you, he won’t let you in on his private thoughts- of which he’s got many.

He’ll keep you at a bit of a distance, such as by keeping conversations light and focused on general topics. So, if he’s chatting to you via text about the weather or TV shows instead of something deeper, it’s a sign that he’s just being polite.

1-When Pisces Is Being Flirtatious: He’ll Share His Wildest Dreams With You
On the other hand, a Pisces who flirts with you will let you gain VIP access into his deepest thoughts. He’ll want to talk to you about everything from the weather all the way to his biggest goals and regrets. You’ll get to see that he’s a creative, spiritual, and easygoing guy, which is highly rewarding to witness.

Although he can be shy and reserved, if he wants to flirt with you, the Pisces guy will let his guard down easily, as reported by The Astrologer. But be careful – he’ll be able to suss you out after just one conversation because he’s so intuitive!

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