Communication is a very funny thing. No kind of relationship can survive without it, and yet most of us are constantly struggling to figure out what good communication actually means for us. How do we talk to people and actually get our points across? How do we actually get through to a guy without making a fool of ourselves?

Let’s kick it back to the basics. Appealing to him through the needs and wants of his zodiac sign may just be your best bet when it comes to charming your crush. Talking about the weather just doesn’t cut it anymore. We live in a world where our eyes are always attached to our phones. Hence, we are constantly communicating without even knowing it. So, how can you break through, and appeal to his mind enough to get him talking?

Depending on your crush’s communication style, it can be a lot simpler than you think. Once you’ve figured out his zodiac sign, use this article as your guide to breaking down what’s important to him. Appealing to topics deeper than anything on the surface is what will get you further. You can’t just talk about everyday things. Why not dive into deeper topics and things that you both are passionate about? Guys want to know what you care about as well, that way they know if you even have anything in common.

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16If He’s An Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Hit Them With Thoughtful Conversations

Earth signs are Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. These guys are very grounded and dependable. They have a hard time truly expressing themselves, and often have their quietness seen as standoffish. Which just isn’t true!

They are very stable signs and enjoy thoughtful conversations the most. They enjoy going past the surface stuff and getting involved in deep conversations. These are the kind of guys that can be intrigued for hours without even realizing when it comes to have a good, meaningful conversation with someone that they’re interested in. He is usually a very kind guy, and very easy to talk to. And chances are, he’s far more nervous than you are so don’t be scared to initiate the first move. Earth signs are calm and practical, so they aren’t really moved by fantasy thoughts.

15The Taurus Guy: Tell Them About A Good Deed

Taurus usually love to talk, so if you want to start a conversation, then it better be a meaningful one. They don’t have time to talk about the small stuff, they have so much on their minds that they’re passionate about and want to know that you feel the same. Did you recently volunteer, or have you been thinking about donating your time or items to a cause?

Totally tell him about this! It’s also important to do this during your first interaction with them to keep them enticed. They want to interact with active people, not people who have no care for others or those who are lazy. They want to know that you are also putting yourself out there and living an active life.

14The Virgo Guy: Don’t Talk, Just Text A Playful Conversation

Virgos get a bad reputation for being introverts…because they usually are. It is also for a Virgo to put themselves out there. They are usually the listeners of their group, so don’t be surprised if he tends to stand in the background. Your best bet is to either approach him yourself or, better yet, let him express himself through text.

That’s right, perhaps talking is too awkward for him at first. Warm things up with a conversation over text messages instead. The lack of face-to-face takes the pressure off of him and allows him to be more himself. Once things get warmed up, he’ll reveal his true nature and things won’t be so awkward when you’re face-to-face. Virgo men can be hard to read, but they don’t easily express themselves.

13The Capricorn Guy: Keep The Conversation Light

The Capricorn man is probably the only sign that doesn’t need to be enthralled in an epic conversation in order to get his attention. He is much simpler, thankfully. However, this guy is often a know-it-all, so be prepared to have some patience with this one. Keeping things light is a great way to start things off.

The Capricorn man is quite the intellectual, so be prepared to learn a few new things. He loves to learn, but he is also a great teacher. Don’t be afraid to ask him questions. He’ll enjoy answering them in an attempt to impress you as well. If he seems serious, don’t worry, it will fade. That just means he’s a bit nervous. Eventually, when he is comfortable he will warm up to you.

12If He’s An Air Sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): They Need To Be Intellectually Stimulated

The Air signs are the intellectuals of the zodiac. These guys are smart and need to feel mentally stimulated. Air signs are Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. These guys rare social butterflies, so they are open to having conversations with everyone and meeting new people like you. They often feel need to share their thoughts, so listen up when they are revealing things to you.

If you want to win over your Air sign crush, then you better appeal to their mind. Are you reading an amazing new book, or learning a new language? This is the kind of stuff that they do as well. Maybe you can learn a new language together and challenge each other as a game. They want to be swept away with equally superior intellect.

11The Gemini Guy: Be Outright Flirty

The Gemini man needs to be constantly stimulated, so the pressure is kind of on. Like the Aries, it helps to be straightforward and playful. While the Aries likes a challenge, the Gemini will love how open you are with your attraction to them. They enjoy a little good flirting, so why not drench them in it.

However, keep it to strictly flirting. Believe it or not, Gemini men tend to move on the slower side. They like to feel out situations and relationships first. They need to know that you are interested, and of course, flirting will totally take care of this. Geminis themselves are very flirty as well, so it will be a nice balance of give and take here. One-on-one conversations are also key here rather than a group setting.

10The Libra Guy: Spontaneous Conversations Work Best

Libras are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They enjoy spending time with others and are less likely to be hermits than others. So, maybe talking about your latest Netflix binge should be saved for another time. They are very spontaneous and enjoy random conversations, so don’t be afraid to let your verbal diarrhea lose with them. These are the perfect people to do this with.

Chances are good that your Libra crush also is also a big fan of outdoors activities. So, talk about your latest hike, or as them about their latest adventure. I’m pretty sure they have one! Talk about your family or the last book you read as well. They want to know it all. No topic is actually off limits with the Libra man.

9The Aquarius Guy: Discuss Your Goals

The Aquarius man is the go-getter of the zodiac. There’s a good chance he has high profile dreams on the horizon for himself. He is very goal oriented and highly energetic. He needs someone that is similar to him. Seeing that you’re highly motivated makes him realize how much you may have in common.

He tends to be a deep thinker, so ask him about where he sees himself in the future, and the things he’s looking to accomplish along the way. Having someone to discuss the future with can be therapeutic for him. And when that’s you, you two have a much deeper connection than just flirty friends. If you want to be taken seriously by this guy, you need to take yourself seriously as well.

8If He’s A Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Discussions On Past Or Future Adventures Fascinate Them

Fire signs include Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. In case you missed it, this is a very confident group so self-assured guys. Can they pass some of their egos our way? But this is also a major reason why others are so drawn to them. These are very adventurous signs.

You can strike up a great conversation with them by going over past trips, or even places on your bucket list. You might just find that they’ve either been there, or they have similar places on their bucket lists as well. They enjoy nostalgia just as much as they enjoy looking into the possibilities of their futures. Plus, if your adventures align this is a green light that they’ve found someone to travel with, or accomplish their goals with.

7The Aries Guy: Challenge Them Right Off The Bat

Aries have a strong personality. Hello, their sign is the fierce ram. And it’s not often that Aries fall for wallflowers. They need equally strong partners who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. That is why you can successfully charm him by challenging from the get-go. Yes, it’s definitely a bold move, and not for the faint of heart.

However, the Aries loves a challenge. This is the kind of thing that they remember, in a good way, of course. They are very confident, so don’t worry about knocking them off their high horse. He will surely get back up in no time and recover for a good flirting match. They’re also very physical people, so expressing yourself hands and movement will also spike their interest.

6The Leo Guy: Ask Them About Themselves

If there’s one thing we know the Leo man loves, it is definitely themselves. So, of course, they love talking about themselves, and asking them about themselves is a great way to initiate a conversation. Eventually, they’ll loosen up and realize that they want to know more about you too.

The best way to also get through to them is to hang out as a group, but then single them out. This will cause them to see that you are really interested in them rather than your group of friends. Plus, it makes them feel like the center of attention, which they really love. Compliments also go a long way with the Leo man. Tell him how great his blue shirt looks on him. And I promise he’ll return the favor.

5The Sagittarius Guy: Talk About Your Travels

If you’ve got your heart set on a Sagittarius man, then I hope you also have a valid passport. Your adventures truly await with this guy. The Sagittarius man is hard to come by because he’s usually off on an adventure. This is also the best way to peak his interest. Bring up your own sense of adventure, and your last foreign trip. What did you enjoy about it? What new places did you go to, or what foods did you try?

Captivate him with your own stories. An engaging conversation is what will really get him hooked. You need to appeal to his mind in order to get through to his heart. Suggest going to that hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in your neighborhood for your next hang out.

4If He’s A Water Sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): They Need You To Dig Past The Surface

When you think of water, you often think of the deep blue sea. Water signs are just like this, deep and with no interest in typical conversations. Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These signs are very thoughtful, and often very emotional whether they show it or not.

Water signs are highly intuitive and often times even artistic. They tend to be creative types. And like creatives, they have no interest in the same-old. They want to have meaningful talks about things they’re actually passionate about, and things that you are also passionate about. Are you close with your family? Do you do any volunteer work? These are definitely things that you should be talking about with them. They want to get to know you right away rather than taking forever only to realize you’re not compatible.

3The Cancer Guy: Talk About Food

How do you get to a Cancer man’s heart? Often times this can easily be achieved through his stomach. Cancer men love good food, so why not bring up the last great restaurant you visited. Or even the slew of food trucks you want to hit next weekend with your group of friends. That way, you can invite him along for some more quality time that you’ll both enjoy.

Even better, why don’t you challenge each other to create your best dishes, and bring them with your to the park with a blanket? They enjoy the idea of thoughtful situations and meaningful hangout sessions. They are all about quality versus quantity when it comes to the people in their lives. Sooner or later he will reveal his sensitive side, and then you’ll know you’re in.

2The Scorpio Guy: Recall Whatever They Say

This does not mean to repeat everything he says like the ‘Stop Copying Me’ game you perhaps tortured a sibling with. The Scorpio man believes everything that he says is important because he usually winds up saying very little. So, he wants to know that you are actually listening to him. Recall a moment that he brought up in your last conversation, and show him that you’re a great listener.

He is also very assertive, so if he is into you and he’s feeling things between you guys you will definitely know. They tend to be dominant in conversations as well but try to dive deeper into their background with personal questions. He’s not going to go into great detail at first. Scorpio men need time to let you in.

1The Pisces Guy: Talk About New Experiences And Let Them Ramble

Luck you, the Pisces man can be a chatty one. He is very compassionate and also very selfless. Getting them in a new environment and sharing a new experience together is a great way to get him to open up more with you. This is where he thrives as well.

Show him the true you. Yes, this may seem like classic advice, but being yourself will take you far with the Pisces guy. Let him take the lead in the conversation. He may just take on any topic and run with it. The Pisces man tends to a guy who can ramble on. So, let him! Don’t cut him off, and enjoy the time that you get to spend together. He wants to feel like he is able to express himself.