Here’s How Much Of A Bro He Is, According To His ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!!

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Here’s How Much Of A Bro He Is, According To His ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!!




Everyone knows what a bro is. They are those guys that hang around a pack and tend to find unintellectual things amusing and the greatest thing since sliced bread. Many of them are into sports and come in various levels of social graces. These guys have an air of masculinity to them that is either extremely attractive or just flat out immature and obnoxious. In any case, bros are more likely to work out and have well-cut physiques, so at least we can appreciate them in this regard. They are usually simple and predictable because of their common interests and seem to never leave each other’s side.

Bros value their friendships with other bros a little too much. Sometimes so much so to the point where we question if they are even interested in women or not. There is a certain set of characteristics that each zodiac sign has that can decipher the level of bro that they have in them. Next time you are interested in one of these types, ask him when his birthday is and refer to this guide as a way to reference his bro-ish tendencies. Some of them have it more so than others. Most guys have some elements of bro in them whether or not they want to admit it.

Here is how much of a bro he is, based on his zodiac sign.

16Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): The Definition Of A Bro

Fire is the most masculine element out of the entire zodiac. Guys with born under a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) are excitable, impulsive, and love to light a fire under others so to speak. Bros have a stereotype of being overly enthusiastic about everything and have upbeat personalities, so it makes perfect sense that fire signs are the most likely to be bros. Fire signs hunt for things in life that light them up and there is nothing stopping them from getting in their way, not even a relationship. Sorry girls, but these guys can be hard to keep up with unless you share their high energy and zest for life. These are the guys that will not let any girl get in the way of having fun in life, so don’t expect to tie these ones down anytime during their college years, especially.

15Aries: The President Of The Frat

The Aries man is the most active out of the entire zodiac and he has a need to take action. He is the first sign and is a born leader. Not to mention that he is used to being the leader of the pack. The Aries kind of bro will be the one leading a fraternity or he was the quarterback on his high school’s football team. This is the alpha male type that you can’t help but feel turned on by no matter how much of a jocky jerk he might be. An Aries man is always so sure of himself to the point where it can come off as arrogant, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care what people think about him, which makes this bro that much more desirable. This bro is the textbook definition of a man’s man.

14Leo: The Spotlight-Seeking Bro With An Ego

The Leo man is someone who likes to look polished and his hair is never out of place. He is likely to be one of those preppy bros but his inviting smile and sparkle in the eyes will get you every time. The biggest feature that will stand out about this guy is his hair. He probably spends more time on his hair than he will ever admit. He might even spend more time on his hair than you do. No matter what, the Leo bro wants to be the center of attention and he will get off on positive reinforcement. Just as much as needs praise from you and even other girls, he will have no problem dishing out a compliment to you. He will flatter you to the point where it’s very hard to resist him. Careful though, his ego will definitely be this bro’s downfall.

13Sagittarius: The Goofy, Lighthearted Bro

Unlike the other fire sign bros, the Sagittarius bro doesn’t mind exploring some intellectual matters. While the other two might roll their eyes and think, “Oh God, not another one of these chicks”, the Sagittarian bro will actually be interested in what your views on politics are. Or at least, he will pretend to be interested or entertain your ideas. He will have some quick witty jokes that will make you cry of laughter, and that will be his trick to lure you in. This guy is only a bro simply because he just doesn’t like to take life very seriously. He lives to laugh and will probably make you watch Family Guy with him and then ask you what you think about Tolstoy’s novels. The Sagittarian bro loves knowledge, but only when he is in the mood for it.

12Earth Signs: Bros With A Sensual Side

Guys who are of the element of the earth are literally like their element is…down-to-earth. You will like these guys because they aren’t typically overly obnoxious about being a bro, that is if they even qualify for being a bro. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are attuned to their environment and they tend to feel out their surroundings before opening their mouth. That said, they also can have a tendency to seduce many different girls, so don’t buy into that whole shy guy act for one second. Since Earth signs are the most practical, grounded, and dependable, this means that these guys know what they want. They can turn their bro face on and off depending on when is the appropriate time. They know better than anyone that there is a time and a place for everything.

11Capricorn: Too Much On His Plate To Care

A Capricorn man is an ambitious man and he knows what he wants. He is also somewhat more of a serious sign, although he does have that dry sense of humor that comes out every now and again. A Capricorn guy is probably not a bro only because he is one of the more serious signs and he is likely to get annoyed by banality. He also tends to be on the old-school side and doesn’t play by the rules that other bros set out when it comes to dealing with women. He is more likely to want to actually try dating a girl rather than just deciding that he only wants a hook-up. Girls will fall for this guy because he exudes an air of maturity. He is probably too busy studying at law school or climbing the corporate ladder to care about going out every single night.

10Taurus: Your Basic Bro

A Taurus guy isn’t really that hard to figure out. His day revolves around weight-lifting, drinking protein shakes, coming home and watching never-ending sessions of ESPN. Oh yeah, and did we mention that he is all about Fantasy Football come late August? Here, we have our basic bro that is into all the things that you would expect a bro to be into. Not only that, but he is unapologetic about it. Since he is ruled by Venus, it is the simple pleasures in life to the point that it can make them too predictable. The Taurus basic bro can indulge himself too much, especially in food and other consumables that may or may not be good for him. These types can really put on too much weight if they get lazy, but they look ripped as hell when they stick to their routines. He will also be the type of guy you meet at a CrossFit session. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

9Virgo: Definitely Not A Bro

The sign of a Virgo is too cerebral to ever be considered a bro. Though he tends to be an abrasive guy because he might come across like a know-it-all, he is not really simple enough. In fact, he probably gets annoyed at most of the bros, even though he might choose to hang out with them if it is convenient. You will see him off to the side at the bar, but not actively engaged in their one-upping types of conversations. The Virgo can be an understated pretty boy with effeminate features hiding behind a five o’clock shadow and some plaid shirt (or just a plain white T-shirt). He will probably be more soft-spoken but not afraid to point out your flaws once he gets comfortable with you. Though it won’t seem like it at first, his touch can be so sensual to the point where you tell yourself, “Wow, I didn’t see that one coming.”

8Air Signs: Bros Who Are The Life Of The Party

Air signs are social creatures that thrive on being actively engaged with different groups of people. These types definitely lean to the bro-ish side because they just want their peer group to like them. They are talkers and love to be involved in various activities. These are the guys that want to travel in packs, which makes for the perfect environment for breeding bros. At parties, they tend to be the loud ones, especially as the night goes on. Though their sense of humor will vary depending on each individual, they don’t consider life a success unless they can make people laugh. This bodes true even if they aren’t necessarily bros. For an air sign to be a “bro”, it will really have to depend on what their personal interests are.

7Gemini: Only A Bro Half The Time

A Gemini guy is a quirky character and has a dual personality, after all, he is the sign of the twins. He will go from being that quirky guy to that bro when his friends pressure him to do something brutish in order to fit in. He is the type that is willing to go through a tough initiation in his new frat if that means that he is accepted as part of a group that is something larger than himself. That said, he can turn his bro-ish tendencies on and off depending on who his audience is. Geminis are good communicators, so if he knows that you are not the type of girl who is into bros, he will downplay that part of himself as much as he can. Then he will turn it back on when he is back in his bro pack. You never know which side you are going to get with the Gemini part-time bro.

6Libra: Can’t Decide Between Bro And Debonair

A Libra guy is more in touch with his feminine side and likes to schmooze with his words and social charm. He does have bro-like interests but the last thing he wants to do is show that side of him. He prefers the ladies to see him as a debonair, sophisticated guy rather than some neanderthal, simpleton who can’t hold down an intelligent conversation. Even though he doesn’t always have the most refined tastes due his anti-materialistic streak, he does prefer the clean-cut look. Much like the Leo bro, the Libra bro will gravitate towards his preppy side and not hide his masculinity, even though he struggles with his identity. For the Libra guy, he will become a bro when he is with a bunch of dudes but never in front of a lady that he is trying to impress.

5Aquarius: The Anti-Bro Hipster

An Aquarius guy is the least likely to be a bro out of anyone on this entire zodiac list. The only time you will ever find an Aquarian bro is if he is intentionally trying to rebel against some hippie members of his family.  Aquarians like to go out of their way to prove their unique identity and go against the grain, not to mention they live for mental stimulation. Anything bro-related doesn’t really fit well into the Aquarius lifestyle. These are the guys that never joined a sport in high school and instead opted for the Dungeons & Dragons or AV Club. Aquarians are either the nerdiest guys in the zodiac or they are hipsters, so their minds are complex, and their interests are not mainstream. You will likely either find this to be a breath of fresh air or highly pretentious.

4Water Signs: Put Up A Bro Front

So, these types of bros are the ones that are the most sensitive on the inside. That’s right, apparently, bros have feelings too! These guys will put on a total front about wanting to lift weights and pick up chicks, but they are softies deep down. Not only that, but their emotional intelligence is higher than the typical bro, so that could possibly make them even more dangerous. They will know how to tell you what you want to hear and then before you know it, you won’t hear from them ever again. If you do manage to get one of these bros to fall in love with you, then they might be reluctant to show their vulnerable side. They will want to downplay their romantic side in front of their friends, so be sure not to call them out on it.

3Cancer: Will Only Act Macho In Front Of His Friends

A Cancer man appears to be the wholesome all-American boy on the outside with traditional family values. At the same time, he is a Cardinal sign, so that means that he likes to be in charge. He will want to give you his attention and make sure he knows that you are interested. That is, when it is just the two of you. Since he can be a mama’s boy, the Cancer guy can almost come off as needy and insecure. However, he can change into a completely different person when he is around his friends. The last thing he wants is for his friends to know how into you he is, so don’t be surprised if that cocky, macho-man front comes out. Don’t worry, the Cancer bro will turn into that cuddly little Cancer crab we all know and love once he is behind closed doors again.

2Scorpio: The Mysterious, Womanizing Bro

The Scorpio guy is dark and intense so you better be ready for that piercing stare of his. Since he will be dressed in darker, understated clothes, his bro side won’t be that apparent because of his perpetual moodiness. He is that bro is a sarcastic smart-mouth that will keep everyone laughing. That sort of sense of humor will be hilarious as long as it’s not directed at you. The Scorpio bro will know how to neg you in order to keep you interested. Scorpio bros can get a reputation for being womanizers or philanderers because of their devious ways. However, if they decide to commit, they go all in and don’t second-guess anything. That is what makes them such an extreme sign. If he is passionate about bro-like interests like sports or video games, he will come off as that extreme bro.

1Pisces: Depends On His Environment

The Pisces guy is very attuned to his environment as well as the thoughts and feelings of those around him. Since he is a mutable sign, he can change with the tides and go from respectable gentleman to ruthless bro. This all has to depend on the people he is around and whether or not they would be impressed by bro-ish antics. That said, since Pisces is the most feminine sign of the entire zodiac, they can have a tendency to put up a tough front even though they are not tough souls at the end of the day. When it comes to women, he can be romantic and sweet. When it comes to his dude friends, he can be a rascal that likes to cause trouble. It will all have to depend on what mood he is in.

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