Here’s How Many People You Should Date Before Settling Down, Based On Your Sign (His & Hers)

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Here’s How Many People You Should Date Before Settling Down, Based On Your Sign (His & Hers)





Every sign and personality holds their own unique definition of what ‘dating’ encompasses and includes. While the Pisces male may only feel like you’re dating when he declares his exclusivity to you, the Leo woman might believe a sensual fling during the night was your first ‘date’ with her. The key to interpreting this dating guide is to stay true to what your definition of dating is. If you can do that, you’ll understand the riddles of your romantic world. What if you’ve already let your soulmate slip through your fingers, and now you’ll never settle down?

Whether the stars believe you should’ve married your first love, or the constellations have designed a hundred loves for your life, there is a clear “should” and “should not” for each sign and their male and female counterparts when it comes to dating. It has everything to do with maturity, personality, and fate. Warning: while this guide might give you hope to carry on through your dating tragedies, or it might be a cold, hard smack in the face when you realize the person you just broke up with should’ve been the one you settled down with. Here’s how many people you should date before settling down, based on the destiny Astrology designed for you.

24Fizzling Flames & Powerful Passions: The Story Of A Capricorn Man’s 20 Dating Experiences

“She could be the one, but what if she isn’t? I could see myself being happy with her forever, but what if that changes?” A Capricorn man is infamous for his indecision, which is why he needs to date twenty people before he declares his undying love. If he settles down too soon, his indecision and doubts, no matter how unfounded, could lead to divorce. He needs to regret letting go of at least a couple all consuming loves before he realizes he’s making a mistake by always allowing his great love’s to walk out the door. Emotion is challenging for the Capricorn man, which is why it takes him an extraordinarily long time to understand his own heart. After dating twenty people, with powerful passions and fizzling flames included, he’ll know himself well enough that settling down will be safe.

23A Capricorn Woman Won’t Follow A Logical Dating Path

There are two categories a Capricorn woman will fall into when dating, and neither of them is what she should do. One: she’ll settle down with her first love because she feels safe with him. She hasn’t had her heart broken, so she isn’t suspicious or wary of her heart’s holder. Two: her first love breaks her heart, and she’s so petrified to feel that pain again, she never settles down and dates endlessly, always shirking the ultimate commitment. Regardless of these questionable life choices, what should the Capricorn woman do? The Capricorn woman should date 3-4 people before settling down; enough to know her first love isn’t her last, and that she needs to be choosy about true love and who she spends her time with.

22Virgo Men Always Make Mistakes When Choosing Who To Date

This is more of a comment on the Virgo man himself, and less on the women he spends time with. His unrealistic perception of perfection creates a nightmarish relationship for both parties involved, which is why he’ll date you, realize you have a mortal flaw, and then move on to his next dating project. It takes you a long time to mature, so how many people should you date before settling in together indefinitely? Virgo men will need a dating career of at least ten years before they know what they want, meaning they should date over twenty-five women both seriously and without commitment. A little bit of everything will help him understand what his definition of perfection is; or, he’ll grow tired of disappointment and settle for ‘close enough’.

21Virgo Women Will Date 5 People Before ‘The One’

While she might be one of the most diminutive signs of the zodiac, she’s also one of the few star signs who date exactly how many people they should. Six is a magical number for the Virgo woman; you’re the sixth sign of the zodiac, which defines more than you might initially believe. You’re hesitant in love and desire someone capable of sweeping you off your feet and making the first move, otherwise, you can talk yourself out of the relationship. This will lead to a couple “what ifs” and “was he the one that got away?”, but your beauty and allure will lead to men seeking you out. Your first love will crush you, but many Virgo women date five duds before settling down with the sixth for life.

20You Should Date 11 Women & Then Settle Down, Pisces Men, Because Number 12 Will Be Your Soulmate

While not all signs coincide with this rule, and not even both halves of a sign, the Pisces male is one of the few; as the twelfth sign of the zodiac, your soulmate will come along after you break up with girlfriend number eleven. Sure, that might seem like a high number for a romantic such as yourself, but the Pisces man struggles with fidelity at times, leading to more girlfriend’s than you remember tallying up. Unfortunately, the Pisces male’s most tragic downfall is that they often want to settle down the moment they believe they’re in love, so it’s a rarity for a Pisces man to date over ten women. Usually, they believe they’re madly in love with whoever they’re seeing, and that whoever they’re dating is their soulmate. Truthfully, only lady number twelve is.

19A Pisces Woman Always Believes In Fate, & There’s A Reason 15 Is Her Lucky Number

You’re an ethereal entity, in tune with your spiritual side and aware of the spinning gears shaping your destiny as we speak. Deeply emotional and passionate, love is rooted in the core of your being, so when you fall in love, it’s all-encompassing. However, because of your chameleon soul and complicated heart, many people end up breaking up with you because you’re too intense for them to handle. At first, it’s soul-crushing, but eventually, you realize the stars have a plan for you, and that includes your soulmate. Fifteen has always been your lucky number for multiple reasons, and all Pisces woman should fight off the throws of passion until they begin dating number man number fifteen because he is your fate. If you settle down earlier, you risk losing your happiness.

18A Gemini Woman Needs To Date AT LEAST 12 People Before Settling Down

The exact number of people you date doesn’t matter as much for a happy love life, Gemini woman. Whether you’re on man number thirteen or man number one hundred, the person you want to settle down with is somewhere in the mix. Your dual soul makes it nearly impossible to predict when or IF a settled life will come along for you, but if you date less than twelve people, your life will be a nightmare. There will never be a guarantee your love and emotions will last for all eternity, because you fall out of love as quickly as you plunged in — however, settling down before you’ve established a proper dating career, and before you’ve dated all the zodiac signs, will eventually lead to disaster. Save yourself the pain and date at least twelve people before considering a keeper.

17A Gemini Man Should Date At Least 25 People, But He’ll Only Settle Down By Accident

God knows how long anything lasts with this man. It could be a fleeting night or a grueling year. One day he’s in love, the next day he isn’t. Settling down with him is impossible, and you’d be foolish to want to. If he does decide after a handful of conquests that you’re the one, prepare for a lifetime of dealing with someone with polar personalities — you’ll never truly understand him. If you, Gemini men, are wondering how many people you should date before settling down, consider dating at least twenty five people before even contemplating anything serious. If you settle down before that, you’ll grow bored and uproot both of your lives; unfortunately, you usually only settle down by accident because a child enters the situation. Romance is complicated for this man.

16An Aquarius Man Should Date Over 100 People, Because He’ll ‘Settle Down’ More Than Once

His approach to true love is dark and detached. He’s deeply troubled by his emotional unavailability and his struggle to express his heart, leading to a serial dater who makes constant mistakes in love. Dates twenty women, marries one, divorce. On to the next twenty or so women, he’ll see over the course of five or so years, a quick and unceremonious wedding, divorce. Now he’s swearing off marriage and dates a plethora of people for the next decade, before moving in with a woman and settling down out of a desire for comfort. Whether or not that lasts is difficult to say, but considering he’ll settle down five or six times in his life, nothing is certain with the Aquarius man. If you see an eighty-year-old man with a couple girlfriends, you can bet he’s an Aquarius. This complicated soul needs to spend his time with over a hundred people because trying to settle down forever with one person will lead to misery.

15The Only Way An Aquarius Woman Will Be Happy Is If She Takes Her Time Dating

An Aquarius woman is unusually afraid of losing her personality to someone she loves. Peculiar? Definitely. The only way to prevent harm in a relationship from this paranoia is for the Aquarius woman to take her time; she needs to feel independent in a relationship and like she has her own freedom. This means she’s unwilling to date a lot of people, and should only date 6-7 people in her life before settling down. Whether it’s one date that’s a total failure or six extremely serious relationships, it’ll take her time to build confidence in her individuality and identity. It’s almost impossible to imagine an Aquarius woman dating more or fewer people before settling down, and it’s because she knows herself so well. If she looks for marriage too soon or too late, unhappiness could ensue.

14Aries Women Will Be Shocked By How Many People They Should Date Before They’re Ready

Over 50. That’s right, Aries’s ladies — you have a lot to offer and a personality capable of changing lives, so you should instill your imprint on as many lives as possible. You’re not dating this many people out of the goodness of your heart. You have a lot of personality and energy, and if you settle down too soon, you’ll begin to go stir crazy. You can’t unleash your heart when you’re tied down to a one bedroom apartment with a long-term boyfriend.

If you don’t start dating until your late twenties, it’s unlikely you’ll date over 50 people, and that’s completely fine, as long as you’re not rushing your heart. However, it’s likely you’re the type to start dating at a young age, which means you’ll have at least a decade or so worth of your intense sensuality to unleash.

13Aries Men Should Encounter A Couple Duds Before He Decides Someone Is “The One”

You’re one of the most confident signs of the zodiac. You’re practically born with superb self-esteem, and this dramatically affects your dating life. The Aries man knows what he wants, but tweaking his preferences will be what leads to dud number one and dud number two, before he finds perfection in the third person he dates. The only possible curve-ball the Aries man could encounter is if the woman of his dreams decides he’s not the one for her. While it might break his heart for life, he’s capable of bouncing back and eventually finding a soulmate to live out his traditional dreams with; marriage, kids, a dog. While it might not be the most thrilling love life, Aries men often have the happiest romances of any other sign.

12A Sagittarius Man Should Have Settled Down After 1, But Everyone Knows That Won’t Happen

The conqueror is a fool. His Sun is in a sign ruled by Jupiter and this makes him prone to fall in love quickly, but his love life will be riddled with regret. Why? His first love will be his greatest. It will be an all-encompassing romance, the type you only experience once in a lifetime, and as his first love, it will naturally be an earth-shattering infatuation. Like I said, the conqueror is a fool, and the Sagittarius man believes he is a conqueror of hearts. He is, and it’s easy to fall in love with someone so charming and attractive, but he will forever pine over the loss of his first love that he messed up due to immaturity. The Sagittarius man should only date one person, because his first love will be the most passionate, and that’s what he needs to be happy.

11A Sagittarius Woman Should Sample The Goods & Not Worry About How Many People She Dates

The Sagittarius woman has a lot to learn about herself through dating. She’s gullible because of how attracted she is to communication, and her emotions can sweep away her logical thinking. If she’s in love, she struggles to detect lies from whoever has captured her heart. This is why she needs to take her time experimenting with dating before choosing someone to settle down with. An exact number is difficult to pin down, but a Sagittarius shouldn’t worry about a number. She’s the only sign that doesn’t have a prescribed amount of people she should date before settling down, because the ball is in her court, and she has a lot to learn. Avoid judgment. Why not date a couple people at the same time? It could teach you that you’re truly a goddess.

10A Cancer Woman Should Date 7 People For An Intriguing Reason

If the Cancer woman dates more than seven people, she’ll lose faith in love. She has a tender, gentle heart, and all she wants to do is give everything she has to the person she loves. She falls in love easily, but her motherly tendencies tend to drive people away; they can see your desire for commitment in your eyes. This is why she should date seven people, maybe even only six, because if she dates more her heart will be a shell of its former self. As a sensitive soul and a Water sign, too much heartbreak can turn her heart dark, and her relationships after seven breaks up will spiral down an unhealthy path as she loses hope in romance and herself. This tender woman must be careful.

9A Cancer Man Will Think He Should Settle Down After His First Love, But…

This isn’t a man interested in sleeping around. He cares about true love and serious relationships. Dating just to use a woman isn’t something he’d ever consider; he only pursues you if he sees a future with you. The Cancer man is under the impression that his first love will be his last. They’ll last for years, but because he has such a gentle personality, he’s capable of being used and subject to toxic people. Eventually, his first love will fall apart, and he will be devastated, but it’s a blessing in disguise; the second person he dates will be the actual love of his life. She will be the polar opposite of his first girlfriend and entirely perfect for him. The Cancer man shouldn’t settle down until his first love breaks his heart because his second will be the keeper.

8A Taurus Man Should Date Only 3 People Before Settling Down To Avoid An Emotional Breakdown

You’re traditional and drama makes your skin crawl. You might have led on a couple girls on in high school and considered yourself ‘dating’, but you now realize you were too immature to consider that real dating. The Taurus man will enjoy the ups and downs of his first two or three relationships, but if his fourth relationship fails, he might grow bitter. Nothing shapes who you are quite the way love can, and the kind and caring heart of a Taurus man sours like curdled milk if he begins to feel used. Forever alone is truly an option for a Taurus man, so to avoid a mental breakdown, he should settle down after three or four relationships — trust me, girlfriend number four will be THE keeper.

7A Taurus Woman Is Identical To Her Male Counterpart, But For A Different Reason

The only sign counterparts who are similar! Yep, the Taurus woman should date three people before settling down with partner number four, but it isn’t because they’ll become bitter like their male counterpart. If their fourth relationship fails and they find themselves over ten people deep before settling down, they won’t lose hope in love, but they might lose hope in themselves. “What’s wrong with me?” might be a question ailing their mind in the middle of the night.

If the Taurus woman has her hard-earned trust broken too many times, it can deeply affect her psyche. Dating can be too dramatic and intense for a sweet, easy going woman, which is why her soulmate will enter her life after dating around three people. The Taurus woman should settle down with dating partner number four, and usually, she does.

6A Leo Woman Needs To Date 5 People Before Even Contemplating Forever

The Leo woman is represented as self-involved, but that is a trait specific to the Leo male. For the Leo woman, her world begins to revolve around her partner when she falls in love. While she is a confident and warm person, she will have her fair share of failed relationships; it’s because she isn’t always easy to be with. Why? Commitment comes with high expectations for the Leo woman, and if she chooses the wrong man to spend her time with, he’ll run for the hills. The Leo woman also has a wild side she’ll need to exercise before she feels satisfied with settling down; this combination of traits means a Leo woman should date around five people seriously before settling down. For you, this doesn’t include your wild flings.

5Infinity Might Not Be A Number, But The Leo Man Says Otherwise


In all honesty, the Leo male shouldn’t settle down, but he will. He won’t want to. The circumstances that lead to him settling down could be anything from financial stability, to a surprise pregnancy, to a tipsy Vegas mistake. Sure, maybe love is a possibility, but he’s likely to be unfaithful when he feels commitment pressing down on his masculinity. Perhaps the only time the Leo man should settle down is when he’s elderly and frail and wants to spend his final years with a loved one, but who knows how many people he would’ve dated by that point. The Leo male should date an infinite amount of people to keep his heart happy, his freedom fed, and to keep women safe from the toxic relationship he’d likely provide.

4A Libra Woman Should Date At Least 40 People Before Settling Down

This woman struggles with love for a multitude of reasons. When she falls in love, she doesn’t want to be. All her charm evaporates when she’s near someone who makes her heart flutter, and she foolishly decides to take initiative with flirtations to show her target how liberal she is. The catch? She appreciates traditional values, not liberal values when it comes to courtship. All this confusing mambo jumbo occurring in a Libra’s mind and heart means she needs to go on a dating spree before settling down. She’ll secretly have a wild streak or two of serial dating where she’s constantly embarrassing herself on the path to finding herself. Eventually, once she meets the right person and understands who she is, she should settle down after dating around forty people. Until then, she should focus on her career.

3Hey, Libra Men: Let Go Of Number 3, Because You Have A Ways To Go Before The Bells Toll

The Libra man has the uncanny ability to waste time on relationships with no depth or future. He loses all sight once he falls in love. He has the tendency to become madly attached to girlfriend number three, and because he’s an Air sign, he’s ‘cursed’ by speed and intent. This translates to him racing to the altar with girlfriend number three, even though he’s completely incompatible with her. Let her go, Libra man because you should date close to seven or eight people before settling down. It’ll take that long for you to understand what true love is, which is why you need to fight your instincts to rush into a serious, settled relationship — you haven’t had time to fail yet, and you need to in order to appreciate your soulmate.

2The Magic Number For Scorpio Women? 21!

Dating a Water sign is a wild experience, and the Scorpio woman is often viewed as the most intense. Love is passionate, and if it goes awry, she can become vengeful. This is why the Scorpio woman should embrace her goddess and seductress complex and enjoy casual dating for a while before considering anything serious. If she engages in too many serious relationships before understanding the temptress she is, she’ll be left with the sour taste of disappointment in the back of her throat. She should casually date 21 people before settling down; by this point, you’ve had a fantastic handful of flings and a couple of heartbreaks to make you smart. This is the perfect formula for the sensual Scorpio woman to find happiness in love.

1A Scorpio Man Is So Intense He Should Only Date 4-5 People…

… before he settles down and calms down. When it comes to this man, there’s either love or there is hate. Indifference does not exist within his passionate heart. If he’s dating you, it’s because he believes you’re ‘The One’, and if someone he cares for deeply hurts him in any way, his feelings will not fade away until forgotten. No, he will be spurned and seek to destroy you. Existing on this emotional roller coaster is exhausting for everyone involved, which is why after a couple explosive flames burn into angry embers, he’ll want to settle down before he gives himself a heart attack. Dating a man like this can be complicated and intimidating, but he’ll dedicate his life to you and do anything for you. He wants a soulmate and he’s quite a catch, but he should date four or five people before choosing.

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