Here’s How Long He’ll Wait To Pop The Question (Based On His Astro Sign)

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January 9, 2019
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January 9, 2019
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Here’s How Long He’ll Wait To Pop The Question (Based On His Astro Sign)



There are a lot of questions that can be answered if you learn a few things about the stars and moon. Believe it or not, you can even get some help
navigating your fate by tuning into astrology.
You can develop friendships and relationships that compliment your life based on your sign. Part of making these connections in life is to also determine if
you are marriage material based on your sign. If you are, you might discover that there are ways a man will propose based on his own sign.
You may be someone who thinks about marriage all the time or someone who is patient and waits for the right time. But you might be surprised to know
that you can determine your marriage milestones based on your sign.


When it comes to guys and their signs, there are many different ways that they go about popping the question and how long it will take them to do so.
Some of you may be a little impatient when it comes to getting to the altar, so we have the answers that you are looking for. Here’s how long he’ll wait to
pop the question (based on his Astro sign).
24-Taurus Will Make You Wait
Taurus men are down-to-earth and steady individuals. They remain calm and grounded and will give you all the stability that you want. Sounds great, right?
Well, the downfall is that things can take a little longer to get things rolling with it. They have a Type A personality and will plan everything out.
Taurus gents are unlikely to be guys that fall in love at rst
sight, and they aren’t overly emotional, so don’t expect them to rush into anything.
These guys take a while before they even know if they want to spend their lives with you.
23-Taurus: What’s A Girl to Do?
It can be disappointing to realize that your man wants to take his time when you are just dying to tie the knot. At least you can be condent
in the fact that
if he chooses to marry you, it’s because he thought about it carefully and chose you to spend his life with. He’s less likely to have regrets about marrying
you later on in life if he’s taken time to decide what he really wants. Try to be patient with him and trust that he’s not just leading you on.
22-Aries Love to Rush
Aries guys have a tendency to get bored easily, which can cause them to make impulsive decisions in relationships. They won’t get married until they have
tried a few different types of relationships and then become bored of them. Aries does not shy away from chaos and, in fact, they thrive on it. They don’t
even think about what could happen if they rush into marriage. If you want to be with someone that ties the knot quickly, then an Aries man is for you.
Don’t necessarily expect it to last, however, given the lack of thought that went into the decision!
21-Aries: What’s A Girl to Do?
This is the kind of guy that you may want to take things slow with otherwise you may be nding
yourself on the other end of an awkward annulment. Don’t
get us wrong, believe it or not, some quickie weddings work out but not all the time. Just think of the quickie wedding Britney Spears had with Jason Allen
Alexander that last all of two days. “It was just so crazy, man,” Alexander told Access Hollywood in the aftermath. “We were just looking at each other and
said, ‘Let’s do something wild, crazy. Let’s go get married, just for the hell of it.’”



20-Gemini Are Hard To Figure Out
Gemini guys can be frustrating to date because they are hard to gure
out. When you rst
start dating, it can be difcult
to connect because they run hot
and cold. They are so hard to pin down that it’s just as hard to determine when they will want to get married.
This guy will have you wondering “where is this going” at rst.
He is just as likely to want to take things slowly with you as he would be to take you home the rst
night he meets you. You may need to protect your heart
a little bit with Gemini guys because anything can happen.
19-Gemini: What’s A Girl To Do?
This is the guy that you are going to have to have “the talk” with. Guys hate that dreaded talk, but unless you want to feel like you are going crazy half the
time, it’s only fair that you know where you stand in the relationship. Don’t assume that anything is bad if you aren’t in the loop because as we said before,
these guys are hard to gure
out. You may not assume he is thinking about marriage, yet he might already have the ring and is planning to surprise you with
18-Cancer Needs Emotional Stability
Cancer men need emotional stability and they won’t even consider marriage unless they are with someone that they feel that they can say anything to.
Cancer men want a fully supportive woman who will stand by them regardless of what they say or do. It may take a few relationships before they will feel
secure enough with someone to make that big leap. But once they feel like they have found their match, they will move forward with a proposal of
marriage. So sit tight–if you’re his ideal lady, the proposal will come in time–but you may have to put some work in, rst.
17-Cancer: What’s A Girl To Do?
The best thing you can do for your relationship is to make sure that your man knows that you have his back. Cancer men need to feel like their lady has
their back because they won’t commit until they have that trust. So, if you feel like a proposal is taking forever, maybe you need to ask yourself why? Have
you had issues with trust?Is there anything you can do to make sure that your man knows you will be there for him if he needs it?
16-Leo Likes To Get Things Started

They are condent
and that’s why they have no problem moving forward when the time is right.
He’s the kind of guy that would prefer to get physical right away, but don’t worry–he’ll wait for you if you aren’t ready. He will put a lot of effort into dates
and may even seem a bit “extra,” but you can’t really complain when you are being treated like a queen.
15-Leo: What’s A Girl To Do?
We say, sit back and enjoy the ride with this one. Who wouldn’t want to be treated like a queen all the time? This guy doesn’t want to wait for anything. The
only thing that might be iffy for a girl is the fact that he might want to be intimate right away. If you are not on board with that, then make him wait. If you
are, then go with the ow.
It sounds like you can have everything you want with this guy if it’s also what you want.
14-Virgos Are Independent
If you think you are going to marry a Virgo right out of university, you might need to chill out a bit. Virgos are unlikely to get married unless they feel that
they have a secure career. That’s important in their independence. They are likely to propose after they have received a big promotion or raise. Their
career is part of where Virgo men get their self-worth and sense of security from. When they have reached their own personal career goals, then they will
be ready to settle down and focus on the relationship part of their lives.
13-Virgos: What’s A Girl To Do?
There may not be a whole lot you can do with a Virgo man. He wants to feel secure in his career before he settles down and that will be a hard thing to
convince him to change. It is probably best to be patient and allow him to put his ducks in a row rst.
Pressuring him would be a big mistake because he’s
likely to call it quits instead. If waiting is not in the cards for you, then talk with your partner and see if there isn’t a way to compromise on the situation.
Just don’t be surprised if he doesn’t go along with it.
12-Libra Loves A Good Proposal
If women were proposing to Libra men, they would probably get married even faster. When it comes to marriage, Libras are generally on a mission to get it
If you like the idea of getting married quickly, then a Libra is your man.
They may get into relationships quickly and get serious quickly–something that often makes their friends and family raise an eyebrow. They may also get
married more than once and they use these experiences to learn important lessons about life. Hopefully, they’re not learning these life lessons at your
11-Libra: What’s A Girl To Do
If getting married quickly is what you want, then all you have to do is sit back and relax. The Libra men will seal the deal if they want you bad enough. Just
make sure that this is really the man of your dreams because the fact that they move so quickly may raise more than their friend’s eyebrows. Just be
careful because a new love can be intoxicating and it may be fun to think of marrying your love quickly, but it could end in disaster if he isn’t truly your
10-Scorpios Love A Wild Ride


frustrating. There will be pillow talk and he will be okay with getting serious in a short time span. These guys like to get serious–and get hitched–fast, so a
proposal would likely come sooner rather than later in your relationship.
9-Scorpios: What’s A Girl To Do?
These guys are also the ones that like to move quickly and get things done. They experience things deeply, however, so you know you have to be on the
same page. Make sure that’s possible before you get married. The best part about it is that he would be open to talking with you if you needed to clear the
air. If you think marriage is moving too fast, then discuss it with him. He’s open to communicating, so go for it.
8-Sagittarius Jump Right In
If you have marriage on the brain, then you will thank your lucky stars that you are dating a Sagittarius. These guys are up for anything and usually have a
lot of fun because they are free spirits. They are spontaneous and love to talk, so the dates can get pretty creative.
He won’t want to wait for anything and that includes both getting to know you and putting a ring on it.
These guys know what they want, and they will go after what their hearts desire, no matter how few dates you’ve been on.
7-Sagittarius: What’s A Girl To Do?
What’s better than marrying a free spirit? Not much because they are always open to having fun. You won’t have a problem getting him to settle down so
just sit back and enjoy this wild ride. It’s likely he will surprise you with a creative proposal and one that you won’t likely forget. Be careful, however,
because this free spirit could propose after a third date. Be sure that it’s really what you want before you move forward.
6-Capricorns Require Patience
Capricorns can be frustrating partners if you don’t understand them. The reason for this is that they are dedicated to their work and accomplishing goals.
Everything they do, they put their heart and soul into it. You may think that he doesn’t spend a lot of time with you, but he’s just trying to divide his
attention between all his passions. These guys are great so don’t lose hope, you are just going to have to be patient and wait for what you want. It may be
worth the wait if you have a healthy and enjoyable relationship with him.
5-Capricorns: What’s A Girl To Do?
This is a relationship that you are going to have to be patient with. Capricorns have a lot of passions, including their career. They will not be bullied so don’t
even try it. You would lose if you went that way. Be happy that he is willing to bring you into his life and by doing that, he’s letting you know that you are
important too. But he needs his freedom to pursue other things too.
4-Aquarius Follow Their Own Path
Aquarius men follow their own path and march to the beat of their own drum. So if you are someone that has expectations of when a girl should get
married, you might nd
yourself disappointed the longer you go without a ring.
These guys don’t conform to society’s expectations and they won’t be pressured into anything.
He can make a decision based on a gut feeling and if that’s marrying you, then that’s a good thing. Don’t think that you can convince someone to propose
early if they aren’t ready, he won’t like being told what to do.
3-Aquarius: What’s A Girl To Do?
Ladies, we all want to get married in a timely matter, but it should never be rushed and that’s how Aquarius men feel about it. Don’t rush them because
they believe that anything important needs to be cherished and not rushed. He makes all his decisions on a gut feeling and if you are waiting a long time for
a proposal, then it may be because he’s getting a gut feeling that you are not the one. If you feel like too much time is passing, then it’s time to talk to him
and see if you guys really belong together.
2-Pisces Can Be Ready Quickly
Pisces is another sign that means that a man is emotional and sensitive, which can be a great thing. The downfall to this type of relationship is that they can
lose themselves in what they see as a fantasy relationship. They can also have unrealistic expectations in a relationship. If a Pisces guy wants to get
married, he will do so the moment you are ready. If he doesn’t see a future with you, he won’t make a move at all and you could be wasting your time in the
relationship. These guys aren’t likely to be casual or to have short-term relationships, they want to be with girls who are wife material.

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