When it comes to making the first move, people’s pride often gets in the way. We have all been there when we know we are attracted to someone and we are picking up strong vibes that they are attracted to us. The tension is what human beings live for because that is what keeps us wondering “will it happen or won’t it happen?” There are certain personalities that like to chase and there are certain personalities that like to be chased. It is traditionally masculine for the guy to make the first move but now in modern times, women are also welcomed to make the first move.

There are so many blurred lines in the dating world today (cue Robin Thicke) that we have no idea whether or not we should make the first move or not. A piece of us wants that other person to declare their interest in us and a part of us is afraid they are going to slip away if we don’t do something about it.

There are certain zodiac signs that are more pre-dispositioned to go for it while others would rather hold back and make you work for it. This, of course, has to do with societal gender roles as well. This is why we have differentiated each zodiac sign on their likelihood to make the first move on whether it’s a girl or guy that we are talking about. Here is how likely each sign is to make the first move or not. Use this as a guide to figuring out your crush or maybe even your next crush after that.

24Aries Guy – The Most Likely By Far

The Aries man is a natural born leader so he needs to feel like he is in charge. He might be a little turned on if the girl makes the first move, but at the end of the day…he needs to feel like he has the upper hand in the chase. If you have a crush on an Aries man and enough time has gone on and he is still not going for it, then he just isn’t interested. It’s just that plain and simple. The Aries is the first out of all the zodiac signs so he likes to initiate everything whether that be a romantic relationship or merely just an acquaintance, business type of connection. An Aries man has a spark about him that can light up the room and a swagger that no man can ever beat. You don’t need to wait around for this guy to make the first move. He is a boss and the textbook Type A personality so you will need to follow his lead.

23Aries Girl – Is Bold Enough To Go For It

Aries women are feminists at heart and they don’t see any reason to not go for it if they are attracted to a guy. They have no problem walking up to him and making their interests clear as day. They’re the ones to put their cards on the table, and they are brazen in their flirtation. Aries ladies look ravishing in red because they have a bold nature to them that sticks out like a sore thumb. Just like their male counterparts, they are used to wearing the pants in the relationship. That is why they have no problem making the first move. Aries women know better than anyone that times have changed and you do not need to wait around for a man to ask you out. Ruled by Mars, they have the audacity to go after what they want with no apologies. This doesn’t just apply to their relationships, but other mediums of their life like their careers.

22Taurus Guy – Will Give You Sheepish Eye Contact Until You Do Something

Taurus guys are a strong and thick-skinned sign, but they are not men of action. Instead, they are men of reaction. They are not ones to make the first moves on the girl. Unlike their Aries predecessor, they are ruled by Venus which is the planet of beauty and romance. They need to feel desired so they are unlikely to just waltz up to you and ask you out. Instead, they will try to make subtle gestures or eye contact towards you until you smile at them and start flirting. It might take some time before this guy warms up to you since he has a reserved nature about him that is endearing. Once he has warmed up to you though, you can expect a lot of physical contact from him, because that is what these types live for. A Taurus moves at a slow and steady pace, so you just can’t rush him.

21Taurus Girl – Wants You To Do It, But Might Jump The Gun If Nothing Happens

A Taurus girl will use physical contact to flirt with the guy that she likes. She will laugh at his jokes and engage in his conversation to the point that he has to know that she likes him because it is that obvious. Though this banter usually starts when the guy approaches her, sometimes she ends up having to seal the deal. Though she is patient, she has a strong personality and isn’t afraid to take what she wants, but she will only do it after a certain amount of courtship is established. If the guy is dominant enough to make the first move on her, then more power to him. However, she isn’t afraid to make the first move if the guy is too shy and can’t seem to find the courage to do it himself.

20Gemini Guy – Will Flirt Endlessly Before Sealing The Deal

If there is one thing that the Gemini is good at, it’s communication. Whoever said that men are bad at communication clearly has never crossed paths with the poetic Gemini man. He has mastered the game of “look at me” by competing for your attention.

These guys know how to lure you in with their words and hold your interest with their insatiable wit. These guys are curious souls but they are also tricksters, so watch out when they play those little mind games with you. A Gemini man will shower you with attention and make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. He takes your hand and leads you on adventures where you will always be in for a good time. It is only after this courtship has run its course where he will finally make the first move. These guys are smooth as butter.

19Gemini Girl – Will Be All Up In Your Business Until You Have No Choice

Gemini ladies are ruled by the planet of Mercury so that means that they are excellent at communication, just like their male counterparts. What makes a Gemini girl a bit different from a Gemini guy is that they want you to make the first move, even though they will initiate all of the flirtation at first. A Gemini girl hates boredom and cannot sit still for more than two seconds, so the guy needs to be interesting enough to hold her interest for long enough. If not, she will be one to the next one. You will see this girl tearing it up on the dance floor at the club or hear her loud laugh amid a sea of banter. She might ask you to dance or ask you just a million questions about you. Her flirty nature will make you want to ask her out, whether you want to make the first move or not.

18Cancer Guy – Implicitly Makes The First Move, But You Could Easily Miss His Signal

A Cancer man is ruled by the moon, so that means that he is reflective and contemplative. However, he is also a Cardinal sign, so that means he still feels like he needs to be in charge. This shows discretely because he will focus his attention on you in a group, and you feel that his approach will be ever so subtle. He will teeter the line between being reserved to being an upstanding gentleman. You might feel like he is reading you like a book because these guys know women like no other sign. This is the type of guy that you will feel like you have known for centuries and he will ask you mostly questions about you and your life. He will shyly ask you to see him again, but you might not be so sure under what pretenses he is referring. There is only one way to find out: just go with his flow.

17Cancer Girl – Will Indirectly Tell You To Ask Her Out

Though a Cancer girl is reserved, she still likes to flirt and attract male attention. Don’t let that demure, girl-next-door look fool you because she wants to have control over her own romantic life. She will bat her eyes at you and try to initiate your presence through mutual friends, but she won’t really lay it on too thick. Cancers like to remain subtle in their flirtatiousness and she might get frustrated if you don’t pick up on her signals eventually. She doesn’t completely understand that men don’t pick up on indirectness so she will keep trying to get closer until you do. Her essence is feminine and she won’t make any bold moves like say, the Aries woman will. If you still haven’t made the first move after some back and forth banter, she might push your primitive buttons a little bit. She will imply that you man up a little bit and just go for it.

16Leo Guy – Needs To Feel Like The Boss, So He Needs To Do It

Ah, here we go with the Leo man. This is smooth talker is ruled by the Sun, so that means that he sees the world revolving around him. That includes the lovely ladies that he sees in his own personal orbit. Ever the eternal optimist, he is convinced that no woman will ever be able to resist him. This means that he sees it as his place to make the first move. However, he will be flattered if the girl makes the first move, but that might make him feel like less masculine because of it. Sure, it will flatter his ego but it won’t do anything to feed his need to be the hunter, not the hunted. The Leo guy is the king of the jungle and if he really likes you, he will want you to be his queen on the throne right hand to him. When this guy approaches you, you will recognize him by her perfect hair and fragrant cologne.

15Leo Girl – Might Do It, But Her Pride Will Get In The Way

The Leo woman (aka Miss Diva or Miss Thang) thinks highly of herself and wants the men she dates to see her as the goddess that she self-envisions. Though she loves the attention and spotlight from men, she is far too used to the easy attention and needs that guy who just doesn’t care to give it to her as much. To her, that is a challenge. That will make her want more and more of your attention and she doesn’t mind having to work hard in order to get it. However, she wants you to cave in and admit your feelings for her, not the other way around. She might be on the brink of making the first move on you, but she just doesn’t want to be the weaker one in the relationship, so you will most likely have to do it.

14Virgo Guy – Will Want To Make You Work For It

The Virgo man is a reserved one and isn’t likely to want to be the center of attention, unlike the Leo man before him. Instead, he is a guy of discretion but he definitely isn’t afraid to put you in your place. In fact, he can be flat out abrasive when he wants to be, which either turns off many women or makes them turned on wanting to seek his approval. Though he might not be the outright macho man that some of the other signs come off as, he definitely knows how to stand his ground using the most succinct words as humanly possible. He is ruled by Mercury, like the Gemini man so he knows how to navigate his way through communication. Unlike the Gemini man, he doesn’t exactly go out his way for your attention. He wants you to come around to him when the time is right.

13Virgo Girl – Will Tease You Into Making The First Move

The Virgo lady is demure but you can see that little smile under that “who, me?” facade. She is down-to-earth and possibly one the easiest girls to approach. She is also easy to talk to and has a way of stroking a man’s ego without having to try too hard. Since she is an earth sign, she knows how to use her body in order to garner a guy’s attention. Some girls need to be careful when they bring their man around a Virgo girl. Although she is the sign of the virgin, don’t let that title fool you. She knows how to play a guy’s passions and withhold what he really wants from her as far as intimacy goes. Out of all the signs, she knows how to tease a guy so he ends up making the first move on her.

12Libra Guy – Only Makes The First Move After A Long Chase

The Libra man is ruled by the planet of Venus-like the Taurus man.This means that he prefers to be chased rather than him being the one to chase the girl. Though this is frustrating for many women because it defies conventional gender roles, the Libra just doesn’t think that those traditions apply to him. Libras tend to over analyze the way they feel about someone as to whether they are dating material or not. Since he is an idealist, he will only make the first move if it is well planned out and the situation is nothing short of romantic and perfect. The last thing he wants is to put himself in a situation where he will make a fool out of himself. Since he is all about fairness, if you show him some interest, he will definitely return the favor and display interest back. Whether or not he makes the first move or not depends on which way the scales tip in his head.

11Libra Girl – Can’t Make Up Her Mind So You Need To Do It

A Libra woman knows how to light up the room with her charming presence and precise art of conversation. She is a social creature and is known to be one of the biggest flirts out of the entire zodiac. That sparkly gleam in her eye and that perfectly coordinated outfit give off a radiance that men just can’t resist. Many of her boyfriends find themselves watching over their shoulders because she is just that flirty to the point where she might give some other dudes the wrong message. Sometimes, she even flirts without even realizing that she is flirting. She thinks that she is just being friendly. Since she just can’t seem to keep track on her prospects, it takes a real man to come in and reel her in. Once she decides that she doesn’t want those other options then she is all yours.

10Scorpio Guy – Gives You That Piercing Stare You Can’t Resist, Maybe He Will Maybe He Won’t

The Scorpio man will have an intense, polarizing presence about him that people either love and eat up like candy or they are completely repulsed by. The Scorpio man is an enigma and a mystery that you will want to know more and more about. He is dark and he will suck you into a vortex that you may or may not be able to recover from. Those eyes of his will pierce right through your soul and you will feel like he is reading your mind. He is the master of human psychology and you will have a hard time if you are not on your serious A-game. The only way he will make the first move is if you give it right back to him. Whether or not he makes the first move will be indicative of how much he really likes you. If he does, he will after he has scoped you out a bit. If he doesn’t, he won’t care and you will have to do it.

9Scorpio Girl – Insidiously Flirts With You Until You Have No Choice But To Make The First Move

Much her male counterpart, the Scorpio girl is dark and mysterious. Men will find her alluring with that sultry feminine mystique or they will just think that she was that goth girl who never really grew out of that high school phase. Either way, she has an effect on men that will never leave her unremembered. When she strikes a guy’s fancy, she will pull him in by not giving away too much information about herself that keeps him asking the questions. She also will know how to seduce him by getting him to reveal intimate information and secrets about himself that puts him in a vulnerable position. He will be spilling his life story out to her without even realizing it. A Scorpio girl knows how to hustle a guy and he will have already asked her out on a date. Again, without even realizing that he has done it…he has already made the first move but under her spell.

8Sagittarius Guy – Will Ask You Out To Attend A Social Event First

The Sagittarian guy is a world traveler and is open to all different kinds of new ideas and experiences. He is always wanting to meet all kinds of different people and is infinitely curious about what the universe has to offer him. He is upbeat, jovial and is rarely seen about and about by himself. Before he makes a move on you, he will probably want to invite you to some party or get together with friends just to see if you jive with him on a certain level. The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is the ruler of expansion and knowledge. You need to sell this guy on mental stimulation and creative inspiration before you can count on him asking you out on a one-on-one date. Even then, there is no guarantee that he will get bored and move on.

7Sagittarius Girl – Invites You In Groups, Then Decides Whether Or Not

The Sagittarius girl is vivacious and is always down for a good time. Especially in her twenties, she is somewhat of a party girl and embodies that one ’80s song of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” She is almost like the Aries girl in the sense that she just takes life as it comes and isn’t afraid to seek what she wants. She will be willing to make the first move if she sees you on the same wavelength as her. If her friends are hippies (which they usually are due to her free-spirit), then just act like one of them. After that, she will probably go for it and make the first move asking you over for the good old Netflix and chill. She might try you for a short time before moving on to her next conquest, so buyer beware on this one.

6Capricorn Guy – Needs To Be Flirted With Before Making The First Move

The Capricorn man is usually someone who carries himself with a sense of dignity and power. He prides himself on maintaining a stoic demeanor and knows how to act accordingly to any situation with a mature ease. Though he certainly isn’t shy, he likes to play it off like it is. He is perfectly confident when it comes to talking to women and asking them out, but you need to show that you are interested first. You can’t just expect him to pick up on it. Even if he does, he is usually too preoccupied with business matters to want to play those games with you. Though you don’t need to be direct, a little nudge here and there will help seal the deal. When he does let those inhibitions down and go for you, it will be well worth the wait. His powerful stature will make you go ga-ga.

5Capricorn Girl – Only Does It If She Is 100% Sure

A Capricorn woman is ambitious and doesn’t have time for the silly games that most men play. She usually seeks out guys that are older than she is because they match her on the maturity level. Capricorn girls make the best first-born siblings because they are natural born leaders who know how to get the job done. They carry themselves with a cool poise but there is so much grandeur going on under that exterior. She was probably voted the most likely to succeed by her high school yearbook so she isn’t afraid to seek out what she wants. However, she will never waste her time if it wasn’t worth it. A Capricorn lady will let you know that she is interested only if she is sold on you. She will look at you like a business venture.

4Aquarius Guy – Will Ask You Out Out Of The Blue When You Least Expect It

If there is any guy who can keep you on your toes, it is none other than an Aquarian man. Ruled by Uranus (hahaha, we know) which is the planet of revolution and unexpected changes, he likes to march to the beat of his own drum and do things on his own terms. If you are someone who likes stability in their relationships, then you might want to think twice before getting involved with an Aquarius. This guy is all over the place is there is simply no telling what he will do next. The sign of the Aquarius represents friendships and impersonal relationships so that means you will be friends with him before anything romantic is likely to happen. He will make the first move once he feels that you have enough in common and he just clicks with you. Him making the first move will be completely out of the blue and will sweep you off your feet.

3Aquarius Girl – Too Unpredictable To Tell

The Aquarius girl is unlike any other girl you will ever meet. She is quirky, has a distinct fashion sense and her personal interests are a little wacky and out of this world. When you think of an Aquarius (both guys and girls), think of them as aliens from another planet. They are looking at the human race objectively and sometimes have a hard time understanding mortal emotions and feelings. Thus, making them a bit detached than most other signs of the zodiac. She sees no problem asking a guy out if she likes him and simply doesn’t understand the inhibitions about it that other ladies might have. If she does decide to make the first move on a guy, it will be on a complete whim. She will do it in her own time and it could be right away after meeting a guy or after five years of friendship. You just never know with this oddball lady.

2Pisces Guy – Not  A Chance

The Pisces guy might put on a tough guy front, but he is really one of the most feminine signs of the entire zodiac (just make sure to not tell him that though). He tends to rely on others to make the decisions for him since he finds that task to be daunting. He might flirt and make romantic gestures. He might even compliment you endlessly, but at the end of the day, it will be up to you to seal the deal with this guy. Remember, that the Pisces is the sign of the fish, so if you don’t catch him…he can swim away. He is mutable so he has the ability to adapt to any social situation in any type of environment. This makes the perfect breeding ground for him to meet other girls who are more willing to aggressively pursue him if you are not up to the task. Justin Bieber is a Pisces and you better believe that Selena Gomez had to make the first moves on him. Why else do you think you hear so much about their on-again, off-again relationship?

1Pisces Girl – Always Wants The Guy To Make The First Move

Just like her male counterpart, the Pisces lady is a follower, not a leader. At heart, she believes in traditional gender roles and is in touch with her feminine side better than any other sign in the zodiac. She is like an ethereal mermaid come to life and men are in awe of her natural beauty. She has a demure demeanor that guys can’t help but resist and women are a bit envious of. The Pisces girl is an intuitive, creative soul that just goes with the flow and keeps up with the tides. If a guy doesn’t pursue her, she will just assume that it was simply not meant to be and leave it at that. What she really wants is a knight in shining armor that will come and save her from her own ways. A Pisces girl knows better than anyone how to play the damsel in distress that just needs to be rescued. You will rarely see her ever making the first move.