Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Will Show Their Love To Bae (His & Hers)

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Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Will Show Their Love To Bae (His & Hers)

Some people say there’s no actual solid scientific proof that Astrology or the power of the Zodiac predicts anything with 100% accuracy, but there are tons of folks that feel like their destiny has been sealed the moment they were born. As a matter of fact, every time they scroll through to read their signs’ predictions and traits, they feel like whoever wrote it must’ve been stalking them for years, as they hit the nail on the head, (more often than not!) Many people use the stars as guides to figure out what the Zodiac men and women want when it comes to love. After all, it’s not like we can read other people’s minds. But their Zodiac predictions? That’s totally fair game!

Now, regardless of whether it’s about a man or a woman, people, in general, tend to not have a clue how to share their feelings openly. Some may not even be aware of what they actually look for in a partner. Others are not even in touch with themselves, so they have zero clues as to why their partners fell for them in the first place.

When trying to figure out how their bae speaks the language of love, some people will look up to the stars in the hopes of finding some guidance. After all, people show affection in different ways, and often times, our expectations could be crushed if our partner is a total robot who seems to show no emotion. So, it’s possible that a man or woman who falls under the category of the Zodiac signs will show love in his or her own way, and in their own time, but their partners will totally miss the signs. So, for those who have a difficult time trying to figure their bae out, here are some insights into the various signs and how they respond when it’s time to show someone some love and affection.

24Aries Woman: She’s Not Afraid To Go With The Flow, As Long As You’re Leading

If there’s one thing you can say about Aries women is that they’re total go-getters. So, she loves to show her significant other that she’s beyond interested in him. But unfortunately, Aries don’t tend to have a whole lot of patience, so they’re going to be direct to prove to their bae how determined they are because they have the ultimate power. Actually, no. They are the ultimate power. So, she might put on a really bright red lipstick, a nice dress, some expensive jewelry, and make a reservation for two at a romantic restaurant without you even knowing it. Aries women are spontaneous, fun, and commanding. When an Aries woman is in love, she’ll show her partner unconditional support through big romantic gestures that’ll make her feelings quite obvious. She just doesn’t play around!

23Aries Man: He’ll Love Taking You On A Thrilling Adventure

When an Aries man falls in love, he’ll let his bae know it right away because he’s a warrior as much as a he is an adventurer, and he doesn’t like to waste time. If he loves you, trust me, you’ll find out soon enough. He’ll fight to win the love of his life over and will stop at nothing until he achieves this. For him, it’s all about the thrill of the chase and only once he feels that his bae’s emotions are as deep as his will he slow-down and concentrate on taking his S.O. on constant adventures. He loves to try new things and he wants the love of his life to live life to the fullest with him by their side. But an Aries man is not only willing to take you on an exotic vacation. Anything can become an exhilarating adventure with him. From something as basic as trying a brand-new restaurant, to going on a staycation in your own hometown, to taking you on an impromptu road trip across state lines. If he’s in love, he’ll make sure to keep you on your toes, always.

22Taurus Woman: She’ll Find Ways To Surprise You Every Chance She’s Got

Taurus women will always find a way to surprise their baes whenever they can. They show their love by being over-the-top affectionate. They love to hold hands, hug, and caress their partners any chance they get but expect the same in return too. They simply can’t date a man who’s not into PDA. So, while they generally like to take things slow, they also want stability and plenty of attention in order for the love to blossom. Once she falls in love, it will become obvious in her facial expression, that lovely gleam in her eyes, and her overall body language. But she might be cautious at first until she can fully learn to trust her bae. Once she does, her significant other should brace themselves because she’ll fall in love for life and will be oh-so protective.

21Taurus Man: He’ll Do Anything To Win Over Your Heart, Over And Over Again

Taurus men will do whatever it takes to win their significant other’s heart, and that romantic love will only intensify as time goes by. They’re loyal to the T, but that’s only because they care a lot about their one and only love. What they offer is a great deal of protection because they want to keep that person they love in their lives forever. They’ll even get a little jealous when someone else is talking to their bae. These are the types of guys that will wrap their arms around their significant other when they see that another guy is interested too.

20Gemini Woman: She’ll Go Out Of Her Way To Make You Laugh

Geminis are the best partners ever because they always dial up their romantic feelings several notches. But Gemini women love finding new ways to connect with their significant others. This might involve a bit of sweet talking or cuddling. Of course, her biggest tool to win her bae over involves making him laugh until he’s crying on the floor, laughing, (literally!) People dating a Gemini woman should never question her feelings because a Gemini woman knows what she wants, so if she’s after you or she already confessed her love, believe her. She doesn’t waste time. If she didn’t want to spend time with someone, she’d walk off and find another beefcake to date.

19Gemini Man: He’s Constantly Messaging You To Let You Know He Misses You

A Gemini man is always open about the way he feels and refuses to hold back when it comes to his significant other. To prove how much he loves the person he’s with, he’ll try to message her almost all the time. His bae will get little reminders during the day that he’s thinking about her. He’ll check out her Instagram stories, like her posts, and DM her telling her what he’s had for lunch. It’s his way of letting his bae know how much he loves her and when he’s out of town, he’ll be texting how much he misses her constantly. And if that wasn’t enough, a Gemini man will always prove his love by choosing to spend his time with his bae over his friends.

18Virgo Woman: She Loves Helping You Keep Your Priorities And Goals In Check

Virgos will often obsess over details in order to make their partners happy. They desire to be of service to everyone, including their significant others. In order to win someone over, she’ll act very feminine to grab her bae’s affection, because she wants nothing more than to get treated like a princess. But she is also an extremely supportive partner who wants to help her prince keep his goals and priorities in check, even if that means that she has to pick up the extra slack and do things like running errands for him or organize things around the house. If she’s in love, she’s your companion and most faithful supporter.Featured Today

17Virgo Man: He Pays Extra Close Attention To Anything That Matters To You

Aside from making sure that he can create an environment that’s organized and full of love for his bae, he is also great at complimenting his significant other because he loves her and feels she deserves to know how much she rocks. For someone who is not a Virgo, all the extra attention might feel a little overwhelming, but this is simply his way of expressing his affection. He also loves to show his partner how much he loves her by buying things that he knows will mean the world to her. Maybe she mentioned how much she loved Godiva chocolates, so he kept that in mind and brought her a huge box the next time they met. It’s little details like that that makes bae realize that he’s actually paying attention.

16Libra Woman: She Makes Sure To Plan Dates That Include Your Friends

A Libra woman is naturally charming, thoughtful, and a total social butterfly. In fact, it’s one of her best assets when she’s in a romantic relationship because she’s got such a huge heart. And because she will go above and beyond to do what she thinks will please her bae, she’ll plan dates, vacations, and other events that include his friends, instead of hers. A Libra will always take the initiative to prove to her bae how much she loves him, which is why she does everything in her power to include and impress that people that are in her significant other’s life.

15Libra Man: He Showers You With Attention, Even When You’re Not Expecting It

Libras are nice 24/7, particularly when they’re enjoying some quality one-on-one time with their significant others. They’re kind to everyone, and that truly has an impact on the way people treat them. But Libras always show how much they love their bae by showering them with attention, even when they’re not expecting it. A Libra man won’t be bothered by the fact that he’s surrounded by his friends or his bae’s friends, because to him, the only thing that matters more than anything in this world is his significant other. So they go ahead and call their baes the “love of their lives” or give them a huge bear hug in front of their buds. Asides from all this extra attention, people who love receiving gifts will be happy to know that Libras will splurge on things like flowers, chocolates, love poems, and maybe a bling or two.

14Scorpio Woman: She’s Extremely Protective Of You

A Scorpio woman will eye her man like a hawk even if she’s not directly staring at him. She’s so clever too. She’ll resort to mirrors, glass doors, and windows to keep her eye on her bae. But it’s not because she’s jealous. Alright, maybe she is being a little possessive, but that’s only because she wants to be her partner’s ultimate protector. If she’s in love, she’ll make sure to help you keep the fort, like running errands, or reminding bae that he’s got a doctor’s appointment next week. She’ll make the bed for you, once you’ve left for the office, and she’ll be on the lookout to see what other people are saying about her partner. She’s protective of the people she loves, and if she’s head over heels with bae, she’ll always have his back.

13Scorpio Man: He Opens Up To You, And Only You

Scorpio men are a mystery because they’re extremely emotional, and yet, they’re practically wizards, who are capable of hiding how they really feel. It takes a lot of time and a great deal of trust for a Scorpio to open up to his bae, but once he does, he’ll open up to her and only her. At this point, it will feel as though a series of emotional gates have opened up and a Scorpio will talk, talk, talk, and even share some of his darkest secrets. Eventually, he’ll have nothing left to share, but being this open with his partner is how he proves to her that she’s the most important person in the world.

12Sagittarius Woman: She Absolutely Believes In You

A Sagittarius woman is always an optimist, but she’s also extremely blunt when she has to tell someone the truth, even if they don’t want to hear it. However, for the most part, Sagittarians make one of the most supportive partners. She’ll tell her bae and anyone else who’s listening that she believes in him. Once she’s in a relationship, her primary goal is to use her positivity, her strength, and her optimism to enhance her partner’s quality of life. Anyone dating a Sagittarius woman will benefit from her ability to bring out the very best in him.

11Sagittarius Man: He’s Willing To Follow You Til The End Of The World

It’s a safe bet that anywhere that bae goes, a Sagittarius man will follow all the way, even if it means going to the very end of the world itself. He might not necessarily spoil his partner with materialistic gifts but he’ll definitely reward her with adventurous experiences that are truly once-in-a-lifetime EPIC! He won’t talk about his own feelings either because that makes him really uncomfortable, but he will definitely show his love through his devotion. At the start of the relationship, he might even call his bae every day and invite her to take an impromptu trip with him to the middle of nowhere.

10Capricorn Woman: She Is Loyal Without Hesitation

When a Capricorn woman gets happily attached to her bae, she’s in it for the long haul. A guy won’t have to wait long to know if she’s serious because she’s all about getting to the point. So, when a Capricorn woman has figured out that she’s found the one, she will come right out and say it. She won’t apologize for her feelings either. She values loyalty above all else and will shower her partner with it. She’ll also lead with her actions rather than her words, so she’ll definitely be a supportive partner who will make her bae happy by sticking by him. The second she falls for bae, she’ll delete her dating apps without him even asking her to. If her heart beats for bae, she has no room for any other distractions.

9Capricorn Man: He Goes All Out At Any Cost

When a Capricorn man feels strongly about someone, he’ll commit himself 100%. He’ll also go out of his way to make sure that his bae always feels like she is number one. He’ll express this by doing all kinds of sweet things like writing a love letter, having flowers delivered, or buying a stuffed bear that’s as big as her! When he finds the right person, he’ll cast all doubts aside, because he knows at that moment how much his bae loves him and that the feeling is mutual. So, to put it simply, there isn’t a darn thing that a Capricorn won’t do to show to his significant other that he means business.

8Aquarius Woman: She’ll Always Make Sure To Keep Things Interesting

When a man loves an Aquarius woman, he can expect her to be the one that manages to keep all aspects of the relationship interesting. She loves to shower her bae with random acts of affection. She definitely loves to give him lots of compliments in order to express how she feels about him. She’s also unpredictable and doesn’t mind bending the rules a bit in order to do something that will be exciting for her and her significant other, like taking bae for a swim in the lake, super late at night. Once an Aquarius woman grabs hold of her bae, she will take him on the ride of his life.

7Aquarius Man: He Just Can’t Get Enough Of You, 24/7

An Aquarius man will only connect with those the can establish stimulating conversations and form deep bonds with. So, it’s no surprise to anyone that he’s a bit stubborn when it comes to revealing his feelings. But he wouldn’t waste his time coming up with exciting experiences like skydiving or bungee jumping unless he actually had genuine feelings for his bae. Once that connection forms, an Aquarian will stick to his bae like birds of a feather, or a lost puppy who has found a new owner. And he’ll never ever be able to get enough of his partner.

6Pisces Woman: She Gets Excited Over Every Little Thing You’ve Planned

A Pisces woman is friendly and compassionate, especially when it comes to her feelings for her bae. In some cases, she might leave herself vulnerable to being taken advantage of because she’s a hopeless romantic and will do anything to please the love of her life. She simply can’t get enough of the rush that she gets when she’s with her partner, and whenever he’s around, her focus shifts entirely on him. She’ll get very excited when her significant other plans something, just as long as she’s included in whatever he’s planning, like a trip. A Pisces woman will also laugh like crazy when she’s in love.

5Pisces Man: He Puts Your Needs Ahead Of His Own

A Pisces man will never make the first move because he often starts off being very shy, but once he opens up, he’ll start making promises that are oh-so-romantic, like how he’ll stay devoted to his bae for the rest of his natural life. A Pisces doesn’t typically give his partner a chance to breathe. After a few hours of being apart, he’ll pop up like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat and he’ll arrive with gifts like candy or flowers. But if he can’t physically be there, he’ll just DM you, send you voice messages, or share a link to a video he found hilarious. If he’s not in town, then he’ll make sure to find a postcard that’s both funny and touching. A little something that reminds him of bae, that allows him to tell her how much he thinks of her when she’s not around.

4Cancer Woman: She Demonstrates Small, Sentimental Gestures That Mean The World To Her

Cancer women tend to have a maternal instinct when it comes to their approach to love. She’s nurturing, sensitive, and will love her bae until the end. In some cases, she might come off as a bit clingy, but she’ll make up for that by making small but sentimental gestures to prove to her partner that she loves him. If it’s cold outside, she’ll have a hot meal ready for when bae stops by her house. She’ll keep his favorite soda in the fridge too. But her little loving gestures aren’t always related to material things and gifts. She expresses her love by protecting her bae’s honor or by clinging to every word he says. She might even knock herself out trying to cheer her partner up when he needs an emotional pick-me-up.

3Cancer Man: He Schedules A Million Plans In Advance

Cancer men express love by making eye contact with their partner. He also reveals his more vulnerable and emotional side to his bae once he is comfortable with her. But a Cancer man will also schedule a million plans in advance, like a trip to Paris, a romantic picnic at the park, a walk on the beach, and a romantic dinner to a restaurant by the beach, before he even bothers to ask his bae if she is available on those days. But this little oversight is forgivable because a Cancerian will never forget about his partner’s birthday or an anniversary either.

2Leo Woman: She Focuses On You, And Only You

Leos have this need to love freely because it’s in their nature. They hate wasting their time with someone who isn’t 100% worth it either. And boy, are they picky! Leo women are used to being the center of attention, and everyone’s drawn to their charisma. But once she focuses solely on a guy, she will commit to him completely. She has a warm, kind personality and she’ll pretty much wear her heart like a crown to prove that she’s in love. But she also sets some boundaries from the start. As long as the person she’s dating knows better than to trample on her personal freedom, she’ll always find her way back to her bae, even if she’s just had a really bad argument with him. She may go to the movies with her BFF, or go on a three-day road trip solo, but the second she gets back, she’s all yours, and you’re all hers. That’s how you know she’s head over heels for you.

1Leo Man: He Brags About You To Anyone He Knows

A Leo man will go out of his way to help anyone, especially his bae. He also loves to give compliments almost as much as he loves to receive them. So, for anyone dating a Leo, they should definitely expect to get spoiled… a lot, but not only by gifts and romantic dinner dates. A Leo man will brag about his bae to his friends, his co-workers, and even his family. He might even embellish a bit too much and put his significant other on a pedestal that’s too high, but that’s simply his way of proving to his significant other and the world that his bae comes first in all aspects of his life.

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