Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Truly Feels About Astrology Articles (His & Hers)

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Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Truly Feels About Astrology Articles (His & Hers)

Zodiac posts are kind of all over the place these days. We see them all the time, whether you’re actually seeking them out or if you just stumble upon them and keep scrolling, hoping that will be the last one for the day. Zodiac posts are kind of a fact of life on the internet because of the fascination people have with the zodiac and astrology in general. We, as human beings, like to try and bring order to the chaos that is life and using the zodiac and the stars to try and understand ourselves and the people around us is just a logical extension of that impulse. That being said, just because it’s natural to be fascinated with forces in the universe that we don’t understand doesn’t mean that we love all these posts about the zodiac.

Let’s be real here: some of us are fascinated with astrology and like learning about ourselves through our star charts. We might agree with what it has to say, or we might not: the biggest thing here is that you actively seek out this information. That being said, some people like to learn about the personality theory while others are all about checking their horoscope daily, but that’s neither here nor there. Other people might be truly annoyed by how the description of their zodiac sign oversimplifies or overcomplicates them, making them feel like it’s not an accurate representation of them at all. Still, other people might not bother with the zodiac and astrology at all, having never read a post about the zodiac before this one. Regardless, here’s how you probably feel about what astrology has to say about you, according to your zodiac sign and gender. Make sure to check out your moon sign as well!

24Aries Man – “Please. There’s More To Me Than That.”

Aries man, you’re the kind of guy who sees himself as a leader because you actually are a leader. That’s why you find yourself totally unimpressed by how the zodiac tends to describe you. Sure, you might find yourself flattered by the description of you as this go-getter kind of guy who’s single-minded about life. You might also find yourself liking the idea of you being described as a bad boy type who can talk to women. However, you might also see this as an oversimplification of your personality. You’re far more than your drive, after all.

You, Aries man, are a guy who does have a sensitive side. Sure, you’re a driven person, but you’re also very caring and even though you’re a great leader, you’re comfortable playing whatever part is necessary for things to go in the right direction. You might be a bit of a player, but you’re also a guy who has no problem committing in the right situation. You’re a guy who’s used to getting his way, but you’re definitely not a person who likes putting pressure on people either. When you open a zodiac post, you might find yourself saying “This is kind of like me, but it doesn’t even scratch the surface.”

23Aries Woman – “Excuse You, But I’m A Lot More Chill Than You’re Saying…”

Aries woman, you’re a person who might find yourself more annoyed with zodiac posts than anyone else. Let’s be fair here, out of all the women in the zodiac, you’re the one who’s portrayed as one of the most competitive and intense. You might not be as emotionally intense as some other women, but you’re definitely up there. While you admit that this is definitely a thing with you, you might find yourself annoyed by the idea of people thinking that you can’t relax to save your life, like you’re not any fun at all. In reality, it’s the opposite situation: you’re way more chill than others give you credit for.

You’re the kind of woman who has a lot of charisma and energy, but more often than not, you’re also the kind of woman who uses those powers for fun rather than for work. You tend to look forward to new challenges and you love doing new things, but more often than not, a new challenge to you is something that tends to be more laid back. Who can binge-watch the most episodes of your favorite TV show on Netflix? That’s a challenge, and you’ll meet it enthusiastically. That’s why some zodiac posts will have you wondering why people think you’re so intense all the time.

22Taurus Man – “I’m Not That Stubborn, Jeez. No, I’m Not Changing My Mind On This.”

Taurus man, you’re the kind of guy who’s more known for your steadfastness than anything else. You’re deeply loyal and are all about serving others and making them feel comfortable, sometimes at the expense of your own comfort. That’s a really admirable trait, but it might also lead you to end up reading zodiac posts because other people want you to. Zodiac posts aren’t really something you end up reading on your own because from your experiences, they tend to all say the same thing: you’re stubborn and have very little tact.

This doesn’t really feel like you at all. You’re the type of person who’s more likely to feel like they concede to other people way too much. You’re such a service-oriented person that you end up doing a lot of emotional labor that doesn’t really need to happen because you’re so focused on keeping people around you happy. If anything, you feel like you don’t argue enough and you don’t dig in your heels when it really matters. That being said, sometimes a spade is a spade and you’re actually really stubborn, to the point that you’re stubbornly refusing to admit it. Is that the case with you? It’s up to you to figure that out.

21Taurus Woman – “I Do More Than Shop And Eat Food, Jeez.”

Taurus woman, you tend to like the zodiac’s portrayal of you as this woman who embodies very feminine traits while also being an incredibly strong person who’s reliable on top of that. You love the idea that you’re a person that others can look to for guidance. That being said, you might also find yourself getting annoyed with the zodiac’s insistence that you’re extremely materialistic. Most of the time, posts about you and your sign tend to boil down to loving to shop and eat and being all about earthly pleasures. While you believe that there’s nothing really wrong with that, you also believe that the zodiac isn’t giving you enough credit.

You, Taurus woman, are not a person who thinks that being strong means that you can’t appreciate pretty things and want those pretty things for yourself. Just because you’re a person who likes material comforts doesn’t mean that you’re a selfish person like some other zodiac signs might see you as. If anything, you feel like you appreciate those earthly comforts, even more, when you have someone to share those things with. You might find yourself staring at a zodiac post and thinking to yourself that the people who write them need to learn more about your sign before acting like they’re an expert.

20Gemini Man – “Oh, That’s Kind Of Nice.”

Gemini man, you’re not the easiest guy to be around, but you know that you’re one of the easier guys to be around. The zodiac tends to portray you as this social chameleon who can talk to anyone, this charmer who can convince people of anything if you just put in enough effort. According to the zodiac, you’re a person who communicates well and can hold a conversation about really deep topics because you’re strong and confident enough to admit the things that you don’t know. More importantly, you have a thirst for knowledge that makes you willing to learn. You’re all about this description and think it’s really awesome.

After all, how flattering can this description even get, Gemini man? You might actually put a little more stock into your zodiac because it portrays you in such a flattering light. You’re a guy who’s pretty happy to go with the flow, and if the zodiac is saying that you’re the kind of guy who can get along with anyone and can master almost any subject, you’re not going to disagree. That’s why you might find yourself looking at a zodiac post and thinking “hey, this is kind of nice. let’s hear more about me!”

19Gemini Woman – “What Did I Do To Deserve This?”

Hey, Gemini woman. I’m willing to admit that you sometimes get a bad reputation for being more than a little nutty in the zodiac. After all, when people talk about your sign, it’s always mentioned that Gemini is represented by the Twins and it’s a symbol of how the Gemini woman is really more than one woman in a single person’s body. It’s generally said that while you’re great fun to be around and have the potential to be a wonderful friend, you’re also a person who’s prone to extreme mood swings and often overcome with anxiety because there’s always so much that you’re thinking about on any given day.

This might lead you to think that the zodiac really isn’t for you because you’re not the mess the zodiac seems to think that you are. Everyone has a messy moment or two but your description makes you feel like your entire existence is just one huge moment of messiness. You know that’s not true because you don’t crack under pressure most of the time, and you think it’s ridiculous that your sign is stereotyped by those times where you’re not really at your best. That being said, your sign is also defined by your intelligence and charm, so there’s that too.

18Cancer Man – “Hey, That’s Not Me…It Is A Little Bit, Though.”

Cancer man, you’re the type of guy who is often defined by his emotions. You’re the kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, sometimes unapologetically but a lot of the time it’s something you wish you didn’t do as much of. You’re often described as a shy, reserved guy who’s hard to pin down from a first impression because you tend to oscillate between different emotions and moods as situations come and go. That being said, you’re also said to be one of the more sarcastic signs because of your wit and your penchant for holding grudges. As much as you want to say that a lot of this really isn’t you, a lot of the time you find yourself looking at a zodiac post and thinking “yeah, this really is me.”

Sure, you might not want to be the guy who holds grudges and is more likely to resent and remember than forgive and forget, but upon a little introspection, you come to realize that it’s not the worst description of you that you’ve ever read. If anything, you might actually come to really like it: you being upfront about your feelings guarantees that people can’t misinterpret what you’re saying because you’re such an upfront person. That’s why you might try and deny your true nature when you read a zodiac post, but eventually, you come to accept it.

17Cancer Woman – “Why Does Everyone Think I’m Such A Mom-Friend? I’m A Bad Influence…Right?”

You, Cancer woman, are the type of person who tends to be defined by how you care about others. The thing about you is that you’re just a sweet person deep down. The zodiac’s description of you often focuses on your sweet nature and your devotion to your friends, often to your own detriment. It also focuses on how sensitive you are to the feelings of others and even how you can sometimes be a little too sensitive to criticism at times. More often than not, you’re described as the “mom friend” the one who takes care of those around you and keeps them out of trouble.

While you acknowledge that this is a habit of yours, you might feel like you’re being oversimplified. You’re perfectly capable of being tough and strong when you want to be and you’re definitely the type to take risks, right? To be fair, that could very well be you as well. but more often than not you’re a force of positivity and caution in the lives of others and there’s nothing wrong with that. If anything, we need more of that in the world. Don’t hide your mom-friend nature, embrace it!

16Leo Man – “Yes. Please Keep Feeding My Ego. This Is Awesome.”

Leo man, you’re the type of man who commands attention for many reasons and you kind of love that about yourself. Sure, sometimes you might need some time to yourself, but you also really enjoy being an inspiration for others. That’s how the zodiac describes you, so you’re all about it. The zodiac tends to describe you as a person who’s all about leadership, a person who’s on top of the world without trying. You’re a man who attracts followers and admirers everywhere he goes according to the zodiac, so if that doesn’t sound like you, you’re all about it because it’s something you might aspire to be.

This is why you’re a little more interested in the zodiac than most: because the zodiac description of your sign basically just feeds your ego. Even the drawbacks of your sign are worth it because your sign is known for being the most confident, the most charismatic, and the biggest personality, especially among men. The zodiac basically describes you as the lion your sign is represented by, and why would you protest against a description of yourself as a king? Just make sure not to let the description go to your head too much: nobody likes a swelled head!

15Leo Woman – “Yeah, That Sounds About Right.”

If the Leo man is a lion-like king, you, Leo woman, are often described as a queen. The zodiac describes you and your sign as a person with the brightest smile and the loudest laugh in any room. According to the zodiac, you’re beyond confident: you’re the center of the universe in the opinion of the people who look to you for inspiration. The zodiac often describes you as a bit temperamental and even a little self-centered, but that’s a small thing in comparison to being described as passionate, lively, and strong. You might not let that description get into your head too much because you’re very aware of your flaws, but you’re also very okay with this description.

What’s actually more important here isn’t that you like the description of yourself that the zodiac gives you, but that you actually agree with it. Your confidence doesn’t make you think you’re capable of things that you aren’t capable of, but it does give you an accurate picture of what you can do. If you set a goal for yourself that’s realistic and something that you actually want to do, you’re going to get it done. That’s why when you look at your zodiac description on any zodiac post, you’re definitely the type to agree with it.

14Virgo Man – “Well, That’s One Way To Explain My Deep-Seated Issues.”

Virgo man, you’re the kind of man who knows how to get things done. You’re not a guy who really loves attention, but you’re definitely a person who wants to keep focused on the task at hand and make sure things always go smoothly. You have a sense of duty about everything you do: if something isn’t necessary, you’re not going to want to do it. You’re also the kind of guy who doesn’t get annoyed at doing small, detail oriented things the way another sign would. This is basically how the zodiac describes you and even if you’re a person who doesn’t resonate with all of what’s being said, you do acknowledge that it’s true at least a little bit.

You might look at a zodiac post and be in a little bit of denial, but you might also see it as a good explanation for whatever issues you might have. Virgo men are known in the zodiac for being one of the guys with the least amount of confidence, something you can really identify with on a soul level. You’re also a person who’s always seeking perfection and is generally very hard on yourself when you ultimately don’t meet that standard. You’re aware your perfectionism isn’t good for you and actively hurts you, but you’re also a person who knows that’s a part of you just as much as your good, healthy qualities are.

13Virgo Woman – “YES. Bow Down, Peasants.”

You, Virgo woman, are also a person who doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of small details, handling them with ease, but unlike your male counterpart, you’re confident in this and have no problem speaking your mind if and when that time comes. You’re the kind of woman that the zodiac sees as one of the ones that exudes perfection in everything she does. People tend to see you as the one who has their life all put together, and even the times that you’re a bit of a mess tend to get lost in the background. The good thing about that is that you don’t have to worry about people losing respect for you over one incident, but the bad thing is that you never feel like you can ask for help without breaking that facade.

That being said, you’re totally fine with how the Virgo woman tends to be described in astrology. Sure, you might not be known for wonderful communication skills, an abundance of charisma, or anything like that, but you’re gifted with skills that no one else in the zodiac could even dream of having and that’s quite enough for you. The zodiac even attributes to you a level of discernment that other people with other signs just don’t have, which you’re totally fine with. You have no problems with how you’re described in the zodiac, to the point where you almost want to tell others to bow down.

12Libra Man – “Is This Me? Can Someone Tell Me If This Is Me?

Libra man, you are like Thanos from the Marvel comics and movies: balanced as all things should be. You’re the type of guy who believes in justice above all things, to the point where you’d vote for justice even if the result of that justice hurts you personally. For you, justice isn’t about making things right for some people over others, but about making sure that everyone ends up where they need to be based on their actions. You’re also the kind of guy who would rather talk things out than jump into a decision without putting some thought into it. At least, this is how the zodiac sees you. You might not be too sure if the zodiac is right about you.

This might lead you to waffle a bit when it comes to your personal description of the zodiac. You’re someone with dislikes conflict in any scenario, which extends to internal conflicts about identity. When you read about yourself in a zodiac post, you might find yourself wondering if that’s you and asking everyone to get an opinion about whether the description even really describes you at all. Eventually, you’ll land on a decision, but ironically, your way of going about this decision: gathering information and remaining impartial, is a great example of your Libra nature at work.

11Libra Woman – “This Is Me, Minus The Indecision And Caring About People. What Do You Think?”

Libra woman, you’re the type of person who’s all about fairness, like your male counterpart. However, you tend to see yourself as a person who isn’t plagued by the same indecision and care for people as a whole that a Libra man tends to wear on his sleeve. You’re down with your description in the zodiac, though. You’re a person who values fairness and hard work, but you’re also exceedingly charming and fun to be around as well. You’re a dreamer, but you’re also blessed with common sense, so you’re not a person whose head is perpetually in the clouds. All of it is fine by you, except for the bits that make you see indecisive or flighty.

You’re the type of person who knows how to argue, so you might find yourself poking holes in the logic of the zodiac’s description of you despite the fact that the zodiac isn’t made up of one person’s research or opinions. You might find yourself really internalizing this description and asking others what they think of it, which flies in the face of the impression that you like to put up that you don’t care what other people think. On top of that, you’re a person who can change their mind when presented with enough evidence, so you might end up coming around even on those points.

10Scorpio Man – “Why Am I Always The Evil Sign? I’ll Punch Whoever Wrote This In The Face.”

Scorpio man, your sign has a bit of a bad reputation that may or may not be actually deserved. Sure, some zodiac descriptions have you sounding like the craziest, most evil guy out of all of the men of the zodiac, but other descriptions have you seeming like this vacillating boy who needs a hug and a good cry. Neither one of these descriptions particularly resonates with you because, in your mind, you’re not really these things. You’re definitely not those things to the people who care about you either. What different zodiac descriptions of you tend to have in common is that you’re a man who is equal parts serious and fun-loving. You see yourself as the master of your own fate, and that if nothing else is something you like.

That being said, while you know you have great qualities that are visible to those who know you well, you also find yourself annoyed at zodiac posts because you’re not this guy who starts drama and starts fires for his own amusement. Okay, you might like that a little bit, but it’s definitely not the lynchpin of your identity. You like the description of you as ambitious and driven while still being passionate in relationships, but you’d really appreciate it if the “devil sign” stigma would go away.

9Scorpio Woman – “Eh, I Can See That On A Bad Day.”

Scorpio woman, you don’t really have the same negative stigma that your male counterpart does, but there are still zodiac-related stereotypes about your gender and sign that you don’t really appreciate. The zodiac describes you as a sensual person who can turn heads everywhere she goes from admirers and as a person who should never be taken lightly. You’re also described as a woman who can cut to the heart of an issue and solve it with certainty. You’re a woman who seeks to know and understand everything and that’s honestly quite admirable.

That being said, you’re also described as a person who is incredibly stubborn when they want to be and very secretive when you don’t want to open up, making it really hard to get to know you. You’re also described as a bit self-destructive in your habits and emotional coping techniques. You don’t really like admitting this, but you can see that description being true on a bad day. You tend to take this in stride, though: every good quality comes with some drawbacks and you’re totally okay being the woman you are every day.

8Sagittarius Man –  “And This Matters…Why?”

Sagittarius man, you are a person who seeks the truth in all ways and situations. You’re a person who is described by the zodiac as an adventurer who doesn’t really care to settle down until you’re good and ready to. That’s great for you because it gives you the freedom to go and do whatever you want. This is why you don’t really put too much stock in what the zodiac says about you. Sure, the zodiac casts you as this wandering spirit who can think logically and understand his inner self well, but chances are if you’re this type of person, you’re not really seeking out the zodiac much anyway.

Sure, you might read the zodiac for fun, just because you can and you want to know what it says about you, but you’re not going to be the guy who internalizes this description of yourself and seeks to embody it or anything. To you, your zodiac description isn’t very aspirational at all, it’s just who you are and something you don’t really have to try and be. You might even wonder why the zodiac matters to people. Sure, it’s something fun, but it’s not really a means for personal and interpersonal understanding to you. That’s totally fine as long as you’re not looking down on people who do seek the truth from the zodiac, by the way. You’re an open-minded enough person that that doesn’t really bother you, though.

7Sagittarius Woman – “I Really Couldn’t Care Less About This.” *Shares Without Commentary*

Sagittarius woman, you are the person that everyone goes to when they need someone around with a great sense of humor. The zodiac describes you as a little bit of a class clown, which you may or may not appreciate. You can make just about everyone laugh by telling a story or even just making a funny face. You might be a little bit of a nihilist at times, though, because everything you’ve discovered about the inner workings of the world seems so bleak to you. However, even that is a source of humor for you and if you’re a healthy sort of Sagittarius woman, you’d never dream of ruining anyone else’s good time by calling attention to the horrors of the world all the time.

Despite the zodiac describing you at least a little accurately, you might find yourself not caring too much about what the zodiac has to say about you. You’ve got too much to think about without thinking about astrology, at least in your mind. You’re also an independent thinker who doesn’t really care for a limiting description of yourself, even if that description is something that describes you as the freest spirit. That being said, this doesn’t mean you still can’t find fun in the zodiac and won’t still share a zodiac post that you enjoyed reading so others can read it too.

6Capricorn Man – “Why Does Everyone Think My Sign Is Super Motivated? I’m Way Lazier Than This.”

Capricorn man, you’re the type of guy who tends to be defined by his ambitions. The zodiac describes you as the most driven man in the zodiac, seeking success with everything you do. You’re also described as a practical and pragmatic man who is always grounded in his beliefs and has goals that are just as realistic as they are big. You’re happy to work hard to get to where you need to go and keeping your nose to the grindstone if the endgame of your actions leads to permanent success. You don’t necessarily want attention drawn to you, but if that attention is a byproduct of success, you’re all about it.

You might not think this sounds much like you at all, especially if you’re a person who hasn’t really parsed out where they want to be in the world or how they’re going to get there. You might even see yourself as too lazy to really live up to this description of yourself. That being said, ambition takes form in a variety of ways. You can be just as committed to watching every episode of One Piece in a week or eating eight pizza pies by yourself as you are to becoming the head of the class or the boardroom. You’re not a lazy person at all if you haven’t started working towards your life goals yet, you probably just need a bit more time to launch.

5Capricorn Woman – “Yeah, I’m Gonna Rule The World One Day! Just Let Me Take This Nap, First.”

Capricorn woman, you’re the type who’s seen as the head woman in charge by those around you. You might not be the leader in every situation where you have to work with others, but chances are you’re the person who is seen as the most reliable and the most capable in any bunch. The zodiac sees you that way too: you’re described as a woman who can weather any storm and deal with any conflict with grace, calmness, and poise. You’re also described as an alpha female who has no problem being clever or conniving to get the job done or get ahead. According to the zodiac, if a woman rules the world, chances are that woman is a Capricorn.

Naturally, this is a description you can’t help but be all about. After all, you’re seen as this superwoman of a person who’s capable of anything. That being said, you know you can’t be that woman all the time, and even if you were, you wouldn’t get to relax or have any fun. While success can be its own reward, you’re a woman who understands how important it is to let your hair down and be in a position to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors. You’d read a zodiac post, smile at the description of yourself, and then find some time to unwind before getting back to work.

4Aquarius Man – *Hasn’t Read The Posts, Has No Idea What His Sign Means*

Aquarius man, the zodiac tends to see you as an innovative thinker who applies logic to every situation. You’re inventive and original and have this offbeat kind of charisma that attracts people who like the way you think. You’re not a traditional leader, although people look to you for new ideas. You are great at conversations, but not everyone gets the way you think so other people with different zodiac signs might find themselves a bit confused. You’re also someone who comes off like they’re well-traveled and worldly, even if you’re not.

The zodiac tends to describe you in a really flattering way, to be honest. However, you, Aquarius man, don’t know a thing about it. You probably haven’t opened a zodiac post ever in your life. If you have, you did it ironically just to see what it said, not because it really mattered what the post would have said about you. Either that or you opened a post to read it because someone else you know and care about wanted you to. For you, astrology doesn’t really follow any sort of logic that can be explained or that you agree with, so it’s not really something you put a ton of stock in.

3Aquarius Woman – “I’m Totally Fine With This Description Of Myself. Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself.”

As an Aquarius woman myself who writes zodiac posts, I can tell you what’s said about my sign and gender off the top of my head without even needing to open up another post. The zodiac describes you, Aquarius woman, as a person who won’t ever conform to anything or any one way of thinking. You’re a person who’s an original, independent thinker that thinks about the world as a whole rather than just one little piece of it. You’re an incredibly smart woman who embraces her quirks rather than hides them. According to the zodiac, people who meet you often feel like they’ve never met anyone else quite like you. You can get along with anyone and embrace everyone’s differences, treating people with a strange sort of kindness that shows off how weird you can be, in a good way.

While you tend to not put too much stock into what others think of you, you’re totally cool with the way you’re described by the zodiac. You’re not just smart and kind, you’re intelligent and benevolent on a global scale. You’re not just loyal to specific people, you’re loyal to just about everything you like, which is a quality not too many people have. Chances are you read zodiac posts and embrace what they say about you because to you, the zodiac just stays complimenting you.

2Pisces Man – “I’m Not That Sensitive.” *Immediately Does Something To Show His Sensitivity*

Pisces man, you’re the type of guy who tends to embody lots of traits, to the point where you’re a little hard to pin down. This is why you might not feel like you resonate much with your zodiac description. Many descriptions seem to contradict each other: some will say that you’re secretive and stubborn while others say you’re open and easygoing. However, there are some things on which every description of your gender and zodiac sign tend to agree on. One thing has to be your intuition about different people and situations: you have kind of a sixth sense about things that tend to be right more often than not. Another thing is your sensitivity: you’re a very emotional kind of guy who’s a bit easy to read in that regard.

While you’re cool with being seen as this intuitive guy who can discern what’s going on under the surface, you’re not so cool with this idea that you’re super sensitive and emotional. That being said, this doesn’t mean that you cry a lot or are weak in any way. If anything, it means that you’re a joy to be around because of how upfront you are about how you feel. Relationships tend to be a bit breezier for you because you’re so comfortable with being romantic and making big gestures. Honestly, your sensitivity as a person is commendable and there’s nothing wrong with it. If anything, more guys might want to take notes!

1Pisces Woman – “No, I’m Really Not That Sensitive.” *Does Something To Make People Fear Her Without Trying*

Pisces woman, you’re the kind of person who is described as sensitive, but you know you’re more than just your emotions. The zodiac describes you as a woman who has a lot of secrets but has a gentle heart and a kind soul. You’re looking for deeper meaning in life. You’re not looking for the ultimate truth like some others, but you are looking for your truth. You can’t help but make connections with people and see the threads between seemingly unrelated things. You’re great at seeing the patterns people fall into in their lives and advising them on how to get out of those patterns. You sometimes need to remember to take your own advice, but when it comes down to it, the zodiac describes you as a woman who is a great friend and can be very spiritual.

While you know you can be a little “in your feelings” sometimes, you’re not really the type of person you consider to be sensitive. Just because you can figure out how other people are feeling doesn’t mean that you don’t make it a habit to say what needs saying and hurt some feelings if that’s necessary. If anything, people who know you and what you’re capable of might even be a little afraid of what you can do because you’re just as capable of tearing someone down and exposing them as you are of building someone up. You’re equal parts kind and savage, and that’s what makes you great!

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