Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Should Put Themselves Back Out There & Find Love Again

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Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Should Put Themselves Back Out There & Find Love Again

It can be scary to get back out into the dating world after a break-up. Although it’s important to take some time to recover from heartbreak, everyone reaches that moment when they can’t just sit at home and cry another tear. It’s time to throw away the box of Kleenex, quit complaining to anyone who will listen, and jump back into the fray.

Don’t get overwhelmed — we know that it can be daunting to open yourself up to love again but you deserve happiness. No one should leave their next relationship up to chance. Many answers can be found in the stars when it comes to romance. Your zodiac can give you the direction needed to open yourself up to the possibility of love.

Maybe your natural tendency is to play hard to get and you need to let him know that you like him. Perhaps you should to tap into your wild side and show him just how frisky you can be. Some guys need to overcome their shyness and be bold when it comes to ways of the heart. Please enjoy this list of how each zodiac sign should put themselves out there and find love again.

24Aries Woman: Flirt Shamelessly With Him Since You’re So Confident

Putting yourself back out there is not a challenge for the Aries Woman. Your fiery personality attracts men to you easily so the best way for you to find love again is to switch on that charm and flirt like crazy. Trust me, he won’t be able to resist your coy advances. A girl like you isn’t one to hold back and it takes a strong man to handle your headstrong nature.

When it comes to love, you can sometimes steamroll your partner, so you may want to practice the art of deep listening once you’ve snagged a guy’s attention.

It’s okay to be quiet and listen now and again, you can still let him know you like him with your body language. Scoot in close next that cute boy and twirl your hair while he tells you his deepest thoughts.

You’re fiercely independent but need someone who can tend to you or your fire fizzles out easily. Since you like to take the lead, you sometimes fall for guys that are a bit wimpy. Be on the lookout for a partner that can take your hand and lead as well. It can be fun to let someone else be in charge for once.

23Aries Man: Get Her To Notice You Because You’re The Center Of Attention

You’re totally self-assured so all that you have to do to find love again is get her to notice you. This shouldn’t be too difficult because you thrive on being the center of attention. You have an extreme personality so you need a woman who will be clear about what she desires. A guy like you actually likes a challenge so set your sights on the girl who is ignoring you. It takes a lot of self-confidence to resist your lure so any woman who isn’t drawn to you right away could be the right one for you.

The Aries man can have a temper on him and it could potentially be the downfall of a relationship. You have a tendency to burn bridges, so if you’re looking to make a relationship last, try to let things go. It would much easier to foster a relationship if you learned to forgive and forget. Once a partner crosses you, it can be really hard for her to get back into your good graces.

It’s hard for you to settle down, so you might be attracted to a lover that would be cool with an open relationship. It’s hard to pin you down.

22Taurus Woman: Show Him Kind Gestures Since You Have A Big Heart

Taurus ladies are ruled by Venus, the Empress of love, so it’s easy for you to put yourself back out there. You are a force to be reckoned with once you set your sites on a man. Everything you do is well thought out and carried out with purpose. So, take that powerful energy and focus on doing something kind for a guy that you like. A simple gesture will go a long way and show a potential lover that you have a heart for giving.

A girl like you is a sensual being who isn’t shy about getting physical.

You love to cuddle and take your time, so you need a man that isn’t eager.

Yet, you don’t have much patience for shy guys, either, so it takes just the right personality to be able to pace themselves with you. He should clear his calendar for you and he’ll be happy that he did.

It can take some work to figure you out but once you’re with someone who is willing to do the work to get close to you, there is no one more loyal or dedicated than you. Show him that you’re thinking of him and he’ll be like putty in your hands.

21Taurus Man: Give Her Displays Of Affection Because You’re Thoughtful

You too are ruled by Venus so you’re like this big bull that is more bluff than bluster. You’re a diligent person so take that energy and find just the right gift to attract a woman to you. That thoughtful nature of yours can get you a long way when it comes to the ladies. When it comes to love, you’re totally dependable and have a way with words, so be sure to take your time and communicate exactly what you want in a partner. How will she know what you’re thinking if you don’t speak up?

It can take some time for you to process your emotions so be on the lookout for a woman who has a ton patience. Don’t hold back too long or she might lose interest. Of course, if a partner doesn’t try to rush you or coax the truth out of you, then you’ll be smitten.

The Taurus man is a thoughtful lover who always makes sure that his woman is totally satisfied. Once you decide to shower affection on a person, she’ll find you irresistible. So, take a little time to really put some thought into a sweet present to make her take notice.

20Gemini Woman: Be Playful With Him Since You Tend To Be Frisky

The Gemini woman is a total flirt and thrives on playful interactions. The best way for you to find love is to give in to your silly side and show him that you know how to be a good time. You love a good intellectual sparring and could stay up all night having a battle of wits. So, you need a man that doesn’t waste his time trying to play it cool.

Communication is the key to you, so a shy guy just won’t do.

You have an innocent demeanor that draws people into you but there is a depth to you as well that keeps them guessing. Every now and again, you let loose and allow yourself to go wild. If you can find a lover with a strong imagination, then you’re totally willing to indulge in some fantasy play but you have to totally trust your partner.

What you really find attractive is intelligence but it’s all about connection with you. You prefer brains over looks but if you snag a guy that has both, you’re totally in. Let your inner-child take over to show him exactly who he could be up against. A relationship with you is never boring.

19Gemini Man: Show Her Your Fun Side Because It’s Charming

Ruled by the twins, the Gemini man likes to keep everybody guessing. Your duality is both confusing and alluring all at once. Yet, underneath that sharp intellect, there is a fun dude that is beyond charming. Show her your fun side and you’ll make an amazing impression. Chances are, you’ll meet your next girlfriend at a party because you’re social and crave human interaction.

No introverts for you. A guy like you needs a woman who will go out on the town, especially because you like to show off your lover. Although, you’d be just as happy to stay in if there is some sort of challenge involved. With your knowledge and love of competition, a game night in would suit you just fine.

You can be hard to pin down, so in order to make things work, you need to focus your energy on her if you want her to stick around. We all know that you like to keep your options open and often date more than one girl. That’s not going to work if you’re looking for the real deal. Tap into your silly side and show just how hilarious you really are. Maybe you’ll capture her attention.

18Cancer Woman: Build Confidence Since You Can Be A People Pleaser

When a Cancer woman falls in love, she falls hard. It’s almost as if you lose yourself in a relationship easily. If you want to find a love that lasts, foster your independence. Taking time for yourself will help you build the confidence you need to maintain a healthy relationship. Self-care is crucial so if you enter the dating world with a broken heart, chances are you’ll end up being hurt again. It’s time to take care of you, girl.

It’s all about emotion with you, so it takes a man that is willing to validate you if it’s going to work.

He has to have an emotional depth and be willing to dive in with you. Casual relationships don’t interest you so a partner has to be ready to go all in. If he wants to play games, best to let him go.

It takes a real man to engage with you. Nurturing and kind, once you give your heart away, a man feels totally loved and cared for. No one craves intimacy more than you and once you’ve got your crab claws in someone, you don’t want to let go. Build up your self-esteem and he won’t want to be released.

17Cancer Man: Don’t Over Think Things And She’ll Stick Around

You enjoy romance, but it’s easy for you to get lost in your head when it comes to love. A lady has to be prepared to live up to your ideals if it’s going to work. Since you’re such a dedicated partner, you tend to get jealous and question where the relationship is going. The best thing for you to do is turn off your brain and go with the flow a little bit. She’ll be in it for the long haul if you can just chill.

You’re a creature of habit, so you need a partner that is a bit of a homebody and will enjoy a home cooked meal and night snuggling on the couch. She better like to cuddle because you’re all about affection. Your lover never has to wonder how you feel about her because once you like someone, you shower them with gifts and attention

At times, you can be insecure but I wouldn’t give in to those thoughts if I were you. It could totally doom a potentially good relationship Shut off your thinking and just enjoy the ride. You’ll go places a lot quicker and she’ll want to stay around to find the destination.

16Leo Woman: Make Him Laugh Because You’re Hilarious

There is no one more exuberant than the Leo Lady. You have an amazing sense of humor so the best way to get him to take notice is to make him laugh. Just be the outgoing and vivacious woman that you are and he will be yours. If you’re on the prowl, it doesn’t take much for you to get a man to notice you. He better be shy or prude because you are comfortable with your body and like to get up close and personal.

Direct to a fault, you need a lover with a thick skin who won’t think twice when you tell him exactly what you think. Not only that, but you demand freedom and refuse to be tied down by anyone. That is, unless you fall in love with them.

Once you commit to someone, it’s a passionate love affair.

You’re not one to conform to the masses or be told what to do, so be on the lookout for a guy that likes to have fun as much as you do. Turn on that Leo charm and he’ll be giggling his way into your arms. He better be able to keep and make you laugh too. There’s nothing more fun than sharing an inside joke.

15Leo Man: Find A Lady That Challenges You Since You Tend To Get Bored

Oh, Leo, you’re the king of the jungle and everybody knows it. You’re totally the center of attention and are completely aware when a lady is checking you out. You would be smart to make sure that she can challenge you because if not, you’ll totally stray from her. Also, she better make you the center of her world or you’re out of there. It takes a special lady to keep you from roaming.

Yet, once she has you, you’re an affectionate partner who craves being touched and you’re happy to be affectionate in return. A compliment goes a long way so a lover has to be willing to tell you how awesome you are at all times. She has nothing to worry about, though because you’ll totally return the compliment. As long as your lover doesn’t mind stroking your ego.

You have a vibrant way about you that draws people in so chances are, you’ll find love in a social setting where you can be the life of the party. A girl has to have a ton of energy to keep up with you and she has to be willing to share the limelight. It isn’t always easy to stand in your shadow.

14Virgo Woman: Go On A Group Date Since You’re Shy

It’s a challenge for a Virgo woman to have a fling. You prefer to hold out for something more real. Since you’re a bit shy on the surface, it would be best for you to go out with a group of friends, instead of one-on-one. When it comes to dating, you’re totally selective and don’t want the pressure of having to give your attention to a guy if you’re not into him. Better to play it safe and have a support system around.

Once you do commit to a relationship, you thrive on romance and don’t go about things casually.

If you fall in love, it with intention of it lasting forever. Be sure to find a guy that is sentimental and thoughtful, since you like receiving tokens of affection. He better like a quiet night in because you prefer to cuddle up with a good book rather than go out for a night on the town.

You are loyal and require the same dedication from your partner. If they give themselves completely to you, then you totally make it work their time. That coy smile of yours isn’t fooling anyone. When it comes to romance, you can let your hair down and be wild.

13Virgo Man: Send Flirty Texts To Her Because It’s Safer For You

The Virgo man might not feel comfortable putting themselves completely out there. It’s a challenge for you to extend yourself in a romantic sense because you tend to be cautious in manners of the heart. You’re not willing to give yourself to just anyone and you prefer to know that a lady is right for you before making a move.

Flirty texting would be the perfect way for you ease yourself into the dating scene. You’re super intellectual so sending clever messages back and forth would give you a chance to dazzle her with your words. She’ll be glued to her phone just to read what frisky thing you might say next. Once you feel comfortable, arrange a meeting.

It’s best for you to find a partner that is very secure in themselves since you have a tendency to come across as a bit cold. If she has a willing heart and the patience to prove herself to you, then you can be a very engaging boyfriend. By the time you make the decision that she’s the right girl for you, it doesn’t take you long to open up. Emotions are hard for you to express so just be honest from the get-go.

12Libra Woman: Decide What You Want Because You Know How To Get It

Libra, the key to putting yourself back in the game is to decide who you want to set your sites on. You’re the whole package and won’t have any problem finding love. With your big personality and open heart, no one needs to give you any pointers. Especially because you love to flirt and tell a potential partner exactly what you’re thinking.

Once you decide that you like someone, nothing will stop you from going out with them.

If you’re willing to take the first step and approach your crush, he won’t say no. A girl like you is social and loves being in a crowd so you’ll more than likely find your next boyfriend at a party of small gathering.

You have playful nature and are always up for a good time so find yourself a guy that is willing to be silly and open to new experiences. Pessimists need not apply, you like positive people who make you feel light and free. It takes a special man to be with you because your magnetism draws people in so you need a lover who doesn’t get jealous easily. Just be sure to let him know if you’re unhappy since you have a tendency to hide your pain.

11Libra Man: Win Her Over Since You’re So Sweet

The Libra man tends to be very romantic and you totally hate to be alone. So, switch on your gallant nature and win that lady over. You often place your lover on a pedestal and she will totally eat up all the attention and adoration. Open the door for her, kiss her hand while you’re driving, or flatter her with genuine compliments. It will be hard for her to resist your warmth.

It can be a challenge for you to dig below the surface when it comes to your fears so you really need an understanding woman who is willing to do the work to truly get close to you. You have a tendency to get distracted easily so dating you can be tricky. She must be able to overlook your need for freedom and tap into your desire for companionship.

Once you can be honest with yourself and her, a relationship with you can be passionate and rewarding. You’re a daydreamer and love writing poetry, so an intellectual lady would suit you best. Open yourself up to the possibility of love and it won’t take long at all for you to find it. Just be the sweet guy you are and she’ll come along.

10Scorpio Woman: Chill Out Because You Can Be Intense

Okay Scorpio, time to take a deep breath and relax. The best way for you to put yourself back out there is to tone down your intensity a bit. You’re totally sensitive and feel your emotions deeply, though you can be good at hiding them. A lot of your magic lurks beneath the surface and you like to go to deep places with your partner. Not just anyone is allowed in, though.

When it comes to romance, you crave a soul mate.

You’re a total flirt but it’s directed and focused. Relationships become your top priority and you easily become consumed by your mate. A fate which you happily go along with, as long as he matches your devotion.

If he plays games, you tend to get jealous and possessive. If you want it to last, back off a little bit and let him miss you. He won’t stray too far. Few men can resist the witchy ways of the Scorpio woman. If he does wander away, you won’t let him go without a fight. You’re a formidable foe and not many women can go toe to toe with you and survive. You mate for life, rather he likes it or not.

9Scorpio Man: Strive For Balance Since You’re So Broody

The Scorpio man is a dark and mysterious being. We all know that you’re a total rebel so girls who are into bad boys flock to you. Yet, you really are a warm person so you need to find a happy-go-lucky lady that will balance out your moodiness. You like to hang back and observe the situation before you make you move and that isn’t a bad thing. If you’re interested in a woman, you take note of small details.

You often ooze confidence but you’re actually a very sensitive person who yearns to have a companion. She has to be willing to explore your soul and it can take some time for you to let people in. Once you do, you’re a passionate lover who is very romantic. A vulnerability is a total turn on, and a girlfriend of yours better be prepared for you to delve into her innermost thoughts.

You’re not one for casual dating and love with all of your heart. Your loyalty and commitment can’t be matched by any other sign in the zodiac. A relationship with you is rewarding and intense. This can make you become jealous easily so your perfect partner will only have eyes for you

8Sagittarius Woman: Lure Him With Your Carefree Spirit

The Sagittarius woman has no trouble when it comes to putting herself out there. Just by being you, men flock your way. Your carefree spirit is almost intoxicating and very few gentlemen can resist your fun nature. If there is a good time to be had, you’re totally there, front and center. Adventure is always calling and you would love to have a companion to play with you.

You’re a true force of nature and need to find a lover that is energetic and open for just about anything.

The chase is fun for you so the perfect guy would be a bit aloof at first. You love nothing more than drawing people in with your boldness. If you see a good-looking man, you won’t sit around and wait for him to approach.

People are easily intimidated by you but don’t let that bother you at all. The right person will understand that you’re a direct person who isn’t afraid to say what you think. A relationship with you is easy and light. No dark and broody types for you, men with a happy outlook on life turn you on. They just better be able to keep up or you’ll leave them in your dust.

7Sagittarius Man: Give Her Reassurance And She’ll Snuggle In

You like the hunt and you’re super charming so it’s not hard for you to ensnare a girlfriend. The Sagittarius man is attractive and easy to be around. You’re a total flirt and make a playful game out of courtship. Because you’re so independent, you may need to give your lover reassurance that you’re into her. Once you let her know that you’re committed, there’s no way she’ll stray.

You’re easygoing and tend to live in the moment. It doesn’t take much for you to pack up your bag and go off on an adventure so you need a partner that is open to just about anything. If she tries to hold you back, she won’t last long. You need your freedom and won’t stay in one place for too long.

Just be sure to stop and tend to your lover’s desires now and again. Your wanderlust can be a bit of a challenge. It wouldn’t hurt for you to let her know that you’d be willing to slow down and hang. You won’t sit for too long though. A guy like you is always on the move and your ultimate partner will be off doing her own thing as well.

6Capricorn Woman: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Since You Play It Safe

The Capricorn woman could find the perfect partner she just got out of her comfort zone a little bit. You are a totally compassionate person who thrives on affection and the time is right for you to tap into that aspect of your personality. A guy needs to be willing to coax you into chatting so you need an outgoing partner who will put in the work it takes to get beyond the surface.

It might be scary to push your limitations at first, but opening up would actually be really good for you.

Just keep being you but allow other people to see your depths. The vulnerability will take your relationship to a new level and he’ll be totally hooked. You’re not one to wear your heart on your sleeve but you’re actually a very emotional person who longs for companionship.

Letting someone know that you’re interested in them and asking them questions about themselves will make them curious about you as well. Who knows? You might discover that you’re totally into each other. Don’t be afraid to initiate a conversation, but be sure to keep things light. Your serious nature can make a guy feel like he’s being interviewed.

5Capricorn Man: Use Your Imagination To Make Dates Fun Because You Can Be Too Serious

You’re totally adept when it comes to your job but not so much when it comes to putting yourself out there. Ladies are attracted to you because of your intelligence and you’re pretty successful in life. You have an amazing work ethic but you need to channel that energy into being a bit more exciting when it comes to romance.

You have a serious side but it’s time to relax and have a little fun. Since you’re so good at your career, you have a ton of money, so plan a special night out and spoil her. You need an independent woman because you tend to be a workaholic. Your grumpy nature means that you also need someone with a sunny disposition to keep things from getting too dark.

You’re steadfast and loyal once you commit to a lover. If she gets bored, you can totally win her over with sweet gifts or a candlelight dinner. Even though you can sometimes come across as melancholy, if someone is willing to look past your gruff exterior, you have a keen sense of humor and actually love to laugh. A funny girl would be just right to make the relationship light and fun.

4Aquarius Woman: Don’t Play Hard To Get And He’ll Want You More

The Aquarius woman is totally an original. You’re smart, witty, and pride yourself on being quite an individual. You have one of those spirits that inspires other people so you’re a natural leader. When it comes to love, you like to hold back and that can discourage a guy. The best way to find a new relationship is to stop playing hard to get.

It’s time for you to get out of your own way.

It’s obvious that you’re not into expressing your emotions so you need a partner who will encourage you to open up. Yet, you can’t be smothered and need your freedom as well. You can be hot and cold when deciding if you’re really into someone so quit doubting yourself and jump right in.

You’re such a unique person that it won’t take long for a guy to see just how fun you are. It just takes courage to let them see who you really are. With all of your quirks, you need a partner who thinks outside the box. It can be hard for you to accept affection but you better take a moment to grab his hand if you want him to hold on.

3Aquarius Man: Find A Partner Who Is A Thinker Since You’re So Deep

You are wacky and smart, which makes for a guy that has tons of creative thoughts. You need a partner who can match your intellect and is willing to go along with your zany ideas. Social situations are fun for you and you’re easy to be around so it shouldn’t take too much effort for you to put yourself out there. Of course, you’re not shy and enjoy being around other people.

Everyone may know you but few people are given access to who you really are. It takes a patient woman to wait around until you’re willing to peel back the layers and let her get to know you. If she can stick it out, she’ll discover a really funny guy. Although, your eccentric personality makes it hard for you to settle down.

You’re attracted to unconventional women who are just as kooky as you. Once you find a lover that can keep up with your sharp wit and give you the freedom to be who you are, you might just be able to settle down. Not just anyone will do, though. Hold out for a girl that is an original like you. She might just be an Aquarius as well

2Pisces Woman: Step Out Of Your Dream World Since You Live In Your Head

The Pisces woman has secret internal workings that make it all too easy for you to get lost in your own mind. The best way for you to find love is to step outside of your own thoughts. If a guy acts curious about what makes you tick, then you’d be smart to meet him in the real world. There’s plenty of time to let him explore your fantasies.

You’re a total giver so it’s time for you to let him bestow some love and affection. Beyond that, it’s crucial that you take care of yourself as well.

You’re sentimental so you need a partner that can handle your emotions and go along with you.

There isn’t a kinder lover out there, and you deserve someone who is thoughtful and sweet.

Romance is important to you and boundaries aren’t your strong suit. Lovers tend to get lost in you and you’re more than happy to lose yourself in them. Since you throw yourself in so deep, you would do just about anything to keep a dying relationship going. Even though you like to escape reality, you really need a man who can ground you and keep your feet on the ground.

1Pisces Man: Show Some Courage Because You’re Afraid Of Being Hurt

You wear your heart on your sleeve and give yourself entirely to your lover, which seems totally romantic. The truth is, you get hurt a lot and if you want to get back out there, the time has come for you to show a bit courage. Because you love so deeply, you feel like a victim often and act like one too. If you held onto your identity instead of getting lost in your partner, ladies might be more attracted to you.

You make up for your neediness by being an amazing boyfriend who desires a harmonious relationship. If you can snag a lady who can handle your total dedication, then you make for a very passionate lover. You’re easy to fall for because your so loyal but it can take a while for people to take notice of you.

Tap into your bold side and ask her questions about herself. You have a tendency to hold back until you know that you’re safe but it would be much more effective if you let her get to know you a little bit. By the time you let her in, she might just lose interest if you don’t move fast enough.

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