Here’s How Each Sign Is So Fierce (In Five Words), Based On ( Zodiac Signs ) !!!

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Here’s How Each Sign Is So Fierce (In Five Words), Based On ( Zodiac Signs ) !!!




Being described as fierce twenty years ago might have been a cause for concern, but nowadays, this term is often intended as the highest compliment. To be fierce in modern times usually means to be strong and independent, and brave at all costs. When people are called fierce, it’s usually because they’re ambitious and loyal, standing up for those in their life and getting whatever they want through hustling and hard work.

Of course, fierceness means something different to everyone. Though we tend to think of those who are fierce as typically proud and confident, people can really be fierce in much subtler ways. When you look at the signs of the zodiac, it’s clear that each sign has its own way of turning up the ferocity factor, earning the respect and admiration of those around them.

There’s not one perfect way to be fierce, but a whole bunch of different ways that work for different personalities. A quiet, introverted person can be just as fierce as the life of the party, and the friendly girl who always wears a smile can match the fierceness of the ambitious career woman. Keep reading to find out what you do to be fierce and win at life.

16Fire Signs: You Will Never Stop Fighting

The one thing you can always count on the fire signs for? Fighting until they get what they want. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius don’t really understand the word “no”, and when they are rejected or shut down from something, they interpret it as a sign to keep trying rather than to give up.

Persistence and resilience, and never giving up, are qualities to admire, and which undoubtedly add to a person’s fierce factor.

Though these fire signs get tired and discouraged just like everyone else, the earth really has to move off its plates before they actually give into those feelings.

Because of this personality type, the fire signs are usually very successful. Even if it takes them years and years to achieve their dreams, they tend to get there simply because they refuse to quit. Plus, they’re great friends to have around because they motivate the people in their lives to be just as relentless as they are! The fire signs can be intimidating at times, and you wouldn’t want to challenge them at anything, but the other great thing about them is they love to share their fire with their loved ones. They’re confident enough to let others shine with them.

15Aries: When Scared, You Act Brave

Fear is part of the human condition, and nobody can avoid it altogether. People have different fears and react to them in different ways, but it’s not likely that you’d ever come across someone who was truly afraid of nothing. That doesn’t mean bravery doesn’t exist, though. Bravery isn’t not being scared at all; it’s being scared and moving forward anyway. That’s true courage, and Aries has an abundance of it.

Aries is the kind of person that seems like she’s not afraid of anything. She’s probably too proud to mention when she’s shaking at the thought of something and isn’t the type to unload her problems on other people. She deals with them herself and never lets them stop her from getting what she wants.

Fear, stress, nerves, anxiety—whatever you want to call it—is another obstacle that stops many people from achieving their dreams. But since Aries is a fire sign and therefore a fighter, she won’t stand for a bar of it. She gets scared just as much as everyone else does, but she forces herself to confront her fears rather than running away from them. She’s unrivaled in her bravery, but she’ll never admit it.

14Leo: People Are Drawn To You

Being a people-person is a skill that gets you far in life. Sometimes, a person can be talented and intelligent and beautiful to look at, but there’s still something about them that other people don’t warm to, and it can really ruin their chances for success. The ability to have others nibbling out of the palm of your hand definitely makes a person fierce, since it’s a real power.

This is what Leo is the best at: being naturally likable and intriguing, without having to try at all.

People are drawn to Leo gals, no matter what they do.

There are several qualities Leo displays which make her charismatic and popular. Firstly, and most importantly, she’s confident 99 percent of the time. And even when she’s not feeling confident in herself, she acts like she is. That’s a magnetic trait that other people simply love being around.

Leo also has an amazing sense of humor and knows how to have fun, so she’s kind of like a huge breath of fresh air for people who spend their lives in dull jobs. Because people warm to Leo and favor her, she usually has a huge network to ask for help from and to support her when she needs it.

13Sagittarius: Nothing Ever Gets You Down

The ability to be positive at all costs is extremely underrated and much trickier than it looks. Positive people tend to be happier because they focus on the beautiful parts of the world rather than the ugly parts, and pay attention to being grateful when they’re tempted to complain. These kinds of people are usually popular because they’re a joy to be around, and things normally end up working out their way. If you’re a believer in the Law of Attraction, you’ll know that like attracts like, and therefore positive thoughts must attract positive experiences. So it really does pay to be positive!

Sagittarius is well known as the eternal optimist of the zodiac. This is because even when life throws her some football-sized lemons, she knows how to make the sweetest lemonade. Being positive when things are already going well is easy, but it’s a real talent to be able to maintain positive thoughts when life isn’t going the way you want it to, and Sagittarius is a master of that.

Other people notice that nothing ever gets Sagittarius down, and they admire her for it. Not only do they want to surround her and absorb some of that positive energy, but they also want to learn how to think the way she does.

12Earth Signs: Slow And Steady Always Wins

When it comes to the earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—subtlety and planning are key. These really aren’t the kind of signs to race ahead, act on impulse and aggressively pursue what they want, even if it means making a scene. Instead, the earth signs are slow and calculated, always thinking everything through and weighing up every option to make sure they’re making the right choice. Because of this, they’re never surprised, caught off guard or stuck in situations they regret.

Though racing ahead works for some people, slow and steady definitely wins the race for others.

This sums up the earth signs well: they’re quiet achievers who always rely on their powerful brains to get them to where they want to be, making sure they take all the time in the world to do things right.

The fiercest thing about the earth signs is that other people always underestimate them. They don’t boast about their achievements or their plans, and when in a confrontation, they raise their argument and not their voice. This leads people to think they’re shy and incapable, and truthfully, many don’t even consider them to be competition. And just as the finish line approaches, the earth signs swoop in to take the gold without even breaking a sweat.

11Taurus: Hard Work Doesn’t Scare You

Hard work might not be glamorous, but it’s the secret ingredient to success in all areas that many people forget about. Even if you’re talented, smart, beautiful and connected, you still have to work hard at everything you want, whether it’s a job or a relationship. Being afraid to get your hands dirty and actually do the work yourself is a serious hindrance to success in many cases, but Taurus doesn’t have that problem. This sign welcomes hard work, and never once complains about having to do it.

Because she’s an earth sign, Taurus doesn’t feel the need to tell the whole world when she’s working hard. She doesn’t update her Instagram and Snapchat stories with videos showing that she’s staying back to work late or she’s getting up early to fit in an extra gym session or she’s studying extra hard to pass the upcoming exam. Instead, her tail goes up and she just does what she needs to, knowing that her reward will come in the future.

Taurus might not outshine others with her unbelievable charisma, but she is willing to put in more effort and hours than a lot of other people. And sooner or later, that pays off.

10Virgo: Talent Oozes Out Of You

Success is usually a combination of things, and sometimes, even if you’re missing the smallest ingredient, it could seriously lower your chances of getting what you want. When it comes to jobs, in particular, talent plays a small part in how far you go, but it does play a part. And generally, the more talent you have, the less you have to struggle.

Being talented is a blessing, and Virgo has talent coming out of her pores.

Typically, Virgo is a jack of all trades and has the potential to be a master at many. She’s one of those people who’s just good at everything, which earns admiration from her friends and jealousy from her haters. Virgo has an analytical mind and normally has a flair for anything to do with numbers or science, but can also be amazingly skilled at subjects like history, music, and languages. A creative Virgo is a little rarer, but she usually has the talent to turn her into a literal superstar (Beyoncé is a Virgo, FYI).

Though some people are envious and bitter toward Virgo for her natural blessings, her true friends are happy for her and want to see her soar. And even those who are resentful at least have basic respect for her.

9Capricorn: No One Can Stop You

When it comes to being ambitious and dedicated, nobody matches Capricorn. This sign sees what she wants, and then pretty much adopts tunnel vision until she gets it. What makes her so fierce is her superhero-like dedication to her goals, and her ability to resist being tempted by distraction. Because of this, Capricorn is often the very best employee on the team and often finds herself being promoted above others. But because her dreams tend to be huge, it’s not uncommon for her to turn down small-time opportunities so she can concentrate on getting the big stuff.

Capricorn is always a powerful woman who is able to make her dreams come true. She’s similar to the fire signs in that she doesn’t take no for an answer, but her approach is much less fiery and much more earthly. She doesn’t scream or fight when she doesn’t get what she wants.

Instead, she quietly thinks up another way to get there and tries it out straight away. If that one doesn’t work, she thinks of something else, and away she goes until that day comes when she finally gets the success she’s been dreaming of. It really would take a miracle to distract her from her ambitions.

8Air Signs: Nobody Can Hold You Down

You know how hard it can be to pin down a napkin when you’re sitting outside on a really windy day? Well, that’s how hard it is to pin down an air sign. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius feel a natural desire to float with the wind and be carried to wherever the Universe wants them to go, and that spirit is something that makes them fierce.

Other signs, particularly those that are overly sensitive or emotional, might get carried away when they meet someone new and allow that person to take them away from everything else that they want in life. For example, they might give up on their career goals or travel dreams if the person they love wants them to because love and romance can be more important than following their inner-voice. But that never happens with the air signs.

Though they do make great lovers and are able to make sacrifices and compromises for their partners, they always stay true to themselves.

You can love an air sign and get them to commit to you, but you can’t hold them down against their will. And it’s their ability to follow their inner-voice that makes them so untameable and powerful.

7Gemini: You’re In Love With Life

Passion isn’t something you can fake, and when it’s natural, it can help you soar to new heights. Those who are passionate tend to learn more from life because they take absolutely everything in, and they tend to make friends more easily because they connect with others who have similar interests. Plus, their energy tends to be infectious. They encourage others to ask questions, develop interest and get involved in a range of things.

Gemini is one sign who is undeniably passionate and in love with life, and this is a gift that nobody can take from her. She never stops believing in the good of humanity, and always wants to learn more and have new experiences, which keep her fresh and stimulated. Gemini tends to give off strong vibes to those around her which let them know that she is in love with life, and it almost always has a positive effect.

Others are more likely to give Gemini opportunities because they’re impressed with her energy, and it’s this combined with the many lessons she learns that helps her to get ahead in life. When it comes to both work and romance, Gemini’s love of life tends to earn her great prizes.

6Libra: Your Words Are Always Wise

Libra has many qualities that cause others to fall in love with her and think of her as a fierce goddess. She’s balanced and grounded and knows how to see the world from other people’s perspectives. This usually helps her to make decisions that are empathic and stops her from adopting attitudes that might be racist or discriminatory in some other way. One thing that people admire most about Libra is her undoubtable wisdom, which she has mountains of.

The best thing about Libra being so wise is that she doesn’t keep all that information to herself.

When she learns something new or when she figures out a new, smarter way of looking at something, she always passes on that knowledge to others. Slowly, she makes the world a better place by encouraging others to think just like she does. Of course, that wisdom also personally helps her out in her own life, as she rarely decides to do things that will harm her in the long run.

Even though she’s super wise, Libra has a hard time actually settling on decisions, which many people perceive to be a weakness. But she does make a choice eventually, and it takes so long because she always weighs up and evaluates every side.

5Aquarius: Independent Is Your Middle Name

Independence is key in today’s world. Naturally, those who don’t need to rely on other people for every little thing and who aren’t bound to others like they’re chained to a wall tend to be able to achieve things that everybody else only dreams of. Being independent allows you the luxury of going where you want with who you want, doing what you want to do and answering only to yourself. Few people can master this throughout life, but Aquarius can. This sign actually prefers to be independent rather than relying on others, and others don’t always know what to make of her.

It’s not that Aquarius is antisocial or aspires to be a loner. She has friends and romantic relationships, but she really values her alone time and is cautious of becoming dependent on others. She sees relying on other people, whether it’s for money or housing or even validation, as a hurdle that gets in the way of becoming who she was meant to be.

Even when Aquarius is in love with somebody, she always maintains her own identity and never forgets who she is and what she wants out of life. That’s basically the definition of fierce!

4Water Signs: You Feel More Than Others

Some view emotions and sensitivity as a weakness, but in many ways, it can be a strength. Knowing how you feel and following your heart can lead you to happiness since people who aren’t sure about how they really feel can end up confused and unsatisfied. Also, those who aren’t emotional or in touch with their feelings can have a hard time relating to other people and understanding them. But the water signs don’t have any trouble with this; Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are very emotional.

Not only are the water signs prone to a whole bunch of feelings, but they are able to interpret those feelings and recognize them when they appear in other people too.

These signs usually make great friends and partners because they’re patient when someone else goes through something emotional. They also tend to give out really good advice and can make amazing counselors.

Being sensitive isn’t something to be ashamed of, and actually allows the water signs to feel the good sensations even more so than other people do. Their worlds might crumble when things go wrong, but by the same token, they are much happier and more joyous when things do go right.

3Cancer: Your Love Knows No Limits

Falling hard and wearing your heart on your sleeve can get people into trouble, but we think this is actually what makes Cancer so fierce. Her heart is huge, and she has the ability to love even those who are difficult to love. She looks for the good in people and is able to rise above situations to love and accept people who pose a challenge, and as a result, she absolutely rocks their world. Through her actions, Cancer teaches others about love and acceptance and encourages them to open their hearts more often.

Others tend to fall hard for Cancer because of all the love she gives. She puts all of herself into a relationship, and while she opens herself up to being badly hurt, she also leaves a permanent mark on the life of another person. Being in a relationship with a Cancer is much more intense and rewarding than being in a relationship with anybody else.

This sign has sympathy for just about everyone and is usually active in giving to charities and improving the lives of those around her too. People might not expect Cancer to be the sign with the ability to change the world, but through her kindness, she has huge potential.

2Scorpio: People Can Always Trust You

No other sign in the zodiac does loyalty like Scorpio. This sign has strong ethics and morals, and she doesn’t budge from them, even when she’s tempted to. As a friend or a lover, she can always be counted upon to remain faithful and to be there when she’s needed. People soon learn after spending time with Scorpio that she is somebody to be trusted, and that usually leads them to open up to her and admire her more than they already did.

When Scorpio says she’s going to be somewhere, she makes sure she’s there, even if she has to put herself out to get there.

She never betrays a secret that’s told to her in confidence, and she definitely doesn’t cheat in a relationship. She follows through with her promises all the time, which is why her words mean a whole lot to other people. Having this kind of solid reputation helps her to be a respected figure among those she knows.

Scorpio also has a strong gaze that will just about burn through your soul. Her reliability and loyalty truly make her fierce, but having the intense look of a beautiful creature from another planet definitely helps on that front!

1Pisces: You Were Born To Create

When Pisces follows her heart and her passion, she has the potential to create something life-changing. Often thought of as the single most creative sign in the zodiac, Pisces has a natural artistic flair and when she puts her mind to it, can come up with some truly amazing art. She was born to create, and this helps her to not only achieve happiness through fulfilling her purpose but also to find success in a range of creative ways.

Pisces tends to love fantasizing and dreaming, so at times, she can get carried away with just dreaming about things rather than actually doing them. But the good thing about dreaming is that it allows her the time and opportunity to really plan things out in her head and design exactly what she’s going to come up with. She is very good at bringing things from her imagination to the world.

A lot of people enjoy creating things and being expressive, but in most cases, Pisces has a natural talent for it. This helps her to get to places she dreams about and opens up a lot of doors for her. Others wish they had the creative abilities of Pisces, so she should never let them go to waste.

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