Here’s How Different Each Zodiac Sign Is, Based On Their Birth Month

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Here’s How Different Each Zodiac Sign Is, Based On Their Birth Month

Whenever we hear our horoscope, all  Zodiac signs agree that it literally feels like it was written just for us! Yet, even though we’re crazily attached to our Zodiac sign and it’s wonderful news, there are some primary differences between each sign’s birth month.

You might be surprised to find out that your Zodiac’s counterpart (AKA the month before or after your birth month) is completely opposite from you.

You might share some similarities such as your general ambitions, passions, or pursuits, but there are some other characteristics that are completely different. The month in which you’re born can completely alter your Zodiac’s characteristics and horoscope.

Make sure to incorporate these tips into your day-to-day life to truly reap the benefits of understanding what your internal energy needs. The best advice is to get to know yourself and your place in the universe that is significantly impacted by your Zodiac sign. This will leave you living a more purposeful life knowing your exact passions and desires!

With the new moon and gravitational shifts that occur during each month, there’s no surprise that each Zodiac sign completely differs from other’s based on the month! Now sit back and relax as we blow your mind on how spot on your internal character is based on your Zodiac’s birth month!

24Aries March: You Call The Shots

Your family and friends totally see you as the ringleader of everything you guys do! You are absolutely in charge and know what you’re doing.

It’s in your natural character to be a leader, and an awesome one too! You are able to fully analyze every situation meticulously and know exactly what to do at all moments. There’s no wonder why everyone runs to you whenever there’s a problem that has to be figured out. You’re the exact person to go to for any advice and help!

You are a natural born leader and you totally use your gifts for the better.

Your friends rely on you heavily to get the tough stuff done and make it easier for everyone. Whenever you guys are out and about and something goes off course, you’re the person that everyone runs too!

Own your leadership roles and keep using your gifts for the betterment of others. Just because everyone listens to you does not mean you should take advantage of it! A real leader makes sure that their actions positively impact everyone first before themselves. Keep calling the shots when you know they’re the best outcome for all of your friends and family.

23Aries April: Go With The Flow

While your Aries March counterpart may be the ringleader of all situations, you prefer to go with the flow.

There’s no point in trying to compete with another person for power when you can just chill out. It’s totally in your character to take the back burner on any issue and see what the majority thinks is the best idea. It’s a brilliant move on your end since your able to save your energy and relax. Why constantly stress about issues when someone else can do it for you.

You love to relax and follow in someone else’s direction. But it doesn’t mean you can’t make any decisions for yourself. You totally know what you’re meant to do and how to do it. You keep up with your own affairs and are up to date with everything you’re in charge of, but when it comes to others you’re fine with following orders. You find it a smarter move to have someone else stress over an issue than you having to stress over it.

So next time you’re stuck in a difficult situation with others, remember that it’s much easier for you to relax through it while everyone else deals with it!

22Taurus April: Relaxing Might Be Your Middle Name

With Spring coming into full swing you couldn’t be more excited for summer to hit and truly be able to chill out. As relaxing might be your middle name, you are more consumed with how to get out of work than getting the job done.

You adore lying out by the water, with a drink in one hand and your cell phone in the other enjoying the weather. We all love to relax and hang out, but you were literally built for it.

While hard work isn’t exactly what you were made for, you still keep up with your priorities.

You just make sure to do them as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to head out and relax. However, sometimes you put all your things to do on the back burner and prefer to run away from your responsibilities. This procrastination can lead to some stressful issues in your life but it’s literally in your character to act in this way.

Try to get all of your things to do done before running away from your everyday life to relax. This will save you a ton extra stresses to worry about subconsciously while you relax. Knowing that you achieved everything you wanted will let you relax even better as you know you deserve it.

21Taurus May: Hard Work Is Your Secret For Success

You know that the only way to get what you want in life is to truly work hard for it! That’s why you’re proud to say that hard work is your secret to success and getting everything you want.

You totally different from your April Taurus counterpart since your life ideologies are completely opposite. While they’re more into relaxing and doing as minimal amount of work as possible, you prefer to be working all the time. You’re a master of efficiency and getting your work done as quickly as possible. Once you complete your primary work, you’re onto achieving your next goal. You tackle and task that gets thrown your way and everyone around is in awe of your work ethic.

You’re proud that your hard work has brought so many awesome opportunities to your life. Everything that you have desired has been brought about by your immense dedication to your work. You know deep inside that if you keep working as hard as you currently do, even more, will come to you!

You have a ton of goals and dreams that you’re focused on achieving. Don’t let anything come between your hard work and desire to succeed. Your Zodiac sign was destined for greatness, and you are sure to achieve this by your continuous dedication to achieve.

20Gemini May: You Couldn’t Care Less What People Think About You

What the point of stressing over what other people think of you when you can just live your life! That totally your ideology throughout your day to day life as you couldn’t care less about what people think of you.

Society is incredibly consumed now a day about how everyone looks. With the media constantly showing the Kardashian’s latest photo shoots, model’s showing off their workouts and media outlets critiquing celebrities bodies, everyone is constantly stressing over how they look.

Yet, you understand that there is no point in caring what other people think about you as long as you love yourself.

You’re totally in tune with your inner energy and adore every aspect of yourself.

This lets you truly express yourself without worrying what other people think of you. There’s ultimately no point in stressing over what other people think or say about you since you know what you stand for.

If you’re not totally feeling yourself lately, spend some time doing activates that makes you happy and relaxed. Take a bubble bath, read a book, or just have a warm cup of tea. All of these activities are exactly what you need to remember how much you love and adore yourself.

19Gemini June: Your Image Is Everything

While you wish you didn’t care about what people thought about you, sadly you find your image to be incredibly important. Your May Zodiac sign is totally in tune with themselves and couldn’t care less about outsider’s opinions. However, you on the other hand constantly want to look and act your best.

Your constant stressing over your image has brought some incredible stress throughout the years. You are constantly acting your best and putting your best foot forward in any situations. This causes you to be incredibly tired by the end of the day as you sometimes feel like you’re wearing a mask.

While you wish you could be a little more carefree, you truly believe your image is everything. Everyone around you respects your character and your ability to always be so put together. This has brought upon so many opportunities in your life, which make the stress worthwhile. You understand that first impressions count and people’s views of you can get you far in life.

You constantly make sure you keep up your image and alter it slightly from person to person. While sometimes you feel like you don’t even know who you truly are, you know that the people around you see you as worthwhile.

18Cancer June: You Love Your Family More Than Anything

You completely understand the importance of family and supporting one another. You adore your family more than anything else and are constantly showing your love for them!

Your familial blood ties are immensely significant in your eyes. You view your family as the foundation of everything in your life, which they truly are. These people raised and care for you when you were little and still continue to this day. You’re obsessed with how big your family is with the endless family members on all sides.

At the end of the day, you understand that some of the only people that you can count on will be your family.

If something goes wrong you know they will always be there for you to help you out. With the warmer months coming soon, you’re sure to spend some more time with them catching up and showing how much you love them.

Make sure they know how much you truly care for them by showcasing your love. Try planning a family event such as a BBQ and call up everyone to join you! Another idea is figuring out a new activity your whole family can try together such as kayaking or crafting. Make sure to get everyone involved to remind each other of the significant bond of family!

17Cancer July: You Are Absolutely Obsessed With Your Friends

Sometimes the only people that were there for you throughout your life were your friends. This makes you differ completely from your June Cancer partner since you value your friends as your top priority.

You guys have been through thick and thin, making them so incredibly important and valuable to you. You know that they will always be there for you because your bond is so incredibly strong. Everything that you guys have been through has ultimately brought you guys together.

Not only are you so incredibly thankful for how loving your friends are, they are also your best friends. You guys do everything together and have a blast doing whatever comes your way. You find it insane how much fun you guys have whenever you are together.

Make sure that you show your friends how much you appreciate them by taking them out for a good time. Invite them over and have a fun pampering evening where you guys order take out and do face masks. These little activities will sure let your friends feel appreciated and loved. Since your friends mean the world to you, it’s only right that you try and offer them the world in return!

16Leo July: You’re Constantly Going Past Your Comfort Zone

What’s the point of playing life safe when you can have a little fun? You’re a complete daredevil and are always stepping out of your comfort zone to make the best memories!

While most people hide away from trying anything new, you’re totally way beyond that having a good time. As a Leo, you understand that the only way to grow as a person is to step out of your comfort zone and grow. If you’re constantly stuck in the same comfortable situation, you will never learn or excel in life.

Keep on trying new things and enjoying different experiences to get a wide selection of what life truly has to offer and what you can achieve!

You totally know that the only way you’re going to succeed in your passions is to step out of the comfort zone that most people are stuck in. While society is too scared to make their dreams come true for fear of what will happen, you’re way past the gate and are working over time.

Your family and friends look up to your daredevil attitude making every situation a good time, and more importantly a learning experience. Keep up your energy as you will be shocked what is to come!

15Leo August: It’s Better To Play It Safe In Life

While the July Leo is constantly crossing the line, you, on the other hand, prefer to play life safe. You understand how easily a situation can go off course at any minute, and prefer to stick to what you know.

You never find yourself in any trouble, as you understand what you have to do. You stick to the stuff that you are sure will work out and it always does. Even though you’re constantly playing it safe, you’re still enjoying life and everything has to off.

Your strategic Zodiac sign constantly over analyzes every situation to figure out the best course of action. This allows you to perfectly plan out any situation to make sure that it will work out perfectly on your end and you achieve any goal you have planned.

Even though you’re always safe in life, you’re constantly wondering if you should try to step out of your comfort zone. A part of you is terrified as to what’s to come on the other side, making you hide in your safe bubble. The best advice we can give is to slowly try to expand yourself and try some new things that are sure to work out. This way you will finally have the opportunity to grow and try out some new stuff!

14Virgo August: Relationships Are What You Were Built For

You constantly find yourself in love or lust with your new boo! You constantly defend yourself to your friends that you were built for relationships and that they make you the happiest!

You love the feeling of having a significant other. They’re like your safety blanket that protects you from anything that is to come. Also, they offer you endless love and support through any difficult situation! They make you incredibly happy all the time as you experience endless love together. Its adorable as to how proud you truly are to call him or her your partner!

Even though relationships are what you are built for, make sure that each relationship you find yourself in truly makes you happy.

Don’t just simply jump into a relationship because you prefer to be in one, but make sure the other person is the right fit for you. If you find your relationship experiencing endless fighting and conflicts, don’t simply stay in it because it’s what you’re used to.

You deserve the world! Make sure you do not settle for anything below your standards. You will find the right person who you were built for eventually. But until then, make sure you put yourself first throughout your life.

13Virgo September: You Prefer The Single Life

While your August Virgo counterpart adores the love and attention they receive from relationships, you adore the single life.

Relationships are amazing when you’ve found the right person. Yet, they’re not the best if you don’t adore your significant other. As you haven’t found the perfect person yet, you prefer to live your life being single.

Not being stuck in a relationship has a ton to offer! You’re able to focus on yourself throughout the process and do what is best for you. You don’t follow in anyone’s footsteps and create your own path throughout life!

While you would love to one day settle down in a relationship, right now you’re loving your single life. The endless partying, spontaneous dates and bar crawls are what you were built for! You don’t want to settle for one person just yet and prefer to have fun while you still can.

Who cares about responsibilities and stressing about a relationship when you can have fun on your own enjoying life! We adore your free-spirited attitude and your independence to do things your own way. While you sometimes envy your friends perfect relationship, you ultimately know that you will eventually enjoy yours when the time comes.

12Libra September: Your Future Is Of Top Priority

While your friends are constantly wasting their precious time partying, watching Netflix, and procrastinating, you make sure to focus on your future. You understand that your future is of top priority to you and nothing will stand in your way.

Achieving your goals means everything to you. You constantly focus on your top priorities to achieve ultimate success in the future. Your passions and dreams mean more to you than anything in the world, and you protect them at all costs. It’s amazing how you are willing to do absolutely anything to achieve what makes you happy in the long run.

Short-term pleasure isn’t as important as long-term success in your eyes.

You’re willing to not experience some opportunities during your younger years in order to achieve your goals. Everyone around you is in awe of your endless passions and dedication to success.

Don’t ever forget about your dreams, as they may be the only things to help you throughout your life. Let your goals guide you throughout life as they will totally bring you to greatness. Hard work will be your best friend throughout this period and you are willing to give up pleasure to achieve all your dreams. The world is your oyster, so create the most beautiful pearl you can.

11Libra October: You’d Rather Live In The Present

While everyone else is ultimately consumed with the future in stress, you’re chilling and living in the present. You don’t care for constant worrying about what is to come when you know that the present is guaranteed.

Your ‘live in the moment’ attitude has caused for you to receive heat from those around you. It’s usually mistaken for laziness or procrastination. However, you argue that you just prefer to make the most out of the present and what you have around you. You don’t know what is to come in the future, and you would rather not waste your precious time worrying about it.

While you’re constantly living in the moment, you still understand what you want in the future. This includes a loving family, good career, and overall happy life. You understand that you’re actions in the present is what will lead you to achieve your overall goals in the future.

Constant strategic planning isn’t exactly your thing. While your Libra September counterpart is consumed with their future and achieving their goals, you understand that you can achieve immense greatness from where you are currently. The present is the most significant moment in your life to start making changes and act upon the future.

10Scorpio October: Money Just Might Buy You Happiness

While most argue that money can’t buy you happiness, you’re may just argue that it might. Money allows you to live an overall better standard of life. You don’t have to constantly stress about any financial struggles and are able to purchase anything you’ve ever dreamed of. Nice clothes, a beautiful home, and a fancy car do thrill you and you’re not afraid to admit it.

While it’s usually a taboo to say that money buys happiness, you totally believe it. A better standard of life is literally everything that most people dream of. Yet, more so than the financial benefit, you believe that money is a representation of all of your hard work.

Its common sense that you will most likely have to work hard to achieve large sums of money.

Knowing that your personal wealth derived from your hard work is what truly makes you happy.

Buying the latest commercial goods is a token of your hard work and you’re not afraid to flaunt it. You know all of your hardship truly pays off when you’re able to see everything that you have built for yourself and those around you!

Don’t be afraid to show off all of your hard work and extreme dedication next time you buy something fancy! Savor the moments that all of your endless dedication has brought you in life.

9Scorpio November: A Luxury Bag Means Nothing To You

While every girl around you is obsessed with the latest fashion, you couldn’t care less. Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton purse, or a bargain hang bag from your local thrift shop, you wouldn’t know the difference and ultimately couldn’t care less.

You understand that luxury goods don’t define who you are as a person and therefore are not consumed with them. With the endless photos of Instagram models showing off their latest designer bag, society is consumed with commercial goods more than ever.

Many people believe that a designer item shows your status and financial statement at the same time. However many endlessly save money they don’t actually have in order to buy a single designer item as they feel that will bring them worth.

You totally understand that a designer item does not show your worth in any way. Hard work, passion, generosity are bigger factors that show one’s character than the latest bag. As a Scorpio, you constantly work hard throughout your life to achieve your ultimate goals! However, you do not let society’s notion of wealth get in your way. You understand that wealth derives from within you and that nothing else truly matters. Keep up the hard work and your actions will impact those around you in the most positive way imaginable!

8Sagittarius November: You Know What You Want In Life

No one around you can tell you what to do in life except for yourself. And as an independent Sagittarius, you couldn’t agree more.

You totally know what you want in life! There is nothing more than you are certain about than your lifelong passions. They help keep you grounded and in tune with the bigger picture. Whenever you find yourself at an obstacle in life, you remind yourself about your ultimate goals and switch gears in order to achieve them.

You are the ultimate person to look up to in life because you know what you want and how to achieve it. You’re constantly working hard on your passions to make sure that they all work out the way in which they are supposed to! No one can bring you down as you always have your dreams to support you.

Your dreams are your ultimate goal in life that make you feel so incredibly alive and happy.

While most people your age as confused as to what they’re going after, you know that each action is leading towards something even greater in your life! Your Zodiac sign is one of the strongest and hard working out there, showing that when you put your mind towards anything, you will for sure achieve it!

7Sagittarius December: You’re Confused About Your Passions

While you wish you were as passionate about your dreams as your November Sagittarius counterpart is, you’re completely opposite. You couldn’t even point in the direction of your passions as you’re so confused about what it is you’re meant to do.

While it seems that everyone around you has their life together, you’re a complete mess in terms of what you want to do in your life. You don’t even know at this point if you’re destined for greatness, as you’re so confused as to what you’re meant to do. You’ve tried a multitude of different things throughout your life, however, can’t seem to find what makes you truly happy.

The best piece of advice our experts can give is to find what gives you meaning in your life. You have to take some time and sit down and analyze your life fully and figure out what is most significant to you. Once you figure out your exact meaning in life, it makes everything that you are pursuing much clearer. Meaning can be the exact thing you need to guide you through all of life’s chaos and difficulty! You are one of the most dedicated signs and are sure to achieve immense success in your life as soon as you figure out what it is you want!

6Capricorn December: Making Memories Is What You’re About

Let’s forget about everything holding us back and make some awesome memories in the present! If that isn’t you’re life motto, we don’t know what is. You’re constantly out and about having a great time in order to produce some awesome memories with those around you.

You’re so done with school and work and are much more ready to relax and have fun. With the months starting to warm up, you couldn’t be more excited to let loose and have a good time.

You understand the best memories are made when you try something new, so you’re preparing to ditch your comfort zone completely and make some awesome memories.

Everyone around you sees you as the ultimate partyer! Your free-spirited attitude fills every room you go into screaming that you’re ready to have a good time. While some people around you just see you ditching your priorities because you don’t care about them; you argue that you’re more focused on having a good time.

No one understands more than you that we only have one life and we have to make the best out of it! Keep up the good work and make some life-changing memories you will remember forever!

5Capricorn January: Achieving Your Goals Is Of Top Priority

Forget partying and ditching your priorities, you’re all about hard work in order to achieve your goals.

All of the difficult events that you have experienced throughout your life have taught you that you just have to settle down and work hard to achieve all of your goals. Through any situation, you know that your passions will always guide you the right way.

Your goals aren’t based on selfish desires. Instead, they’re based upon the common good and finding meaning in your life. You care about your family and friends more than anything and believe that the best way to give back to them is by getting yourself in order. By achieving your goals, you will finally be able to positively impact your family and friends for the better.

You’ve been through some pretty rough situations and understand that those around you mean everything. Yet, you also understand that you must fully be able to able to stand up for yourself throughout any situation before having the strength to stand up for them. This is why your goals mean so much to you as they can sometimes be the only thing you have left to inspire you.

Whenever you are faced with a difficult situation, do not forget about your goals and passions, as they are sure to guide you immensely throughout your life.

4Aquarius January: Traveling Is One Of Your Favorite Activities

“Why stay in the same boring place when you can explore the world?” Youprobably don’t even want to admit how many times you have said that sentence.

Your independence has motivated you to travel the world endlessly and explore what different places have to offer. As an Aquarius, you are constantly seeking an adventure to truly feel alive.

Nothing gets you going more than having the chance to wander around the world and see what beauty you may come across.

You’re always planning your next trip. Whether you’re watching videos on the top beautiful destinations in the world or buying a new carry on, you’re forever dreaming about your next big trip. However, remember that you don’t have to take a plane ride for an adventure. Simply see what’s around you and go explore. Pack up your car and call up your best friends to go for the ultimate road trip of your lives!

Take some time to see what else is next to you! If there’s a forest, grab a tent and go on a camping trip! If there’s a beach, then head over for a fun beach day by the water. You can find an adventure anywhere you go! Let the true Aquarius come out and explore what the world has to offer, and most importantly what your town has to offer.

3Aquarius February: Netflix And Pizza Are More Your Thing

Basically, why go outside if Netflix can offer you everything you need!

You’re totally different from your Aquarius January counterpart. While they are out exploring and making memories, you’re at home in bed watching other people’s lives unfold. And hey, maybe it’s better this way!

You’ve always been a lazy couch potato who prefers to curl up and watch the latest season of Stranger Things or Riverdale. And who wouldn’t love to spend endless hours soaking up their favorite TV shows and movies, instead of having to live in the boring real world? There’s totally nothing better than having a chill day and laying in bed while eating a yummy pizza.

While we totally love your chill vibes, we recommend switching it up a notch. Instead of having a Netflix marathon on your own, invite over your best friends to enjoy the hot shows with you! Even better, create a movie party in your backyard with some cute blankets and a projector to totally make it a party.

While we adore pizza, we recommend making homemade pizzas with your friends to truly make an experience out of it. It doesn’t involve a ton of ingredients or hard work and is a fun activity. With yummy homemade pizzas and awesome Netflix specials, we’re sure that you’ll have an even better blast spending time with your friend while relaxing than on your own!

2Pisces February: You’re Constantly Learning

You understand that life is a never-ending struggle that involves a ton of hard work. You never stop learning in life, making it absolutely crucial that you keep an open mind to learn new things. You never know where your next life lesson will come from!

Everyone around you sees you as the ultimate go-getter. You’re constantly chasing your goals and learning from each lesson you’re faced with along the way. You understand that every experience you have is a perfect learning opportunity where you will understand a few things you didn’t already know!

Every situation that you find yourself in is a chance to learn something new.

Your motto in life is to always learn from every situation, whether good or bad.

This allows you to constantly grow as a person to achieve even more greatness. You also make it a priority to learn from other’s bad mistakes that have taken a terrible toll on their lives. You for sure do not want to follow that path, and prefer to do things your own way!

You are a positive impact on those around you as you are sure to cheer up anyone stuck in a problem. You simply explain all of the positives the person can get out of the problem to make them feel much better!

1Pisces March: You’re Way Too Wise For Other People’s Advice

With all of the problems you have been through in life, you are wiser than a turtle. You have been through endless hardship and struggle, however, your strength has helped you exit the situation even better than ever. Through all of these situations, you’ve gathered a multitude of lessons making you a pro at life.

You’re so not interested listening to other’s opinions on your life struggles and couldn’t care less what they think. You understand everything that you had to learn, making you even wiser than ever. You’re not down to listen to anyone else as you believe that you know everything. However, sometimes that lands you in some hot water as you’re not willing to adapt to new information and suggestions.

Your wisdom may be a cover for your stubbornness to enter situations in a different way. However, stick to your principles and live life your own way. You’ve learned a lot through all the situations you have found yourself in and trust your own opinion much more than others.

You now prefer to steer clear of any additional conflicts that you might come across as you’re so done with them. Everyone always runs to you for advice on their own issues as you give awesome advice.

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