Here’s How Compatible You Are With Your Own ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!

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March 2, 2019
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March 2, 2019
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Here’s How Compatible You Are With Your Own ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!




It’s a common misconception that compatibility between two identical signs skyrockets off the chart. In reality, the opposite is true. It’s possible to be too similar to someone, which is why you should probably avoid dating your own sign. While some combinations of like signs will live a magic fairy tale love story the rest of us are jealous over, most of us aren’t going to look in the mirror and say, “Hey. I wanna date you.” If you do, you’re asking for trouble.

What does a relationship need to be successful and healthy? Intimacy is a must. Shared values and similar hobbies will lead to happiness. Trust is important. The ability to communicate on an intellectual level is needed. With a criterion this difficult to accomplish holistically, it’s a wonder any of us ever find love. I’m going to go out on a limb and tell the majority of you that dating another representative of your own sign will be a disaster… unless you’re potentially a Gemini. If you’re a Scorpio, the worst decision of your life would be dating another Scorpio. And what is it about Earth signs that make each other so boring? Looking in the mirror can be a complicated endeavor, and if you’re doing just that when you look your partner in the eyes, trouble is on the horizon. Here’s how compatible you are with your own astrological sign. Are you secretly dating yourself?

16One Earth Sign Combination Has A Passion The Other Two Can Only Dream Of

It only makes sense Earth signs will get messy when they pair up together; all is fair in love and war, and Earth signs love to get a little dirty. Conflict isn’t something these signs have an affinity for, but intimacy might not come naturally either. While one of the Earth signs are the most sensual of the Zodiac, the other two aren’t so fortunate.

You’d think two similar signs would understand each other, yet ironically, it’s as if Earth signs don’t know the first thing about each other. 

A Capricorn struggles with indecision, so you can imagine what a relationship between two Capricorn may be like. “What do you wanna do?”, and “I don’t know, what do you wanna do?” What about Taurus and Virgo representatives? Earth signs in love with Earth signs will likely struggle with emotional connections.

15A Relationship Between Two Capricorns Will Be The Dullest Relationship Ever

One of the worst combinations to exist, two Capricorn signs should avoid falling for each other at all costs, unless they want to spend their lives in unending boredom. Intimacy will fall apart with this combination; practicality can make expression difficult for a Capricorn, especially behind closed doors. Intimacy will hit a wall, and it will leave these signs feeling insecure and confused. While trust can typically exist in harmony, the emotional expression will fall apart, as a Capricorn typically relies on a lack of emotion to get through their day. This will drive a wedge between the two because emotion connection cannot survive by the mere use of their brains; they have no understanding how to use their feelings to create affection. If a Capricorn and a Capricorn fell in love with each other, they’d be incredibly unhappy.

14It’s A Passionate Masterpiece Between Two Taurus’

Everything about this combination says forever. Two Taurus fit together like two puzzle pieces, and they often never experience another love similar to the one they’ll share with their own sign. Their compatibility with intimacy is otherworldly, as they’ll find themselves romantically connected like never before. A Taurus is the most sensual sign of the Zodiac, so this should come as no surprise.

Trust and emotional connection come naturally to this pairing; the only struggle they might face in their relationship is communication.

Perhaps it has something to do with a Taurus’ inherent laziness or their hatred for change, but communication between this duo may suffer if one of them alters the flow of things. A Taurus will often become frustrated when things cannot remain the same forever. If they can avoid this little hiccup, they’ll always be happy.

13For Two Virgo Partners, Their Love Life Will Be An Utter Mess

You would think two identical signs would understand each other. As it turns out, if a Virgo and a Virgo get together, they won’t understand the first thing about each other. Intimacy is off the table; it’ll be a train wreck due to their knack for criticism. An endless cycle of mistrust can begin between these two if one questions the other, or if the smallest seed of suspicion blooms. Its obvious emotional connections will struggle to survive for this rational combination. Surprisingly, what may attract a Virgo to another Virgo is their intellect. These two are rock stars when it comes to communication. While every relationship needs good communication, it leads to their relationship appearing to be more of a business alliance than anything romantic. It’s rare this combination will find everlasting happiness.

12Air Sign Combinations Lack The Emotional Connection You Need In A Relationship

Many people find love and marriage in a relationship that lacks a serious emotional connection. It depends on the type of people you are, and if you’re two Air signs, a sparse emotional connection might not get in the way of a happy relationship. Love can flourish between Air signs without emotions, but serious problems may stem from this.

Just because two identical Air signs stay together forever, doesn’t mean they should have.

Traditional values may interfere with what should have been done because, in truth, compatibility isn’t there for two of the three Air signs. While all of them can find short-term happiness, the happiness will disappear and the conservative nature of the Air signs will entrap them in a relationship they should’ve ended years ago. Which Air sign are you?

11A Libra Duo Only Has One Thing Going For Them

Values, values, values. If you could build a relationship with values and nothing else, this Libra combination is a match made in heaven. These partners value dedication, a spiritual approach to love, traditional choices, and conservative decisions that will not be judged by their family and friends. All the positives of this combination end there. A Libra is a very judgmental sign, and if two Libra fall for each other, it could be the crux of their relationship. They place high expectations on their loved ones, and if one partner falls through, the relationship could begin to crumble. If only they could love each other for who they are, they could be a well-balanced couple inspiring the other signs of the Zodiac. Unfortunately, this combination isn’t compatible enough to last.

10There Are Serious Fireworks Between Two Gemini Partners

Holy moly, someone grab the fire extinguisher. Known for being impractical with a reputation for a split personality, you might be saying “Really? This is the combination that works?”

Perhaps the foundation for this excellent relationship is their endless stream of communication.

They never stop talking. They jump into each others sentences, there’s a constant flow of conversation, they’re always staying in touch and talking about their feelings. Could it be they have all the same hobbies? They also share the same values, and after a little time is taken to understand their separate needs, there is great chemistry and intimacy between two Gemini. The stars have a funny way of designing fate, and as it turns out, two Gemini falling in love with each other could be the best thing for them.

9An Aquarius Relationship Will Hold Unbreakable Trust, But…

Only an Aquarius can understand an Aquarius when it comes to their mental states; unable to express their emotions, another Aquarius can silently understand what is going on in their head, with no need for questions or interrogation. They’ll always trust each other because of this understanding, and it’s nearly impossible to shatter their powerful bond. However, this doesn’t mean they’re a compatible pairing. The beauty of this love is their detachment, and as fixed signs, they’ll stay together for a long time. Should they? Conflict can arise for these two due to communication; if a serious topic needs to be discussed, they might feel like their on different wavelengths when trying to talk about it. As time wears on, this problem becomes worse. Can unbreakable trust sustain bitter arguments?

8Water Signs Are Almost Too Intense For Each Other, But Love Is Possible

Intensely emotional and passionate, these signs exist on the extreme end of emotions, which always leads to wild relationships. However, Water signs are known for their flaws of the heart, and combining two similar signs with groundless natures is problematic. A Cancer struggles with initiative, a Scorpio is possessive and controlling, Pisces isn’t even on this planet.

These traits don’t bode well for compatibility, but one of these three signs somehow make it happen if they shack up with another representative of their own sign.

Water signs are self-aware and understand if they fall in love with an identical astrological sign, they may be looking in the mirror when they look into their partner’s eyes. In the long term, Water signs know this is less than ideal for their emotionally mature hearts.

7If You’re A Scorpio, DO NOT Date Another Scorpio

This the type of combination that will eventually leave a bad taste in their mouth. Two Scorpio lovers will look back and say, “why did I do that to myself?” Why is this duo so tragic in love? For starters, they both share an illusion of their values. They say they demand rationality and respect in a relationship, but neither of them can deliver those things all the time. If one of them messes up, the other will be outraged and hurt, and a fiery fight can quickly ensue. They’re possessive and controlling, so trust is easily dissolved. You’d think their sensuality would make up for everything else, but they’ll use intimacy against each other to manipulate one another. A Scorpio will bring out the worst in another Scorpio… stay away from each other.

6If A Cancer Relationship Can Avoid Inevitable Boredom, They’ll Be Endlessly Happy

A Cancer sign duo could have a magical relationship. The only thing in their way is themselves and that pesky laziness they have. Y’know, the laziness you possess, the one making relationships go stagnant? You know the one I’m talking about? Everything is utterly compatible when two Cancer fall in love; values, trust, communication.

Their downfall would be a lack of chemistry, but this is a case by case situation.

Every Cancer sign is a little different, and if you’re a Cancer lady bent on dating a fellow Cancer, here’s a heads up: a Cancer is a master at achieving intimacy with the right person. This sign tends to lack initiative (hence the laziness), and that will be the only downfall for this combination. If they can buck up, they’ll have a deeply emotional and passionate relationship.

5It’s Practically Impossible For Two Pisces To Fall In Love

Everything about this is a bad idea. A Pisces is a self-aware entity, so why would they put themselves through a relationship with someone so similar? Intimacy might be fun and passionate, and it could enter a surreal, otherworldly level, but after that compatibility falls apart. You’re both in your own dream worlds, and while you may have the best emotional connection out of every other sign combination on the Zodiac, everything else is sketchy between you two. You know you can’t trust each other. Your mutable nature makes it impossible for the two of you to communicate. Intellectually, you’re typically quite different due to your changeability. You inspire yourself and have an innate desire to inspire your partner… but if your partner is a Pisces, they don’t need your inspiration. Two Pisces are so incompatible, it’s impossible for them to truly fall in love.

4Bringing Two Fire Signs Together Will Be Unpredictable

If any partnership between two identical signs will be successful, it will between two Fire signs. These creative, confident, and even zesty individuals often display the dedication to make a difficult relationship work, even if that relationship is with someone too similar to themselves.

They believe the heart wants what the heart wants, and a Fire sign in love is an unstoppable force.

Perhaps the only thing in their way is their temper and ego. Each sign has their own individual flaws when trying to make a relationship work; an Aries needs to strengthen their grip on rationality, while a Leo needs to learn how to share the spotlight. While these three pairings might have the best compatibility in comparison to the rest of the Zodiac, that doesn’t mean they’re meant to be.

3A Sagittarius Combination Should Be Nothing More Than A Fling

Superficial and short-lasting is how you would describe this duo. A recipe for fun exists between these two, and memorable fun at that, but their mutable nature spells out disaster if this pairing lasts longer than a fling. It’s unlikely one Sagittarius would fall for another. While they have a lot in common, a Sagittarius isn’t looking to settle down with someone so similar to themselves, and they’ll be unable to manifest an emotional understanding between each other. Other signs are better suited for that challenge. However, a long-lasting happiness isn’t impossible between these two. While it’s extremely unlikely, if their mutable natures change in sync, they might find eternal happiness in a traveling companion who understands things don’t always remain the same.

2If Two Leos Find Each Other, It’ll Be A Theatrical Relationship

There is only one sun in our solar system that the planets can revolve around. If two Leo find themselves in love, their biggest downfall may be their fight to be the one and only sun. Often for this combination, there is too much fire in one place. There’s too much confidence and not enough honesty. There’s too much drama and fronting, and not enough deep, emotional conversation.

However, if any sign can do the impossible, it’s the Leo; there’s always a chance a Leo partnership could claw their way to happiness despite a lack of compatibility.

A Leo’s biggest downfall is their demand for respect while forgetting to give it, and if their ego allows them to act this way, love for this duo will fall apart. Two Leo in love with each other will always be theatrical, but rarely successful.

1A Relationship Between Two Aries Will Fail Unless They Can Master This One Thing

It goes without saying that the Fire signs can explode when tested, and there will always be pushed boundaries in a relationship. Whether it was unintentional or not, a line will be crossed. If an Aries can master the ability to stay calm when this happens, a relationship between two Aries might be successful. This is an adventurous and passionate combination capable of real happiness if one of the partners has a solid grip on rational thought. These warm people can have an energetic relationship the rest of the Zodiac will envy, however, if both of them are ruled by their emotional outbursts and struggle to build trust, it’s better if these two stay away from each other. It takes hard work for an Aries partnership to be successful.

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